FarmVille Introduces Trading Post!

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FarmVille Introduces Trading Post!

Posted on June 18, 2011 7:13 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Trading Post

Today, FarmVille introduced a Trading Post!

Before you get too excited, this new building with purpose may not be exactly what you are expecting. If you thought that you’d be able to actually trade items such as swapping decorations with your neighbors, then don’t get too excited because this is not what this new feature is about.

The Trading Post will allow you to buy and sell crops from your neighbors. You can earn rewards of XP, Farm Coins, and Crop Mastery points.

FarmVille Trading Post Notice

To start using your Trading Post simply place it on your farm and whenever you “Look Inside”  you will be able to see options to “Place Orders” with your friends.  Then, you can grow crops that your friends have ordered. Whenever you harvest the ordered crops you will complete your friends orders and also earn XP, Farm Coins, and Mastery points.

FarmVille Trading Post Walktrhough

A Note on Mastery Points

You can earn +3 Mastery Points for every completed order. This may not sound like a lot of Mastery points, but you will be able to take up to a maximum of 50 orders at a time. Also, you can fill orders every 12 houFilling Orders

All you have to do is plant one crop to fill an order as you harvest it. Planting just one crop will fulfill all orders placed for that crop. This means that up to 150 additional Mastery points can be earned from palnting a single crop on your farm. But, remember that you can only do this once every 12 hours.

If you do the math you can gain up to 300 Mastery in a crop every day. Your friends will also receive a bonus of mastery points when you fill their order.

For example, during times when extra Mastery Points would be beneficial  for farmers is when you are trying to master a Limited Edition crop with an expiration time. If you order from a friend who is working on a LE crop then they will receive extra Mastery points which could help them achieve just enough points to master that crop.

Filling Orders

Planting just one crop will allow you to fulfill your placed orders. You will fulfill all your orders when harvesting that particular crop. You can receive a maximum of +150 additional Mastery points from planting a single crop. However, you can only fulfill orders every 12 hours (or twice per day).

Over Achievers  (the Hardcore Farmers)

What happens if you’ve already mastered all the crops FarmVille has to offer? Of course there is no need for mastery points if you’ve already mastered everything, but you can still be a good neighbor and place orders with your friends to help them out and allow them to master crops faster.

What do you think of this new feature? Will you be utilizing the FarmVille Trading Post?

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161 Responses to “FarmVille Introduces Trading Post!” »

  1. Mike Walter Sr Says:

    Does this replace our stands?

  2. jean Says:

    do we get to place one on each farm?? I have only gotten one so far

  3. Nome Says:

    My face when I read Trading Post = :D
    My face when I read what it is = D:

    Maybe one day we’ll getting the trading post most of us want.
    This doesn’t seem too necessary though.

  4. Angela Says:

    When we buy a crop from our neighbor, do we get bushels when it is harvested??? This would be a great feature….

  5. Mark Says:

    i still havent gotten it yet

  6. hugo Says:

    will it be the same as the market stalls? what is the difference between buying crops and busying bushels from the stalls? what are crops used for?

  7. Vanessa Says:

    Am I the only one who’s not getting the whole concept of the Trading Post??? Our neighbors plant an item and then we place an order from them or do we place an order with them and they have to plant it? I’m slightly confused. Okay, I’m very confused. LOL

  8. Josy Says:


  9. Katrinalicious Says:

    How is this different from getting bushels from friends’ market stalls? What is this giving us that the market stalls aren’t? It seems this is just another building to take valuable space I don’t have.

  10. Kerrinda Says:

    Got mine this AM…. no where to put it! Please pass on the need for coin expansion. Also it would be great to be able to sell trees from with-in the orchard.

  11. Anne Says:

    Do we need one on each farm? Can we put one on either farm?

  12. sheila babineaux Says:

    great news, now we need to earn more water for our trees or trees need less water, too
    many trees not enough water help us with that solution i know yall can

  13. JudyJudy Says:

    Sounds like a lot more work! Ugh… It’s hard enough to keep up with my home farm and my England farm. Breeding, harvesting animals, planting & harvesting crops, growing ducks, sending gifts, harvesting and growing trees, pub, bakery and quests, making potions & scouring the feed for bottles, potions, water and trees.. and forget those greenhouse & turkey things…

    I don’t know that I am in for this deal. I’m tired! LOL

  14. Rosemary LaRocco Says:

    Well it’s this nice the trading post! just like my stall and now the trading post. gone! and games goes out of sync. didn’t have these problem 2 years ago!

  15. dorothy trettin Says:

    hi fantastic i am loving it

  16. Stephen Says:

    Lovely … how will it work? This is really welcome!

  17. Rose Jones Says:

    waiting for this one and other arrivals

  18. Arikla Says:

    Interesting… I don’t know if it is intentional or a glitch… but if a friend places a “work order” for an England crop… it will allow you to plant it on your Home farm!

  19. Carla Says:

    Rats…when I heard there was going to be a trading post, I was hoping it meant we could swap items, not crops. YoVille has had the capability of giving gifts from your inventory for a long time. I really thought FarmVille would follow suit. Well, all one can do it continue to hope :) This will be nice to help those who haven’t mastered crops, yet.

