FarmVille Halloween Farm Cash Items 50% Off!

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FarmVille Halloween Farm Cash Items 50% Off!

Posted on November 1, 2010 8:37 am by FarmVille Freak PlasmaStain

Happy belated Halloween! When entering your farm, you’ll receive a pop-up announcing from yesterday, October 31 up to tomorrow, November 2, all Halloween Farm Cash items are 50% off!

This was a surprise to most users, since FarmVille normally isn’t to lean with Farm Cash giveaways or cut-downs.

FarmVille 50% Off Halloween Items

Are you going to take advantage of this sale?

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113 Responses to “FarmVille Halloween Farm Cash Items 50% Off!” »

  1. Matt Says:

    So they decide to do this after I have already purchased the robot cow, nightmare, count duckula, skeleton horse, and pilot pig. What a bunch of greedy bastards. Why not do it like last week or something.

  2. Fv Freaker Says:

    they made it when i bough the old items cost more cash!

  3. Amber Says:


  4. callie Says:

    I like the promo, I got my robot cow for 11 FV Cash :D Also, if anyone here actually ever went to FVFreak, they’d see that a little while ago, they posted screen shots of a possible 1/2 off Halloween sale…anyone who bought this stuff anyways is an idiot.

  5. callie Says:

    I mean, anyone who bought it at FULL PRICE is an idiot.

  6. appleman Says:

    this is old news. – they will probably do one for christmas too.

  7. Johnnyafc Says:

    I got the animals not the other tat………… gotta collect the gnomes too :-D

  8. Johnnyafc Says:

    Got all the Crops Mastered so nothing else to do ;-)

  9. Kev Says:

    This is a punch in the face! We pay full price, think that the things are going and then BAM! It’s half price. That really p***** me off. They are so greedy. Why do it now, when most people already bought the things. Oh and @Callie, how does it make them idiots? How were they supposed to know. Sure there was a little unreleased screenshot, but thats not guaranteed. The Rooster has been unreleased for a LONG time, and lets face it; it isn’t coming anytime soon, so how would they know this is? Just because they choose to buy them, doesnt make them idiots. That’s like me saying your an idiot for not buying them then. So think before you say.

  10. Mark Says:

    I’m happy they are doing this 50% off deal especially if they do it for all holidays. That way you could decide on items you can wait on.

    I spent 492 FV cash on Halloween (Oct. 31st is my fave holiday), so I guess had I resisted the urge to buy stuff I would have saved 246. I could have saved nearly $40 dollars. Hindsight sucks. haha

    I’ll buy all the other stuff I didn’t buy now that it’s half off.

    The next big holiday for me is New Years, so I’ll be able to wait and see through some holidays to see if they do this promotion again for Thanksgiving, etc.

    As far as gripes, I’d say I don’t like how all the buildings were the same color scheme (the castle doesn’t have any special effects) and they waited too late to release Halloween items. Almost to the point of it being last minute. I would have liked to see Halloween stuff released in late September instead of late late late October.

  11. Lesterchicken Says:

    This what the told me. Troy: ” I apologize about that. We are having a sale on the items since Halloween is over. It is mainly for our users that didn’t have enough cash to get the items. ”

    That’s messed up!

    Does that make rich or poor.

    Posting that Halloween items will be gone and to buy them now and not a hour later putting them on sale is well really messed up.

    Damn you Zynga

  12. Cujo Says:

    So it’s not fair for calves and foals to grow into the breed that they already are, but it is fair to offer all of the Halloween stuff I bought before the deadline at half off. FU FV

  13. Calista Says:

    I’m really kind of pissed, absolutly unfair, I spent a lot of money on the Halloween decorations and now they make a SALE, that must me a terrible joke. I will not again spend Money for FarmCash Zynga.

  14. smartfarmer Says:

    Please see the following message for the California consumer law protection:
    “If a store doesn’t allow customers to return merchandise (with a receipt) within seven days of purchase for a full cash refund, equal exchange, store credit, or any combination of the above, then stores must post their policy. Retailers who don’t fit into the seven-day common practice approach must abide by the above mentioned civil code. If the retailer violates the law, then you can sue them in small claims court for the amount of the purchase and maybe possible penalties.”

    Most purchased items less than a wk need to be price re-adjust, that is consider cheating players “real” money in my opinion…

  15. Gracie Says:

    I am SO PISSED! I purchased 310 FV$, bought a boatload of Halloween items on the 31st and then a few hours later it goes half price??? WTF?? I have been royally ripped off

  16. Lesterchicken Says:

    @ callie “Also, if anyone here actually ever went to FVFreak, they’d see that a little while ago, they posted screen shots of a possible 1/2 off Halloween sale…anyone who bought this stuff anyways is an idiot.”

    For one get your facts straight, the screen shot was of Farm Cash at 50% not Halloween items. Second, well there is no second.

  17. Salena Says:

    awww, I wish I would have known, and waited on the black sheep outfit ha! BUT, really, no different than walmart having a after holiday sale, so I’m not angry :)

  18. Honest Says:

    It´s not unfair, Halloween is over! If you bought a Halloween costume 30th October, and come back today to see Halloween costumes to half price, you don´t say “It´s unfair! I bought it for full price and I want 50% of the money I paid back!”. But I bought 1 Robot Cow, 2 Nightmares, 4 Clever Cubs, 1 Super chicken and 2 palm monsters the 30th October and I don´t complain. Halloween is over, My robot cow is in my Diary Barn, my Nightmares is in my horse stable, my clever cubs are with my sheep, my super chicken is in my chicken coop and my palm monsters are at my farm. Be glad you had enough FarmCash to buy it, and didn´t wait like a greedy old man for the 50% off.

