FarmVille Halloween Jack-o’-Lantern Quest Mastery Guide

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FarmVille Halloween Jack-o’-Lantern Quest Mastery Guide

Posted on October 18, 2011 6:16 pm by FarmVille Freak Dr. Green Thumb

FarmVille Pumpkin Party Quest 1

FarmVille Pumpkin Party Quest 2

FarmVille Pumpkin Party Quest 3

FarmVille Pumpkin Party Quest 4

FarmVille Pumpkin Party Quest 5

FarmVille Pumpkin Party Quest 6

FarmVille Pumpkin Party Quest 7

FarmVille Pumpkin Party Quest 8

FarmVille Pumpkin Party Quest 9

FarmVille Halloween Jack-o’-Lantern Quests Master Guide

FarmVille Halloween Jack-o’-Lantern Quest 1: A Peculiar Place
Requirements: Get 6 Halloween Masks, Expand Jack O’ Lantern to Stage 1, & Harvest 100 Black Tulips
Rewards: 100 XP, 1x Halloween Tree, & 2,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Halloween Jack-o’-Lantern Quest 2: Something Amiss
Requirements: Get 6 Candy Buckets, Upgrade Jack O’ Lantern to Stage 2, & Harvest 150 Squash
Rewards: 200 XP, Spooky Decoration, & 2,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Halloween Jack-o’-Lantern Quest 3: Et Tu, Duckula
Requirements: Get 6 Lollipops, Harvest Count Duckula’s Castle, & Harvest 150 Black Tulips
Rewards: 100 XP, Pumpkin Chicken, & 1,000 Farm Coins

FarmVille Halloween Jack-o’-Lantern Quest 4: An Unexpected Guest
Requirements: Get 6 Banquet Invitations, Harvest 1 Orchard, & Harvest Pumpkin Chicken
Rewards: 100 XP, Halloween Candlebra, & 1,000 Farm Coins

FarmVille Halloween Jack-o’-Lantern Quest 5: A Poignant Proposition
Requirements: Get 6 Party Favors, Expand Jack O’ Lantern to Stage 4, & Harvest 150 Pumpkins
Rewards: 100 XP, Gargoyle Statue, & 1,0000 Farm Coins

FarmVille Halloween Jack-o’-Lantern Quest 6: A Magnificent Banquet
Requirements: Get 6 Table Centerpieces, Master Pumpkin Chicken to Star 1, & Harvest 150 Black Tulips
Rewards: 250 XP, Vampiress Duck, & 2,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Halloween Jack-o’-Lantern Quest 7: Wolf? Where?
Requirements: Get 10 Spooky Decorations, Harvest 300 Pumpkins, & Harvest Vampiress Duck
Rewards: 500 XP, Headstone, & 5,000 Farm Coins

FarmVille Halloween Jack-o’-Lantern Quest 8: Hitting the Books
Requirements: Get 10 Old Books, Harvest Duckula’s Castle, & Harvest 400 Red Tulips
Rewards: 500 XP, Pumpkin Horse, & 5,000 Farm Coins

FarmVille Halloween Jack-o’-Lantern Quest 9: A Hairy Situation
Requirements: Get 12 Spooky Grails, Harvest 500 Black Tulips, & Master Black Tulips to 2 Stars
Rewards: 500 XP, Winged Unicorn, & 5,000 Farm Coins

What do you think about the FarmVille Jack O’ Lantern Quests?  Were they worth your time and effort? 

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126 Responses to “FarmVille Halloween Jack-o’-Lantern Quest Mastery Guide” »

  1. Newtonrms Says:

    too much crap!

  2. Carol Wimer Says:

    Can Y’all, PLEASE tell me where to get the Barrel to put the Apple’s in, ???

  3. LAURIE Says:


  4. Whitelotuswings Says:

    Make it stop Please make them stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Honey Bowman Says:

    I sure hope so and it does not cost me fv money??

  6. lisa christiansen Says:

    sadly the wingede unicorn ,cant go into the stable , its only for the stable pens :(

  7. Saif Says:


  8. Kerrinda Says:

    glad to see we can use the stuff from past quests to finish most of these because I’ve been saving them! Should go fast except for waiting for stuff to grow. I assume we can plant the crops on any farm….

  9. Georgiann Says:

    Sorry, I’ve got my hands full with the Lighthouse Cove quests (which happen every week) and Count Duckula castle quests. No time for still another one at the same time. .

  10. Andrea Says:

    I am tired of this. Probably not even try it.

    To expand your cove you have to ask your friends, your real ones.

    To get apples, you have to ask your friends.

    To expand the Dracula Castle, you have to ask your friends.

    To grow your pumpkin, you not necessarily have to ask your friend but it wouldn’t hurt if you did.

    Now more quest, not enough time as usually and more asking your friends.

    I only have 10 real friends, the rest is Farmville friends and they can’t give you squad. It’s rather sad playing the game now.

  11. whitney Says:

    I didn’t even receive this. How do I get it??

  12. Villemar Says:

    You’ve got to be kidding me. Special quests used to be in 3 stages. Then they went up to 6. Now they are at 9. Zynga is just ****ing with us now. And three of the rewards are from last year.

  13. Judith Says:

    STOP, STOP, STOP. Your old players are quitting, your new players can’t keep up. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? Are you trying to get us to quit? It’s starting to work. I have very few of my original friends/neighbors playing anymore, yet I can’t get them off my list because of the neighbor count.

    SLOW DOWN and don’t make harvests so darn high that we can’t finish even if we work around the clock. We do have other lives, you know!!

  14. marc Says:

    And you want us to finish all these quest in 13 days?????????

