FarmVille Hints at Love Potion Crafting!

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FarmVille Hints at Love Potion Crafting!

Posted on April 22, 2011 12:06 am by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Love Potion

Yesterday, FarmVille Community Manager Grimwell made a post at the official FarmVille Forum that hinted at upcoming Love Potion changes.

Referring to the FarmVille Love Potion shortage, he asked, “What if you could craft them? Would that help?”. (Source: FarmVille Forum)

FarmVille Grimwell Short on Love Potion's Post

Love Potions are used in Sheep Breeding and with their use a Lamb is guaranteed. Remember, you can ask for Love Potions every four hours and up to five of your friends can click on the the share to give you a Love Potion and receive on for themselves.

This would be a welcomed change since Crafting as we know it is only good for producing fuel.

What do you think FarmVille Freaks are you down for crafting some Love? Would you like to see Love Potions made available through Crafting?

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95 Responses to “FarmVille Hints at Love Potion Crafting!” »

  1. Dorothy Says:

    would be about friggin time

  2. teresa johnson Says:

    rather be able to gift them

  3. SuMom2 Says:

    I have too many love potions…with sheep limited, there is no need for more potions. I would like some other reward for crafting though–too much fuel.

  4. Tiffany Says:

    Yes that would work perfect maybe be able to harvest neighbors pens for love potions

  5. Ute Hillenkoetter Says:

    would love to have them in the gifting

  6. Christiaens Chris Says:

    its a lovely thing..if it would work, we can t breed now forseveral weeks and love potion is really e rare thing on the wall, because most of our farmville friends forget to click the asking button….

  7. MossRose72 Says:

    Yes, I would love to be able to craft Love Potions. I think we should get potions when we harvest the sheep pen as well.

  8. Peggy Says:

    That would help out in a big way.

  9. Dorothy Says:

    yea..potion as a gift would be so nice

  10. Angel Says:

    Only will be nice if they remove the stupid 100 sheep limit! Also the one lamb a day adoption!

  11. Krissy Says:

    I have a question about breeding sheep…I used to be able to just breed them, I have an open stall but can’t use it. Does anyone know why?

  12. Kyle K Says:


  13. rhonda Says:

    Don’t care about the breeding..there should NOT be a limit on how many you can have/breed…Plus all the glitches they have now….would rather have the baby animals I have grow up to be what they are instead of black horses or Holstein cows…breeding is already boring since you have to spend FarmCash to get the different sheep

  14. Deborah W. Says:

    That would be so awesome…..some of us need all the help we can get.

  15. dawn Says:

    don’t like that idea…..but them in the GIFTS. Why does everything have to be so “hard to get” on the farm?! Can’t we ever just have FUN? Everything seems to have a catch: built it first, water it first, finish quest first…..

  16. becky Says:

    Love the idea…. gonna need them for pig breeding too

  17. MAtthew Says:

    What would be awesome is if you could make them on both farms since you the pen is available on both farms now. That would a great idea. Well if you can produce them in the Winery on regular farm cause that is the one I chose. LOL

  18. Eileen Miller Says:

    More love potion would be nice anyway we can get it..
    But with more love potion you know we will want to be able to
    breed more sheep so we are back to the problem with the limit, which I hope gets to be unlimited soon. We love our little sheep

  19. Izabel Says:

    ….why do we need more potions if we are limited to breed?…. think first and then make something….but you make something instead of thinking first…just saying! :P

  20. yvonne Schmidt Says:

    I think that would be one way to help! but it may also be helpful to lower the amount required to grow our sheep.

  21. Wendy Cundiff Says:

    Whatever.The sheep are kinda dull..they bring no money or xp’s so the point is? But when we started the crafting building it said we would get fuel and then Coming Soon trade goods for special items and bonuses ( where is says more info top right corner of the spa) then we only get I guess for those that want to mess with them go for it…and No pig or cow breeding. Where in the hell are you gonna put all these animals buidings, ponds etc?

  22. marsrn Says:

    I would rather leave the crafting with the fuel. I have 2 farms to harvest and plant now. Gifting sounds like a better idea for the love potions.