  19. Lesterchicken Says:

    @Salena What about when they tell you to get the items before there gone forever. Then release them at a substantial discount?

  20. Clair Says:

    This is a great business scam by Zynga. It’s kind of like in real stores, where people buy full price knowing after the holiday the items will be half off, then they go shopping for cheap stuff afterward. The only difference is – in stores in real life, we buy because supply is limited. Here on the computer, pixels are unlimited. So Zynga gets us all hyped about “We only have 2 days left to get these things! I’d better buy them asap!” even though they saw the FvF post about a POSSIBLE (keyword) 50% off, then pulled this. There are plenty of things Zynga doesn’t make official that make it here, it would be silly to take everything you see here seriously and risk missing your chance.

    So, kudos, Zynga, you make a lot of people feel used and unappreciated. :)

  21. Cujo Says:

    I broke down and bought FarmCash for the first time to buy Halloween Items, and then they pull this! I learned my lesson.

  22. Matt Says:

    Yeah I lost love tossing money down the toilet cause they do a 50% off on october 31st. Honestly I thought it would be for purchasing farmcash.

  23. Dee Says:

    What’s the big deal…seriously? Holiday-type items ALWAYS go on sale the next day! When you buy Halloween costumes and candy BEFORE Halloween, you pay full price. If you go in the store today, all of the stuff (at least the costumes) will be on sale. It’s the same way with Christmas trees, gift wrap, etc. The biggest sales take place the day AFTER Christmas.

    Yes, some of Zynga’s FV cash prices are too high anyway, but I was glad to see the lower prices today…so I could buy Halloween items to use on my farm for next year. I bought the things for which I refused to pay the higher prices.

  24. Nicole Says:

    I agree with Lesterchicken. It said, “They would be gone forever”. Not “Wait for a few hours and they will be 1/2 price”.

  25. WeirdJedi Says:

    Most of these items listed were either too expensive for unattractive. The only thing I got was the plant monster, since it was a re-release I missed from last year. Farmville Freak did post the 50% banner awhile back, and I thought they would either do it October 31st all day or a few days beforehand. I was surprised they decided to do it after the remaining time for the items expired.

    I can see why a lot of people are frustrated, especially when paying out a lot of money for the items. I would be too if I found out that I paid for the coin items, only to find out they were still available and at half price.

  26. Lesterchicken Says:

    @ Dee When has Farmville ever offered a 50% sale on items?……Seriously

    Im pissed because they said these LE items would be gone so get them fast and then gave me a count down. I didn’t have a problem spending FC, but for someone to tell that they put this sale on because some people couldnt afford them, now thats not fair at all.

  27. Jedi723 Says:

    Rip you off, and then turn around and smack you in the face for it. Nice. Zynga should give rebates to all the people who paid full price, but wait, that would be fair…. and it’s Zynga, so nevermind.

    The stupid costumes were too expensive anyway. Even at half-price I’m still not buying them.

  28. kipper316 Says:

    all people moaning I bet if you had waited you would be over the moon you saved money!!! The fact is at the time you purchased your items you were prepared to pay that amount for it so dont cry now its 50% off!!! I myself bought alot of halloween stuff probably more than all of u but I wont cry I will wait till tuesday see what they release buy more and come back here to see you all cry some more!!!!

  29. Informed Misery Says:

    Anyone who visits this site regularly knew this might happen. ( I think like most people (including FV FREAK) I saw that screen shot took it to mean items might go on sale. Which items? Who knew. Would it happen at all? Who knew. I bought stuff anyway knowing there was a chance it could go on sale since so much of the “unreleased” stuff on this site ends up being released. So I took my chance. There were some things I held off buying, figuring if there was no sale I could live without them. But there was a sale after all. So yippee.

  30. jo Says:

    “I’m happy they are doing this 50% off deal especially if they do it for all holidays. That way you could decide on items you can wait on.

    I spent 492 FV cash on Halloween (Oct. 31st is my fave holiday), so I guess had I resisted the urge to buy stuff I would have saved 246. I could have saved nearly $40 dollars. Hindsight sucks. haha

    I’ll buy all the other stuff I didn’t buy now that it’s half off.

    The next big holiday for me is New Years, so I’ll be able to wait and see through some holidays to see if they do this promotion again for Thanksgiving, etc.

    As far as gripes, I’d say I don’t like how all the buildings were the same color scheme (the castle doesn’t have any special effects) and they waited too late to release Halloween items. Almost to the point of it being last minute. I would have liked to see Halloween stuff released in late September instead of late late late October.”

    ROFL oh my lord u spent 500 farm cash ???!!?

    lol thats just insane.

    …. i think the sale is funny i was gonna buy a raven but it was too expensive and now i got 2 for the same price…
    neener neener

  31. John Says:

    Wow I can’t believe my luck. For some reason I kept holding off on buying FV cash Halloween items throughout all of the updates. I just had a hard time deciding which ones to get. I finally made up my mind about what I wanted to get late last night and when I logged in to play, a popup said that all the Halloween stuff was half price!! WOW!!

    Not only that, but I bought a large WAD of FV cash that day when it was 50% off so I got a real good deal on these items. I ended up buying a lot more than I planned on, lol.

