FarmVille Increases Level Cap on Free Farm Cash Reward!

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FarmVille Increases Level Cap on Free Farm Cash Reward!

Posted on May 4, 2011 4:12 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Farm Cash

Yesterday, FarmVille finally allowed players above Level 100 to level up to their true level.

Even more good news, the Farm Cash Rewards cap that rewards players with 1 Free Farm Cash at each new level, has also increased to Level 250! Previously players did not receive anymore free Farm Cash after achieving Level 100. And it just keeps getting better- players above 100 will receive all the accumulated free Farm Cash that they would have received for leveling up at each level. For example, if you are level 150, then you will find that 50 Free Farm Cash (1 Farm Cash per Level) has been added to your Farm Cash bank!

FarmVille Freak M's Level Up Farm Cash Notice

Note, this feature may be slowly rolling out, so hold tight and wait for the Farm Cash to flow.

From the official FarmVille Blog:

The Level Cap on Farm Cash Rewards Raised
Note: We are rolling out this change today so please be patient if you don’t have it just yet. You will soon!

Today we’ve started the process of raising the level cap on the Farm Cash reward, which is normally given to you as you go up in level from Level 1 to Level 100. We’re now extending this to Level 250; those of you that have gone up above Level 100 already will have this Farm Cash retroactively added to your account.

Thank you everyone for playing, and we hope enjoy the addition of Farm Cash that can become available to you!” (Source: FarmVille Blog)

FarmVille Neighbors Over Level 100

Are you excited about this new perk for leveling up past 100? We think it’s great that FarmVille is rewarding the hardest working farmers, as they should be!

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70 Responses to “FarmVille Increases Level Cap on Free Farm Cash Reward!” »

  1. Wish Says:

    I just got mine. I’m level 123 and they gave me 23 fv cash :D

  2. shannon Says:

    YES!!! 172!

  3. dani Says:

    This is great news but you would think that your loyal players that are 100+ would get at least 5 FV cash for each additonal level past 100..Look at how much money they have spent on FV cash at this point and some of us have 6 farms…We deserve more than 1 FV Cash per level.. Thanks

  4. joe Says:


  5. Lynn Says:

    This is hilarious. I have neighbors that are level 300-400.. Guess they’ve got 250 farm cash coming their way! LOL

  6. Ev Says:

    @Dani—-Why can’t you just be happy that you got anything!!! People are so damn greedy!!!!

  7. adrian Says:

    goes to show you cant please everyone all of the time lol

  8. Dan Says:

    I was wondering how long they would keep ignoring players above 100. It’s good that they finally decided to do those above 100 some justice.

  9. jennifer serafin Says:

    yesterday I hit level 102 , and they gave me 1 fc but then it said I had to refresh game and when I came back they took back the FC

  10. Sue Says:

    Considering we were getting nothing, and now we’re getting something, I see that as a PLUS. Thank you, Zynga, for considering the FV players above Level 100.

  11. Kyle Says:

    I just got to level 84.

  12. Anita B. Says:


  13. Cathy Says:

    About time!

  14. Cindy Says:

    Awesome!!!!!! Thank you very much! I’m not there…. yet, but my husband and some friends are there.

  15. Laurie Says:

    Jeez Dani your not happy with the farm cash you got, you want $5 for each level… you must be out of your mind. lol Who cares that you have more then one farm or how much you spend on farm cash…. it’s one farm cash per level for everyone!! I spend money on the game too but that doesn’t make me anymore special then the players that don’t spend a penny!!! I say Thanks Zynga !!!!!!!!

  16. nutty Says:

    lol @ Cindy being excited for something that she doesn’t even play

  17. beth sommer Says:

    i loss so many gifts and stupid things ….i play alot but not as much since the gifts and money disapears

  18. Rob Says:

    Unbelievable that someone above (Dani) actually has the nerve to complain about this! You don’t “deserve” anything. Ridiculous.

  19. Kuibo Says:

    This is good news!,… any amount of FV cash after level 100 is a good one 4 me!… I’m still 9 levels short,… but I’m getting there!…

  20. prd2bcdn Says:

    What a nice surprise tonight!! Thanks Zynga!

  21. Laura Lee Says:

    Yes, I’m at level 104 right now, and it takes a while to level up… But I’m glad that we get something! :) We people over 100 are quite loyal! So any farmcash for us is a joy for us! :)

  22. Teone Says:

    haha my highest neighbour is level 3400+ guess hes got alot coming his way

  23. bobByCROCHET Says:

    OMG I JUST GOT 298 FARMCASH IM LEVEL 398 THIS IS BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    please add mea as a neighbor i add everyone daily player i feed chickens and fertilize everyday and i send items that cost farmcash if i have it

  24. Carol Menhennett Says:

    I can’t believe how childish some ‘adults’ are……its a rule 1 FVC per level, everyone knew that when they started playing. I expect no more or no less just because I am over level l00….for heaven sakes, just say thank you and be happy you got something.

