FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise: What’s up with Coconuts?!

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FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise: What’s up with Coconuts?!

Posted on March 4, 2012 8:23 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Farm Coconuts

By now you’ve probably already heard that in FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise the preferred currency is Coconuts. In the land of paradise your Farm Coins are no good. Of course your Farm Cash is still useable, but you won’t have access to your existing bank of Farm Coins. Not that it matters really, because everything costs Coconuts in Hawaiian Paradise.

Let’s talk more Coconuts.There’s a mix of emotions regarding the new currency. On one hand, starting from scratch and building up our farms with good old fashioned hard work provides a new challenge. There’s the “Beat Hawaii” challenge where you save up 1 million Coconuts for the Hawaiian Villa which is reminiscent of the olden days of FarmVille farming when farmers were finally able to purchase the regular Villa for your farm meant that you had arrived. (Read more about that by visiting this FarmVille Freak article here.) In opposition, starting with very little Coconuts (you are given some for starters) means that you will have to farm wisely, plant crops to earn Coconuts, and also harvest them on time because withered crops are not only ugly, but they also mean wasted money or Coconuts. Withered crops is pretty much like throwing your Coconuts away.

This seems fair enough, FarmVille has given us a clean slate and leveled the playing field in Hawaiian Paradise. It’s the details of Coconuts that need to be clarified. If you were hoping to get ahead and use some of those stored items such as extra animals and trees lying around your FarmVille Gift Box on your Hawaiian Paradise farm- think again. Not every item will harvest Coconuts in FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise. What? For example, after placing a few animals that were taking up space in our FarmVille Gift Box- a Beaded Pig, Mardi Gras Llama, Black Horse, Skeleton Calf, and Ugly Duckling in FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise, none of these animals harvested Coconuts. Instead, they produced Farm Coins despite not being able to use them in Hawaiian Paradise. Note, each of the animals listed above were placed “unsheltered”on a Hawaiian Paradise farm or in other words, they were not housed in a animal habitat. Turns out that sheltered or unsheltered doesn’t matter. Why? You can’t make a non-Coconut producing animal suddenly be able to produce Coconuts just by placing them in a Hawaiian animal habitat.

Only Coconut-producing items (animals/trees) will produce Coconuts. 

Farm Coin-producing items (animals/trees) will produce Farm Coins in FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise. 

So if you are thinking about purchasing a new tree or animal for your Hawaiian Paradise farm, be sure to check its market icon which will show you a numerical value for each harvest in both Farm Coins and Coconuts. And if doesn’t have a value for Coconuts? It’s safe to assume (at least for now) that this item will not produce Coconuts in Hawaiian Paradise. The trickery! Coconut confused much? There’s more.

Perhaps you were hoping to get Coconut rich by using trees on your other farms. Nope, Zynga has fixed that too, and you will no longer be able to harvest items for Coconuts on your other farms. Turns out that being able to harvest Coconuts on other farms besides Hawaii was unintentional and never part of the plan. Read more details below from FarmVille Community Manager, Lexilicious:

“Hey Farmers!

You may have noticed that you are no longer receiving Coconuts when harvesting certain items/animals outside of your Hawaiian Paradise Farm.

It was never intended for coconuts to be obtained outside of Hawaii. In order to rectify this mistake and ensure that everyone is participating on a level playing field, we have removed the ability to receive Coconuts outside of Hawaiian Paradise.

We sincerely apologize for any confusion or frustration this issue may have caused and we would like to thank you for your continued support and understanding while we work to improve the FarmVille experience for all of our players.” (Source: Official FarmVille Forum)

Early access to FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise began almost a week ago and free access is expected to start rolling out tomorrow, Monday March 5th 2012.

Do you have a question about the Coconut currency in FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise? Ask your question below, and we will be happy to help! What do you think about Coconuts, FarmVille Freaks, are you willing to save up your Coconuts? Take our Poll below.

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35 Responses to “FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise: What’s up with Coconuts?!” »

  1. BETSY LUCAS Says:

    I don’t like it because the people that bought their way in early are still going to be way ahead of the rest of us, so no matter how it goes, if you don’t have the money for early access, you’re still screwed

  2. Donna Collier Says:

    what happen to the coconuts we earned ?????

  3. dean hebert Says:

    I’ll have to see not be so quick in finishing quest as I have been in past ..I like idea of planting and harvesting for coconuts however,nuts or coins what the difference it;s all virtual farming to me..This is a game to relax I’m not actually tilling soil in the heat..

  4. Joan Block Says:

    This just favors the rich who will pay for the coconuts or the people that spend their rent and food money on a fake game. Discrimination is still there and against those who have to save money for real life.

  5. Liz Says:

    It just isn’t fair that people who don’t have enough fv cash cannot partake in this new paradise. Your other rules seem ok but you need to give the rest of us a chance!