  32. jo Says:

    and the funny thing is zynga was really stupid to do this because whatever money they make now from people buying the 50% off items they will lose FAR MORE in the future because now people will always wait to see if there is a sale… they traded a few extra bucks today for like every single other limited edition items ever , people will now wait and wonder and probably not buy as much , in the hope that they will do another sale.

    every company makes a bad decision once in a while, this was definatley stupid business wise, but damn for 9 fc and with all the money i DIDNT spend last week i might just buy another raven or 2 lol.

  33. Cujo Says:

    Nice trick Farmville, now my farm is worth half as much.

  34. Gracie Says:

    I just contacted Zynga live chat and explained that I purchased items HOURS before it went on sale. They have records of everything and were able to tell me which items I bought BEFORE the sale and after and were nice enough to refund me $42 FV$ that I spent before the sale.

    So it is worth complaining to them about it

  35. Andrew Says:

    None of you folks have been ripped off sales happen…

  36. Jubayer Says:

    I know that they will give 50% off . So no comment but matter is that why farmvillefreak publishing news so lately :( ……. Also today they gift limited time cat , farmhand which fvfreak not published . Also I know a trick by that I can earn unlimited farmhands,pig,D Box ….. I think in this time…. They have to publishe it ….. But Farmvillefreak not publish !!!! Why they are slowing down !!!!!

  37. Joshua Hayes Says:

    It’s Great To Know That The Sale Image Above came from my farm!

  38. Lizzie Says:

    I’m not that into Halloween (Xmas is another story) so I didn’t buy any of this stuff. You guys who bought it beforehand had the fun of having it before the holiday, not after. But it is really tacky to say “buy it now cuz it’s leaving” and then have it stay for 50% off. If a store did that, they’d get into trouble, as that is very deceptive. I’ll think twice about buying any Xmas decorations until the day after Xmas, that’s for sure. Too bad. If there’s a way to spoil the fun of something, trust Zynga to figure it out.

  39. Kev Says:

    How can you get a refund for buying it beforehand?

  40. Martin Says:

    I purchased a half off Nightmare and placed in my Horse Stable. I lost the Nightmare and stable got reduced to 20 horse capacity. Zynga has refunded my Nightmare purchase and I’m now waiting to see what solution is available for my Horse Stable.
    I was advised to not place the Nightmare in the Horse Stable.

  41. Mike Says:

    I agree it sucks that they discounted the prices AFTER we were given a “last chance to buy halloween items” messages only to find out they were avaialable still at lower prices. So they sucked you in to buy at full price thinking they were gone shortly. Everyone that really wanted the items paid full price already so i’m sure not alot will be buying more at discounted price. It was a greedy move by Zynga for sure.

  42. Iniki Says:

    Where is the Zynga live chat? We both bought lots of items last night and want a refund!

  43. reincloud Says:

    I spent a LOT of money on farm cash to get halloween items. Like.. $60 or $80 or something. And I am NOT mad about this sale! I don’t feel ripped off in the least! Every store in the world is practically giving away halloween items today and for the next few days, even though I paid full price for a lot of them over the last cpl weeks. And no one is standing at the store throwing this fit…
    And, since Im a loyal farmvillefreak reader and it DID say the 50% off was for halloween items, even had it with pictures of halloween stuff (go look, Im sure of it), I was pretty sure zynga was going to do this as well. but I happily paid full price for the items I wanted for this year’s decorations, and a horse or two for my Mommy. I knew they’d probably be half off later, but it was worth it to me to pay more and be able to use them this year. Same as with merchandise at the store. Now there’s a few items I kinda wanted, but thought were too much or that I want for year-round that ill get now that they’re 50% off. I think it’s neat! And, sure, it woulda been really nice for zynga to tell us about this sale in advance, but, unfortunately, that just isn’t the nature of capitalistic society we live in. so if you wanna be pissed off, be pissed off at the U.S. government who pushes and breeds capitalistic greed as the way to do things in the this country (and, believe me, I think you *should* take issue with that and do what you can to change it!). But don’t be angry with zynga for operating on the principles this (f-ed up) country runs on..

    And I think it’s nice that ppl who wouldn’t be able to afford halloween decorations at all, now have the change to get them at 50% off for use next year. Those of us that were able to afford them at full price, got the opportunity to display them this year! Plus, there were at least two (one by zynga and one by the “sheep”) halloween decoration/costume contests and Im sure whoever won had a LOT of full price decorations. So you could also look at it like your full price purchase gave you a HUGE edge in the halloween contest, where you could win your farmcash and coins back.

    *shrugs* just my $2 (’cause I know I went waaay beyond 2 cents ;) ) and Im not saying ppl who are upset are idiots or aren’t entitled to their feelings. Im just saying it is what it is, you aren’t gonna change that, and maybe by looking at it slightly differently you’ll be able to change your negative feelings which, really, are hurting you..

    loves to all! and, remember, you should be *happy* farming :)

  44. Salena Says:

    @Lesterchicken ( and anyone else that I may have offended), I wasnt at all suggesting that anyone was wrong in the way they feel, so i hope it wasnt taken that way. I just have to for myself find the bright side. Like I said i wish i would have known of the sale, I would have waited and bought the black sheep outfit after halloween, since I paid fv cash I’m just going to wear it all year (ha). For the ppl who paid full prize, they dolled up thier farms pre halloween, not after, kwim….so there is an upside to it. And yes, I’ve bought (stocked up on I should say) on items before that were marked “limited” or “discounted” etc, that I really liked, thinking that it would be gone forever, only to see not to long after that were the same product only; repackaged ie less packaging and less expensive and it does suck,,,, not exactally the same, but same idea I think. Anyways, I didnt mean to upset anyone, not my intention.

