FarmVille Giant Mac & Cheese Tree from Mystery Seedling!

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FarmVille Giant Mac & Cheese Tree from Mystery Seedling!

Posted on March 9, 2011 12:35 am by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Giant Mac & Cheese Tree

FarmVille Giant Mac & Cheese Tree Mastery Sign

FarmVille is gearing up for a new Stouffer’s in-game promotion and our first sign of this new event is a Giant Mac&Cheese Tree that we were able to score from the Facebook News Feed.

FarmVille Giant Mac & Cheese FaceBook Notice

FarmVille Giant Mac & Cheese Notice

That’s right, FarmVille Mac&Cheese Trees are popping up in Mystery Seedlings’s. Sapplings are growing up to become Mac&Cheese Trees.

If yours grows into a Mac&Cheese Tree you will have the ability to share a tree with your FarmVille neighbors by posting a share to your Facebook News Feed.

Mac&Cheese Trees make seeds for Giant Mac&Tree Trees.  There is also Tree Mastery available. You can read the Mac&Cheese Tree Mastery requirements and rewards below.

FarmVille Mac&Cheese Tree Mastery Requirements & Rewards

  • Mastery Level 1: 75 harvests / Rewards: 25 XP and 500 Farm Coins
  • Mastery Level 2: 150 harvests / Rewards: 75 XP and 1,500 Farm Coins
  • Mastery Level 3: 225 harvests / Rewards: 250 XP and 5,000 Farm Coins

What do you think about this Mac&Cheese Tree?

FarmVille Freak DarkFarmer's Mac & Cheese Trees & Mastery Sign

FarmVille Freak FarnGoddess' Giant Mac & Cheese Tree

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135 Responses to “FarmVille Giant Mac & Cheese Tree from Mystery Seedling!” »

  1. Jewel Says:

    I WANT ONE!!!! mmmmmmmmm

  2. FarmerJustin Says:

    Mac N Cheese Trees? Yes please…

  3. Emma Says:

    Ooooh I want one too!

  4. Them Says:

    i want 1 too

  5. lovely bee Says:

    nice nice..i hope i can have this one…fv cash…no means for me…:)

  6. mandy Says:

    wow …

  7. Hope Hardy Says:

    I Really Want One. BAD. Hope that I get one. LOL :)

  8. cee cee Says:


  9. Tooth Aches Says:


  10. Diddle Farmer Says:

    Just got one! tomorrow night when my orchards are ready I’ll be stuffing them!

  11. just me Says:

    i have to have this tree

  12. Gwen E Coulas Says:

    I would really like one of these….please…..please!!

  13. Nikki Says:

    Thats Cool I want like 5 of them.. LOL J/K One will be nice

  14. ratorr2 Says:

    I’ve like most of the new ones but this one doesn’t appeal to me. I would rather them give me a couple of FV$ in this case.

  15. Diddle Farmer Says:

    It’s un-cheesed until it’s grown and ready then it looks like it becomes cheese covered! Saweet!

  16. Gwen E Coulas Says:

    I love mac and cheese, so I want one of these trees to remind me how good the mac and cheese is!!!

  17. patricia Says:

    what a lovelu thee
    loove to have id on my farm

  18. ana cupertino Says:

    espero pronto tener algunos arboles de estos!!

  19. bint alshamsa Says:

    I’m not digging it.

  20. Carolyn Matthews Says:

    yeah yeah yeah, about time that we get something that we can eat right off the tree, no cooking just pure old country grown….LOL hurry up looking forward to picking some from my orchard…

  21. Karen Says:

    I think it’s ugly. But I want several. :)

  22. Kerri Says:

    So you have to get it from the feed, not your own orchard?

  23. FarmGoddess Says:

    This tree makes me want to eat Mac and Cheese!

  24. NotNicky Says:

    I want one but now I’m hungry. Definitely going to go mac mac and cheese. Though it will be Kraft, not Stouffer’s. :P

  25. Lynn Says:

    can I hv the id of this tree???

  26. Michael Says:

    MUST HAVE! I still don’t have but a Giant Sour Apple tree (that I bought), no small one…and neither of the Mardi Gras…but I must have this one!!

