FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise A Little More Fun in Hawaii Quests!

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FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise A Little More Fun in Hawaii Quests!

Posted on August 24, 2012 7:23 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

Hello again FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Quests!!!

That’s right, a brand new series of FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Quests started on August 24th 2012! FarmVille has brought us FarmVille Freaks back to our Hawaiian Paradise farms with new quest challenges and it’s a twelve part series of quests.

Just a warning, be prepared to work hard because these quests have more difficult requirements. Think harvesting lots of crops, and crafting recipes multiple times (around six per recipe). For example, the first quest requires you to harvest 200 crops (two different crops) and craft a recipe six times! That’s a lot of commitment for a farm that you may seldom visit. Also, take a look at the quests’ rewards- you will find that most all of these items are previously released items with the occasional consumable thrown in. Before you become too overwhelmed with all that has been going on in FarmVille, ask yourself if the rewards are worth your time and effort. It’s okay to skip quests and they are completely optional.

This series of Hawaiian Paradise quests will be available for about one month.

(Note, this guide is accurate at time of publishing and is subject to change without prior notice by Zynga. See an error? Kindly report any findings to or leave a comment on this post.)

FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Quests Master Guide

FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Quest 1: Little Poi Blue
Requirements: Harvest 100 Taro, Harvest 100 Oysters & Make Poi 6 Times
Rewards: 100 XP, Rainbow Mini Horse & 8,500 Farm Coconuts

FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Quest 2: Express Pineapples
Requirements: Harvest 100 Hilo Pineapples, Harvest 100 Yellowfin Tuna & Make Inamona 6 Times
Rewards: 200 XP, Brazil Nut Tree & 8,500 Farm Coconuts

FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Quest 3: Island Sunrise
Requirements: Harvest 100 Yellow Hibiscus, Harvest Island Paddock Twice & Make 6 Pineapple Sunrises
Rewards: 300 XP, x1 Unwither & 8,500 Farm Coconuts

FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Quest 4: Aloha Poi
Requirements: Harvest 200 Golden Sugarcane, Harvest Island Pasture Twice & Reach level 25 Poi Recipe
Rewards: 400 XP, Tiki Mask I, 10x Volcano Monitors & 8,500 Farm Coconuts

FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Quest 5: Ice is Nice
Requirements: Harvest 200 Hawaiian Ginger, Harvest 200 Rock Crab & Make 8 Shave Ice
Rewards: 500 XP, Sartre Gauva Tree, & 8,500 Farm Coconuts

FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Quest 6: What Big Mussels!
Requirements: Harvest 200 Mussels, Harvest Island Livestock Pen Twice & Make 8 Mussel Poke
Rewards: 600 XP, x1 Mystery Game Dart & 8,500 Farm Coconuts

FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Quest 7: Hey Shrimp!
Requirements: Harvest 200 Shrimp, Harvest 300 yams & Reach Level 30 Sweet & Sour Shrimp
Rewards: 700 XP, Rainbow Bird Bath & 8,500 Farm Coconuts

FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Quest 8: Coffee & Tea
Requirements: Harvest 300 Kona Coffee, Harvest Island Aviary 3 Times & Make 10 Plantation Iced Tea
Rewards: 800XP, Flowered Horse & 8,500 Farm Coconuts

FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Quest 9: Kelping Hands
Requirements: Harvest 300 Kelp, Harvest 400 Yams & Reach Level 35 Yam Fries
Rewards: 900 XP, x1 Mystery Game Dart & 8,500 Farm Coconuts

FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Quest 10: Hash it Up!
Requirements: Harvest 300 Mussels, Harvest 400 Hilo Pineapples & Make 12 Pineapple Hash
Rewards: 1,000 XP, Modern Cabana & 8,500 Farm Coconuts

FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Quest 11: The Hawaiian Orchid Affair
Requirements: Harvest 400 Hawaiian Orchids, Harvest 4 Dino Labs & Make 12 Island Punch
Rewards: 1,100 XP, Mango Tree & 8,500 Farm Coconuts

FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Quest 12: Kanob Kabob
Requirements: Harvest 300 Yellowfin Tuna, Harvest 400 Taro & Make 12 Hawaiian Kabob
Rewards: 1,200 XP, Flower Dancer Hippo & 8,500 Farm Coconuts

What do you think about the FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Quests? Will you be skipping them or questing to their completion? Be sure to share this guide with all your farmin’ friends!