  45. FarmerB81 Says:

    Zynga can kiss my ass. This is a kick in the teeth to their LOYAL, paying customers.

    Anyone can understand clearance seasonal items in a retail store. They need to liquidate inventory. Everyone knows in advance that leftover decorations for holidays will be clearanced after the holiday is over. However, digital pixels aren’t taking up space in a warehouse somewhere. This is simply greed. Zynga is a despicable business, and this only further proves they don’t care a lick about their customers, only how many zeros are after their latest profit margin.

  46. Amy Says:

    When the holiday is gone, all the decorations are going into storage. Why to keep them? I want my farm to be decirated at Halloween, not the day after.. But again I will buy some items. They will be in storage and wait for 2011. Now it’s harder to decide what to buy :D

    I don’t know why are you complaining.

  47. Jaymes Says:

    all of the halloween items sucked anyways, even at half price i wouldnt buy any of that crap.:-)

  48. rjlefty96 Says:

    It’s your fault if you bought the items at full price.

    FarmVille Freak did post an Unreleased Blow-out sale thing so you should of known that this was gonna happen.

    It’s a good thing I waited because I saw that FarmVille Freak posted that.

  49. F Says:

    Are you the same FarmerB81 from the Zynga forum? A lot of people there would like to share the same sentiment towards you. HTH :)

  50. Trillion Says:

    Whoa. I’m shocked to see so many upset people.

    This is just business, pure and simple. Not evil business, just business.

    I’m going to try to sell you something for the highest price possible. If I offer if for $10 and you buy it, great. I’m going to sell it for $10 to as many people as possible. THEN I’m going to see how many people that I missed the first time around. You won’t buy it for $10? How about $5? Great, now, I’ve got loads more people willing to buy.

    It’s always about walking that line between charging more/selling less vs charging less/selling more.

  51. Trillion Says:

    Martin Says:
    Posted on November 1st, 2010 at 1:33 pm

    I purchased a half off Nightmare and placed in my Horse Stable. I lost the Nightmare and stable got reduced to 20 horse capacity. Zynga has refunded my Nightmare purchase and I’m now waiting to see what solution is available for my Horse Stable.
    I was advised to not place the Nightmare in the Horse Stable.

    Be advised! Thanks for posting Martin. I just realized that this same thing happened to me, thanks to your posting. Eek!!!

  52. bill Says:

    i got the cow for 22 but now its 11 now fair i want 11 farmcash back

  53. Julie Gueret Says:

    Like Martin, post 40,

    i bought a candy pony this morning. I put it in the stables and … lost it, and stables capacity went down to 20, yet there are still 38 horses in !!

    But unlike Martin, Zynga still hasn’t come back to me on this …

  54. A Says:

    It’s one thing to have a sneaky business maneuver, but it’s another to tell a direct LIE, and that just *might* be what they did there. Here’s why:

    Before Halloween, they told us that those items would be GONE by the end of Halloween, right? Well, truth is, they are NOT gone. In short, they lied, and perhaps we can take advantage of that. Now, I’m not sure if they explicitly said those items were going to be gone, but they did have a counter counting down the time, and in the past that always meant that those items would be gone after the timer finishes.

    What do you think? Can we petition against it? Let’s all send mass emails to Zynga. Don’t just point out the half price–point out the fact that they LIED to us. Plain and simple.

  55. nm Says:

    I bought the robot cow, pumpkin fountain, the scary river, the tree cob web and a lot of candy apple trees at full price. I’m not upset because I’m not a gambling person. If these items would have went away yesterday and I wouldn’t have got them then I would have been pissed off at myself because when things come back for a second time in this game their always more expensive.

    I will buy somemore expensive items now and think it’s a great thing Zyunga’s doing. Just like after holiday shopping in the stores. I do think however that people who are rude should button up their mouths. There is no need to call people idiots here and it just shows how mature you are. I don’t care if your 40 you need to treat people the way you want to be treated Callie.

  56. Xena Says:

    I can see how it would be frustrating to pay full price for something and then see it go on sale, but it happens in the real world all the time. I agree that pixels aren’t taking up space in a warehouse somewhere, but pixels ARE Zynga’s business. You as a purchaser KNOW they are pixels in a game… yet you are still willing to spend real cash via FC on them. That means you know exactly what you are getting into, and spending your money on.

    If you bought Halloween decorations before Halloween, that means you got to deck out your farm for the holiday. It means you were willing to buy them and spend the cash on them like you would for anything you would buy in a store. So therefore how can it be “not fair” when something goes on sale the next week? It’s just the nature of all business. Sure, it would have been nice to get a discount on all the cool stuff you bought, but you were already WILLING to spend the money on the items at full price so quit getting angry about it.

    Consider this: For all of you who say they are going to wait until AFTER Christmas to take the chance that Christmas decorations will also be 50 percent off, and they aren’t, then you might miss out on everything. We buy seasonal decorations so we can decorate our farms DURING a holiday, not after. Unless you are planning on having Halloween as your main farm theme the entire year, then what you are buying in the 50% off sale is decorations for NEXT YEAR. Kind of like buying wrapping paper after Christmas so you don’t have to buy it 365 days later.