  15. Kelly Says:

    I don’t like when we have to “ask” for things in our feed (like the romantic centerpieces or spooky decorations) that we’ve used in past quests only because I’ve usually deleted them by then to make room for other things in my gift box. It’s really nice for the people who save them though!! Haha

  16. Kuchizuke Says:

    I really have no Idea why so many are complaining. I only use coins on my farms and I have no problem in all those quests.
    So it absolutly CAN be done, maybe the problem is just in front of the game.
    now dislike please ;D

  17. JS Says:

    Geez. Too many requests for day-long crops (2-day for squash!) and harvesting animals. I sincerely hope I can drop these halloween animals into ready pens and harvest on the spot unless that whole red cat fiasco happens again.

    I have to say that I miss it when stuff used to come out with simple requests. Now it’s just long term stuff that’s taking advantage of people that will pay on the spot to skip this stuff while the rest of us have to wait forever and hope we planned it right so that it gets done before the quests expire.

  18. michele Says:

    Kerrinda Says

    sorry but you cant use them for this new quest, i already tried and it wont let you. it looks like the same ghost and stuff but evidently they have some different code or something on them. so you still have to ask. it wont even let me ask on my lightning cove farm. i think i am quitting this game. too much bull sh–t and no time to breathe cause every time you turn around its more quest and not enough time to finish them. ive been playing almost since they started and im just about through with them. tired of the crap and i lost so many good players over the crap, they quit and farmville will be a lost game when everyone quits. ive spent a lot of money on this game and my farmcash goes missing and i even had 2 million coins go missing. they have not done anything except tell me they want an explanation of how it happened and the date and time. f—k my mother was dying and im supposed to keep track of when it actually happened. they have lost a good player who spent lots of time and money but if they dont stop they will lose me too. im just about through anyways cause they wont give me my farm cash and coins back

  19. chelle Says:

    the reason for the horrendous time constraint in harvesting is to get us to turn loose our hard earned real money to buy their farm cash to grow crops quicker. It’s very simple…Zynga has gotten money hungry and they’re too stupid to realize they’re cutting off their noses to spite their own faces.

  20. linda Says:

    i dont mind all the quests. i like them. but the time limits are too stressful, especially the lighthouse cove ones. there is not enough time.

  21. karu wl Says:

    me :))

  22. brandy stewart Says:

    hi i dont know if you can help me but when i clicked on the “farmville Halloween jack o lantern my computer went threw a scan an i lost my chance to click on it , is it possible to get it back

  23. kitten Says:


  24. Dr. X Says:

    NINE stages? Are you on crack motherf*ckers? Plant this, collect that, and now I HAVE TO expand your silly Jack O’Lanternt to level 4? So I have to ask my 12 active neighbours to send me 100 treats? And in a parallel action aks them for number of collectable things? Are you freakin’ idiots or what?

    This is that you might do:
    ONE quest in a time. Less stages, less collectables, and much more less unuseful “ask for this ask for that crap” for good rewards.

    Now you do this:
    Parralel quest lines. More and more stages. Higher amount of askable elements, higher “have to do” things (plant this crop X times – this X amount is higher too, and we have to plant 1 or 2 day plants). And if we finis, we only get normal rewards on the end, the others are ugly and unuseful decorations.

    This is a bad way my fellows (just I said).

  25. Golden Gnome Says:

    I use my fisrt farm only to master the super crops, but we have to harvest 5400 from a 4 day crop (in the third stage). Without bushels.

    I use my Second (EC) farm only to plant all required crops for these “big quests”.

    And I have to use my third farm to do quests on it too. And I have no time. If a quest line ends, the next start immediately.

    Months ago, we have less quests, but now this game is as like as a JOB. A few months ago, we have slow quests with no time limits, so I can mastering, and work with breeding, and crafting. If I entered the game, I’ve done all the things in 10-15 minutes.

    Now I have to see where I stay in quests, go there to read what will be on the nex stage (now stages, because now I have to think 2 or 3 quests further than I stay now), and it need 40-50 minutes to do everything. The offers, rewards and bonuses not worth the time, not worth the energy, and you ask more and more in every week. Now you have to STOP and take back from your wants, beacuse millions of players (payable players too) leave your game.

    Because if you want to finish LC quests in time, you HAVE TO buy expands (for FV), if You want to master all animals and all trees, you have to BUY them all, for huge amount of FV cash. If you want to grow up your calves and foals to their grown up types, you HAVE TO pay. And you have to pay for the special animals, the building parts, decorations, to skip the urnreal needs for quests, almost EVERYTHING.


    F*UCK YOU!

  26. tutuyutu Says:

    What does exactly mean “Expand Jack O’ Lantern to Stage 1″ ?
    to finish this part of the quest… you are supposed to reach 25. 25 what ?
    I just started… have 1/25 with 70 treats… does this mean you need 70*25 treats to reach 25 ? that you need 25 huge jack o’ lanterns ? that we need 25 farms ? that we need 25 people to eat the pumpkin ? that we need 25 kinds of pumpkin ? …

  27. Inga Says:

    I think it is down right stupid that they have a “mafia wars 2″ unicorn as the top prize wtf has it got to do with Halloween. I think the prizes are getting really pathetic, can’t they think up something new?