Let’s take a poll for fun, and see how many FarmVille Freaks will be working on this new series of FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Quests!

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35 Responses to “FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise A Little More Fun in Hawaii Quests!” »

  1. Kuibo Says:

    I’ll guess that the one writing this article have to go somewhere else before finishing it,… No info on the rewards yet or how many parts this quest will be.

  2. John Bell Says:

    where is the guide for this quest? I found a guide for quest three and quest four but no one or two

  3. FarmGoddess Says:

    We are updating the guide and adding pictures! Thanks!

  4. librariesandbooks Says:

    This has to be the toughest quest so far, and I’ve played them all. I’ll probably not finish this one–the prizes aren’t worth the effort!! There are so many new crops, and already another quest to complete. It would be interesting to know how many people will complete this one!

  5. Maureen Carlini Says:

    The new quest that you have given us today is silly ,the things that you have asked us to do is to hard we have to pay and we pay enough for our farm already.We have 6 farms and we keep them going all the time .We also have had to buy a lot of fuel as we lost a lot out of our gift box ,my husband and i both do our farms but this quest is the worst one we have seen yet .Thank you
    I only found 8 levels . and no pictures . is this quest for real .

  6. FarmGoddess Says:

    Hi Maureen! You need to refresh the page and you should see the updated guide. Remember, we are NOT FarmVille, we are a fan site that covers FarmVille news for FV players.

  7. Mark Says:

    There is no way possible you can do this, even in the month we have to get it done….level 30 and 35? I am on 12 and 13 on those…..prizes are not worth the trouble….looks like maybe the first of many quests I will not be doing. Could be the start of not doing them any longer….Maybe Zynga wants us to quit them…their stock is in the tank now…now we know why!!

  8. CHERYL Says:


  9. Rufino Says:

    You can have a hard quest as long as the rewards are good, but this quest should not be on anybody’s list. Waste time and suffering.

  10. Tala Says:

    For me, this isn’t challenging. It’s just plain unrealistic.

    I would have to level up Poi by 6 levels, Sweet and Sour Shrimp by 12 levels, and Yam Fries by 20 levels. I do the crafting that quests ask me to and no more, if I can fully upgrade my crafting building. My neighbors don’t buy enough of my crafts to keep up with what I make for the quests, so there is no benefit to my crafting extra.

    Even at a 725 bushels limit, I just don’t have the room to amass the bushels to make all these crafts. I pared my Hawaiian Paradise crop bushels down to between 1-3 when we moved on to Jade Falls, to make room for the new crops from which I would need to craft. So I can’t just up and jump in to Tiki Bar crafting again, I would have to start building my stock of ingredients practically from scratch.

    Although it’s nice to see for once you don’t have to beg neighbors for items each time, (which is the step that usually holds me back), this one is simply out of my reach.

  11. vickie Says:

    too many quests, prizes are not that great. You need more great and pretty trees, or some farm cash as the prizes thene it would be worth it. Also never can get finished with them cuz none of my new neighbors posts show on my wall and no one can seem to be able to fix or tell me what is wronge

  12. Alex Boyd Says:

    Can’t do any quests that require recipes as I can’t get into any of my recipe craft buildings. So won’t try this one or any of the Jade ones. :((

  13. dr z Says:

    I personally found the Hawaiian Paradise farm and the evolving story-line of its quests much more interesting than the previous farms (well, more interesting than WW, since I never did any of the LHC or EC quests). I’m glad HP hasn’t been completely abandoned. Most of the prizes are pretty lame because they’ve been pretty recently available. I dunno if everyone gets the same weekly raffle prize list, but I’ve had the flower mini horse as the 500:1 prize more than once in the past month. They should dig back in the FarmVille historical archives and make the prizes some real old school stuff that most players today have probably not seen, like the Tiki Mask I that is from June 2008′s Tiki Items theme. Anyone who has been playing for a year or more has probably long since mastered the satre guava and the brazil nut tree (which is from May 2012′s alpaca quest series…) and the mango tree is a standard 8fc tree from the market. I think the quest designer aimed for an “advanced” difficulty level but put almost no thought into the item rewards.

