FarmVille Giftable Helping Hands Package

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FarmVille Giftable Helping Hands Package

Posted on March 30, 2011 12:39 am by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Helping Hands

FarmVille Helping Hands are here to help!

Lately, there’s a lot going on in FarmVille with tons of construction and new animals (mainly sheep) in the English Countryside. We’ve found that running two farms can be quite a bit of work and we’ll take all the extra help we can get, which is why the new Helping Hands is a perfect sendable gift.

(Note, this sendable gift seems to be rolling out in phases as not all farmers have access at this point.)

FarmVille Helping Hands Gift Request

From the notice below, it states that the Helping Hands Gift will contain the following:

  • Fertilizer
  • Farmhands
  • Arborists

FarmVille Helping Hands Gifting Page

What do you think about the Helping Hands gift? Is it helpful?

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56 Responses to “FarmVille Giftable Helping Hands Package” »

  1. Korina Says:

    Got two sent to me as gifts. Nothing like it in gift box though. What are they supposed to do?

  2. dawn Says:

    I accepted one, but where/what is it?

  3. Deborah Says:

    I just received the pop-up. It’s nice to be able to support active players. Thanks, Zynga!

  4. John Grant Says:

    Aborists, Fertalizer and Farmhands package.

  5. Wendy Cundiff Says:

    Do people really need any of these anymore? I have to sell some of the farmhands and the arborists or Id have a gift box full. Fertilizer is all over the feed. FV is really messed up. Took a good game and ruined it. Should just make FVEC a separate game. I got 5 of these and ignored them..FV acts like they are doing us a favor..NOT

  6. Farmer Dan Says:

    You won’t actually see a ‘helping hands’ in your gift box. Your numbers of aborists, fertilizers, and farmhands should have increased.

  7. Wendy Cundiff Says:

    And by playing dont people know who’s active or not???? What IQ do these people think have 10?????

  8. Kimberly Says:

    I’m with Wendy on this one. It would be a very thoughtful gift to someone that needs these things but how can I determine who does? And, being a horse breeder, I’ve got more Farmhands and Arborists than you can shake a stick at. I’m afraid I’d be reluctant to send many of these simply out of fear that they’d be gifted back! I’m thinking FAIL on this issue.

  9. Martha Poynor Says:

    I know nothing about it except for this post. Not received on nor sent one, or for that matter not seen one.

  10. Ruth Says:

    I think they’re great. I always seem to be short of fertilizer lately.

  11. Wesley Says:

    Hey guys i just found FarmGoddess’s Facebook profile Here is the link:

  12. FarmGoddess Says:

    Hey Wesley! Sorry, but that is NOT my Facebook.

  13. laurie Says:

    i did not get one

  14. laurie Says:

    i also did not

  15. chelle Says:

    lol Wesley that just goes to your own homepage FAIL!

  16. Britt Says:

    @ 5 & 8: um yea people still need them!! the ones who dont hoard, the ones who arent lucky enough to have 200 neighbors, the ones who dont use snag bars, the ones who dont sit there and stuff their stables andusea stallion 10 times a friggin day, the ones who have neighbors that have 200 neighbors and are never able to collect anything because the rewards are always gone! yes, those people still need them.

  17. HAROLD HAHN Says:

    Anything that helps is fine and dandy, but what about the unfreezing of your other farm. Was told 2 nights ago it was being rolled out but have still to see it. Starting a new farm can be costly and drain your coin reserve real fast. Let us choose to run both farms at the same time so that our home farm can continue to produce the revenue to support the second farm…

  18. JoAnne Breitmeyer Says:

    I had a full mailbox, over 100 arborists, almost 100 farmhands, and 80-90 fertilizer. Additionally, I had another 100+ of the good stuff: eggs (gold, black, rainbow, English countryside red, white & blue). I had over 100 seedlings and 100 watering cans as well as many trees, foals, horses, St. Patrick’s Day, goats, etc. etc. Zynca arbitrarily without warning or notice, took about 150-200 awards out of my gift box. Did they take arborists, farmhands, fertizer, seedlings, watering cans of which there were many?? No-o-o-o-oooo. They took the goodies that I had painstakingly build up as gifts from other Farmers or that I had paid for from the Gift Store. It’s bad enough that a large amount of things that I purchase, win, or am gifted do not make it to my Gift Box … but to arbitrarily remove things I had been collecting for my new English countryside farm. I want my stuff back. Immediately. What is the proess for me to follow to rectify this diabolical situation?