    I don’t like the fact that Zynga calls certain things limited edition and then we see them weeks or even months later as giftable items, or as several people said, to tell us that they only have one hour left and they will be gone forever, only to see them on sale, but it is nice that they are offering refunds to people who did this. I bought a few items before Halloween, so no, I don’t feel I deserve a refund just because they went on sale after the holiday. Such is life.

    This is a GAME. Enjoy it.

  57. A Says:

    I think some people are missing the point here: it’s NOT the 50%-off deal itself that’s we are against. It’s the fact that they told us those items would be GONE on Oct 31, when really they are NOT gone.

    If they suddenly offered the Acai tree for 1/2 price, I wouldn’t complain one bit.
    But if they tell you “The Acai tree will be gone in 1 day. Get yours fast before they disappear forever!” And THEN reduce the price 50% the next day, THAT would be different. Why? Because they told a lie. A plain and simple lie–what they told us is not the truth.

    So, the 50%-off deal alone is nothing to be angry about. It’s the LIE that we are unhappy about.

  58. Xena Says:

    Oh and @Nm, THANK YOU. I agree. Be kind. There is no need to call people names and be rude just because someone has a different opinion than you do. People are not “idiots” because they buy things from the marketplace in this game.

  59. joemomma Says:

    Xena is right no point of buying the decorations when the holiday is over

  60. Alex Says:

    Two words: zinga sucks.

  61. Alex Says:

    zYnga. whatever.

  62. Rob G. Says:

    I hope they give the people (like me) the difference in the fv cash.
    This is a slap to the face.

  63. Libby Says:

    Argghh! Cheeky feckers! Telling us everything would be GONE after the 31st so we all bought stuff over the weekend.

  64. hmmm Says:

    It’s simple. Don’t spend real money on fake things. Then when Farmville glitches or Zynga undercuts themselves — eh. You aren’t out anything.

  65. FanFran Says:

    You folks who are complaining are kinda funny. Do you complain when retail stores put all the Halloween stuff on sale after October 31st? Do you complain when Christmas stuff goes on sale? Buy the Halloween items now and save it until next year! Then you can brag (next year) about how smart you are. Zynga is not a charity. There’s plenty that you can do for free. If you don’t want to spend real money – just don’t – but stop complaining. They’re in business to make money. When I go shopping and can’t afford something, I don’t complain that everything should be free… just sayin’.

  66. Libby Says:

    For those of you who don’t understand why the rest of us are angry.. they flat out lied. Told us things would be gone and even did a count down “3 hours left to buy this item” etc.

  67. Kim Says:

    Im so happy it went 50% off really wanted the train….only disappointment is I got the engine and caboose, no cars…oh well maybe the one for next year will go with it. Thanks Zynga for the discount!!

  68. DAS Says:

    Does anyone know if ou can store the haunted train. I would like to get it if only if it can be stored for next halloween.

  69. Kim Says:

    Yes it can DAS, mine is already stored, there are no cars just the engine and caboose.

  70. ;D Says:

    yes, haunted train is storeable

  71. Lance Says:

    I want a refund I paid full price for those items!

  72. Nichole Says:

    I love animals, so spent good money that as an unemployeed person I don’t really have to get the Halloween animals as they looked so good. Am now very upset to have bought them before they “disappeared forever” only to see them now 50% off. Good on you Zynga for alienating even more of your players!!

  73. Tally. Says:

    LOL @ everyone who paid full price. Spent 25 dollars on two animals ;D

  74. maggiek Says:

    I wash they had a 50% off farmcash sale instead.

  75. adam Says:

    yah it sucks for those and myself who bought stuff at full price, I get the comparison with a store having halloween costumes 50% after Halloween, I just think it should have been announced ahead of time, and yes it was posted here like a week or so ago, but many purchases were made before than, in any case its just a silly game…well I wouldnt even call it a game since no skill is involved what so ever

  76. phat Says:

    jeez zynga is filthy rotten rich!!! oh well they have the right to do such things like this or anything they want on their games… “IF YOU DONT LIKE OUR GAMES AND THE WAY WE ARE DOING ABOUT THE GAME THEN DONT PLAY AND SPEND MONEY TO OUR GAMES…” they will just said this to our faces if we complain. just obey the alpha and omega zynga :P

  77. Nicky Says:

    It’s not fair but hey, why are you guys surprised? Zynga has a history of treating their customers like dollar signs instead of people. (They are a business after all.)

    They have done this before with the unwither ring. People lost hundreds of FarmCash because they bought their ring, which was said to only be available for a limited amount of time, a few months earlier. Then Zynga brought back the ring at a special discount price. They do it constantly with the 24 hour FarmCash sales. It’s always been this way but no, that doesn’t make it right.

    In the real world, there are laws and store policies stating that you can get a refund for the price difference if you buy an something and it goes on sale the next day. (At least there is in PA and someone said there is in CA too.)

    However, this isn’t the real world and obviously, those laws don’t apply. If they did, don’t you think Zynga would have tons of lawsuits already? I play Pet Society and many other games that have done the same thing over and over again. The only thing Zynga may be rightly accused of is false advertising. They can’t say “forever” if they have plans to bring back items. (Like reusing old Halloween items.)

    To the people that lost money though… I’m not against you getting back your money and I wish you could. I understand not having much of it and wanting it to go a long way. Sorry that happened to you. :(

  78. kelly Says:

    I just contacted Zynga live chat and explained that I purchased items HOURS before it went on sale. They have records of everything and were able to tell me which items I bought BEFORE the sale and after and were nice enough to refund me half of the money plus 7 dollars for my trouble.