  14. Luicee Says:


    i WAS gonna take a stab at this one- i have NEVER won the flowered mini from the raffle :/
    I never shirk a quest.
    At least go to 10–

    Until i read the comments-
    and~ saw the Yam Fries level -

    Just re-READ the quest! O M G Seriously?
    I have been diligently plugging away at crafting – I OCD my way to level 25 – for the sign (altho they changed that on me woo- but i refuse to pay attention anymore)
    I have managed to get my Yam Fries up to 23…
    But to get them to 25 for one quest leg?

    Newp! Not worth it-
    You are right, FV finally broke me.

    This seems like an attempt to push to see what the breaking point is.
    Or maybe someone was high, and had a couple of typos that they are too embarrassed to correct now that it’s gone live!

    Zynga, knock it off!!!

    Farmville Freaks <3 U Tho! TY for Keeping us informed! :)

  15. Thomas Nilsson Says:

    Like it and will do it

  16. Stephanie Says:

    Yes – the prizes are totally lame for the amount of work that we are being asked to do – but quests change sometimes, maybe the prizes will change before I get to them :-) One can always hope

  17. F8thFarmer Says:

    @Vickie (post 11)

    Try going to this link then right click open in new tab over the link to FarmVille about half way down the page….

    This will put nothing but FV posts into the feed page that opens… Hopefully you will be able to find your new neighbor’s posts there. When I use regular feed (even selecting my FarmVille list I don’t get everyone’s feed. The only way I’ve found for that to happen is as mentioned above.

  18. Jessica Says:

    I’m going to attempt to see how far I can go with this quest. Usually I can’t do quests as I have to ask nieghbors for items, so it’s nice to actually have one that I can do on my own. Also I don’t have many of the rewards so it’s worth it to me to try.

  19. Peggy Says:

    I’m doing this one for the darts! I have everything else. These quests are supposed to be fun…….not a job. For the most part I enjoy the quests. But if I don’t want todo them I don’t. I skipped the Cluck Rodgers quest b/c I didn’t want to build the dino lab. That was my decission. It was a nice break.
    As for the fuel issue I make the crafts in the spa and have built up over 8000 refills, they also have the gas pump. In my feed I see fuel posted all the time. I post when I get the offer. the gopher thing gives fuel also.

  20. Debi Says:

    The most outrageous quest I’ve seen so far. I doubt many will finish it without paying real money to help them along.
    My personal goal I set for myself has been reached, just finishing up on a few small items on my farms and I’ll be done with Farmville by Monday. So long to the frustrations the game issues have caused and the lack of attention we get from Zynga support.

  21. Anna P Says:

    oooh, I just cannot wait for apple trees and brown horses as rewards for the next quests. Zynga have truly outdone themselves with their trademark generosity.
    Again, words fail me.

    I can barely log on the farm before Flash crashes several times (the game also crashes when I travel farms) I cannot place animals in pens, I cannot grow mystery babies nor trees, I cannot redeem the Fortunes in the Jade Falls either… and instead of fixing that kind of serious glitches they add even more buildings to build and give us THIS quest. Feels like more insult to our injuries.

  22. julie thatcher Says:

    The prizes are an all time low…have most of this stuff already…or would just end up selling it off…worst quest / to prizes ratio EVER!!!!!!!

  23. Jess Says:

    Whoa. Whoa. I do not understand the ridiculousness of this quest. Level 25 poi? I am only at level 12 and that’s after making the 6 for the quest. This is beyond dumb. I don’t make crafts in this farm because 1.) I barely visit it to do more than harvest the animals on it 2.) There is too much chaos to be able to manage to craft on 6 farms. It’s impossible.

    I don’t understand why they would do this. They can’t look at this and think it would turn out well. I’m not going to bother with this insane quest.

    I get the point of a really tough quest, but this one is actually impossible for me to complete. Beyond that, the prizes are super lame — why would we work so hard for a farm we all barely visit and for such lame prizes??

  24. Nikita Says:

    Too tough for me!! Would have tried if the rewards were something extraordinary; coconuts are okay but same old unwither, horses and trees?? Seriously? I wont even think of doing these!

  25. Keitha Harris Says:

    Oh, tons of crops and too many crafted items for previously released rewards? Did the first one, but I’ll probably pass. Too much to do on the other farms.
    I was thinking that the possible outcome of this quest would result in getting the elusive SHIPPING LICENSE. Didn’t see that offered, though.
    So, when exactly may we see that happen?

