FarmVille Holiday Gifts and Gift Giving Wraps Up Tomorrow!

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FarmVille Holiday Gifts and Gift Giving Wraps Up Tomorrow!

Posted on January 5, 2011 12:09 am by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Holiday Presents

Tis the season for FarmVille Holiday Gift giving, and it’s about to expire!

The Holiday season is wrapping up in FarmVille with the Holiday Tree and free giftable Holiday Gifts ending tomorrow on Thursday, January 6th 2011.

After January 6th you will no longer be able to send FarmVille Holiday Gifts to your FarmVille neighbors via the Gifting Page. Additionally the “Ask for Parts” button will be disabled and you will not be able to purchase the Holiday Tree (if you accidentally sell or delete yours) or Holiday Gifts in the Market.

FarmVille Holiday Gifts in Giftbox

Did you enjoy the Holiday festivities in FarmVille this year? What did you think about the presents (redeemable prizes) compared to last year?

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50 Responses to “FarmVille Holiday Gifts and Gift Giving Wraps Up Tomorrow!” »

  1. Tony Says:

    I liked it! MUCH better than opening hundreds of gold ornaments and chickens like we did last year!

  2. Jean Donnel Says:

    Yes, but guess I need to open all my gifts tonight now. Wish I had storage space to put my Christmas decorations. It was all used up with the Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations. :(

  3. vickie Says:

    is there a date on the snowmen producing water cans?

  4. jai Says:

    greedy zynga ..used it for money making …. stallion—-> buying more horse… stupid idea fu..k

  5. MMH Says:

    Thought the chance to get a stallion was a definite WINNER!! Much more fun than the decorations most of us sold after last years event because we didn’t have room to store them! Bravo Zynga! You did good this time!

  6. maria BLANCO Says:

    Well your game still malfunctions all the time….The workshop i had to expand maybe 3 to 4 times…I have lots of paper, cookes and lights that are suppost to pay me 100 coins foe each but has not given me a penny…It s being 4 days now that i can’t harvest my workshop….So, my answer is…IT STILL SUCKS!!! Maria

  7. Heather Says:

    Can we still share the ones INSIDE the tree later on? Like the Thanksgiving thing, I still have the table and can redeem mystery boxes or whatever. I want to hang on to all those presents I collected and continue giving mystery gifts and stuff thruout the year.

  8. vicky Says:

    no i did not like it much was hard to get people to rsvp..but i still have all my wrapping paper and cookie sheets in my gift box still wouldnt let me or many other use them still dont know what they were for was told to finish quest well i finished all the quest and still tells me to wait not ready for these bummer

  9. delores Says:

    I loved it,. But I never got one bit of credit for selling off all those extra cookies,lights and wrapping paper.I had 20 some of each.The gifts were a nice mixture and I was able to obtain 3 stallions plus all the rest.

  10. gina Says:

    the quests were early once u finished them if u had paper or lights left it does say save for later but if u finished the quest there is no later ! the workshop you couldnt collect from anymore around the 1st of January maybe sooner . I do hope they let us expand storage due to sooo much Christmas stuff I am near capacity !

  11. Kathy Says:

    yes it tells u that about the quest u can just sell the extras, the ones u used for the quest automatic was used. I had extras and sold 100 coins each. I likes it all but the rsvp. Soon as they got their 40 they didnt care if they clicked on urs or not. I dont like where u have to depend on someone else to be able to finish something.Well Im ready for Valentines Day Hopefully they put things out before its time to quit collecting.

  12. gina Says:

    my 4 snowmen I built all produce watering cans every day !

  13. Rose Says:

    I liked it. Except for the same as others: no 100 coins for wrapping paper, cookies, or holiday lights!!! Liked the gifting of the Winter Whimsey to 5 others.

  14. Terri Says:

    I love this years Christmas presents a lot more. It was easier and I had a blast. Got two snow stallions and I didn’t even have to save up for them. Thank you and happy 2011 Zynga<3

  15. jason Says:

    the was probably the best rewards for gift collecting. lots and lots of choices and i collected this one, i collected the most…mainly to get the stallion that i always wanted in the stable. and no one is forcing you to buy horses to fill your stables with.

    i collected just over 800 and a neighbor collected just over 1200. wow!

    as for the workshop generating gifts…the amount was pretty lame. so i just did a level one to get the snow and lights feature. my neighbors stepped up for the rest of the gifts.

