FarmVille Free Spring Mystery Box

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FarmVille Free Spring Mystery Box

Posted on April 11, 2011 3:06 pm by FarmVille Freak CabbagePatchKid

A new loading from Zynga has hit revealing a free Spring Mystery box as a bonus for purchasing a FarmVille or Zynga Game Card. Mystery boxes are a beloved item from the past, so this sure should excite some long time players.

FarmVille Free Spring Mystery Box Loading Screen

After purchasing a FarmVille Game Card you will receive one free Spring Mystery Box in your gift box.

Please note: Along with the Free FarmVille Spring Mystery Box you will also still receive one Free Mystery Game Dart.

FarmVille Spring Mystery Box

The Free FarmVille Spring Mystery Box prizes include:

  • Orange Lope Rabbit
  • Spring Picnic Table
  • Garden Bar

FarmVille Orange Lope Rabbit

FarmVille Spring Picnic Table

FarmVille Garden Bar

Will you be purchasing a Game Card for one these prizes?

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32 Responses to “FarmVille Free Spring Mystery Box” »

  1. Jaanika Says:

    I would like wabbit…

  2. emily Says:

    owww i like the free dart lol got 8 of those ah well neva mind

  3. Sheena Says:

    curious to know if we will still get the darts and also if we will get two for the 20 card instead of just 1 (like the darts) If anyone tests this out plz let me know :)

  4. Cat Says:

    That rabbit’s adorable.

  5. Lisa Says:

    ummmm, BOOOO! those are horrible ‘gifts’. bring back the darts!

  6. Lisa Says:

    When I bought a $10 gift card, I got one of these boxes with the rabbit inside. I did also get a dart.

  7. Colin Says:

    The “darts” were the only reason I was purchasing the game cards. Well, there went that. Looks like I will be saving some money now, so that’s a good thing. Zynga is getting more stingy with each passing day. Totally NOT surprised by this move:/

  8. brokenangel0611 Says:

    yes u still get dart plus gift???

  9. Crucial.Taunt Says:

    Dumbasses can’t read the whole post, can you? The dart is still included in the game. Stop complaining if you don’t even read the whole thing. :p

  10. Jackie Says:

    No chance. Can’t get them in the UK. >:(

  11. cindy skrajnar Says:


  12. Susan Says:

    I think all the prizes are pretty boring lately. Definitely not worth the amount of Farm Cash required :(

  13. kristina Says:

    every damn time! they have something like this right after i have already bought a card or farmcash.

  14. Jane Says:

    For those wondering about the $20 card, you only get one Mystery Box (and of course your two free Mystery Game darts!).

  15. crystal Says:

    not happy at all about this we cant buy these top up cards in NZ its not fair :(

  16. NuttyEmUK Says:

    peeps, if you read the WHOLE post you will see you DO still get the mystery dart free AND you get this new spring box! double the goodies!!!
    Also, @Jackie you can get the cards in the UK, Sainsbury’s supermarket sell them or you can buy e-cards direct from

  17. csabre Says:

    I have quit buying cards to get free mystery darts because the mystery games have so much junk and the only 1 or 2 good things are too hard to get…50 or 60 real dollars to clear the board when you (unfortunately) get fixated on something and just have to have it…..because of the mystery game, I quit buying 2 or 3 of every new horse too – I won’t ever have a complete set because of the mystery game, so why bother?? And horses are now sooo overshadowed by sheep anyway! Who needs 4 or 6 stupid Pagodas, cupboards, Karate Ducks…..etc?

  18. Gardengirl Says:

    I want gardening bench!!!

  19. dali-farmer Says:

    sad they got rid of the dart, like the rabbit but a fail for me

  20. Lilypon Says:

    Can the mystery darts be saved for another mystery dart game or do they have to be used on the current game?

  21. Incognito Says:

    I used a Card just a few moments ago, I received a “brown english lop bunny”, not an orange as listed on here, and I also received my 2 free darts as usual, not the one as listed on here.
    just wanted to clarify incase anyone was hesitating from getting one dart instead of the 2.
    Happy Farming.

  22. someone Says:

    guys i dont unsterstand it…never bought a game card but…most of you say that you buy the game card for free darts….and the cheaper card is 10$…so buying 55 farmcash would be better? that is 3 darts lol..
    please explain if you can ty ^.^

  23. Sheena Says:

    wow so many idiots not even reading that YOU STILL GET THE DART!! I was smart enough to ask first not just assume!! And ty to the person who answered the question about the $20 card :) I think I will buy 2 of the $10 cards to double my chances at getting the bunny. Could care less about the other two things.

    @ the previous person before me, you get a free dart in addition to the 55 farm cash. if you buy a $20 card you get 2 free darts in addition to the 115 farm cash. So in most cases the 20$ card would be the best deal because you get an extra 5 farm cash also, but for now I’d rather have a 2nd mystery box so personally I am going to buy 2 of the $10 cards.

  24. e.20 Says:

    “No chance. Can’t get them in the UK. >:(”

    Not true. Buy them from any Sainsburys for a start!

  25. mmp Says:

    im live in england and saw the farmville cards in the shop game this morning so they are available

  26. Kirsten Says:

    I can’t buy the gamecards, because I live in Holland. It would be nice if we could buy gamecards online =)

  27. rimedragona Says:

    @Kirsten: You can buy ecards online from I /believe/ they count the same as a physical card, so you’d still get the prizes.

  28. Frankie Says:

    Yes!!! You still get the darts!!! I got the wabbit on my first try, which was kind of neat!!!

  29. Yvonne Says:

    I just bought a $25 game card and didn’t get the yellow mystery box and I also haven’t recieved my spring basket what’s up with that?

  30. KQ Says:

    Off the subject, just wanted to suggest that you let farmers have a rummage sale or yard sale where they could sell any old items in their storage shed to their neighbors! They could sell them for coins or farmville cash. Would be fun!

  31. Keva Says:

    To lilvpon, You can save your free dart to use when ever you want. It will be in your gift box.


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