  28. shaggy Says:

    lol just wait in a few hours they have u racing to see who gets the most pumpkin mastery points….lmao this is getting fun reading yall post..but some of yall still buying expansions and u wonder why they keep throwing farm cash quest at u…lol….yes i was a long time player and if everyone would stop buying farm cash we wouldn’t have this problem farmville would go broke but yall want to be hardheaded and make it funny for me to watch and/or read your post of u crying about them making us pay to play…think about this yall free players out there can share, but me who have been supporting this site from day one cant post my help request so i have no choice but to spend farm cash if i want to play…other words why don’t u stop buying farm cash and make them stop is a better way to help yourself..if they sell no farm cash then they don’t make money to pay their greedy thief developers or the prison they working out of…i refuse to buy farm cash and i make support chat give me the items i cant ask for…and yall have 3 farms to grow all those crops which i can grow in a week using all my farms…its simple read what u need to do on the quest and plan ahead so u don’t harvest the wrong thing and place the right item on the right farm so u can use some of the free farm cash u got for leveling to harvest it….why would i only have 6 animals on my cove farm so i can fly my plane to harvest it very cheap and at the same time i use it to harvest my crop i need because if i use it in combo it even more cheaper…look people there is a way u can level up 4 times a day because i do it and yes it only cost me 4 farm cash to fly my plane on my cove farm…i don’t cry about things i cant change i just find a way to win with the cards dealt to me….

  29. Angel Says:

    This is just AWFUL!
    I am already pulling my hair begging and trying to get help from my neighbours to finish the Count Duckula quest, and now I’m gonna do it even more?
    I hate these quests!
    I really, really hate quests!
    I find quests to be nothing but stressful, they are annoying and stressful and puts me in a awful mood, which is kind of sick considering the fact that I play Farville to relax and to get in a good mood.
    Everyone who says “Oh you don’t have to do the quests so stop whining!” are stupied!
    And wrong!
    I have to do the quests cause that is the only way ro get rid of those horrible, awful “New Goals!”-reminders in the upper left corner. Those reminders take up space, are annoying as HELL, stresses me, and makes the game lag since my internet isn’t that fast.
    I always thought I would pull trough FV despite the glichy nightmare it can be, but I have to say that now: after close to 10 quests in a very short time, I am soooo close to quitting this game.
    It feel more and more like actual work rather than a game.

  30. linda Says:

    ugh squash?!!? that takes 2 days. hope these arent timed. or if they are not rediculous like one week to do them all like lighthouse cove

  31. victor harbin Says:

    do you people realize that ALL this bull#### IS RUINNING the game.Check out the number of DORMANT farms vs active farms.You need to fix the many glitches in game.DON”T YOU EVEN READ THE COMMENTS(mostly complaints)

  32. Vickie Says:

    I like the quests on farmville, however, it is extremely frustrating when you get to the ones that do not allow you to request the items. It will only allow you to ask people that don’t play the game. It’s impossible to finish them.

  33. People on this board are stupid Says:

    Zynga doesn’t read it — and they don’t care are all the screaming.

    @Laurie and Saif: calm down…you’re going to have an aneurysm over a game. Oh, and I think your CAPS LOCK KEY IS STUCK IN THE “ON” POSITION.

    @Judith: if you really do have a life, why are you even bothering to worry about whether you complete a quest for virtual prizes in an online game? You do know there is nothing that requires you do anything, right?

  34. Sunny Says:

    Finally a quest I can stop after the first prize and not feel like I missed out.

    Don’t like the fantasy/decorated animals, the decorations, (gargoyle and tombstone) I already have tons of from last year and I can live without the candlestick.

    Liked the cauldron and got that.

    And I’m so ticked they got rid of the perfect bunches, don’t see any reason to plant any more tulips. I was really looking forward to using some of them to decorate my cemetery.

  35. Ron Says:

    Even though this quest can be done using all 3 locations. It is too hard! 500 black tulips! 400 red tulips! Give us a break!

  36. Britnor Longhair Says:

    In the meantime, you can get the Winged Unicorn another way. Play Mafia Wars 2 and go to Level 5, and you will get it. You do not have to complete all nine quests to get it. It only takes an hour at the most. That was how I got my unicorn. As for the quests, I am only going to the 8th one, and I am skipping the last one, since I already got my unicorn.

  37. deb Says:

    I am quitting the quests except for the lighthouse cove quests which are reasonable.

  38. C J Willis Says:

    I’m working on it right now so, we shall see, shan’t we!

  39. C J Willis Says:

    WOW – Reading the 37 responses: I think Zynga-Fcebook-farmville needs to do some listening. We are all saying similar things. Not enough time to finish all these new quests, too many quests bundled on top of each other, too difficult to get help from friends and neighbors ( and on the feed, many items are gone in less than 30 seconds!) I hope they listen because, I, too, am frustrated with it and have decided not to push for each quest anymore. I will miss the rewards but … hey, I want ti enjoy the game – not be stressed out.

  40. Kat Says:

    It seems like alot but if you plan ahead then it helps a ton and beside no body is forcing you to try and complete the quests. Do the ones you like and only go as far as you like. And the prizes are really cool and Im already on the second quest.

  41. Pandy Says:

    Seriously, people? You really get this worked up over a game? IT’S A GAME! Calm down! Nobody is forcing anybody to play. If you don’t like the quests, don’t do them. I swear you people complain about everything.

    Anyways, I’m looking forward to these quests. I like the pumpkin horse. :]

  42. Lisa Says:

    All of these quest sucks. This game is not fun anymore. I couldn’t believe what i was reading on what we had to harvest. I have been sending emails for 2 months because i can’t share anything from my farm unless i refresh my page up to 9 times, and that don’t even work most of the time. No one will fix the problem and i didn’t have it until they started all these quest. I’m sick of these quest. IT’S TO MUCH. People can’t afford to pay FV cash all the time to make it thru them. Give us a break. They took 54 FV dollars from me the other nite on a quest that i didn’t agree to do. I emailed them about that and it’s been 6 days and they still haven’t gave me my cash back. Get your act together fix game play, and enough with all of these quest. I’m sick of it. This game is stressing me out. It should be fun, and it’s not anymore. I think you’ve got greedy and it SUCKS…. I’m about ready to quit playing myself…

  43. Kelly Says:

    Here’s a thought… Don’t do the quest!…Stop complaining!

  44. Courtney Says:

    Are you freakin’ kidding me?

