FarmVille Increases Bushel Capacity!

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FarmVille Increases Bushel Capacity!

Posted on April 27, 2011 11:10 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Balloon Bushel

With tonight’s regularly scheduled updates, FarmVille also increased our Bushel capacity!

The amount of Bushels that you are allowed to keep depends on how many Market Stalls that you own. The old limitation was set to 100, this is now the starting point for the minimum amount of owning one Market Stall. For every Market Stall that you own, your Bushel capacity will increase by 25. The maximum amount is now 200 stored Bushels for 5 Market Stalls.

Read below from FarmVille:

“With tonight’s update we’ve also altered the total amount of bushels you can have stored on your farm. Previously the limit was 100; currently the base limit is 100, and you get to store an additional 25 bushels for every Market Stall after the first for a maximum of 200. Here’s an easy way of looking at it the new bushel capacity cap:

  • 1 Market Stall – 100 Bushels
  • 2 Market Stalls – 125 Bushels
  • 3 Market Stalls – 150 Bushels
  • 4 Market Stalls – 175 Bushels
  • 5 Market Stalls – 200 Bushels

Happy farming!”

Thank you to FarmVille Freaks EmilyVine and Dab-a-roo for letting us know about this news.

Are you satisfied with the new Bushel capacity?

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42 Responses to “FarmVille Increases Bushel Capacity!” »

  1. dotlizard Says:

    Zynga is actually listening to us on the forums. They’re asking the questions, letting us answer, and they’ve changed things based on what’s being said over there.

    Kudos to them for that.

  2. chandra Says:

    About freakin’ time is all I can say! ^_^

  3. Kerrinda Says:


  4. sabrina Says:


  5. Chuck Weltz Says:

    Now they need to have shelter/stable/etc for reindeer elephants penguins and the other animals. and have animal trough and beehive in the English Countryside Farm.

  6. gretchen miller Says:

    are they going to take it away after about a month?? like the special sheep and pigs???

  7. brian Says:

    awesome, it is not easy when you have to plan around bushels and give lots away and end up needing them the next day, This is a nice change

  8. glo Says:

    Gee thanks….and where am I supposed to put more market stalls? I know they are small but I have so much on my farm now I can hardly make room for crops!

  9. Anita B. Says:

    @ Gio, there’s a little thing called STORAGE. Use it.

  10. A Oct Says:

    Well I just bought a camo ram and breed with my lime green sheep and got a nice PLAIN WHITE SHEEP !!!!!!Can I get my 30 FV cash back!Buyer beware problem with breeding not fixed yet!!!

  11. John Grant Says:

    They Stated it would be sometime tonight that you are allowed to breed such…So try again tomorrow A Oct!

  12. Johnny Glaze Says:

    I’d like to see Dirt Road, & Smoke, From my Ovens…Realizing Smoke is highly pixelated, it will probably crash the flash player.

  13. Geoff Says:

    About freakin’ time… those of us who had all three crafting buildings (plus one in England) have been doing a delicate balancing act for a long time!

  14. Logan LalaKuh Millsaps Says:

    Mine is set at 100

  15. Eric Says:

    I can’t believe how much people gripe on this game.

  16. Vicki Says:

    Wow, big deal for FV….doesn’t matter, I’m not concerned about any of it until they give back the fancy pigs and sheep they’ve taken that I spent a lot of real $$$ toward (potions bottles), and sleepless nights to breed! BOYCOTT! They’ll probably be removing this or something else sooner or later too…

  17. Khushboo Says:

    This is the best news I have heard all week.. Zynga is finally listening.. Thank you…

  18. Mista Meana Says:

    too little, too late

  19. Deborah Says:

    Thanks so much, Zynga. I appreciate this increase, and I’m not going to add a sarcastic “but” as so many others have posted. You have created a lovely game for us to play, with many decorating options that can be purchased without FV cash. I play a lot, and have amassed millions of coins; others can do the same. Just as in the real world, we can’t always have everything we want just because we want it. I had to shake my head in disbelief when I read the post wherein the writer complained she would have to buy more market stalls to get the increase… a total ingrate who is not very neighborly, either.

    Thanks, again, Zynga. Life is good!

  20. wow Says:

    now can u make storage’s connect to both farms…

  21. Sharon Myhre Says:

    Thank you so much it has been a real struggle to make receipes because of the limited bushels.

  22. Sue Says:


  23. Jessica Says:

    its about freggin time!

  24. Moony Says:

    ่just temporary stop playing farmville this week.
    Finally I can leave the farms after first playing in Oct 2009.
    So happy without farms.

    I hardly complain on anything as many here says it is just a game and just play as you like. lol
    However, the bushel limit is irritated for a long time.
    Thanks Z for listening to us.

    I will play again this weekend to finish the new quest.

    Happy Farming everyone.

  25. Margo Says:

    My storage isn’t increased yet, but I did buy a star ram and bred it to a polka dot ewe and got a star ewe. Things are looking up!!

  26. bender.chic Says:

    This is friggin awesome! Just when I was getting bored with FV, they come up with new quests and bigger bushel capacity! I’m getting excited about the game again!

  27. Sharon Goodwin Says:

    I dearly love this idea. We can use all the room we can get. Gonna be much more fun. The only thing I wish is that we can continue using it for our Love Potions. Other wise I’m really happy about this new change. Thanks bunches.

  28. cw Says:

    calling for a TOTAL UTTER BOYCOTT OF ALL THINGS ZYNGA for 7 (YES SEVEN) days. spread the word… or are you ALL TOO ADDICTED?

  29. happyfarmer Says:

    I am still limited to 100 – maybe it’s a slow rollout?

  30. Laydiefa Seken Farmer Says:

    please activate both bushel markets too. i can’t produce much craft (in exchange for fuel) if only one farm is activated.

  31. nikki Says:

    A great idea and much overdue but welcome ~ although I am still at 100. Patience lol

  32. Anne Says:

    5 stalls…100 bushel limit still…??

  33. Neil Says:

    The same here Anne.

    9 hours after release I still have the 100 bushel limit.

    A real slow rollout — Eastern PA is almost as far away from SF, CA as you can get.
    But a plane could have flown between SF & NYC & back in this much time.

  34. Sharon Says:

    I think it’s great! Now if it would only work! I added market stall to both farms to I’d have five on each, still have capacity of only 100.

  35. Texas Becky Says:

    I think this is great if they actually do it. I’ve not seen an increase in capacity on either farm although I have 4 stalls on each. I also didn’t see anything about this in the FV forums.

  36. pnutty02 Says:

    When is this going into effect? I read this last night and so far I’m still at 100 and I have all 5 stalls… is it slowly rolling out? I’m so happy they finally did this!! I hate wasting perfectly good bushels lol :)

  37. faye Says:

    would be nice. however my bushel capacity still says 100.

  38. Farmer Dan Says:

    I think they’re still having problems with the bushel capacity increase. I, and most of my neighbors, are still stuck with the 100 limit.

  39. ngawang chodron Says:

    I still have a 100 bushel limit, even though I have several market stalls!!

  40. Neil Says:

    Still at 100 bushel limit – over 20 hours after it was announced.

    Real s-l-o-w rollout. Normal for zinga.

  41. Neil Says:

    Almost 30 hours after announcement –

    Has anyone seen the bushel limit over 100?

    Is this going to happen?

    Or are we going to have to wait months, like 28×28 for coins expansion??


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