  25. JOAN Says:

    Thank you Farmville Im so very pleased thats awesome.

  26. Fred Says:

    This is great news, I’m at level 87 and was thinking of quitting when I got to 100 but now I guess I’m just going to have to play forever! Lol :o)

  27. coia Says:

    My level is 126 and i was getting tired of this…
    I am glad they give me “MY” Green money!! I work for it!

  28. Razor Says:

    This is awesome! Seems like Zynga is really trying to make their loyal customers happy!!!

    I am level 151, so just got 51 FV Cash. So needless to say I am very Very happy about this….

    Way to go Zynga!!!

  29. Mark Says:

    I’m only level 98, but it’s awesome to know that when I get there I won’t miss out on anything.

  30. Noah Says:

    Thank you Zynga, much appreciated! :)

  31. teresa johnson Says:

    level 3400+ ?????????? u sure u typed that rt , lol

  32. teresa johnson Says:

    n cindy meant she’s not at 100… yet

  33. Amanda Says:

    i am almost level 96 & was worried that i would get bored w the game once i reached level 100 but now i am so glad 2 hear they raised the cap, this is awesome news,

  34. Kimberly H. Says:

    Perfect timing…..I just hit lvl 100 yesterday!

  35. cyndi Says:

    awwwsome Bobby C…bet it killed them to have to give that much to one player…i’m level 107 and very happy to get farm cash…love getting free cash…sure beats paying for cards

  36. Goni Says:

    Just one word: Cool! :)

  37. Mayla Says:


    Seriously….do you think we are all stupid? There is no way you just got 298 FV Cash….it says clearly that the cap was raised to 250, so the max you would get is 150 FV Cash. I think you’re just trying to get more people to add you to their farms….you might want to read the whole post before you go lying about crap….

  38. Jennifer Says:

    I’m happy they are doing this.. but I kinda dislike the term “loyal” player. I’m a very loyal player but not even close to 100. I have a life outside of farmville too (baby, work, school, etc.) so just found that just a bit off.. But it’s good though that those over 100 get FV cash.. I had no idea they didn’t which isn’t fair. Glad they are getting on the ball with these things! Guess they didn’t expect to have quite the response farmville has, hahaha

  39. FarmerB81 Says:

    About time they threw their loyal players a bone!!!!!

  40. maria Says:

    Zynga – I am EXTREMELY PROUD of this decision… Thank you for finally for looking at your loyal players and rewarding them with what is fair play… Economic times are hard – please continue to look into some of your other items as coin purchases instead of FC, I am sure for alot of people out there including myself this would help immensely…. Kudos to making it fair for all of us….

  41. Snoopy05 Says:

    I too am clos to 100 and was thinking I would get bored after sitting at 100. Nice reward Zynga!!

  42. farmvilleplayer Says:


  43. Betsy Says:

    I’m only at level 77, but that makes me happy. I don’t buy FC so I rely on the dollar I get each new level. I can save up for something good that way.

  44. sakura Says:

    Guess they, the Zynga’s finally feeling the pinch of losing their players from the sheep fiasco. But anyway, this is a good decision to reward the above level 100 players. Thumbs up for this.

  45. Doris Says:

    Thanks Zynga, for finally acknowledging your long-time players! I’m at Level 115 now and it took a lot of work, especially at the beginning with no farmhands, no arborists, harvesters, seeders, plows, and extra XP’s. We had to click each plot by hand 3 times each to harvest, plow and then plant, and also click on each animal and tree to harvest them and we didn’t get extra XP’s in mystery boxes or from people harvesting their stables. People that are in the really high levels (200+) must be getting there by buying FarmCash, which I, unfortunately, can’t do since I have been unemloyed for over 2 years. So I’m just doing it the good old way, by working hard on my farm and leveling up with no extra help. So I appreciate you doing this for us!

  46. Nick Says:

    for the first time in the last whole month i’m happy about some change by zynga. lol good job.

  47. marli colturato Says:

    GREAT!!! thanks!!

  48. Naomi Says:

    It was a nice surprise to get the notice about the retroactive farm cash. Thank you Zynga for doing this. :)

  49. Mon-chan Says:

    This is incredible! I’m level 185! I just got 85 farm cash! I love you again Zynga! This is the nicest thing you’ve ever done! YEAH!