  45. KERRY Says:

    i would enjoy the quests a lot better if i did’nt have to keep repeating the same ones and in only 20 minuits to do it in how the hell can i plant and harvest something that takes a day to grow in 20 minuits you eather slow down or i will stop playing

  46. Becky Says:

    WOW guessing i wont finish alot of these due to the time frame u r giving us i try and not happening so far can someone tell me a way to do this due to the short time they give us dont have the money to go buy buxs to finis come on fv plz lower what u r asking of us this use to be fun now its like work

  47. Jo Says:

    Don’t mind the quests, i feel a sense of achievement when i complete them. But, Its getting a bit silly farmville telling us what we have to plant! Trying to complete super crop masteries is a pain when i have to plant fields of black tulips that i mastered as soon as they came out.

  48. farmville player Says:

    Hi! 1st Off YOU DO NOT I REPEAT NOT HAVE TO DO THE QUESTS ITS AN OPTION. 2nd If You Know Ahead Of Time What To Plant WHEN IT TAKES 2 DAYS PLANT I Planted My Squash As Soon As The Quest Started.
    3RD Its Letting Me Use The Old Quest Items That I Still Have Stop Complaining Or Stop Playing NO ONE IS TWISTING ANYONES ARMS TO PLAY.

  49. Donna Says:

    NOPE! None of the rewards are that great for all of the effort that has to go into this. 300, 400 and 500…come on…at least give us farm cash if you are going to make us WORK.

  50. Justin kumar lee Says:

    oh man many quest only 12 days left grrrrrrrrr………….. hard quest 500 harvesable oh man hated it when there is long day harvest but i can get winged horse in mafia wars 2 :)

  51. Desiree Says:

    does it have to be plain squash or does acorn, carnival, and pattypan squash work as well?

  52. Lisa Says:

    Quest 8. Are you sure it’s red tulips to plant? All the others are black.

  53. Kara S Says:

    So I’m not the only one not getting perfect bunches any more? I use the perfect bunches a lot to decorate my farms so I hope they fix that glitch soon.

    I’ve already mastered black tulips to level 2, got my second star this morning.

    I was having that problem where I couldn’t post anything. A friend told me that I had to agree to the little bar on the bottom of the page to post insecure content (or whatever it says). Now I can post from my farms and send out requests and everything, it’s great!

    @GoldenGnome, what are you talking about? Stage 3 of the quest wants us to plant black tulips which is a 1 day crop, not a 4 day crop. And nobody says you HAVE to use your home farm only for supercrops. Take a break from supercrops to grow some tulips and then plant supercrops again when you are done.

    I am enjoying the quests throughly. I usually complete them in the alloted time and I don’t use Farmcash to do it. I expanded my cove with coins so I now have 70 plots to grow the required crops. I can grow the crops for the Duckula’s Quest on my home and EC farms so that’s plenty of room.

    Don’t particurlarly want to grow squash, mastered it long ago and the bushels aren’t useful for anything, but I can cope with it. They probably want to use entry level crops so newer farmers can also complete the quest. Imagine the frustration if you had to plant a crop that you weren’t high enough level to plant yet.

  54. Jett Says:

    How can I request help for the spooky grails and the halloween buckets if it won’t allow me to ask my already farmville neighbors? When I click “ask frriends” it brings up the screen where no one of my neighbors are.

  55. flmdrpeena Says:

    Right. This is insane.
    Need a farmer’s revolt. Understand CityVille did it – lots didn’t play for an hr. or so on a Sat. p.m. because time frames were impossible — that was a while ago, mo.? Not much but at least a beginning. Seems like Zynga’s taking the worst of FrontierVIlle & CityVille & giving both to FarmVille too.
    On 2nd step to require to harvest 150 squash??? nuts – especially if mastered (& no supersquash to soften the hit).
    Couldn’t save stuff from past quests to use (needed here) because they hadn’t expanded the gift box limits. Don’t know if they work or not.
    Rewards barely worth aggravation.
    We should all just ignore the next quest — especially if timed (& at very least never do bonus section that makes us either expand &/or buy their instant grow for FV$ — real money.

  56. flmdrpeena Says:

    Could some players expand their Lighthouse Cove for coins?? I couldn’t.
    Neither could I expand my English farm to 30x 30 with accepting friends. I have several friends who said they expanded with friends when offered. I got some offer but I think it was for more market carts when they were making it so that FV friends didn’t have to be fb friends. I accepted several friends that had been pending on fb for FV & friends/neighbors but it did nothing — didn’t count. Not equitable.

  57. Tala Says:


    The last coin expansion I got on Lighthouse Cove was to 75 plots (18×18) for 1.5 million coins.

  58. Diane Says:

    How can we go about organizing a STRIKE?? There are hundreds, if not thousands of us who are totally fed up with the way Zynga is jacking us around…if we can reach enough players to strike and not play the game for one week, maybe the idiots at Zynga will wake up and notice they’re ruining the whole FV experience for us…and if they still want to ignore us, maybe we ALL should find something else to occupy our down time and quit the damn game altogether!! Makes me sick that they’ve become billionaires through this game and they don’t give a sh*t about their players!

  59. Tanya Says:

    It seems all anyone does on here is complain. It’s very simple. Buy what you want, don’t buy what you don’t want. If you don’t want to complete a quest, then don’t. Only do the quests that have the best prizes that you really want. As someone else said, you have 3 farms to plant things on. It’s enjoyable if you make it enjoyable. If you’re not enjoying it, then DON’T DO IT. They are not going to stop making things that can be bought with Farmcash, they are not going to start only giving one quest a week for those of you who think it’s too much to handle. It’s all OPTIONAL. You’re not penalized for not doing any of it. You could skip all quests if you wanted. And a lot of things that are only buyable with Farmcash we end up being able to get from the Newsfeed when our friends post them, if we’re lucky and quick. Find ways to make it enjoyable or stop playing it. I don’t understand the point of posting on here all the time, and especially saying “F U” to Zynga. Really??? If it causes you that much stress, then STOP PLAYING IT!