  19. LeeAnn Says:

    I am with Harold Hahn on his thought! Starting up this English Countryside Farm has reduced my coins count over 4 Million and unless both farms can generate revenue at the same time——–this is going to be a HUGE BUST and blow up in Zynga’s face.

    Already people I know who have started an English Countryside have abandoned it.

    If you check out FarmTown, you can have multiple farms and can place things on different farms and not be restricted to what can stay on The Home Farm.

    If you check out the Sheep DNA Chart that shows you what sheep will give you a new combination…….the majority of us all have those sheep on our home farm and will be dammed if we start spending more FV CASH (REAL CASH) to buy what we received for free from collecting Gold, Valentines, Easter Eggs, etc!

    It seems that all this new farm is, is another way for Zynga to get people to spend money buying FarmVille Cash and that is freaking sad! These are hard times for many and due to the economy many people are scaling back at outside entertainment and staying home and playing computer games. But Zynga seems to care less about the hardship many have. Not exactly what one can label as being a “Social Game Experience”. Pretty soon ZYNGA will have to have a “benefit” for players of other countries like they did for Haiti and now Japan. I am NOT IN ANYWAY minimizing what those people are going through. My heart goes out to them, but we need a break here too and elsewhere where ZYNGA services.

  20. Christine Merten Says:









    NOT HAPPY IN CA….. : ( : ( :(


  21. Tammy Fisher Says:

    I think it is an Awesome good idea!!! Being new in England, if we didn’t stock pile stuff in our gift box, we our SOL, excuse the expression, we have had to spend ” Millions” yes with a M, and we have had to work hard, yes, I said WORK, and we did have items built up in our gift boxes, but just like everyone, some on those items were frozen, and can only be used on our “home” farm. And I did buy Game Cards, ooh, I’m I bad, give me a break!!! So we’re all in this together, nobody got anything, that anybody else didn’t get. That’s not how ZYGNA plays the game, they are fair, in that respect. They treat everyone the same, like it or not. And sometimes I don’t agree w/it but atleast they do it to all!!! Oh well, on that note, Sorry, got off track, I saw a previous post, that kinda got me going, It is a great idea, that would help is “ALL” immensely. I am JUST PEACHY IN GEORGIA!!!! Awesome Work!!!! Thank YALL……

  22. Kukuruz Says:

    Christine Merten is right! She said the true essence of the problem with England! We all hoped and expected much more from it but we got a big nothing!

  23. Cindy Huxley Says:

    LeAnn@19 – ‘Zynga to get people to spend money buying FarmVille Cash and that is freaking sad!’

    Why is it sad? I wish people would get their mind round the idea that Zynga is a business, not a philanthropic organisation. Perhaps then there would be less complaining about the fact that a lot of extra’s in the game need farm cash – ie real money.

    Yes extras. The whole of the game, on both farms, can be played without spending a penny of real cash.

    You only need to spend the real money if you want additional items that are attractive but in no way essential, or you are too impatient to wait for the time in the game to play out. For instance people complain about the cost of Love Potions, but they can be obtained for free by asking for them from neighbours, and sheep can be bred without them, but the process is slower.

    Zynga is a business, it has employees, it’s purpose is to make a profit. It runs the free games in order to have people interested enough to buy additional items. Its called capitalism.

    If you don’t like the way the system works, then don’t participate.

    JoiAnne@18 – I don’t know what happened to your items, but looking at your list it seems clear your gift box held far more than the 500 limit. That may have resulted in some breakdown in the system.
    If you want to check it out then email Zynga Support – link at the bottom of the game page, and explain the situation and ask them what happened.
    If you have lost items you paid Farm cash for, you need to list those clearly, with details of when you bought them.

  24. Tim Says:

    “We’ve found that running two farms can be quite a bit of work…”

    How would you know? We’re only allowed to run one farm at a time due to the pause.

  25. mak_1027 Says:

    If they really want “Helping Hands” to help they should include watering cans for seedlings and bottles for lambs. Farmhands and arborists are nice but for the most part you only need one of them once a day and if you have all your trees in orchards then arborists are useless.

  26. Ritchie Says:

    Already have plenty of this stuff and it is so easy to get. What a joke! Heck…give us something better that than this crap. It’s no help at all. I would just have to delete this stuff if I got it.