  79. Cougarah Says:

    I can see where those players that spent Real Cash to get Farm Cash and bought FV Halloween stuff would be upset….
    My complaint is that all the Halloween stuff for coins was taken off the site so soon. Most of these special holiday events stay available for a couple days later. I was holding out on buying some of the coin stuff, not hopeing it would be “on sale” just waiting to see what else would be added last minute. Then all of a sudden ALL the coin stuff gone….jeesh!!!

  80. Tom Says:

    Oh boohoo, if you’re able to spend that much cash on a virtual game, it means you can affort it. If you got ripped off in the real world, yeah, I could understand that, but this is just a form of entertainment, don’t like it, go buy monopoly.

  81. Mon-chan Says:

    Absolutely BS!! It’s an outrage not a surprise! I’m not buying farm cash anymore! Ripped off!

  82. Mon-chan Says:

    People need to realise that stores ADVERTISE sales!

    We KNOW a sale is coming so it is up to us whether we choose to buy now or later.

    The fact that Zynga did not advertise this sale and just suddenly did it, is an outrage! I think some sort of law has been broken for sure!

  83. Duane Reynolds Says:


  84. Catherine Zilla Says:

    Half-off full-off I am pissed-of because I have been waiting ,hoping until the last moment,they put pumpkin-carriage in the market but the last was they do was coffin! I am so sad they did’nt .so they can go where the pepper grow with this half -off!

  85. Ben Says:

    I live outside US so halloween is not something i really care about but I did like those animals so I got some the last hours before they gone. I have read the post saying something about 50% but I wasn’t willing to risk it. So I paid the full price for those animals just to have them in my farm not to make a halloween decoration and even the last day of the halloween zynga had this timer 7h…6h…1h and then half the price. Now this is unfair. I mean they could have start it one day before the end. I also didn’t get the splash screen about the witch cat, i only saw it here so i wasn’t sure if i could get it if i made the conversion of fb coins to fvc…

  86. SparkofImagination Says:

    This is bad business, even at department stores if you buy something and then a week later you see it for half off, you of course are gonna go back to the store and try to get it at that price or at the very least return it. I only bought the candy corn hoarse, but I learned to never buy anything till the very last day, its your own fault Zynga.

  87. Dan Says:

    Deal with it…I paid 2.99 for a bag of Candy Corn In Early October, and the same back was on sale this week at the store for 0.75 cents. Wow, that store is a bunch of greedy bastards. Give me a break people.

  88. Tala Says:

    Xena – Your argument that people who paid full price for the items got to “use” it for the holiday doesn’t hold water. At least it doesn’t for me!

    First, who held their annual holiday party via avatar on their Farmville Farm? I am betting zero!

    Second, we were told by Zynga that the offer to buy Halloween items was going to expire on the 31st. It was buy by Halloween night, or lose out. The items would be pulled off, and unavailable for purchase for an undetermined amount of time, just like every other collection before it.

    I run a very utilitarian farm. The only decorative items that are out are ones that I cannot store because they hold something, like the Tuscan Wedding Tent. But, I avidly collect decorations, because when I quit farming, I am going to set up my Final Configuration, and Halloween items have always factored big in my overall idea. I did a lot of hard work on getting those items this year, and a lot of planning across multiple accounts. I waited for the last day to be sure that all items had been released, and with about 5 hours left, I bought everything I wanted, and put it straight into the cellar. No “using”, no “decking out”, just adding to my collection. So tell me: Why did I deserve to pay twice as much because I bought the items in the advertised time allotted?

    Yes, Pixels are Zynga’s business. And until now, for the most part, they were protecting the VALUE of those pixels. If you didn’t buy the pixels the first time around, next time it was on the market, it’s more expensive. If you bought animal pixels, you couldn’t grow those animals yourself on your farm. So we trusted them that the value of our purchases would be protected, only to be flauntingly betrayed.

    If the items were at their sale prices in the first place, I probably would have bought three or four times as much, happily. I come here often, but I never saw that leaked splash. Occupational hazard, I suppose, I work nights, so when I got home and logged in, the Halloween train was at the bottom of the front page. I didn’t realize I had missed any posts. I had no idea this was coming, and after all the work, and planning, and money I put into this, I really do feel slighted.

  89. Laura Says:

    What a complete rip off…once again we get stuffed by Zynga. Think everyone who paid full price should get a refund. Folks work hard to build up the farmcash or pay real money to get it so play fair Zynga. This used to be a lovely simple relaxing game and these days it’s just one annoyance after another….I’m really irritated, we were led to believe these were limited items that were only available until 31 October, it was a lie…but of course Zynga are still laughing all the way to the bank…

  90. Smikey666 Says:

    ZYNGA have not only kicked all loyal and paying players fully in the teeth they stupidly have kicked themselves squarely in the nuts at the same time!

    I like many people spent a lot of farmcash on halloween (mostly animals my farm is more of a zoo barley any field at all) and like most people I am extremely angry about this!