  6. Werewolfling Says:

    I have been able to by cash items on the Hawaiian farm (fencing for example), and it didn’t effect my coconut balance at all.

  7. carol miller Says:

    I think we should be able to buy coconuts with our farm coin. People that have mon ey are still able to get ahead b buying coconuts with real money. If you really want t level the playing field you will allow us not so wealthy folks to us our farm coin to get extra coconuts.

  8. selfy Says:

    until now i am not yet going hawaii paradise because my level or because i am not buy i dont have money FC i am poor and pity

  9. kspills713 Says:

    It doesn’t matter that I paid 45 FC to access the Hawaiian farm early, the coconuts don’t accumulate very fast if you don’t spend even more FC to expand your farm early. You can use coconuts to expand, but it’s going to take some time to accumulate enough to do anything with. I’ve had my farm for several days now and, after plowing and planting all this time, I only have about 28,000 coconuts built up. As you can imagine, it’s going to take time to build up a sizable reserve of coconuts. So by the time the rest of you are able to access your new farm, I still won’t be very far ahead of you! It is fun to to harvest sea creatures and different crops, but I’m sure this will grow old as well. They are using endless quests on the new farm too and I think it’s going to be a bit much to keep up with so many farms and so many different quests.

  10. Catzilla Says:

    I have early acces ,and yes I like the coconuts it is a new challenge!The discussion about spend real money for a virtuel game is running again so this is my hobby and like hobby’s always do they cost money ,for free the sun is rising and she don’t do it every day!
    People like me give other people the chance to stay playing for free so.
    I am playing from the beginning and have level 128 so ! it gives me nothing more and don’t have to .there are people who have level 4000 and more so I wil not know how they are doing this !this are the people to fight against!

  11. SuckItUp Says:

    For those complaining of others getting early access by buying in at 45FV cash stop your damn whining. For you to think that people who spend their own money on something puts them ahead of you is the most stupidest thing I have ever read before. Do you whine when your friends who are ahead of you give you animals or trees?

    I also bought in early for 45 FV cash. (I do not buy a lot of fv cash but I use it wisely when I do). I have upgraded my farm to the max using coconuts I have earned. I have built every pen and upgraded them all (thanks to numerous help requests I have sent out every 4 hours). I have built 10 aquariums and upgraded them all. I have upgraded and finished level 10 of my volcano. I built and completed my Beehive. I have asked for and received enough nets and crowbars to clear all the debris from my farm and reap the rewards. I have bought trees and animals with coconuts. I have 4 tables in my still expanding Tiki Bar.

    When I harvest I only get a few bushels and my neighbors crafting goods are not even showing up. I get OOS every 3 minutes. All the glitches you will not get because I actually paid Zynga for all this fun and reported the issues so they could fix it.

    Now I have done this all in one week….only using the initial 45fv cash I bought into Hawaii with. This probably means you will be about 3 weeks behind me if you have adequate resources at your disposal.

    I did however get lucky enough that I was able to harvest multiple Rainbow Gum trees on my home farm for coconuts so that may be why I had much more coconuts to begin with than most people. But remember, I built over 200 orchards with the help of my friends answering requests, sending me items to build and SD boxes.

    So if you begrudge me because I master something faster than you or are able to buy something you cannot afford at the moment, it seems like the little green head of jealousy is rearing at you. I am always happy for my fellow players when they get something before me. I ask there opinions on how to get to that point rather than belittle them.

    So in short….step off you pity party and deal with it. Work your own farm at your own pace and do not let others achievements make you mad.

  12. Mike Says:

    As a virtual farmer since August 2010, I NEVER cheated and worked my way up levels the hard way.
    I learned stratagy in playing the game and didn’t learn how to milk my cows in the old original milk barn until after I reached level 100.
    This to me was a real accomplishment in the game!
    I’m now at level 146 and accidently bought into the Hawaiian farm because of the tricky way Zynga used pop-ups. Once this had happened I thought Oh Well I might as well put my hard earned farm cash to use on this new farm. I had 82 FC left and took it down to just 2 by buying trees that made the most coconuts/coins .

    But, am a bit pissed that I can’t use coins to expand etc. as I worked my butt off and took a lot of guff to get to this point!!!

  13. She7enne Says:

    # It was never intended for coconuts to be obtained outside of Hawaii… #





  14. Betty Says:

    I was opposed to not being able to use our coins at first, but have reconsidered. I think this may level the playing field to some extent and will give us a new goal to work towards.

    I see 2 things that could be corrected and would make a big difference.

    1. We need to be able to transfer trees and animals to and from the different farms. If you raise mystery seedlings and babies, there is no way to gain coconuts for them unless you can move them to the proper farm. Without this change, we cannot move fall color trees to the cove, etc. and clean up our farms. Without being able to organize them, they just become more “stuff”.