  27. Karen Says:

    @Kerri…you can only get seedlings from your orchards that grow into trees that are related to the trees you already have.

    If you don’t have a mac and cheese tree in your orchard, you can’t get a mac and cheese seedling from your orchard.

  28. Kerri Says:

    Karen, when mystery seedlings 1st came out there were all sorts of seedlings that I got that grew up into something not related to anything on my farm….

  29. Karen Says:

    @Kerri….that was true when they first came out. But that was really a “glitch”, and it’s changed. Now, the seedlings you get in your gift box when you harvest an orchard, are related to the trees in the orchard. Seedlings you collect from the feed are totally random, and not related to the orchard harvest that generated the post.

  30. Echo Says:

    that is one fugly tree! LOL

  31. amnara2005 Says:

    I like this tree, i hope get one

  32. Echo Says:

    @ Karen, that doesn’t always happen tho.

    my daughter and i both play and make sure that each other always get a seedling out of the special orchards.

    the seedlings she gives to me from her orchards, ie bubble gum, caramel apple have always grown up into the tree counterpart. hence bubble gum orchard, i get bubble gum seedling which grows up to be a bubble gum tree. we did this from my trees this afternoon and from her’s this evening

  33. Reyes Belk Says:

    I thought the mac tree was cute would like to get a couple , just wanted to know when are they going to come out with it. We really need to start seeing some new things and expand the farm one more time, being we all work so hard to collect the items and then have to sell them. I have enjoy playing FV & CV & Frontier Ville. what will be next. I give it 3

  34. Lynn Says:

    anyone hv the id of the tree?? can share???

  35. Karen Says:

    @Echo…well, that’s interesting, because I harvested my orchards this morning, and posted 8 seedlings to the feed. My friend collected one seedling from each post, and not one of them was the same as the trees in the orchards I harvested that generated the posts. Not even one.

  36. Kerri Says:

    My experience has been the 1st seeding out of the orchard is related & the others are random…. if said orchard is all one kind.

  37. danyel Says:

    not a big fan of mac&cheese but i still want one

  38. NotNicky Says:

    @Echo – Really?! If so, you are totally lucky. I tried doing that with my boyfriend and my seed from my all Bubblegum Tree orchard grows up into a Bubblegum Tree but the one I post for him is totally random.

  39. Tinian Says:

    OMG…this is too funny. I made Mac and Cheese tonight for dinner..with hotdogs in it. LMAO…I could of harvested the tree for dinner. I am on the fence if I want it on my farm or not.

  40. Karen Says:

    @Kerri….I don’t know what you mean by the first seedling.

    I’m very meticulous with my orchards now, and none of my orchards are mixed. My experience is that every time I harvest, if I get a seedling in my gift box, it is related to the trees in the orchard. The seedlings collected from the feed posts are not related. It’s worked that way for me for months now.

  41. abdulmoiz Says:

    i just got it 5 mins ago :)

  42. auburntiger2011 Says:

    @Karen, thanks for that tip about the mystery seedlings you get from the feed being totally random!!! I actually got a Mac & Cheese tree :)

  43. Camilla Patricia Mayugba Woolf Says:

    I have one!!! :))

  44. Moo Moo Moo Says:

    A Stouffer’s tree. I was hoping for Swedish Meatball trees.

  45. BS Says:

    WOW…..that’s all I’m going to say….wow

  46. Carol Says:

    Never see any of the special trees within my neighbor base. WHO GETS THEM??

  47. Carol Says:

    All I ever seem to get are Mission Olive Trees! No matter what orchard I harvest.

  48. Loony Says:

    Need!!! :D i will Open 50 Type b seedlings today. I have to have this one… :)

  49. Carol Says:

    Most stupid thing they have put out yet. Next will be hot dog trees and bun bushes.

  50. Jim Says:

    There are plenty trees not yet made so why make prepared food ones?
    What next? spaghetti and meatballs?

  51. Jill Says:

    i have one :D :D :D

  52. Kathy Says:

    I want one. I LOVE Mac and Cheese. Everytime I see the cheese tree it will make me want to eat mac and cheese. Yummy macaronni and cheese. Give me more, please. And I WANT THIS TREE! When is it coming out. No teasing us, release it!