  23. Alexa Pellerin Says:

    Bonjour ,qui pourrais me dire .
    Comment faire pour avoir des potions sans FV ?

  24. Cathy Says:

    As long as they still let you ask for potions every 4 hours, because to depend on crafting to get them, it will not work for everyone, as their neighbors do not grow all the crops that are needed to make the stuff that we are making now….my winery is just sitting, none of my neighbors are growing the crops that I need…everyone is busy with sheep breeding, or working on their english farms….

  25. Kel Says:

    @Rhonda If the calves/foals grow up to be what they are, it wouldn’t be fair to all of the people that had to pay for farm cash to buy the original cows/horses…

  26. ladybuglexus724 Says:

    until they fix the sheep counter who cares about getting more potion!!!!

  27. Lola Says:

    Not just love potions, what about the frigging bottles? I can only post to my wall for them once the lamb arrives and you don’t get ten bottle from that! I don’t have many friends who are gifting so can’t use them all up just asking for bottles when there’s other stuff.

    Mind the sheep are dull, I don’t really like all the colours – clever but an eyesore.

  28. Wendy Korthas Says:

    I Think it sucks like so Many other things on FV they start something NEW & then Blind side us all with only so many sheep Hell I Don’t even have a 100 sheep & can NO LONGER DO LAMBS I’m SICK of it already

  29. bender.chic Says:

    personally i love crafting. with the sheep breeding, the coming pig breeding, and seed/tree mastery, i am totally involved with the game. There is never a time when i am unable to do something. I love gifting, and you can gift every 4 hours! I am an avid gamer here, so hit me up if you need a neighbor

  30. Jenn Says:

    Could care less about the potion now, too little too late. I only post to help my neighbors who some are having a hard time getting some, I don’t. Plus I have reached my limit of sheep so no more breeding for me :( and who cares about bringing in pig or cow breeding same thing will happen there, you’ll put a limit and it will cease to be fun. However I think having potion as a limited time gift (ie farmhands) would help so many and be a great idea.

  31. joey Says:

    that would be a great idea if u could craft love potions

  32. Izabel Says:

    to anyone that is having problems with sheep breeding….saying that you have 100 sheeps but you dont… do this..take your sheeps out of your pen and leave those that you want to breed then reaload FV…it worked for me..i hope it helps!

  33. brian Says:

    everyone wants the game to just be so easy, lets give everyone a million coins and a million farm cash and one click you can harvest both farms. Just looking at the screen will finish it all. It is a game and it is boring if there is nothing to try and do. The game is easy enough as it is.

  34. nate Says:

    Since clicking on bushel to make crafts count against the 200 limit & giving it out though the feed does not… Not a good idea. I am already over he sheep breeding & really don’t want every FV neighbor gifting me love potions for the next few weeks until they burn out on it too :(

  35. Julie hallinan Says:

    No I do not want to craft for love potion , and I do not craft for fuel , and I do not want to run a pub or any of that I just want to farm and harvest and breed animal make it available for regular coin or leave it the way it is please, stop changing everything!! just make the farm run right for one full day see if you can do that!

  36. kiteflyingal Says:

    I think crafting for them is a marvelous idea I love the crafting cottages anyway and bought an extra one for my home farm. I definitely don’t need fuel, I have 3500 or something right now.

    Maybe you could make it a option for fuel or love potions whichever the farmer needs at the time.

    One more thing I would like to see with the crafting cottages is recipes that use the crops from the greenhouses. I have lost interest in germinating seeds since I can’t use them for crafting.

    Maybe we could harvest others sheep pens for bottles?

    Thanks Zynga gods for this wonderfully addictive game… it’s nice to be able to play this with our kids and grandkids.. for us it’s a all round family game..

    Debbie holmberg

  37. Rhoda Dunaway Says:

    Okay Mostly great feed back on this idea Be looking forward to seeing how you handle this potion Idea since I submitted it to you. I thought it was great idea.

  38. suzibella Says:

    Love potion is the least of my concerns… I really think they need to abolish the 100 bred sheep limit… It is absurd. We can have hundreds (or thousands) of baby cows, horses, etc. I find it rather annoying, especially since within the last two days, I can’t even breed sheep on my farm because of the 100 sheep limit glitch… WTH?