    I won’t be buying farmcash ever again and no doubt like many people the next time they have loads of special stuff out (like xmas) virtually everyone will just wait until afterwards for the sale which won’t happen because of all the shit they are are getting and will continue to get for this one.

    so sure I won’t get some limited edition animals for my expanding zoo but zynga will lose out on all that farm cash too.

    and unless they start handing out some sort of compensation my stance on this won’t change.

    oh and just for the record when I contacted zynga they told me “because the halloween items were released so close to halloween not all players had a chance to buy them so we extended the items and gave them a bonus price”

    1. it was zynga’s fault they released everything so late
    2. in all honesty the orginal prices were too much anyway (as they have been for a while) but for those that paid it we should get something back)

    this is why more and more people are leaving farmvillle everyday ( at one point before I deleted a few I had over 100 inactive neighbours) they are killing it day by day with more and more greed

  91. Nesha25 Says:

    This is BS I spent so much fv cash on gnomes and the robot cow I could have had more fv cash to buy other items. You never did half price items before during other holidays.

  92. chamberly Says:

    Looking through all these comments that aren’t that useful except for the ones about not putting the horse in the horse barn…

    I have not seen 1 person who said this… Where/When is Zynga going to sell the stuff for eye and lip colors? I haven’t seem them, but I do see the 50% discount.

  93. Farmville freaker Says:

    And how we know that they will make the sale after they romove the items it was written that they will remove the item after 2 days for example at least they make the sale 2 days not after the item is removed they relise it again in a sale well damn you zynga. Zuck fynga

  94. callijayden58 Says:

    Has anyone noticed that once they put the stuff at half price, they up’d the price of FV Cash??? I was going to buy some more Halloween stuff to put in my cellar for next year, but when I saw that they added a few more dollars to buy FV Cash, I decided not to buy. I’m glad that I had Halloween stuff to put on my farm during the holiday, but I have seen sales on FV Cash during the month of October. To up the cost of FV Cash is their way of getting more for putting their items at half price.

    I remember when this game was about Farming and not about trinkets or so freaking much clicking. Things I really need are a new Farm Expansion, and to be able to collect all of my gifts with one click. Now we have a trough that we need to fill up every time it produces. Filling up my candy, shovels, getting so many boards, nails, bricks to make the Haunted House. Just too much clicking and not enough farming. How bout some better gifts on the gift page?

    I’m getting so tired of the game. Have the time I can’t get my horses to breed. Not as much fun as it use to be….

  95. callijayden58 Says:

    That was supposed to say “Half the time I can’t get my horses to breed”

    Tired of clicking…so tired

  96. Matt Says:

    Well everyone is upset. If you all decide to e-mail zynga about them lieing to us. Post what they have to say here, kind of curious now.

    And i didn’t spend any money. Since they had that 40% off sale how long ago. I had about 700 farmcash saved up. Then got the 100 farmcash for the extra nursery barn. Right now, i have 221 farmcash. Not too upset, cause i still have a decent amount of farmcash. Though would like to have a little more for the upcoming christmas holiday. Thanksgiving is nothing to me, turkeys and turkeys, which i still have some brown turkeys and wild turkeys from last year. I also have clumsy reindeers. So won’t need to click for any when christmas time comes.

    I forgot, got a fair amount of penguins, i don’t really sell animals. The only animals i really should sell is my army of grey horses and extra foals. Too many i have.

  97. Sloaner Says:

    OMG. Seriously, people…give it a rest. You go to any store right now, and I guarantee the Halloween stuff is on sale (50% or more). I don’t know how many times I’ve bought a shirt or something, and then the next week I see it’s on sale. It’s a little frustrating, but I don’t lose any sleep over it. It happens.

    I’m not going to go to the store I bought my Halloween costume at this year, and be angry that it’s now on sale. That’s ridiculous.

    I bet half of these complainers didn’t even buy any farmcash items.

    Zynga tries to do something nice, and all people do is b****.


  98. SuzieO Says:

    if you are comparing this to buying Halloween items on sale at the stores you are missing the point… the point is that they said it would not be available after Oct. 31st. which is not only not true but it is available at half price.

    I feel the only people who really have a legitimate gripe are the ones that paid full price just hours before the sale began AND evidently Zynga agrees so you can get a refund but ONLY if you paid full price just a few hours before the sale began… and while I know it is a pain in the butt to contact them if you are one of those who did purchase just before the sale it is worth it to get a refund. If it was not just hours before the sale then you don’t really qualify and they know when you purchased so don’t even try to lie about it.

  99. tugrul Says:

    we know that real stores will have a sale sooner or later, so i wait till the price drops…this sometimes takes 1 month sometimes 2 months but eventually the price decreases … those who are not that patient and who have the money buy it with full price and it is their decision and they have the advantage of finding the right color, size etc….. but zynga has never made a sale before and i spent all my fv cash on the last day just to be able to make my collection complete…and after 2-3 hours later there was a sale…so am i right if i say that i was badly ripped off by zynga? i am very very upset for throwing away my money when i could have easily bought them for half the price………
    zynga you suck!!!!!!!

  100. Judy Orsborn Says:

    Sucks. I paid full price for these items. I won’t be buying a lot more items thinking they may run them on sale after the fact. I agree with zynga sucks. Oh and by the way facebook sold one of my friends name who played farmville and they were scammed out of over $200. So beware it can happen to any of us.

  101. Joey Says:

    I emailed them and this is how the convo went:

    Hi I’ve been playing FarmVille for quite a while. I was very excited about the Halloween items this year and made sure to heed the warnings that they would disappear from the Market if not purchased within the given time frame. I finally decided which items i wanted and purchased them for FV Cash mere hours before the listed deadline. However immediately after the deadline and they were supposed to disappear they were listed as 50% off. I felt cheated and ripped off. I now feel it will be hard for me to purchase itemss for FV Cash with fear that Limited Edition items will be cheaper later and i’ll waste my hard earned FV Cash. If possible i would like a refund for the difference I spent in the market. I would like to continue to participate in FarmVille’s many Limited Edition events, but i want to feel secure that Zynga won’t be pulling a fast one on me again.

