FarmVille Holiday Countdown 2011: 12 Days of Christmas

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FarmVille Holiday Countdown 2011: 12 Days of Christmas

Posted on December 14, 2011 5:12 am by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess


FarmVille Holiday Countdown Day 1

FarmVille Holiday Countdown Day 2

FarmVille Holiday Countdown Day 3

FarmVille Holiday Countdown Day 4

FarmVille Holiday Countdown Day 5

FarmVille Holiday Countdown Day 6

FarmVille Holiday Countdown Day 7

FarmVille Holiday Countdown Day 8

FarmVille Holiday Countdown Day 9

FarmVille Holiday Countdown Day 10

FarmVille Holiday Countdown Day 11

FarmVille Holiday Countdown Day 12


The FarmVille 12 Days of Christmas are here in the new 2011 Holiday Countdown, where we are counting down the “holidays” or what we better know as Christmas Day!!!

Here’s how it works. Each day you participate in the Holiday Countdown by:

  • 1) Asking your friends for a Collectible by posting a Facebook News Feed share.
  • 2) A friend clicks on your News Feed post.
  • 3) You get the special prize.
Today kicks off the Holiday Countdown with Day 1. You will only need one friend to send you the collectible item to receive your Prize of the Day which is a Holiday Lamp Post.

Whenever you collect all 12 prizes for each day, you will receive a special exclusive bonus prize which is the Nutcracker Stallion (see below).

Here is the Prize Reveal for all 12 days of the Holiday Countdown, plus exclusive bonus prize:

FarmVille Holiday Countdown Completed

FarmVille Holiday Countdown Prizes:

  • FarmVille Holiday Countdown Day 1: Holiday Lamp Post
  • FarmVille Holiday Countdown Day 2: Gnome Snowglobe
  • FarmVille Holiday Countdown Day 3: Winter Tree Snowglobe
  • FarmVille Holiday Countdown Day 4: Nutcracker Outdoor Stage
  • FarmVille Holiday Countdown Day 5: Sheep Snowglobe
  • FarmVille Holiday Countdown Day 6: Reindeer Snowglobe
  • FarmVille Holiday Countdown Day 7: Nutcracker Gnome
  • FarmVille Holiday Countdown Day 8: Cow Snowglobe
  • FarmVille Holiday Countdown Day 9: Jingle Bell Tree
  • FarmVille Holiday Countdown Day 10: Nutcracker Sheep
  • FarmVille Holiday Countdown Day 11: Nutcracker Ballerina Cub
  • FarmVille Holiday Countdown Day 12: Unicorn Snowglobe
  • FarmVille Holiday Countdown Bonus: Nutcracker Stallion


FarmVille Nutcracker Stallion Notice

Thank you to FarmVille Freak Oodi for the heads up!

Will you participate in this Countdown? What do you think of the prizes?

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44 Responses to “FarmVille Holiday Countdown 2011: 12 Days of Christmas” »

  1. Lorin Beach Says:

    I gotone! Don’t know what it does, but I got it! :)

  2. ewa matusiak Says:

    please :))

  3. EDUARDO Says:


  4. Katie Says:

    where are the rest of the prize preview?????

  5. catherine Says:

    this should be good- IF wall posts actualy work that is…..

  6. Neil Says:

    I just tried it and it did NOT work.

    Normal Zinga result on first day of software update.

  7. Ricky Says:

    Thanks for giving us this info. Looking forward for tis

  8. Remco Says:

    Great more free stuff… And if there are some items I do not really like, I’ll sell them, supplying me with free coins. So let it snow! Offcourse I’ll partitcipate, hell yeah!

  9. rachie Says:

    I’ve been lucky enough to have a small 3 day booked soon so won’t be able to farm those days. Will I be able to catch up on this if I miss 3 days?

  10. Rob G. Says:

    WOW they have a thing for snow globes!!!!
    BTW it started for me last past midnight and I missed the 1st day!!!
    Seems that Zynga didn’t release it fast enough!!!!

  11. Meg Says:

    Five out of twelve items are friggin’ snowglobes? One would be plenty!

  12. Meg Says:

    Wait, wait, wait….SIX OUT OF TWELVE items are snowglobes?!

  13. Joyce Says:

    The gifts are all nice…a little heavy on the snow globes but what the heck! Unfortunately, it isn’t like last year, when you could get 10 of each thing because one of those Ballerina cubs ISN’T ENOUGH!! She is so cute…can’t wait to get it! I may be tempted to buy a second, maybe even a third!

  14. tami Says:

    ok…nice and all but why sooo many snow globes? Why not mix it up more! Oh well, they are free so I shouldn’t complain right!!! I do remember back in the good ole days when there was 12 days of prizes…you can click on as many as you wanted from neighbors and you could get more than one…now, now you just get one! I love FV but lately they are rather greedy I say!

  15. J Says:

    Do you have to log in every day or can I log in a few days from now and still catch up on past days gifts??

  16. Pooh Says:

    Cute prizes. The ballerina cub is the cutest, no doubt!

    I guess, we have to login everyday to ask the daily items. Not sure if the ‘Ask’ button would still be visible if that day has passed.
    This looks like the FV Birthday countdown in which we had to collect some items daily for 10-12days. I had to login daily to ask items in that.

  17. Jo Ann Merriman Says:

    I can’t share or post to get these items. Other than clicking on them when someone else posts them, is there a way to get them?