  39. cyrese Says:

    ya that would be cool i guess but kind of pointless to have all this love potion and can’t breed because of the 100 sheep limit. get rid of that and i’m sure we would love this idea…

  40. brian Says:

    how about we can harvest cows for bottles…

  41. Carolyn Champion Says:

    Something definitely needs to be done…. gifting,, crafting, getting from pens (like feed). etc…. or all of the above…. you should be able to get it when you need it!!!

  42. Sandra Says:

    I don’t want another crafting job!!!! I can’t keep up with all the ones we have now. It’s become a chore to play farmville. Please let us gift them. Also,CHANGE THE NURSERYso that the foals grow up into the adult type that you put into it!!!!!!

  43. Patty Says:

    I feel that you should be able to craft anything that you need to keep your farm running smoothly. I also wish you could more than sheep, why not all of the animals. Without limits, and you must help farmers less fortunate then you by gifting things that you no longer need directly to them.

  44. Ellie Scholten Says:

    That would be great, good idea!

  45. kortni Says:

    i DO NOT like the idea of crafting potions…we wait 4 hours now to ask for them…for those we would wait 6 hours (if crafted like our fuel) UNLESS we craft them and get like 10 of them at once. but, wouldnt it be so much freakin easier to just put it in the damn gifts to send? personally, i need the fuel now that i have two farms. zynga likes to do things ass backwards. and i agree about the greenhouse…whats the point again? oh, and i do like the new layout of the giftbox, the ease of using building supplies and the search…now, why doesnt zynga make our storage easier as well. its a total pain in the ass to search through 500 items.

  46. sven olof Says:

    if you have reatch the 100 limit of breeding lambs take all out and leve 2 inside then you can breed them again have a nice time

  47. Carolien King Says:

    First of all IF we could keep a 100 breeded sheep on our farm would be nice already!! I had 100 now I have 88 and still I have to sell sheep to breed again 2 sheep sold 1 new breed, a friend of mine had to sell 30 sheep and still cannot breed new ones. I wrote them about it and got 20 love potions extra but I cannot breed anymore or I loose all my sheep having to sell them every time. Limits are ok, love potions every 4 hours also if everybody posts them, the eternal bugs NOOOOO! Can’t even put animal feed in the Animal Through anymore the feed is blocked for my home farm but I get the message on the English farm that I still need 2 animal feed to complete it?????

  48. Mark W Says:

    Liking Brians idea for harvesting dairys/cows for milk. Great idea

  49. Wendy Says:

    If you take all your sheep out of the sheep pen and then only put the ram and ewe you want to breed in pen you will be able to breed again. I was getting the limit on Wednesday and a friend told me to clear out the pen and it has worked ever since. I believe we should harvest the pen for bottles..I can’t get enough bottles. Craft for the potion!

  50. Indigo Says:

    That would be nice – HOWEVER – I’ve reached my “SHEEPS” Limit – so…………… It would be nice if they were available as a crafting result AND a gift option.

  51. Tim Says:

    No help to me since i’ve hit the 100 sheep limit and i only have about 15 bred “sheeps” on one farm and 31 on the other and have given away around four or five sheep since it started. :( I really dont know how it is calculating that number TBH. My non bred sheep must be included to be even close to 100.

  52. Lizzie Says:

    Doesn’t matter one way or another to me. I’m pretty fed up with the whole breeding thing.
    I have not been able to breed for the last 3 days.

    And i’m quite annoyed that the” formulas ” don’t work. I spent 20 FVC on the belted ram, and have yet to see an offspring with that pattern. I won’t be wasting anymore money on them.

  53. chaz17671 Says:

    would love it ! would also like to get milk for the lambs from the milking sheds !!

  54. Jenn Says:

    I think just making love potions giftable AND lowering the amount needed from 10 to 8 would be the best solution. And I agree with many of you about not wanting the game to get “too easy”. That would zap all the fun.But I DEF think harvesting the sheep pen should give you bottles. That’d be a nice thing.