  53. Nick Says:

    really ugly. i’ll delete it even if i get one.

  54. zabojka Says:

    yes o))

  55. Jamnong Says:

    One 4 me….

  56. Ikke Says:

    Mastered !!!

  57. michael Says:

    this is going too far I think

  58. Savas Says:

    i got one today from a mystery first all these strange trees were fun.but now its starting to get annoying.what they will make next?a lady gaga tree?LMFAO

  59. amanda Says:

    can’t wait

  60. Trish Says:

    all I can say is you’ve got to be kidding.

  61. Carucha Says:

    Y…..?????????? pa cuando?????
    ta muy buena la idea…

  62. Amanda Says:

    Ugh… ugly and yes to all those who will click on unlike…well so are YOU!!!!

  63. rualma Says:

    It’s not just ugly, it’s horrible! Did Zynga run out of normal trees?
    Oh yeah and mardi gras tree is also horrible!

  64. virgoboy Says:

    OH MY GOD, i have died and gone to FarmVille HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  65. Mon-chan Says:

    OMG… this is getting beyond ridiculous now. They’re running out of ideas but know that the trees make them money so they’re milking us for what they can. Actually, it’s having the opposite effect on me! I used to play FV all day everyday but now I just log in once a day! I’m finally gonna break my habit… I hope! I won’t bother with English countryside. If I start it I’ll play it but if I don’t start it, I won’t know what I’m missing out on!

  66. Carol Says:

    I WANT 1 PLEASE. Who doesn’t love Mac and Cheese. That is as american as a hot dog.

  67. Mary Merkle Says:

    oh I love it, I want one

  68. mouse112 Says:


  69. farmvillegal Says:

    o my gosh macaroni and cheese is my favorite food so there’s NO WAY im missing out on this :D

  70. Junior Says:

    the idea of farming has been lost a long time ago??
    this game should be called “SOMETHING GONE WRONG”
    i love playing this game dont get me wrong ,but lately i`ve seen stuff that it just doesnt fit in .but wathever i just dont buy or collect what i dont like lol.

  71. luminouz Says:

    When a new, LE tree comes out, I’m all over it BUT for some reason, this tree does not appeal to me. Don’t think I’ll be spending FV cash to buy it, and certainly won’t be hitting up all my neighbors mystery seedlings just for this tree. Kinda looks like a bundled bunch of worms :/ Hopefully I’ll be interested in the next LE tree

  72. Debi Meade Says:

    Would love love love to have one

  73. Farmer Babee Says:

    a frozen mac and cheese tree YUCK!!!!! homemade mac and cheese tree YESSSS!!!!!!!
    Box or frozen its gross, powder cheese, is not cheese, and frozen cheese is watery and gross.

  74. Carolina Says:

    I want one how can i get one?

  75. Spoilt Says:

    The tree looks like worms trapped in goo….I’m gonna say, next time you eat mac and cheese, imagine worms trapped in goo…. IMAGINE IT!!!!! dislike this if you’re gonna imagine worms trapped in goo

  76. Doug Says:

    ew. kinda gross.

  77. Cris Says:

    thas is an awful tree… revolting wouldn’t spend a coin on it

  78. Pareja Cr Says:

    @ FarmGoddess, could you tell me how to log in with my facebook account on Farmville Freak, pls? I used to log in that way and when I posted a comment, my profile pic was show up, but accidentally log off and I don’t see the option now for this or someone else could tell me? thanks in advance

  79. Ronda Says:

    I really like the mac&cheese tree.Sure hope i get one.Need one bad on my farm..

  80. JenGi Says:

    I love trees and I’m fond of this one. (copied and pasted from #27 Karen)—-> @Kerri…you can only get seedlings from your orchards that grow into trees that are related to the trees you already have. … If that were true then how can you get this tree out of a mystery seedling when this tree isn’t in the market?