  18. Judy Hamilton Says:

    12 days of christmas countdown it will not post for me and this is noting new I can’t get any thing to post either paid for it or tried to catch it on the home page I have spent a lot of money playing farmville if there is anything that can be done i would realy like that

  19. Andrea Says:

    Considering the amount of people you need to ask is increasing, e.g. on the 12th day 12 people need to click it, it’s a bit annoying.
    The prices aren’t that great either, until you have it all. Plus, the last one is lame. The only good think is the Stallion.

  20. KaraS Says:

    @J, I’m pretty sure you have to post every day to get all the free items. But if you miss a day you can purchase the gift you missed for farmcash if you like.

    Lots of snowglobes. I think I’ll put some of them on my other farms, don’t need 6 on my WW.

  21. janice Says:

    And most of us would love it if we could actually post the requests, but they don’t work!

  22. eka Says:

    is it posible that you put links for asking friends for things like in the other quests cause i can’t publish help requests :’((((((( and that ones my friends publis expires so fast :((((((

  23. Sara Says:

    I see several others are having trouble getting the requests posted. This happens to me on many things, and I don’t understand. One of the other thing that happens to me is that frequently I don’t receive gifts that have been sent (and no, my gift box isn’t full). A third odd thing on my farm is that often when I go to harvest individual animals or items such as the wildlife habitat or cow pasture, the items become much lighter in color, but they don’t actually harvest.

    If someone has solutions to one or all of these oddities, I would be delighted for you to solve my mystery(ies). There MUST be someone out there (out here?) who can help! Please, please!

  24. Kerrie Davis Says:

    HELP! I can’t post requests for the countdown. I was able to help friends for the first 4 & finished them, but now when I click on friend’s requests for 5 & 6 it says this post has expired on all of them. How am I supposed to finish the 12 days when I can’t post request & can’t get them from friends?
    Please someone help me out here!

  25. Jackie Says:

    It will not post to the news I have to wait for other people to post so I can click on theirs..this is helpful to them as well as me except I keep getting sorry time has expired for many of their feeds..I am so frustrated with this as I love the game but cannot play it to its full potential….I dont want to lose out because of something that is out of my control.

  26. Claire Says:

    I like the IDEA of gathering all of these items BUT MY DAMN LINK DOESN’T FRIKKEN WORK!

  27. Gracie Pollard Says:

    When I post my requests for the 12 days of Christmas items, they do NOT post, so I do not receive any from my friends! Can you fix this for me please?!?!??? Thank you, Gracie P.S. Please advise! TY

  28. Geri Says:

    I have not been able to get the holiday presents when I ask or after I share one with someone and then go and look in my gift box and nothing… What is the problem here????? Can someone give a solution.

  29. Lendaskin Says:

    This should be good…
    If wall posts actually work …..
    Doesn’t work as usual for too many days (around 1 month !!).
    WHAT TO DO ?? Please.
    No link to try it by farmvillefeed or farmvillefreak ?????????

  30. Vickie Says:

    I click on mine but it never shows up, my friends never see it so how am I supposed to get any of them when it wont work?

  31. JuleB Says:

    I can’t find the link to see what gifts I have and/or need. I found it once but now don’t know where it is. Help Please!

  32. 'xander Says:

    The prizes arn’t that good.
    needed to be more Gnomes and Trees.
    Snowglobes and animals are boring!.

  33. lola Says:

    i like the prizes you probably cant repost because you have to wait 3 hours hope it helps i cant wait until the prize comes out for days 7 11 12

  34. Snesgamer Says:

    I’m going until Day 8 for the Jingle Bell Tree – then I’m done.

  35. Edelweiss Says:

    I cannot publish, so how should I get those prices then, as I cannot help my neighbours fast enough to get those via them.
    Greetings Caroline

  36. Leora Says:

    My request for holday countdown is not posting…….I’m stuck on day 8 and have been for several days. How am I suppose to complete if the request for items do not post?? I’m 1/2 way through and didn’t really want to quit collecting. Is there an answer to this problem????

  37. Kathy Says:

    I can’t get my 12 days of Christmas to post it’s not working and I have to fight to get them off the feed I wrote zynga 2 times and they said they would fix it and haven’t I still need 2 #5 do u have a link for each of them ? Thanks I keep trying to post it busts say waiting

  38. Stacy Craig Says:

    Im trying to collect the twelve days of Christmas gifts it will say i have the gift when i go to my gift box it wont be there plus it never shows up i did it even though i did anybody have any ideas

  39. Fed user FV user Says:

    crap game, has gone completely down the drain, the bigger it gets – the worse it gets, quests don’t function, postings don’t function, gifts disappear and if you dare complain on the forum and they ban you. No wonder they can go to the stock-market, they are robbing people blind. Taking their money for a game that doesn’t function properly.

  40. meinir titman Says:

    good fun but tonight all should be gifted that do not make put stalion in there box please peace and love its Christmas day

  41. Michelle Says:

    Can not post any more of these to get the prize it says temporary limited access to this web site. I am willing to play the game and post them. But i am not going to buy all of the items that it will not let me post.

  42. Michelle Harris Says:

    I can not post any more of these. It says temporary limited access to this website due to security reasons. I am willing to play the game and post all of the days. But I am not going to buy all of the items for each day.

  43. Angelique Says:

    Oooohhh. That’s what you get for finishing – I wouldn’t know since I haven’t been able to finish yet! The dang feeds expire so fast if no one clicks it the first 15 minutes, you’re out of luck for 3 hours. . .


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