  26. Nikita Says:

    Good point about the Shipping License! But I would’ve probably been angry if that could have been achieved only after completing these quests, cos they look nearly impossible for me. They should give it the same way they have in the past; upgrading the Lighthouse Cove & WW Station to level 10. Been ages now since I finished upgrading my HP Volcano!!

  27. truestarr Says:

    Actually even tho the quest is impossible to finish in the time given, this IS the first quest that you don’t have to BEG for anything… basically Zynga seems to be telling us, “See? Begging IS preferred in quests, than if we made quests without begging…” This is not true, because the first time they offer a quest without begging it’s impossible to do!

  28. Tina Says:

    This quest is not fun, it is work completely ridiculous the amounts of everything. They are just trying to get people to get farm cash to get through it. Wont be doing this one.

  29. ViperMiss Says:

    Yes……at first glance it seems impossible with farm cash, even if i have to level up my sweet and sour shrimp 10 times and my yam fries 15 times, and most of the prizes aren’t worth the effort. But i have a competitive side and i say CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

  30. Kelli Says:

    okay maybe this quest is ridiculous and impossible but i dont get why people are complaining/quitting over it. Um hello, noone is required to do these quests. noone is making you do these or any other part of farmville…do the parts you do like and if u dont like it, dont do it, that simple.

  31. mary Says:

    Shipping license yeah 75 FARM BUCKS for HP and 75 MORE FARMBUCKS for JADE. I was a little excited nothing major to find out there were finally going to offer the licence only until I stumbled on the fact YOU PAY. I have never seen a game ask for so much money than farmville and farmbucks is real converted money. We are not even gambeling and don’t kids play this game. Isn’t that illegal ….just saying.

  32. Ana di Lupis Says:

    The Quests are very difficult especially as we all are busy doing other quests at the same time…Already the Jade Quest is hard, having to accumulate insane amounts of Bushels for all the crafting,
    now to get all the Bushels needed to craft stuff up to lvl 30, 35 in Hawaii…Too hard!! Anyone with a real life will not succeed…24/7 players might…IF they also spend a lot of FC for it…I WON’T EVER…
    PLUS the Rewards offered…now really, are they JOKING??!! If at least they’d be giving us something AMAZING and NEW…^^

  33. Happy trucker Says:

    Been at this quest since it was first released, and am surprised that I am half way through. However, progress going to come to a screeching halt due to having to level up to level 30 on sweet sour shrimp. Then 2 more levels will need to level up to 35 on yam fries! This is the hardest quest yet for prizes that really are not that spectacular. The quantites of crops being asked for, and the quantities of recipes being asked for are far and away way too much for the small and limited size of the Market Stall – especially when we’re trying to manage quests for our other farms. Please SLOW down the amount of quests being released, and if a difficult quest like this Hawaiian quest is going to be released, at least make the prizes worthy for FV players to attempt the quest, and put some forethought into providing additional tools to FV players to manage not only this farm, but also all the others that you’ve released. I’ve always liked playing FV, however, the constant barrage of quests, as well as all the other items you’rve released, has taken the fun out of the game and has become too much like work and is extremely time consuming. Granted, we all have personal choice in whether or not to play, but playing should be fun and entertaining, not stressful like it currently is.

  34. Kels Says:

    I just finished this quest. It was SOOOOO not worth it!! I am getting really tired of all the useless quests and replanting the same things that I have mastered long ago. I think Zynga should change it up a bit and instead of saying harvest eggplant they should say harvest a 2 day crop. Let us choose something that we haven’t mastered yet. Also, change up the prizes a little. Some people really like trees, others like animals so instead of giving 1 certain reward, have 3 there to choose from. A tree, an animal, and a decoration for example.
    I am going to stop all quests except jade which I will do to help get coins to expand.
    There are so many new thinkgs I fell I can’t keep up, so I quit building things and my good loyal neighbors aren’t really playing anymore to help me build things anyway. I loose more and more everyday and I’m not going to go hunt new ones.
    hank you, Farmville Freak, for letting me vent and for posting all of the info that we need to do quests and also all the info that explains what is going on in Farmville.

  35. charl8sweb Says:

    I have worked endlessly on achieving level 35 on the yam fries….I am getting close but I don’t think I will be able to complete the entire quest because there just isn’t enough time. Very frustrating.