  60. Link Noneya Says:

    My god, so many people whining. It’s a game people. They’re going to keep releasing more stuff. If you are unable to do a Quest, DONT DO IT. They arn’t mandatory.

    Quit trying to get them removed from the players who can actually complete them, and find them an enjoyable way of spending time on Farmville. Without Quests, I would be bored with this game, because I’ve mastered every Crop but the newer Super Crops. The rewards are WELL worth the “trouble” of the quests.

    You can’t do everything in this game. Do what you can, and quit making it less enjoyable for the ones who can do more.

  61. Ani Says:

    this is not fair…i just harvesting my pumpkin chicken and then i had to close the game then when i was back i just saw that i dind’t get the part about harvesting the chicken…i spend 1 day to get the quest and now i have to wait another day :(((((
    this is not fair….does anyone had the same problem ????

  62. HB Says:

    I hate “ask-fors”. Really hate them. Too many, too fast.

  63. annoyedfarmer!! Says:

    i think you have this wrong, i dont believe they’d give away the vampiress duck shes too nice and the winged unicorn came after getting to level 5 on mafia wars 2. if they do give the unicorn away id like some sort of compensation for having to spend HOURS on the stupid mafia game.

  64. FarmGoddess Says:

    The Quest Reward Unicorn and the Mafia Wars 2 promotional Unicorn look very similar, but they are different. The quest rewards are accurate as posted :) . -fg

  65. Carolyn Says:

    Found it annoying due to having to wait to accomplish certain tasks but like the rewards better than the cove quest

  66. Courtney Says:

    so i put my pumpkin chicken in my aviary which was at 42% last night i just harvested my aviary now and the screen popped up saying i finished that mission and got my rewards and then all the sudden it still says its on 4 when i should be on 5 now and it says i haven’t harvested my chicken ! but my aviary is harvested and chicken is at 0% i have to wait for my chicken to grow all over again ! pissed !

  67. Rebecca Stephens Says:

    I haven’t started them yet, but I will tomorrow. It sounds like fun. :D

  68. Nancy V Says:

    It will take a full day to complete Quest 4, because the Pumpkin Chicken will not harvest in the aviary and 5 days to Master Pumpkin Chicken to Star 1 in quest 6 because we can’t use our aviaries. These quests are now way beyond absurd! When will Zynga quit this stupidity????? They killed the fun for us!!! :-/

  69. Blah Says:

    I’m quitting, screw this.

  70. sean Says:

    Guess again people, the chicken doesn’t harvest in aviary but it does harvest in the chicken coop. I harvested it once in a chicken coop on my home farm, stored it, then harvested it again on the english farm, then placed it outside the coop. the next day i harvested it outside the coop, then back in the english coop and finally on my home farm. The vampire duck got dropped in a pond and harvested instantly. This quest can be completed. once the rest of my pumpkins are ready i’ll be on level 8 with have a full field of red roses ready and 10 days to go. i’ll finish this quest at the same time i finish this weeks task 6 cove quest with a day to spare.

  71. sean Says:

    and i meant red tulips not roses ( don’t want to feed the trolls do we)

  72. Petra Says:

    Hard to do in the time I have but I always try

  73. Debbie Says:

    this quest is to hard and is always out of sync. Also and to get first star of the pumpkin chicken is nuts. THIS IS A GAME NOT SUPPOSED TO BE AN EXPENSE. Always wanting us to upgrade our cove and i’m sure a lot of us would if it was for coin NOT FV. As people like to relax and play but now it is getting to frustrating so give us a break

  74. April Says:

    @ Nancy, when I first got my pumpkin chicken i put in in the avairy and it counted as one, so then I thought I take him out and put in my chicken coop , didn’t work but this morning, it did. Harvest avairy 1st, removed chicken and placed in coop, and got credit for both. For all the other ppl complaining, it is a game, if you are chosing to spend real money on it then that is your own fault. The quests will come on here way before they make it to farmville. Like other people said plan ahead its not that hard. I have around 200 plots on my home farm, 330 or so on English farm and 45 on my cove. No i don’t never finish my Cove quests, but I usually get around 3 done, and I am happy with that. Regular quests about always get finished. The mafia wars thing noone said that anybody had to play ,just like the purple adventure monkey on the other game. I never spend any of my money on the game, because it is JUST A GAME, I am a single mother that has 2 kids to take care of. If others want to spend the money that is fine, but don’t sit and complain that you have to spend it. As for the lady that put she had to do the quests , NO you don’t you can just ignore the things if you don’t want to do . I swear some people get worked up so easily. I have some family that are on farmville and some friends that I have just because of the game and they are the best ever, always trying to help when they can. Sharing new trees with me and foals. Some people need to worry about the real world and reality. You don’t need those things you are planting to live and survive. If you don’t want to play the game, quit complaining and threating saying I’m gonna quit playing well there is still thousands of other people that aren’t going to quit. The game isn’t just going to stop cause you decide to stop playing.

  75. loretta Says:

    please let me asked the right people that plays farmville

  76. Villemar Says:

    I love these Zynga fanbois who whine about people who have legitimate gripes about the game and post things like: “IF YOU DONT LIKE THEM DON’T DO THEM!!11!!”

    First of all, you don’t gain anything by sticking up for horrible Zynga decisions. They don’t wubs you any more, you don’t get a magic ingame pony.

    Second of all, you do realize that if half of the players leave the game, that means less people to post quests requirements, right? Your farmville friends who are sick and tired of this game are going down while the number of collectables you have to get in a given quest keeps getting goes up….10 party favors, 12 blindfolds, 14 whatever….