  55. Anony Says:

    Even better: available on the market for like 500 coins

  56. Susan Says:

    I am having fun breeding my sheep. I think you should lift the limit or at least raise it. I wouldn’t mind crafting for love potion, any way to get more. Every 4 is a long time. Same with adopting, should be more than 1 a day. I like the idea of harvesting for bottles, like a 6 pack at least. Why do the pens get large and out of proportion? I think the nursery for the English Farm should look different. I think people would by more sheep if they cost less. I think it would be fun if we randomly got twins. Thanks.

  57. Debra Says:

    I have been playing Farmville for a Year and a Half. When I first started to play this game I found it to be fun and relaxing. The same thing with a lot of my neighbors at the time. For some reason a lot of us were females, middle age, and had never even played a computer game or any of the game systems which others used in our homes. I am not leaving all the guys out here because I know there are lots and lots of guys college age, middle age, and older who play this game daily.
    It had just enough items to complete and to go visit each single neighbor’s farm to help them out. Well Farmville’s incentive for continually adding neighbors is what level crops you can plant and how many neigbors you have for expansions. We have all gained many neighbors since we began. Most of us are within reaching level 100. We still play but lately I have noticed more people are mentioning to play the game correctly and to do everything as a friendly neighbor it is taking far more time then they ever intended to put in a game. Yes I know it is not mandatory but I feel if you can not play fairly with every neighbor then you are not being a team player. I feel as if Farmville has been adding way too many features all at once. Some of them for instance over ride each other. Like the Pot of Gold and the Easter Basket. In the mean time you are trying to master the trees, Crafting, crops, building another farm for the English Country and doing the same as your beginning Farmville. A lot of us have even said we cannot even begin to help on our neighbor’s farms anymore because of the time factor on the things we are working on ourselves. It has become like working in a factory. Requests come in, you answer, You send requests out, and more come in and out.
    Now you are considering adding crafting Love Potions? If this is anything like having the Water buckets come from harvesting our orchards it will be another disaster. It was so nice to receive trees or seedlings from several of our orchards. Now you can have 6 or 7 orchards and get 6 buckets of water and 1 tree or seedling. Some of us did not think the purpose of the orchards was to produce water buckets. Maybe you should have just used a well to take chances in for the buckets of water. I think the whole love potion is ridiculous as well. WHY NOT DO AWAY WITH THE LOVE POTIONS ALL TOGETHER and just let there be a 50/50 chance of breeding a lamb. Does it have to be win a lamb all the time. Maybe this is why so many people are reaching the limits on sheep so quickly.
    Sorry for the long message but this just made me bring out what a lot of us are thinking about and it is the game is taking way too time. You have to take care of a lot of things all at once when you begin to play because of the time limits on growing and gathering. Or even using up all the gifts in your box. It is starting to feel more like a chore to us then a fun game. I know not all players feel the same. Some just love it regardless of how much time they are on the computer. For me just to do what I have to do I am spending about 3 hours each time. My level is 97 and I have approximately 97 neighbors. Thank you for listening. Debra

  58. Nicole Says:

    A lamb is not always guaranteed when you use the potions. I’ve had it happen to me on more than one occasion where i use the love potions and i dont get a lamb. all those potions used, for nothing.

  59. Chris Clucas Says:

    Debra #57 says it all. I agree with you.

    Hate the idea of crafting for potions as I personally don’t like crafting anyway, will craft my put until level 5 and the building will be fully expanded and that’s it, as I did for my Bakery. It’s a rip off, you buy goods at X $, you sell at X $ Zynga takes a cut, ( is it 20%/) so you are losing money hand over foot.

    I think it would be better to make the love potions giftable, and bring the number down to say about 6 or 8 to breed. I have tried the breeding of sheep, done a few, but I’m not mad about it, I hear they are introducing breeding of pigs and cows, I may breed a few but I’m not wild about those either, I like my farm to look like a real farm, with natural colours for the animals, and I not fussed on the ridiculous fake trees either.

    Just wish they would fix the bugs before they bring more and more stuff out, on my husbands farm I have not been able to purchase anyone’s crafting goods, I keep getting error messages, but as I say, once the pub building is fully expanded I will not be crafting anymore.