    Thank You


    Hello Joseph,

    Thanks for contacting Zynga Customer Support.

    I understand that you are emailing us about the limited 50% Off Halloween Sale from 10/31/10 through 11/02/10. We appreciate all farmers that decorated their farms for Halloween last month and purchased Halloween items.

    I apologize for any inconvenience however, any virtual item purchases prior to the sale are final and therefore, I am unable to issue any refunds. We’ll be sure to pass your feedback to the FarmVille Studio. At the same time, you can provide your feedback directly by visiting our support page and clicking on “Suggestions”.

    If you wish to take advantage of this limited time sale, please visit the Specials tab in the Market.

    …. Really? I feel so completely ripped off

  102. KISH Says:




  103. M Says:

    Well, I guess if the items were worth enough to you that you wanted to pay the listed prices, then you had them sooner, and you were happy. As for me, I wasn’t about to buy anything at the prices listed, but for half-price, I picked up a wizard gnome. :)

  104. Sasha Says:

    The sale prices that the items were put to seem like they should have been the full prices. Also it says ‘from 31st Oct….’ so the sale should have started from the beginning of the day, not 7 or 8pm at night.

  105. callie Says:

    @ 72

    “I love animals, so spent good money that as an unemployeed person I don’t really have to get the Halloween animals as they looked so good. Am now very upset to have bought them before they “disappeared forever” only to see them now 50% off. Good on you Zynga for alienating even more of your players!!”

    If you spent real money that you don’t have on a fake game, then you have bigger problems than Zynga offering the items for 50% off after you bought them. Take the money that you “don’t have” and use it towards something real, like food.

  106. Jack Says:

    This must be some kind of belated halloween TRICK, it is definitely NOT a TREAT!!

  107. Jenn Says:

    kind of unfair to everyone who bought they things full priced
    especially since i had limited farm cash as it was

  108. eMule Says:

    Yes! A KICK IN THE FACE! :0(

  109. Jim Says:

    I think the avoid all this complaining and getting people upset is to don’t have any sales but lower the FV cost of these items to begin with. Problem solved
    People would be happy and Zynga can still make their money.

  110. james Says:

    11/02/2010 02:17 PM Hello. I purchased a Castle on farmville on the 31st for $50 farm cash, 40 minutes before it went on sale. To tell the customer that they have 40 minutes to buy something or it will be gone for the season, but instead turn around and put it on sale for half off and offer it for an additional two days – is poor buisiness practice. I would simply like to be refunded half of what I paid for the item ($25 FC) or you can just take the thing back and refund me the $50. Thank you for your help and I expect this can be resolved. Customer Entry

    Hello Jay, Thank you very much for contacting Zynga Billing Support. My name is Nathan, and I can see that you’re contacting us about the limited 50% Off Halloween Sale from 10/31/10 through 11/02/10. We greatly appreciate all the players that decorated their farms for Halloween last month and purchased Halloween items. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you, however, any virtual items purchased prior to the sale are final and, therefore, I am unable to issue any refunds. We’ll be sure to pass your feedback to the FarmVille Studio. At the same time, you can provide your feedback directly by visiting our support page and clicking on “Suggestions”. If you wish to take advantage of this limited time sale, please visit the Specials tab in the Market, Jay. Sincerely, Nathan O. Zynga
    Billing Support Response

  111. vampsguy Says:

    Instead of complaining at how much money you had to spend, don’t spend any money. I think it’s ridiculous the amount of money people spend on this nonsense. It’s a game. Do I spend a couple of bucks, sure, but to spend $40, $50, $60 just because it won’t be available anymore is silly. Wake up to the real game, separating you from your money. Zynga is a business and as such they will use proven business practices to get that money. Personally I think the items should be available for coins anyway. They could offset some of their losses by advertising. I’m sure they took in a few pennies with the McDonalds promotion and the 7-11 promotion and the new Megamind promo. You want to send a message to these guys, stop spending the money. Tell them that the 1/2 price scam was total crap and you won’t be buying the “specials” next time. Sit down and figure out how much you’ve spent on decorations and animals, could you have bought yourself or someone in your family something nice? Treated yourself to a massage or spa day? Maybe gone out to dinner? Maybe paid a little extra into your mortgage or an extra car payment? Let’s not even mention the time wasted playing the game itself. Just something to think about.

  112. Shannon Says:

    I got some of my farmcash awarded back by going to Zynga Billing :]

  113. kaduzy Says:

    Good to know about it so this Halloween can be the last time I pay full price for an LE item from them! I finally bought the giant spiderweb after much dithering and annoyance about its cost, feeling (ironically) that $4 would have been a perfect cost for the item and 8 was way too much, but I love spiders and decided I could use the decor way after Halloween since it was just a big, super cool web and not necessarily “Halloween” themed. Then lo and behold, three or four days later it IS $4! Glad to know I can save more time now, since I won’t even be looking through the LE crap unless it’s already marked down. My farm cash stores are low anyway, and since I refuse to ever give them another dime it’s not like I’d be able to buy much anyway. ‘Preciate the heads up, you cheating, lying, steaming piles of garbage!