    I guess people feel really protective about FV for some reason and can’t handle legitimate criticism.

    I’m just sad that the things I used to like about this game have been pushed aside to make way for and ever-increasing grind and chore, with nothing to gain except higher prices in the market and more and more quests stacked on top of each other with less rewards, and no end in sight.

  77. Blah Says:

    Pumpkin chicken is locked to your home farm now :/ So you can only harvest it there.

  78. Wolff Says:

    In order to get that pumpkin chicken to level 1 mastery you have to harvest it 5 times. So, that is either pay 3 farmcash each time to harvest or wait it out and harvest it once a day for five days…..So, tell me, with a time limit, how is this possible without spending farmcash? How is this fair?

    Also, when you guys came up with this cow pasture, you took from me a total of 5 cow barns, and almost all the cattle that was in those barns. The time it took to build, and load with cattle, and then to hand me a cow pasture (that has to be built) and no cattle……unfair game play. I guess your goal is to lose all players to slotmania or some other facebook adventure.

  79. Bronwyn Mazzie Says:

    I already got the winged unicorn from mafia wars Why don’t you give us another black animal sabertooth tiger or a black panther instead

  80. sue Says:

    I love this quest and I reallyl really want the unicorn – that’s such a cool colour!
    I’m not sure I’m going to have time to finish all the requirements tho :..(

  81. Cath Says:

    Cant believe its gonna take 5 days to master the pumpkin chicken to star level1 you really are taking the micky now farmville.Im done it really has got rubbish.You need to think of all the people who cant afford to skip parts of the quests and give us more time to complete them.You are ruining a perfectly good game no you have ruined a perfectly good game

  82. Jake Williams Says:

    I think the amounts of harvested stuff is a bit too high, but I’ve come this far and really want that winged unicorn. In for a penny, in for a pound.

  83. Heather Says:

    This is getting impossible! 5 harvest to master the pumpkin chicken to 1 star?! This is taking days just to finish 1 level. Having to plant 500 crops? Tired of the quests. This is not fun anymore Zynga.

  84. DP Says:

    Thanks for the heads up! Preplanted for the next part of the quest to get me going in the right direction!

  85. sunita Says:

    this quest is too much .please dont do so,5 days to complete one quest the pumpkin chicken ,i dint know that it will take five harvest i kept the chicken in the light house cove now what to do …..we r loosing interest in playing this is ttttttttttoooooooooooooo much hm

  86. kelly c. Says:

    I got to level part 7 and then nothing came up for the rest so I guess it’s over?????

  87. FloydieGirl Says:

    @ Sean, exactly what I did, but didn’t think of the pond so thank you for that one, have just whipped out a duckling and put Miss VP Duck in, pond @ 95% so fingers X’d will work for me too!!! Tulips nearly ready also, just need to plant the 500 ones…..

    @ all who are complaining, just do what you can do and be grateful that this site gives you the heads up on what to plant and plan carefully, I work all odd shifts and can find it quite tricky, the up and coming LC quest is going to be a swine for me with the candy corn and hope it doesn’t wither but hey ho will give it a whirl……

    I buy FV cash every now and then for trees, I certainly wouldn’t waste it on a quest unless I was really keen on the prize and time was short……..

    I also am having trouble posting to the wall, and have to go in and out and still it’s hit and miss, so to try and compensate I am planting ahead of time so if my request doesn’t work I still have another chance or two! (hopefully) :)

    I wish they would give a week between LC quests though to give us a breather and to be able to grow what we wish………

    Just thought I would put my twopenneth in :)

  88. GamingGarage Says:

    wow i really need this winged unicorn…plz plz By farmville helpers i shud get dat :)

  89. Melinda Says:

    For the past 6 weeks or so have sent weekly emails with the same fluckd up issues, not being fixed in anyway. Tell me to go and clean browser n other crap, or tell me to use different browser. Cannot see when they have free gift what the hell it is, cannot ask for help or post items unless I bounce from 1 website to another, very frustrating. To top all this crap off all these fluckd up quests, GREEDY is putting it very mildly…TRY DOWN RIGHT FLUCKD UP $$$$ HOGS!!!!!

  90. Meagan Says:

    1. If you played Mafia wars 2 til level 5 you would have gotten the same winged unicorn. I don’t know if it goes by another nane, but it looks the same.
    2. The quests are getting WAY out of hand considering there are 3 farms now. I can only imagine what Thanksgiving and Christmas will bring.
    3. The harvest times in these quests are so ridiculous that if you have a life off the internet, like say ooh WORKING, unless you use FV$$ to pay for fast growing they are hard to finish.
    4. I too am losing friends that I have been playing with since I started playing 2 years ago. Having to add new friends to expand lighthouse cove was assinine. I don’t play it anymore. THo I accidentally bought a Mini Zegra Pegasus on the Cove and hope to someday get if off of there. Maybe they will someday join storage.
    5. I started playing this game because it was RELAXING, now it stresses me out. I am going back to just farming. I bought tons of things to make an English village on my english farm, it all still sits in pilles all over my farm.
    6. I was going to make some other points, but screw it, it all boils down to ZYNGA being annoyingly GREEDY. Everything in the game costs more FV$$ than it used to. Some of the horses are up by 5 $$, the level 1 trees by 2-3 $$. Small buildings are 35+ FV$$.
    I for one am just going to play and ignore and Zynga/Farmvilles crap. Go back to playing for fun and skip the quests people!

  91. Meagan Says:

    #83 @ Cath….The pumpkin chicken taked overnight to get to level 1. Put it in your birds, zoo or your hen house. I didnt mine but that way you will harvest it every 24 hours and it to level 2 faster.

  92. monica Says:

    mastering pumpkin chicken to level 1 ridiculous!!!

