FarmVille Intergalactic Farm Loading Screen

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FarmVille Intergalactic Farm Loading Screen

Posted on April 1, 2011 12:01 am by FarmVille Freak Eva16

FarmVille Intergalatic Farm Loading Screen

April fools from FarmVille! Starting this evening, farmers are seeing a new loading screen upon going into FarmVille!

This is just a way to let farmers know that Limited Edition April Fool’s Day items have arrived in the Market!

Take a look at our newest posts to check out the items that are here only for a limited time!

Have you April fooled any of your neighbors yet?

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40 Responses to “FarmVille Intergalactic Farm Loading Screen” »

  1. Sunny Chaudhary Says:

    wow. … this would be FUN :)

  2. jason Says:


  3. Kirk B Says:

    Yeah… I’d play that!

  4. Cameron Says:

    Wish it was true, looks cool.

  5. kushal Says:

    this is not true .read carefully its april fools

  6. Nanci Says:

    Too funny!

  7. Kelly Says:

    It says it is a joke on the screen… they don’t have the kinks worked on ECS so anything is possible with Zynga

  8. ratorr2 Says:

    Now THAT I would like as a second farm! LoL

  9. chiny Says:

    don’t get too excited this won’t be here in a loong loong time!

  10. Carter Says:

    They can make a 3rd farm on the moon lol

  11. duhduh Says:

    i fucking wish they would actually do that

  12. Brenda Says:

    I have yet to hear back from zynga concerning the loading issues to my english countryside sent email to everyone i could think of unable to invite friends or even better pay the fv cash

  13. rachit Says:

    hahahahaha lol 22 funny…:)

  14. hwhite92 Says:

    lol its a joke now… just wait, in 2020 they’ll have that PLUS an asian, french and Russian farm :)

  15. Mark Says:

    i wish that we have second city in city ville wakekek !! :D

  16. rene Says:

    i just love it lol

  17. Jennifer Says:

    But I WANT the moon farm!

    Come on Zynga! This is cute for April Fools but would be SO COOL to really implement!

  18. dyl Says:


  19. Rachel Says:

    Now, that I would ditch my old farm for in a heartbeat. England? Not so much, but HECK YES SPACE FARMING. *is a scifi freak*

  20. Johnnyafc Says:

    Wouldnt a better april fools of been ‘Farmville’ All bugs and out of sync issues fixed and we are now not a money grabbing company………

  21. kyle Says:

    I like how the grammatically challenged people at zynga call it APRIL’s FOOL in the marketplace. It matches all their other popups that say you have one more EGGS or you got TWO SHOVEL.

    Way to go, morons. I’ve sent them numerous emails but they probably can’t comprehend the language…

    the phrase is april fools, or april fool’s day… not april’s fools.

    they’re just a money grabbing company that will only hire people fresh off the boat for minimum wage.

  22. FarmerB81 Says:

    Real funny, Zynga. I have seriously suggested this theme on the forums, but instead they just treat it like a joke. Idiots…

  23. DANIEL HESS Says:

    april april…:D april fOOls….^^

  24. Montana Says:

    theyd probably manage to screw that up too! :-)

  25. virgoboy Says:

    Totally fell for this when i checked-in on my Farm this morning before work, being the space cadet that i am! :P

  26. Sami Pajek Says:

    Not going to lie if the creators of Farmville ever did something like this it would awesome. Like the intro would be like a short film type of deal like for English Countryside, and you would have to help- an astronaut to get back on the moon or something like that and you go to the moon and your farm would be in the moon crater. Quests would be like make your farm look suitable for space and such. But all-in-all I would play “Intergalactic Farm” if Zynga ever made it into like a third farm, traveling to the moon. ^.^

  27. Robbie Says:

    i think thatd actually be sweet if they really did a farming thing in space lol

  28. annimallover Says:

    itd be nice if they actually did this. itd be weird and a lot of people wouldn’t like zynga throwing there last bit of realism into the wind but itd be fun.

  29. annimallover Says:

    farmerb81 get over it if they took everyones ideas they felt was the best idea in thwe world. zynga would be out of buisness, thered be no farmville or other games by zynga and thousand of farmers would be left without a life. we wouldn’t want that would we? well the third would be realy funny but still,

  30. duhduh Says:

    well looks to me like everyone who commented on this liked the ideal of it. too bad zyngas too stupid to give the ppl what they want.

  31. SkullkandE Says:

    Wow! My wish finally came true!!! >:D

  32. Carmen Says:

    what good will a new farm expansion do if they pause it? nada! xD, that wasn’t a very good joke. It didn’t really fool anyone. Zynga forgot we’re still pissed off with the ec pause and won’t give a shit about any new xxx farm coming soon

  33. RJ Says:

    its april fools

  34. Christine DeBolt Says:

    I would TOTALLY like an outer space FV sooo much better than an English one. I hold my breath in eager anticipation!!!

  35. Christine DeBolt Says:

    And yes, I realize it was a joke but can always wish.

  36. Markopolo Says:

    That would be sooooo cool!!!! infinity times better than English Contryside!! Would definitely play. As a side note, wish you could have two farms at once (ECS and normal).

  37. Mimi Says:

    I know this is only an April Fool’s event, but I would sincerely love a farm like this. Please Zynga consider this! Or give us a chance to custom make our third farm (or how many other farms we can have.)

  38. Matt Says:

    You know to tell you the truth, I would love to have this instead of the English Countryside.

  39. Heather Says:

    This would be a farm worth having. How come the cool stuff is always a scam or joke??


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