  16. Tinian Says:

    Although the holiday gifting worked really well. I collected 500 more gifts so I could send the snow stallion to a neighbor who has none but when I went to redeem for the snow stallion and the window for sending it to a friend came up it stated “send Snow Stallion to 0 friends” and the page was blank. Really made me mad because of all that time collecting the gifts so this poor neighbor could get a stallion from me.

    Also the new years barn quit allowing invites with no notice…I have 39 guests and was one away from getting the disco pony and now I cannot get that ONE PERSON to accept invitation so I can get pony. That also bummed me out. *sigh*

  17. Rita Marcucci Says:

    my first goal was to get the snow stalion and I have it and give one to my husband as present the rest like the fox and co we were able to share also this was very funny and much better than the others ,there is no reason for having 1000 and 1000 of gifts !

  18. Debi Says:

    @ Tinian, you should have sent in a support ticket regarding your stallion. The same thing happened to me when I redeemed for the Kodiak. It said to pick 2 friends but when I clicked on that the next pop up was blank, I sent a ticket to Zynga with the names of my neighbors I wanted to give them to and they both got it in their gift boxes within 2 days.
    I too enjoyed the Holiday Workshop more than the Holiday tree last year. I was able to collect over 1,800 gifts and got myself a Snow Stallion as well as one of each of the other items, plus left overs to still give out. But as many others do, I still have left over wrapping paper , lights and cookies that say they sell for 100 coins. I try to sell 1 each day and still get nothing for them. This I also sent in a support ticket about but never got an answer from Zynga. They seem to pick and choose what it important and what is not. But hanging on to them just in case they ever decide to do something about them.

  19. Tina Turner Says:

    If you have the gifts in your giftbox but not under your tree, do they expire/disappear? (when the time runs out)

  20. Eva Hansen Says:

    Stop .Don`t send me more Holydaygifts. Xmas is over on my farm.

  21. shof Says:

    i think its crappy on zynga part of disable the collecting of the workshop 4 days ago so we cant get any more gifts….wtf!!!!1

  22. Tom Says:

    This year was pritty fun, but I tought you were going to be able to harvest presents when visiting neighbours, but that option never hit the game.

  23. Chris Says:

    I can’t harvest my Workshop for days now

  24. Annie Says:

    What are we to do with the lights, wrapping paper and cookies clogging up our gift boxes??????????
    So tired of seeing “your game is out of sync” when will this be fixed?? Happens all the time when buying and using goods………………
    christmas gifts were ok

  25. lynn Says:

    what are we supposed to do with the xmas tree now? you can’t store it. I don’t really want to sell it but I don’t want it all year around on my farm. I also had the problem with the snow stallion and sent a ticket to Zynga but my friend never got the gift.

  26. cindy wood Says:

    I thought that u stoppin the rewards for gifts from the workshop should have lasted till the end of the season or when everything else quit. and the deal with the new years eve party really bummed me out cause i had 29 people join mine and it said my party was full and i couldn’t except anymore so i was not able to get the disco pony which i thought was a crock. now i can’t get and i don’t think that was fair on ur part. why does ur game screw up so much?? that’s what makes me mad!!!!

  27. deb Says:

    love it but i wish i received the snow horse before it it over

  28. teri Says:

    my gifts went from saying “23 hours left!” last night to “7 days left!” today! malfunction? or extension? where you at farmville freaks?

  29. julianna Says:

    i liked it i just feel that we should be able to buy items for coin to notjust farmdollars and farmville should be played on all devices my pandigital plays all their other games

  30. Carlos Says:

    Same thing for me went from a few hours left to 7days left what gives?

  31. Doug Says:

    the workshop is a mess.

    It stopped working and when I clicked on it it gave an option to store. I clicked on store and it said, “oops, you can’t store a building with snow, so here’s some lights to make up for it” then it DISAPPEARED!!!!! GONE!

    Meanwhile on my second farm, the workshop is giving out gifts to day. I just harvested it and got three.

    Also, the pink triangles are gone over ready to harvest trees. Zynga sucks. And I am stupid to keep playing. What’s wrong with me?!

  32. Namo Says:

    I simply adored three major gifts: The stallion, of course… the fox and the bear. Found it really nice that we could gift to our choice of friends. The problem with the snowman’s magic hat was compensated with farm cash, now that was really nice of them. So we don’t get the 100 coins for the leftover paper, lights etc, but so what… I liked this year’s “holiday season”!