  93. farmin fool Says:

    there are tricks to getting through these without spending fc, you can move that chicken back and forth between farms and put it in the chicken coop when it’s ready, thus being able to harvest it twice in a day, also if you leave your duck pond ready to harvest, you can put the vampire duck in there as soon as you get it and then harvest it…you can also use both your english and home farm to plant all these crops. And YES they keep reusing the same things you have to ask friends for, so keep them in your giftbox after every quest so you don’t have to ask again.

  94. Pandy Says:

    I really don’t understand how most of you complain about the quests. I’m on quest 8 and haven’t used any farmbucks to grow my crops or animals faster.

    You don’t have to “live on the interternet” to finish these quests. I work full time and have kids and even I managed to do them, along with all the other quests. What’s the point of playing a game if you don’t want even a slight challenge?

  95. Bobbie Says:

    Love the quest but they don’t give you enough time to complete them especially if you are a lower level and don’t have the coins or enough farm friends to get the gifts needed.

  96. Sofie Says:

    I don’t know why you people complain so much. It’s not so hard to finish these quests without using farmville cash, you just have to figure out when you plant what. I still have 6 days left and i’m on the 9th quest. And i just have a home farm and lighthouse cove. Tomorrow i will plant the last plots of black tulips and then i have my pretty unicorn!

    Greetings Sofie

  97. Cameron Says:

    I would be able to get through all of these quests in the allotted time IF their server worked properly! But I have gotten screwed on harvesting of the pumpkin chicken a couple of times already. It takes a day to become harvestable and it has to be done 5 times to get to mastery level 1. This can be reduced if you harvest it in your chicken coup, remove it and place it in your aviary, then harvest that. Unfortunately, the ONLY way that I have received a mastery star is when it is just sitting on my farm. So it would take 5 days to master, which is half or more of the days given to complete all 9 quests. That is just complete B.S.!

  98. Jennie Says:

    OMG… First of all enough already… So over the quests. Second, I can’t even complete most of them because the stupid game has issues and won’t let me ask for anything to complete the quests…. (2 months and they are still working on this problem) C’mon Farmville Pull your head out… The game is getting worse not better.

  99. Sandra Says:


  100. Amanda Says:

    I think this quest is extra long, but that horse is most deffinetly worth doing it.

  101. Lisa Says:

    Remember people its just a game, the exact same words we tell our kids when they bit@h and complain that things don’t go their way. Goodness….call the wambulance on all these people crying over what actually. A virtual winged horse, harvesting, mastery levels. Push yourself away from the computer….walk to that rectangle shape called a front door, open it up. Poof its the real world.

    Get a life people.

    btw, yes I do play the games but dont whine and complain because i cant complete a mission.

  102. peanut101 Says:

    So many people complain about the quest, yes they are a pain in the butt. BUT their are no where near hard. Everyone should be happy be happy that FV even giving us a way to get awesome gifts without spending fvc ( the LC quest you might have to but its a game). The LC quest do have horrible time frames cause the limit of time you have to finish them but oh well that’s how it goes sometimes. With the jack o lantern quests we are getting a cool duck and 2 cool horses and a pumpkin chicken. Without the quest FV would make us pay about 100 FVC for all 4 of those animals, and i am not down for that.

  103. Andrea Says:

    Does anyone know how long it takes to harvest the Vampire Duck?

  104. STN Says:

    Seriously, more steps? I’m on 6 and waiting for that chicken to mature to harvest is going to take a few more days, then tulips and what not?
    Good thing I have that winged Unicorn look a like thingy from playing Maffia Wars2. I like some of the rewards but this is seriously getting to the point where you just hit it with some FV cash out of desperosity and it’s not worth it.
    Why did Zynga all of a sudden decide that a ‘social’ game (or games, as it’s the case with pretty much all their games) had to turn into a harass-your-people-game-for-as-much-parts-and-things-and-still-fail- game?
    Thank you FarmvilleFreak for posting these things so we can at least see if it’s even worth freaking out over, i.e. if we even want to bother attaining the ‘rewards’

  105. Faye Schultz Says:

    I like playing farmville but I wish you did not have a time limit on the quests when thier is alot of things to do i work three days in a row so i only get 4 days to work on them and i havent been able to get them done to get the better prizes Thank You for listening to me, Faye

  106. Gloria Says:

    i mastered my chicken today with a little cheat… harvest you ready chicken… put in your ready coop (i done it with the coop only but it may work with av)… leave farmville mainscreen… return to fv and harvest your coop… done 2 points mastery in one day!! plant your crops on advance use all your farms it CAN be done!

  107. Annie Says:

    Well, I’ve just wasted my allotted FV time for today, by reading all these comments – lol. As I see it, they are making the quests difficult to finish in time in the hopes of tempting us to buy Instant Grow with real cash. Don’t let them get away with it !!!! I also think it is a waste of time keep complaining here and on Facebook. Send your complaints direct to Zynga on their “Suggestions” form. Go on – lets all do it NOW.

  108. Rose Says:

    I agree it’s a bit overwhelming. This is a game, it’s not supposed to be stressful. From what I see posted here a lot of people feel this is more of a job. The tasks are just too close to each other, some are now even coming before the last is even finished. We loose plots when we have to build all these things yet fv expects us to have 400 open plots for tulips while 200 for fruit for the new task – all while the glitches like the vampiress duck harvest thing didn’t even work and I had to wait another day to harvest her after already doing it – now the tulips I planted in advance for the next level was a waste (that’s what I get for trying to plant in advance just to catch up) there are too many glitches. It’s happened to me before finishing a part of a task and it not working and having to redo. I had to completely stop the lighthouse quests because u only give us 35 plots and want 90 crops planted – that’s 3 day for one level of a quest. I repeat THIS IS A GAME FV – it’s supposed to be fun and u should be able to take a day or two off and not have ur farm in complete disarray. I stopped for a few weeks just because I actually felt stressed LOL … it’s a game! and I was like … this is not fun anymore, why am I playing.