    2. It would be nice if there were less quests or there was longer between them. That way, we could enjoy the farm and have time for our neighbors like we used to. It would also be nice if the quests were less specific about which crops we grew. I get tired of being required to grow things I have mastered and being given so little time to grow other crops!

    Perhaps Zynga’s developers could slow down the flow of animals, trees, etc. We would have more time to enjoy things and would not loose interest nearly so fast as if they continually overwhelm us with things. I remember waiting 1 year for them to re-release several special seasonal animals. It meant much more to me then and I enjoyed both the items and the game more.

    I used to buy each horse and sheep, but when there got to be so many I did not even know what I had, I quit. They are not special anymore! There are so many that they are just a bother.

    Thanks for considering these suggestions. I think there would be far less players quitting with some changes.

  15. ems Says:

    i’m not receiving gifts, esp. SPECIAL DELIVERY..please advise.

  16. Greg Says:

    Can you exchange regular farm coins to coconuts?

  17. etienne Says:

    how do i get to hawaii? i didn’t buy in early, and now i don’t see how to get to it at all.

  18. FarmGoddess Says:

    @Etienne: You may not have access to Hawaiian Paradise just yet. It is slowly rolling out in phases. When the updates is made available to you, you will receive pop-ups on your farm and so on.

  19. Nicole Says:

    I can’t even access this yet. How do I get there?

  20. Darrid Says:

    There are still coin items. It’s weird and unnecessarily complicated like most Zynga stuff.

  21. Stony Says:

    I always played Farmville as if it were the dream farm I probably won’t get in this lifetime. In that line of reasoning, I think that some coins should be allowed in Hawaii. When Hawaii was overrun by dominant culture the first time, you can bet that those with currency from home were better off than those without. I wish that exploring Hawaii were a little more like the first time in that respect.

  22. mario Says:

    i love the hawaiian farm it doesnt give me only a new way of farming but it also gives me a new search of coconut hunt
    when i got in by early access i had 6
    000 coconuts at the counter now 1 week later am on a 22×22 size farm with 3 aviary s 1 coop 1 paddock 1livestock 1 pasture a bunny hutch and 17 orchards all motorised vehicles are fully upgraded the volcano reef is totaly build i also have 3 aquariums
    current coconuts 195.000 and climing
    looking on a way to boost the value

  23. joyce Says:

    Will we be able to move trees to Hawaii, from our main farm ?Before you corrected this I bought trees and put them on my home farm.Not to menition all the work I have been doing gathering up seedlings to get trees ect….Please let me know I am really frustrated over this:(

  24. Elaine Says:

    I didn’t start out with any coconuts. I can’t even plow the water plots, let alone buy kelp for the quest. I finished the volcano for the quest, but that shouldn’t have used up coconuts, or did it? If so, that’s a bummer, but I think I tried to plow first and I got a box that said to buy them with FB credits. Should I have some to get started or do i need to buy them,

  25. Elaine Says:

    I went out of the game, then back in and now I have 6000 coconuts. Guess it was a glitch

  26. Charl8sweb Says:

    It would be nice if I could use my stockpile of coins to buy coconuts. It’s nearly impossible to acquire coconuts with what we have – 30 plots – that part STINKS!

  27. Bonnie OHara Says:

    What we really need is a list of the trees that give us coconuts? And a way to get all the trees off the other farms over to Hawaii since we won’t get coconuts from them there, they should at least let us bring them over to Hawaii.

  28. pherkes Says:

    Does anyone know of a list of coconut bearing trees? I get some coconuts from some orchards but can’t identify what the trees are?


  29. musito Says:

    What items Coconut producers ? Could you list them please?

  30. Donna Says:

    which trees are producing coconuts??????

  31. Adrianne Says:

    This is not true. The trees that I have on my cove, (Chinese Cherry, and Hawaiian Cherry) both produce coconuts. I harvest them, then leave to see if they register on my Hawaiian farm, and they do. That’s how I’ve been able to afford those expensive fish to put in my aquarium.

  32. Adrianne Says:

    If you want to know all of the animals, and trees that produce coconuts, go to the market on the Hawaiian farm, and everything that produces coconuts will be there.

  33. Bobby Says:

    Where can i get a full list of coconut producing trees and animals

  34. James Says:

    I was trying to meet the first missions quota of Pinapples, but failed to get back in time on two or more occasions only to have them whither. Unfortunately I now find myself out of coconuts and have no means of getting more. If the only way for me to get them is using real money than my Hawaiian paradise is not a paradise at all, but a deserted island. I will not go there any longer if I cannot do anything. I had not realized at first that I was using coconuts and did not know of the potential for this predicament.

  35. Allison Says:

    Is it possible to get a complete list of coconut yielding tree? thank u