  27. dabeasumin Says:

    @ JoAnne Breitmeyer -

    Go to the bottom of your Farmville page and go to contact. If there were freebies in there, Zynga will tell you tough noogies, however, if you have proof of Farmcash items in there, they will replace them.

    Your giftbox only holds 200 items max, the more you stuff it, it automatically deletes other stuff in order to make room for the new stuff. If you simply hoard everything you see, your going to lose all the cool stuff your saving. I suggest re-doing your farm, and placing those non replaceable freebies asap or your bound to lose them again. Zynga didn’t remove anything, you did by hoarding it all in one place.

  28. dabeasumin Says:

    BTW, I like this idea – I use all three daily, sometimes 2-3 times daily when pursuing masteries ;)

  29. Crucial.Taunt Says:

    I like the idea, because I only have about 8 active neighbors, and they hardly post anything, send anything, etc. I don’t have a super-fancy barn with a permanent stallion, I don’t get 200 gifts a day– I like the idea of this particular gift. It’ll make it much easier, so you richfags with loads of money to blow on FC, you can go ahead and suck it. Stop complaining about how it’s just a pain in the butt, if you don’t like it, you don’t have to use it. The gift was created for players like me, who have a hard time keeping up with the game. So screw you!

  30. Noel Says:

    Helping hands?? How about helping us with things we really need help with? Like potions or baby bottles? I have all the aborists, farmhands, and fertilizer I need. I can get a fertilizer by waltzing over to my neighbors farm and all my trees are back on the home farm. FAIL :(

  31. Linda Schilling Says:

    Helping Hands Package had some sent to me, clicked not in box, really???

  32. farmmom Says:

    I love the Helping Hands idea. I don’t have one yet but these are items I can really use since I don’t have 200-500 neighbors like some people do. I love my new farm and all the features on that farm and I venture to say all of the whinny, complaining people on the previous post love it too or they wouldn’t keep playing and they wouldn’t take the time out to go to a completely different website, look for future updates and them whine about them! Its a game, if you don’t like don’t play, If you have a suggestion send it to Zynga. It really is that easy. I have toddlers that don’t whine as much as some of you do.

  33. Caitlin Says:

    Lame!!! id prefer a ‘helping hand’ with bricks, wood, and nails, or anything else to finish upgrading all this stuff!!!

  34. Cindy Huxley Says:

    Linda@29 – Think about it, it contains Farmhands, Arborists and Fertilizer, what happens when you get these items from your stable or from the feed? They go into your gift box and add to the total of that item already there,. Only if you had none of the three items would they show up individually.
    The package is not going to show in the gift box as a separate package.

    Farmmom@30 – While it is true there is a lot of unnecessary complaining about Zynga I think that most of the problems at the moment are raised by the pause feature – meaning the two farms are alternatives to each other, and the English one is not an extension of the game.

    This is a perfectly justified complaint and the more it is made the more Zynga are likely to so something about it.

    Oh and 300 neighbours is the current limit. I know I have them :)

  35. virgoboy Says:

    Oh My! I don’t need any of these though the Fertilizer is always welcome. What i DO NEED (Zynga, if you are paying attention) is lots and LOTS of LUV Potion and Bottles ;)

  36. Schwarzfuchs Says:

    We need Sheep Viagra in there not only Farmhands :)

  37. Terrae Says:

    I need more Fertilizer, Farmhands, and Arborists like I need a labotomy… geeze… c’mon… give us something we actually NEED… these are easily collected from our feed, as well as working our farms and neighbors’ farms… sheesh… how about animals or trees you can’t buy or building materials to help build your buildings… or milk bottles or Love Potion… c’mon… GET REAL!!! ???

  38. Deana Says:

    umm yeah, free love potion would be great!….After all the hype about sheep farming they put such strict limits on how to get the love potion that it just makes it frustrating….I shouldn’t have bought the pastel pink sheep and the dotted ram because I can’t get enough love potion to have any fun with the sheep anyway….Booooooo!….I will NOT be buying any more sheep if they don’t do something to make it easier to get the potion….Makes NO SENSE!….

  39. Rusty Says:

    I would love some of these, I never have enough. I always seem to need a Farmhand, or an Arborist. Fertilizer not so much.

    Not complaining, but my stables almost always give me foals, I almost never get a Farmhand or Arborist.

    My few neighbors don’t get that stuff very often either.

  40. Michelle Says:

    I am not excited over these – I have far too many already! But it would be great if it had potions or bottles – watering cans etc. instead.