  50. Michelle Says:

    Got it too – my neighbor that is at lvl 5000 is going to go nuts when he loads his page!

  51. adam Says:

    how in the crap are people at level 300 im not even at level 100 is there like a secret to this

  52. e.20 Says:

    Yes, They are cheating Adam.

  53. Karen Says:

    @BobByCrochet…what a fake you are. What Mayla said. :)

  54. Karen Says:

    @Adam…..there’s definitely a trick to it, but it’s not a secret. Try Googling “belted cows and dairy stuffing.” ;)

  55. adam Says:

    i do the dairy stuffing with the belted cows but it only gives me coins not xp for leveling up

  56. Karen Says:

    @Adam…use the coins to buy things in the market. For every million coins you spend, you get 10,000 XP, in most cases. Buying a mansion for 5 million coins, gets you 50,000 XP. What part of that do you not understand?

  57. adam Says:

    well i have no room on my farm for stuff like that lol

  58. Lady_Ash Says:

    Thank you Zinga! That’s all i can say.

  59. Linda Says:

    Awesome! I got 2 FV cash yesterday. I’m on level 102, I believe. Thank you so much!

  60. vdcgf Says:


  61. Maha Says:

    @Adam: Don’t buy anything big, buy hay bales and sell them off, this is time consuming but too good if u wanna level up by buying xp for coins :) 1 hay bale gives you 5xp and it costs 100 coins but sell it and get 5 coins back so u get 5xp for 95 coins :D

  62. mad_twinkie Says:

    250??? And I’m happy I got 7, lol. Thanks, Zynga, nice surprise.

  63. adam Says:

    well by time i hit 250 i they will prob raise it so im not to worried about the cap lol im only at 87

  64. Jaana Says:

    I’m happy for the extra FV$, but that still is not going to get me back to playing as much as I was before. Fix the damn color changing sheep so that we can breed again. Giving us 100+ gamers FV$ for levels was just a plot to get us to shut up about the sheep and pigs.

    I wasn’t expecting any FV$, so I’m happy with 1 per level.
    For those who wonder how someone can be level xxx, do the dairy thing, bug belted cows and IF you don’t have room for those cows, sell them for goodness sake and buy more. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.

    Oh and if you’ve got neighbors that are in the really high numbers 400+, most of those are bot users.

  65. maria cujino Says:

    me parece muy justo que nos den fv cash por llegar al nivel 100 ya que pasamos horas enteras en la computadora para que ustedes tambien ganen con sus nuevos y viejos clientes de el internet,para vender espacios muchas gracias.

  66. Karen Says:

    Gosh, Adam….I would tell you that when I’m spending coins solely for the purpose of accumulating XP, that I put the items I buy directly into my storage cellar, and then sell them immediately. They never get placed on my farm.

    I would tell you that, but I sense that I’d just be wasting keystrokes. ;)

  67. Rafael Says:

    I am at level 144 and I did not get 44 farmcash as everybody else did because I was on holiday trip for over 7 months starting on January of this year, but guess what; I went to live chat and spoke with Zynga CS that I have missed so many items that I wish to buy many of it directly thru Live Chat and they gave me all this item free
    Rafael: 1. King Castle
    Rafael: 1. Gatehouse
    Rafael: 1. swordstone
    Rafael: 1. Row Boat Lake – 15 FVC
    Rafael: 1. Romantic Fountain – 12 FVC
    Rafael: 1. Parisian cafe – 25 FVC
    Rafael: 1. Ornament Bridge – 20 FVC
    Rafael: 1. Arc de Triomphe – 35 FVC
    Rafael: 1. Parisian Hotel – 30 FVC
    Rafael: 1. Wine Cellar – 25 FVC
    Rafael: 1. vineyard – 30 FVC
    Rafael: 1. Knight gnome- not sure how much it cost
    Rafael: 1. vineyard windmill – 30 farmcash
    Rafael: and 1. Misty lake – 15 fvc
    Rafael: 1. irish waterfall- not sure how much it cost
    Rafael: 1. Black Husky puppy
    Rafael: 1. Royal wedding tent
    Astrid R: as a one time courtesy, I went ahead and added all these items to your Gift Box

    and apart from that, I have been given over 700 free farmcash since I return. So I got nothing to b*tching about not receiving my free 44FV cash lol. I guess, being a loyal paying customer for Farmville all these years already paying me off.

    Thank you so much Zynga. I’ll be your faithful loyal customer for as long as Farmville exist!


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