  109. kandy Says:

    No mastering something to level 1 takes way to long..still working on it..takes 5 days..I don’t like it at all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. Kirsten Says:

    OMG this is so frustrating. There are too many quests, but the thing I hate the most is that they’re changing it constantly. First you had to harvest 500 RED tulips for the last quest and now it’s black tulips.. And more of that crap. I’m planting everything beforehand because otherwise I can’t complete all quests, but if they keep changing it I won’t complete them either..

    Cut it off Zynga! Give us some time to breath.

  111. Annie Says:

    OH NO !!!! I harvested my aviary so mastered the chicken, finished that level, placed the duck – then my game went “out of sync”. The chicken now needs mastering again – but my avaries have stayed harvested. I’ve no chance of finishing this quest.



  113. Man Mega Says:

    On guest 9 only through the chicken coop and pond item (chicken coop I heard from friend literally debating spending fv cash to finish all 9 quests luckily I WASTED none so that was good. These quests are doable but now there is yet another quest to do at least it’s only 6 things but they seriously should slow these quests down… Finish late on one and the next one is already here it makes doing all the quests impossible in fact the only thing I’d actually want from the new quest is the dragon, too bad I had to do all the quests… (well that or spend like 60 fv cash (ripoff,,,))

  114. dracco Says:

    Very disappointed with this quest, had nothing but grief tryin to ask for quest items which held things up by 1-2 days at a time. Now I’m on 2nd last leg and have less than 24hr to complete. Wish I’d never started, especially getting this close and missing out now on 2 horses. Won’t be doing this again,
    My new motto, don’t start what CAN’T be finished.

    Unless you change the way its done and put all the 1plus day quests at start with the big rewards.

  115. Jeanne Says:

    Are you, Zynga, trying to break up families? This is so ridiculous in the quests that you are dishing out. Man oh man. SLOW DOWN. I can see why so many are leaving. It seems that the more we tell you to slow down the more you dish out. Maybe we should use reverse psychology on you. Bring more more more so that all 20 MIL will be gone and then what will you have. NOTHING. I don’t really know what has gotten into you guys. It’s like you’re not even listening to us. Now Thanksgiving is coming and then Christmas and then New Years. OH MY STARS. I don’t even want to think about it.

  116. Drea Says:


    We have one day left to finish this quest, and I really tried, but Im on the Seventh one with no way to finish. I spent too much already in Farm Cash to get this far ( I had to instant grow some of my crops because of the messed up timeline they put down for us) anyway, I refuse to get more farm cash to finish this quest. So unfortunately I wont be able to complete it. I think that Zynga should be ashamed of themselves for making it impossible for those players out there that chose to NOT purchase farm cash. I am not one of them, I usually do buy farm cash but I take issue with having to spend it to complete a quest. I love the quests usually, but with this one they went really the wrong way.

  117. Kate Says:

    Whoever designs these quests is a sadist. Must enjoy torturing people instead of inspiring fun.

  118. M.G. Says:

    Not enough time to finish all these quests… and I refuse to pay cash just to get them done.

    Farmville is forcing you to have to buy farm cash, and I find it repugnant. Everything is farm cash now. There used to be a lot more that you could buy with coins. They need to stop being so greedy. They want the money, but they need to realize that with all the advertising they do, the ones who play and don’t buy the farm cash still earn them revenue.

    Anyways.. side track there. I find that the quests aren’t really worth my time anymore sadly. If I am not going to be able to finish them, why go through the trouble.

  119. Kate Says:

    It’s one thing for Zynga to encourage buying FV bucks, I know they are a business after all. I don’t mind ponying up real cash now and then for something special and entertaining. BUT it’s become clear they’re out to gouge their patrons, and that surely takes the fun out of the game!

  120. jcass Says:

    Quest 8 asks for 400 red tulips. Harvest is in 1 day but they gave us one hour too short to finish this harvest!!!!! I planted right after clicking quest 7. I’m looking at 5 hours to go and 6.5 hours to HARVEST!!!!

  121. Susan Says:

    VERY upset that I could not get past Quest 6…would not let me ask for the 6 centerpieces….work hard, get everything else, than bam…stuck for a week trying to get that, now it’s over and I miss doing the next 3 quests…PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!!

  122. Pooh Says:

    I couldn’t complete these quests on time…. I was on the 9th quest and had only 8 hrs in hand – to collect 12 spooky grails and harvest 500 black tulips. It was a mission impossible, of course. So, I missed the ‘winged unicorn’ :(
    Very tight deadlines and those were 9 set of quests – usually there are only 6. The “Ask for help” thing is the worst. We can’t ask Farmville friends for quest items and it becomes tedious to get 12 items it takes 2-3 days for the FB friends to help considering only a bunch of my friends play FV anymore.

  123. Janet Says:

    Fed up with the quests just missed out on the flying unicorn because my tulips had a couple of hours to go till they were ready. Not enough time to finish the Lighthouse Cove Quests because I am not going to pay for any FV cash. I will just stop playing the game soon and I am sure there are many more like me!

  124. dawn demoe Says:

    i was up set with the quest i coudnt get the chicken to level up for over 3 days, i would of won if this game would of worked for me and we didnt have so much pushed at us all at 1 time, im up set i would of gotten the horse i cant aford to buy them, this is why i do the quest all the time, when i saw the horse i was so up set it makes me so mad that things were not working and it was taken away from me just like they didnt care, one up set Dawn.

  125. loretta Says:



  1. FarmVille Halloween Jack-o’-Lantern Quest Mastery Guide