    We need more crops to grow, and more real trees, and where a level one tree produces a level two tree, then I would like to see a level two tree to produce a level one tree again, as some of the older trees you cannot buy anymore.
    I like the orchards and trees, and thankfully Zynga have made them more affordable at 5 FV cash each, but there other stuff, horses, special buildings are way to expensive, I’m sure if they reduced the prices they would sell more, after all, as the saying goes, small profits – quick returns.

  60. Alik248 Says:


  61. Gavin Keating Says:

    We dont want to craft it! that would take forever! and besides what crops would make a love potion.
    what we want is, love potions that are able to be sent to farmville players.

  62. Melissa Benham Says:

    I would like to be able to do this, definitely. I find it really hard to get enough potions to breed with, now that a friend has shared with me some of the flashing sheep I really want to be able to. It’s also EXTREMELY difficult to get enough bottles to grow my lambs – and I think that limiting how many sheep we can have is a bit annoying…

  63. Stacy Wood Says:

    Does not make sense to me with the limits on breeding. What? now we can get to the point we can’t breed sheep…. quicker. I havn’t even gotten close to the limit of sheep, but I can’t breed on my English country side. Another thing that aggravates me is the special deliveries won’t give me watering cans like it use to. I’m not building anything else, just growing my saplings…, but I open some special deliveries hoping for watering cans….. what the heck, like I need more bicycle planters, old fashion bikes, or trees I’ve already mastered. Please switch back to the time when I could get 8 watering cans from my special deliveries to grow my saplings which I love to share. Oh I get it,,,,, we were sharing too much and it cut in to the profits because people weren’t spending as many farm dollars to get them. HUMBUG.

  64. Jenna Says:

    this would be nice.. but i only have 60 sheep on my farm and id like to quit being old i have 100.. id like to quit being told the problem will be fixed and then them not doing so.. i dont care about any new items atm.. whoopie…. easter items!!! who cares! how about fixing things like this first.. obviously sheep breeding is most popular as everyone can see… so fix whats needed to be fixed…

  65. Judy Orsborn Says:

    What is the point since I can’t breed anymore sheep? There is a limit on how many you can breed so I am not interested. I have sold several sheep that I bred because I thought I could breed more but guess what I still can’t breed them. This was fun till I reached my limit. So once again I would like to say what is the point.

  66. Zukira Phaera Says:

    Was suggesting they do this within a couple of hours of having my sheep pen and running out of potions. Remove the limit on the sheep too and its great. Still let us post the request though of course.

  67. stacy Says:

    being able to gift them would be better

  68. Razor Says:

    I probably have a year’s worth of fuel from crafting so being able to craft love potions would be simply awesome

  69. Ania21 Says:

    Yes! bottles too!
    ooh Fuel would be awesome lol =D

  70. kamila Says:

    I just got love potion from a gold truffle, how strange ?!

  71. Fefy Says:

    crafting is awesome !

  72. Leo Janowick Says:

    I would just love for them to fix the darn game, I haven’t been able to load my farm for two days now. Their support staff says they are aware of the problem, and are busy working on IT, but they keep coming out with new stuff before fixing the darn problems! FIX THE PROBLEMS FIRST!!! NONE OF THIS WILL BE USEFUL IF WE CAN’T PLAY!!!!

  73. Marcia Says:

    why does Zynga keep rolling out changes when not all players can play now? is that fair? Should all new changes or additions be stopped until the current access problems are fixed?

  74. judy Says:

    Hey, get the breeding fixed first. I do NOT have 100 bred sheep. And, no I do not want to craft for potions.

  75. Merry Says:

    Instead of rushing off to new projects, why don’t they take some time to make the things we already have work properly? I don’t have 100 sheep on my English farm, but I can’t breed anymore. I keep getting the 100 sheep limit notice. I would be able to breed more if I sold some sheep, as I have already done many times, but why should I have to sell my sheep if I’m not at the limit?

  76. Tom-azing Says:

    So many of these posts make me laugh.