  82. Pugland Says:

    Yummy! gotta have one! :)

  83. nm Says:

    I really wish they would do more realistic stuff. There are so many awesome trees in nature and not to mention real crops we can grow and animals with out funny clothes on. I for one was hoping they put out an alligator with the Mardi Gras theme. All they did was put out the same animals with mask which i give you were cute but I wish they would put out more real items along with the cute stuff so their was a better choice for everyone. Will get a tree and throw it in my orchard so i can get my mastery but will delete it when it’s finished.

  84. K. Says:

    I got one! Yay! I love this tree! Way better than that stupid, ugly Mardi Gras tree.

  85. Timothy Glass Says:

    Mac and Cheese, PLEASE!

  86. Lynn Says:

    This is really absurd. Seriously, FV bring out some REAL EFFING TREES! All these fake ones are making my farm turn into a dang circus!

  87. Sandra Eggers Says:

    Sure would like to have one of these. Don’t know how I missed seeing this before. I like this tree.

  88. maria Says:

    I got one today :D

  89. margie Says:

    o que fazer para conseguir uma?

  90. Barbara Says:

    Mac & cheese tree for me to PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  91. melanie thompson Says:

    I hope these trees don’t contain monosodium glutamate…XD

  92. Windmills Says:

    Farmville is becoming one giant commercial. They just keep piling on money-making scheme after money-making scheme, all while upping the “tacky” factor, now with this ridiculous tree.

    Once upon a time I loved this game because it was a peaceful, patient, and cute game. But somewhere, people got greedy and something went terribly wrong.

  93. Nina Rosenly Larsen Says:

    Jeg vil også helt vild gerne have det træ :O)

  94. tammiL Says:

    so this tree is cool for the mastery and looks very different thats for sure and its not like we are eating it so frozen,fresh or powdered mac n’ cheese who really cares everyone has their own version they like the best and there is no right or wrong one! after reading all the comments here a lot are really dumb lol ppl keep going in circles about the same thing and only one person had a great point to me about the whole “how do you get this tree” debate. i agree with them that the only way you can get it is from someones mystery seedling growing up and them sharing one on their feed! so hopefully ppl can stop the circles and just enjoy (or not lol) the new tree :) change isnt always a bad thing maybe fv is just trying to keep things fresh and interesting and FUN and no one can please everyone all the time and thats not their goal but if they can keep most ppl happy some of the time then thats great! :) why dont you guys send in your ideas for upcoming events in time and start your creative minds working and maybe they will use them! hey maybe the one woman who said use the crocodile dressed up can still send that in to them. try these things you never know until you try and if enough ppl do it then they cant ignore what the ppl want its our game right ;) we are the players!

  95. Brenda Potter Says:

    I can some people get it already? I read where Diddl farmer got one how?

  96. Tera Says:

    I want one how are people mastering these trees in 1 day??? PLEASE SHARE????

  97. brandi ohara Says:

    OMG this would go so good for my other cool trees i need this bad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and NOW

  98. Paula W Says:

    That is a horrible looking tree – reminds me of a tree full of maggots!! Rename “The Body Farm” – good for Halloween LOL

  99. alba Says:

    its ugly -.-

  100. Kyla Says:

    Yum! Love it!!

  101. Cynthia Says:

    I got one today. It does look like a tree full of maggots.

  102. rualma Says:

    The maggot tree. MASTERABLE! With a maggot mastery sign!

  103. Christine Merten Says:

    I want one too Please…

  104. michelle Says:

    how disgusting, yakk i thought i was gonna master all trees, but i will not put this one on my farm!!!!

  105. Lynn Says:

    I love it! I like finding all these wierd looking trees in mystery seedlings. Sure, I have to kiss a lot of (tree)frogs to get one, but it is fun. Having mastered 95% of level one trees and 75% of level two trees already, I find the fun is now in the “thrill of the hunt” to find these special trees and share with my neighbors : )

  106. Sharra Wilson Says:

    I got one of these trees, and I especially love how it turns cheesy when it’s completely grown.

  107. kortni Says:

    weirdest tree yet….aaaand i love it haha

  108. asit kumar Says:

    how do i get dis tree…i mean i want nnt dis.. tree…:)

  109. Brenda Says:

    Oh I hope It’s Kraft Dinner!!! because if I had million dollars I wouldn’t stop eating it, I’d eat more…

  110. sharon duncan Says:


  111. sharon duncan Says:


  112. Jane Piche Says:

    I love this new mac & cheese tree. I would rate it a giant 10!! When will it be coming out as a seedling?