    @19 Cry me a freaking river. You mention the hardship of many of us in American and that Zynga is just cashing in and should give us a break…well they are – they are employing people at there comany and those employeed people are then buying products and paying taxes.

    They have expenses to run these games – servers or do you want them to go to bare bones and have more crashes just to discount the game for the players?

    If you wish to play for free you can – you just have to wait for items. If you have neighbors who breed horses and now sheep you can benifit from doing absolutely nothing.

    There is a disconnect here with FV and players. Players who don’t pay to play someone get all bent out of shape that they don’t get what they want for free and then become ungrateful when they collect from a neighbor who did pay to get something new. Either commit to play for free and quit your complaining or pay for the extras. But do everyone a favor and stop complaining about a company trying to make money. We have demonized all these companies who make money as being so greedy and stealing from us… BS – at least in America our citizens have become greedy – wanting something for nothing and blaming everyone else for problems.

    This is a social game – not a socialist game…there is coins for free…farmville cash for money but no foodstamps for farmers!

  41. Jac Says:

    Why do we need help? It’s not like we’re bustin tail actually working on two farms at the same time. If we were, then yes, I think this is a nice gift. But more and more I find myself wishing zynga had just released FVEC as it’s own game!!! Because I’d play both! I hate being forced to choose. It’s taking the fun away.

  42. Robbie Sowinski Says:

    I would prefer instagrow or an unwither verses any of these items as we all seem to have and get quite an abundance of these already. More isn’t needed as a farm helper gift.

  43. CelineM Says:

    What’s the point?! FVEC is all about the special delivery boxes to upgrade buildings and the love potions/bottles for the new sheep breeding. If you’re sending us a “helping hand” send us building supplies or breeding supplies.



  45. Kasaundra Says:

    I like it. I could use it.

  46. stephanie Says:

    i have a helping hands in my giftbox, that is what it says. i cant do anything with it. should i get rid of it because its a defective gift?

  47. DAB Says:

    I think that anyone who knows the value of fertilizer would be thrilled to have the Helping Hands gifted to them. I’ve only been playing for 8 weeks, but I learned how to play by using this and other sites. If you don’t know how fertilizer gives you extra XP, then look it up. I’m at level 79 now, in large part because of fertilizer. I harvest multiple times a day and am always looking for more fertilizer. I use my arborists and farm hands even though my focus is crops. They make life easier. I just learned about Helping Hands because I was gifted one. I’m thrilled and can’t wait until I can gift them to my neighbors.

  48. Daryl Says:

    I’ve got 4 in my giftbox and whenever I try to use one it goes to placement mode. I place it and it only shows a red pixel square, then the farm goes OOS. WTH?

    @dabeasumin “Your giftbox only holds 200 items max, the more you stuff it, it automatically deletes other stuff in order to make room for the new stuff. ”

    My gift box holds heaps of crap. In fact once I’ve gone through all the wall post collecting it usually exceeds 500. The only restriction I have is that I can’t open things like eggs or mystery boxes until I get it under 500.

  49. CONCHA Says:


  50. trish Says:

    I’ve been getting them, but each time i click on one it say’s gift error so i’m not actually getting them lol and how can i send them back i don’t see it in the choose the gift to yr friends.

  51. anushka Says:

    helping hands is like ok but arborists are a big nono cause there will be very few people who have a lot of free trees after the release of orchards

  52. Tanda Garner Says:

    I sure wish I had them to give out to people. I love them and appreciate getting them so I want to be able to give back!

  53. Barb Says:

    Helping hands should be used to finish a “project” like a co-op or something in the English Farm.

  54. susan owens Says:

    For those of you that have been playing a long time , the helping hands may not be a thing you would want. However, when you have to purchase fertiizer for both farms , you are going into money most of us don’t want to spend. Rest of the package is also appreciated. Try to remember , there are those out there that are not at a high level yet. Also , I don ‘t have time to waltz over to neighbors farms and find one fertiizer in ten visits. Happy Farming everyone . Don’t take the fun out of it .

  55. lakeschia Says:

    I really could benefit from this. I am looking for a site to collect the trees that people share.

  56. Laura Miller Says:

    It would be more useful if it gave you one each of whatever project you’re working on, like fence posts and wire for the animal habitats or beams and stones for lighthouse cove. As it is, I have tons of arborists, farmhands and fertilizer. This is just more junk to gum up my gift box.