FarmVille Giftable Construction Items: Concrete, Hammer & Spool of Twine

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FarmVille Giftable Construction Items: Concrete, Hammer & Spool of Twine

Posted on May 10, 2011 10:33 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Concrete

FarmVille Hammer

FarmVille Spool of Twine

The FarmVille free Gifting Page has been updated with three new items including Concrete, a Hammer, and a Spool of Twine.

We suspect that these construction materials will be used for the new FarmVille Crafting Building whose release could be happening very soon and is reportedly in slowly rolling out phase. Be sure to keep a lookout for the arrival of this new Crafting Building on your farms.

In the meantime, start stocking up on these building supplies by sending and receiving some as free gifts with your FarmVille neighbors.

FarmVille Concrete Giftable

FarmVille Hammer Giftable

FarmVille Spool of Twine Giftable

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28 Responses to “FarmVille Giftable Construction Items: Concrete, Hammer & Spool of Twine” »

  1. Claudia Says:

    So what is coming?

  2. Lynn Says:

    This is probably for the crafting building that is supposed to be coming out.

    However, I sure hope these items are in the special deliveries. I’ve been collecting them, and it’d sure be a waste if they weren’t.

  3. Kirstin Says:

    The same crap that stopped me from playing Frontoerville. :-S Please don’t. :-(

  4. Danielle Says:

    oh man what do we have to build now?

  5. Dona McCormick Says:

    The crafting cottage!

  6. cheesygiraffe Says:

    Whatever is coming….. I have over 300 special delivery boxes. I hope you can get these out of those.

  7. Jan Says:

    The heck with that. give us back our sheep



  9. Johnson Says:

    hopefully something interesting to build

  10. Stephanie Says:

    hmmmmm think it might be for the crafting buildings? and if you dont like quests and taking your time to do things, then dont play. all the crying some people do makes me think why the freaking crap do you play? just so you can cry about something and ruin this for the people who like this and think its fun? if you want to say things to help the game get better thats one thing, but damn stop the f ing crying about this stuff.

  11. pat h Says:

    Hope the SBDs work for these also. Been ratholing them ever sinvce they said craft cottages “coming soon” Something coming in an update tonight maybe?

  12. louise olson Says:

    well i like the game and normally do’n't complain but lord i am sick of black pigs and dran trees from the new blue boxes, can’t we get something that is worth while, out of 37 boxes i got 21 black pigs do the math not worth accepting them anymore and for hours after the new and improved gift box, which isn’t there, i could not access it anyway as many of my neighbours said too let’s get back to farming

  13. Goldie Says:

    Hope my gift box opens soon 2 days and still nothing. Starting to get really annoyed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Kimberly Says:

    ~LYNN~ I suspect that you’re absolutely right. Crafting Cottage. My husband is moaning about another building project but I think these things keep the game changing and therefore interesting. I don’t usually mind all the the building. I’m just hoping that this means we can generate more Love Potion. It’s been ridiculously difficult to come by since they took the recipe out of the Pub. Personally, I’m always looking forward to what’s coming next. But let me say for the record: PROVIDING THINGS ARE WORKING PROPERLY.

    Happy Farming :)

  15. vickie Says:

    one of the nice things about the quests/missons is that you don’t have to do them. you can skip them and still play the game as normal. i like them, but i have friends that refuse to do them as well.

  16. julius erickson Says:

    Add me please!!!

  17. Janice Says:

    We’re not crying. People that like Frontiersville style play Frontiersville. Farmville had its own style and it is getting too much like Frontiersville. I credit Farmsville with my brain recovery. But it is monotonous and boring now.

  18. Melanie Says:

    They NEED to fix the nursery to where the foals grow up to be exactly what they were when u stuck them in there!!! ZYNGA….stop bringing new stuff till u fix the old stuff!!! I am so ready to stop playing because of it.

  19. h Says:

    cool new stuff! and yes please stop complaing, you guys complain when theres new stuff fv would be BORING if there were no new updates. just shutup and play! :)

  20. Kerrinda Says:

    Well shoot! Just got rid of 100 spec. deliv. ’cause I had over 600 gifts & I couldn’t open any of the new blue boxes! lol Still can’t because now I get the OUT OF SYNC message! lol

  21. Val Says:

    @Melanie, the nursery barn isn’t a glitch, why should I pay money for horses that you can just get for free? That’s how zynga earns money and like it or not without $$$ farmville wouldn’t exist.

  22. colleen Merrifield Says:

    Why are they coming out with yet another thing when they STILL haven’t fixed the bugs plagueing FV right now??? So we can be MORE frustrated? I can’t even get my game requests in peace and it seems that ought to be an easy fix!!!

  23. John Hudson Says:

    SDB’s dont give the craft shop materials, in my case its merrily doling out shovels Oh joy :-(

  24. [kby] Says:

    So…the splash screen shows bushels (among maybe other things) going in. I have it, but I don’t know what farm to place it on…(it does not appear to be locked to either) as I don’t know what kind of bushels it will want…

  25. gena Says:

    to [Kby] you can build one of them in each farm.

  26. Barbie Girl Says:

    can any one tell me where we’ll use these materials


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