  113. Loony Says:

    It looks awesome. Produced two of these myself via newsfeed seedlings and got three from my favourite arborist neighbours… Such a great Tree… Bon apetit! :D

  114. Cindy Huxley Says:

    This is one step too far on the trees. It’s hideous, and ridiculous.

    It’s not as if macaroni cheese is even an attractive or tasty meal. But even if it was why turn it into a tree.

    It does look like maggots.

    I’ll put one in the orchard just for the sake of mastery – aiming to get that on every tree. But like others here I wish they would stick to doing real and beautiful trees.

    There are thousands of trees out there in the world that they could do, its a shame they come up with these non-tree trees.

    JenGi@78 – the way it works is that the seedlings you collect from your orchard and grow will develop into the same trees as the original,
    The seedlings collected from the feed are in fact random – some seem to breed true, but that is not the norm.
    The reason this, and other trees, appear in the feed before they are in the market is that Zynga has already entered them into the seedling codes, so they can turn up among the random seedlings, although not actually being grown yet.

  115. Dolly Olsen Says:

    I want a mac and cheese tree how do we get one ? will it show uh on our farms in our orchards ? like this

  116. Sherry Abernathy Says: is one ugh a lee tree..but of course i want one..just to have it :)

  117. vincenzo calia Says:

    i would one of these

  118. saoro Says:

    i just got one from a seedling, after watering 25 seedlings……

    will try and rotate it in my orchards for more of them so i can share with my neighbors :P

  119. Angela Says:

    How did people already master this by 4am EST today? Something sneaky going on!

  120. TorontoFarmer Says:


  121. Liz Says:

    I’m wondering the same thing Angela…. how the hell does he have a mastery sign for it already!! Maybe he spent a crap ton of farm cash to instantly grow his trees? But that would just be dumb..

  122. Andrea Says:

    I love that this is a fan site, yet there are always so many negative comments about FV.

    If you don’t like it, don’t keep it. Easy, right?

    Dislike this if you love to complain about Farmville :)

  123. Witek Says:

    I think its a stupid idea, Chese tree, hellooooo???? We ave so many trees and they make a chese tree, its very stuuuuupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I do not like it I do not need it!!!!!!!!!!!!! No thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  124. RHardison421 Says:

    Farmville just needs to stick to producing more realistic trees. And preferably when they harvest, it gives you a better tree instead of just a giant version of the same tree you already have. If I happen to get one from a seedling then that’s great and all but I won’t be purchasing one. There are thousands of trees in the world. I’m sure that Farmville can come up with something…

  125. Jamdown Farmer Says:

    Seriously? The tree looks like a tree of worms. Bad marketing on Stouffers part. This is one not to get your product sold!

  126. nikki Says:

    i’ve had some seedlings i pick up from feed turn into the one its supposed to be form the special orchards and some just be totally random. 1 of the 5 seedlings that can be picked up turn into the tree its supposed to be. :) and i want a mac and cheese tree heeh yum

  127. catherine Says:

    Now that farmville has sold its soul to stouffers..I am sure we will be in for alot more of this… lasagna trees…meat ball trees…..and my favorite..the giant stuffed green pepper tree..all comming to a farm near you..very soon….maybe it is time to move to England..spotted sheep almost seem normal at this point…


    you have to collect mystery seedlings from the feed. i got close to 15 seedlings. the mac and cheese tree i got from my LAST SEEDLING. so its out now and coming to the market soon.

  129. dawn Says:

    went thru about 80 seedlings and not 1

  130. sharon Says:

    how do i get one

  131. Dee hummell Says:

    My farm wouldn’t load for 2 days and now the stouffers farm is gone. What a big rip!

  132. Tammy Says:

    Farmville Glitch???? Mac n cheese trees right now in the market for 1500 coins act fast!!!!!

  133. Mary Kay Duran Says:

    I heard the only some folks could get this three when released. But now you can purchase it in the market for 1500 coins you get 15 EXP.

  134. StarGate Says:

    I want this one also please thank you


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