  33. Carlos Says:

    I didn’t try to workshop I didn’t deal with any of those issues. I hope it really is 7 more days that would be great so I have enough time to get a ton of other things. I’ve gotten 2100 gifts so far and one of my neighbors has 6200 wow! I want 1 or 2 more snow stallions.

  34. Kayley Says:

    @Annie – It’s called SELLING the items. You don’t need to keep cookies, wrapping paper, etcetera, as they were just for the missions. I don’t understand why people hoard with this game so much, it’s ridiculous.

  35. Nélia Says:

    I’m very sad!!! I didn’t have enough gifts to have a Stallion and The horses inside my stable are complaining and sad!!! I’d need a few more days to have the 500 gits!!!! :( !!!!

  36. Kathryn Says:

    well, hmm … r u guys sure about the gifts thing? The reason I ask is because after several days of my workshop not working, suddenly today it works and came with a message that it will continue until 02/03/2011. So maybe the winter holidays / christmas theme is being phased out slowly.

  37. Amber Says:

    I know that gifting the holiday gifts and asking for them ends tomorrow (thursday 6 January 2011)… but ….

    Does this mean I have to redeem my gifts for the snow stallion now? If I have to do it now I still need 170 gifts so I’ll have to spend the farmcash for the stallion.

    However if I don’t have to redeem my gifts right now I’ll wait until I can harvest enough on my own.

    Basically what I am asking is when is the last day to get the snow stallion?

  38. Kyra Says:

    Same thing happened to me, Terri!

  39. vickie Says:

    i can’t wait for this to be over. i liked last year better for farmville holiday gifts. i got bored with this one too fast. i don’t know what might be better, but i would love to see something different. the valentines, the eggs, the wedding, holiday, shamrocks etc all the same.

  40. Anwesha Says:

    I think it has been now extended by Zynga for seven more days. I can harvest my winter workshop again.

  41. Nicole Says:

    Hi there, I’m just wondering how I can solve this problem:
    I’ve been trying to redeem Holiday Gifts for items so that I can send to my friends today, but it has not been working. Whenever I get to the share window & click on share besides anyone’s name, my game freezes, then the game comes up with the “out of sync message” & clicking okay refreshes the entire window & resulting in losing the option to post the gift to friends. Does anyone else having this problem? What can I do to solve this problem? I feel really frustrated & sad that I may not be able to send out gifts today.. ;_; I really want to send them to my friends before it’s too late! Please, I’d really appreciate some advice, thanks for your time. <3

  42. teri Says:

    amber- as long as you have the gifts past the deadline you can buy things. I still have my wedding tent. and if i wanted to use up my things I could. the deadline is a cut off of sending and receiving. you wont loose your tree till you sell it. if your gifts are in your box you can still add them past the deadline too. you just wont get more.

    they always extend deadlines though. so im not surprised and very happy!

  43. billyboy Says:

    i got 600 gifts so redeemed them for my stallion but when i looked in my gift box it was gone no stallion for me thanks zynga ill never get enough holiday gifts now to try again & im not paying so that was a waste of time also having trouble with the snowmen im getting 10 mystery seedlings every orchard harvest & only getting a few watering cans each day from my four snowmen that i cant finish as no one is sending me magic hats i have played farmville since it started & its getting unplayable now full of errors slow loading & now im level 87 its getting tedious sort it out zynga

  44. Feraye Says:

    I can’t open my holiday gifts? Why?

  45. there Says:

    i can’t open the gifts either, but after logging in after that they were in my gitft box.
    but i’m pretty disappointed that after the 25th winter whimsy,
    I still don’t got the snow stallion – is it really that rare?
    and is there any reason that the holiday gifts are no longer re- giftable?
    the funny thing ist that the holiday gifts can be still send as a gift, two weeks after they should’nt be there anymore, I am a little bi confused.

  46. Laura Says:

    Everytime i buy my last 5 presents my game becomes “out of sync” bloody annoying

  47. em Says:

    Question: When can I open the presents that I have under the tree? I have the holiday tree; and still keep getting presents….or is it that I traded them in for other gifts? Kind of confused…and tired of looking at my tree. But, if I can still get presents, like last year; I want to!

  48. darren Says:

    when is the last day to harvest the winter workshop is it today or the 2nd of march ??

  49. Lynne Says:

    Is there a way to get a gift tree if you have already deleted the one we were given? If not, can any gifts not opened be saved until next year?

  50. Connie Says:

    very disappointed. have not been able to collect MOST of the gifts sent to me :-(