    *have tons of problems w/ game loading? might be your browser more-so than Zynga, ALL the time

    *don’t want to make love potions? DON’T! stick w/ grabbing what you can day to day

    … I love breeding the sheep…. i too hope they get the “100″ limit issue fixed. Fix? NO LIMIT!! :)

  77. william Says:

    got on my farm…..and theirs a new button buy where u craft things….and in the sheep pen….its really confusing but i got working on them….

  78. Carole Says:

    I agree with most of Debra’s long post above…I’ve also been a player for a long time now. I have enjoyed FarmVille very much but there are some recent issues with it, that’s for sure.

    Neighbors: Zynga- must you keep sneaking in players that haven’t played in awhile -especially friends that never were our neighbor in the first place-in our “send back gift lists?” Very irritating! We shouldn’t have to pick through each list like it’s a mine field so we don’t waste our gifts. You want us to have over 300 neighbors but you only let us gift a fraction of the neighbors as it is. I really don’t want to waste what few gifts I am able to send out… YOU figure out how to get them back and keep me out of it please.

    Mystery gifts!!??!! For heaven’s sakes. Why are the gifts the same as they were last year? The only interesting gift in them is the rare FV cash and it never seems to show up in my FV cash total for some reason. Yikes! Please put some new things in them…anything! Hey-how ’bout some potions and/or bottles here too?

    Sheep breeding: Interesting activity but agree with many that I only have about 30-40 sheep and am over the limit. 100 is low as it is…

    Thanks for an interesting game and thanks for listening to my rantings…Carole

  79. Ellie Scholten Says:

    The best idea will be….crafting for FV-cash!!! :))

  80. Daisy Says:

    I have potion breeding in the EC. Field Beans, Asters, and a third crop to make potions. I just filled up my crafting building so I haven’t used it yet, but will tomorrow.

  81. David Tortorella Says:

    Now if only we can get bottles from the dairy barns!!! that would make it easer to grow the little ones. kinda like when you get watering cans form your orchards….

  82. Belinda Says:

    I have the love potion crafting available on my EC farm now, too. The third crop needed is English Peas (along with the Field Beans and Pink Asters). Finally. I never have enough potions.

    I also reached the “100 limit”. I know I don’t actually have that many sheep. I read on the forums that when you reach the “limit”, to take all the sheep out of your pen, refresh your farm and then put back in the 2 you want to breed and it will work w/o the limit pop-up. It worked for me. I have been able to breed more since I did that.

  83. Micsaw Says:

    How about milk also, when harvest your dairy barn you would also get milk bottles.

  84. Irazema Says:

    its rolling out! I just made one, it needs 4 field beans, 3 pinks asters, and 5 english peas. It takes 12hrs to complete :P!

  85. Skinny Says:

    Not only potions in the EC craft building…I have the ability to MAKE BRICKS in my home farm’s Bakery. Ginger, Coffee, and Peppers.

  86. Jherndz7 Says:

    It is so hard for me to get love potions……my friends haven’t been very generous lately. : (

  87. ann Says:

    ok we can now craft them….but can’t use them for sheep or pigs. Sigh. What’s the point if it’s just like any other craft item that we can only sell for fuel.
    Hope zynga r going to change this as this is BS

  88. Pamela Says:

    I just found out the ‘HARD WAY” when crafting the Love Potion — it is taking 8 hours to craft it. In the Pub I made the mistake of taking up 6 slots for this now that ties my Pub up for 8 hours making this crap. I am not going to be making very many Potions….Need to give my reward for the effort — not worth the trouble

  89. Ann Says:

    As for crafting potion great idea but is this going towards our daily limit as i have now hit it for first time ever the past 2 days now and I dont collect muchelse at all…anyone know anything bout this or running into same issue at all????

  90. Lucinda Says:

    I think it is ridiculous that it is so difficult to get the cool looking sheep and pigs. You have to wait until someone sends you one or post one on their wall…but the problem is many people have hundreds of friends and only a few can claim the rewards. I think it should be easier to get potions too…making it would be ok but only if you can use less to breed them and get some cool ones too.

  91. Laura Karl Says:





  92. Paul Mitchelll Says:

    can’t get the love potion I have in my gift box to the breading pins


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