  20. stefanie ramirez Says:

    i dont like this if they want them y cant they grow it…..just sayin

  21. Alex Gonzales Says:


  22. jeanie Says:

    I think this is another useless building.

  23. michael manges Says:

    does this replace the stands?

  24. Joyce Says:

    Release more new crops for those who’ve mastered all ……..I really am tired of planting the same ole same ole!!!

  25. Marie Says:

    with all the quests and other stuff going on it seems like this is going to be difficult to do, you just don’t have the time and for those who have already mastered their crops, i think it’s very unfair that there is no reward given

  26. Deb Says:

    Would be nice if there was something in it for the “over achievers”. Experience points would be nice. All available crops are mastered!

  27. Katy Says:

    Will you be able to GET the crops you ordered? I was hoping to be able to order and to receive bushels so I can make goods in my cottage! This is just to speed up the mastery and that is not all there is to the game, in my opinion! Can’t see that this will be of benefit to me or even that much fun! Don’t think I will use it. I already have over 11 million coins!

  28. mandy Says:

    probably not, like most of the stuff lateley, im not really inerested. it would be nice if they had more storage though, lots more. not to mention never ending loading problems and various glitches, whenever i click on a send or get help post i end up with a snow pile in my giftbox i have to sell, and i have to sell a fruit cake every time i harvest my turkeys, etc. most of all a literal hunred pop ups everytime i play, maybe ten of which are useful

  29. susu Says:

    I think it’s stupid and it sucks!!!

  30. mary Says:


  31. kanuta jensen Says:

    I didn’t get one. Everyone else did including a friend of mine that lives only a few blocks away. LOL

  32. Linda Says:

    The new trading post is really confusing to me. I don’t understand how you place orders or any of this buisness. Photos with the pictures inside the trading shed, explaining what they do would be helpful. All I see is the section that says “For Sale” and then “My Orders” is blank and there is no button to place orders. In the “For Sale” section there are my friends names and some crops with the button “Place Order” under them. What exactly does that mean? I feel silly for not understanding all of this, but thanks to anyone who can help answer my questions.

  33. Laura Says:

    oh look, it’s sort of what the craft shop should have been

  34. Maggie Says:

    I’m already having trouble planting and harvesting crops for my crafting cottage, Bakery, Spa, and Pub. What’s the point of planting and harvesting crops for other neighbors. I don’t get it.

  35. Bella Says:

    I can’t place my trading post building. It’s locked and says I’m limited to 1 – but I don’t have 1 yet!! argh!!

  36. Mike Says:

    Well maybe if they ever give it to me,,, once again,, all my neighbors have it ,,I DONT,,, You would think ZYNGA would get their act together!!!

  37. marlene Says:

    i didn’t even get one yet but my friends have them :(

  38. Koko Says:

    Will the trading post take the place of the market stalls?

  39. Ashlynn Says:

    Dude……. SO COOL!!!!!!!!! :)

  40. Farmyournutzoff Says:

    when i saw the title I got all excited thinking that maybe just maybe we could buy, trade, and sell items between other farmers…..then i read some more and realized it was just another useless update..

  41. Lori Says:

    Ahhhh……no thanks……now if they had offered extra XP for those of us with everything masterd, maybe. But this leaves me no incentive to take up my plot space……at least the crops DO give me XP.

  42. Lanae Says:

    I haven’t been prompted yet…

  43. Steel642 Says:

    I do not understand how to order crops from friends. Anyone got an explanation.

    Also, I need some more farmville friends, add me please at
    (put farmville in the msg line!)

  44. Taney Says:

    Useless feature.

  45. Cheryl Says:

    Will it work for both farms or do we have to place it and grow only on one farm?

  46. Carol Says:

    Where is my trading post???????????????????????

  47. Jim Baron Says:

    where is it?

  48. Duane Reynolds Says:

    instead of this let me craft more than ONE crafthop item at a time, really those will take FOREVER to master!!!

  49. mark j Says:

    How comes im not seeing mine???

  50. Montana Reid Says:

    where the hell is it…

  51. Dorothy J. Moye Says:

    When you say that you should plant a single crop, do you mean the whole farm (all of your plots) or just a single plot?

  52. steve Says:

    Just what we need another building..Give us the expansion for coins…Oh i forgot Zynga has gotten to greedy for that!

  53. Geoff Says:

    Finally – This is the way that real farmers farm!

  54. nicole Says:

    Will we be able to trade more than just crops? maybe some animals and/or trees as well?

  55. Merry-Go Says:

    I guess this is cool. I’ll have to see how it goes, and how people handle it in the near future. It could go either way depending on certain factors for me.

    When I first saw this I got my hopes up that we could trade dectorations or animals.
    -_- Stupid high expectiations.

  56. Gail Says:

    I just got mine this evening and decided not to place it yet, so it is sitting in my gift box. I figured out that I can place it on either farm, but I am curious if it matters which farm you place it on. If I place it on my English farm, will it only work for the English crops? Or will it work with both farms’ crops like the stalls do now? Anyone know anything? Thanks. :)

  57. Barbra Walters Says:

    This is so confusing.

  58. whitelotus Says:

    Sounds boring since ive mastered most of the crops already, might just leave it in my gift box tell I feel like tiring it.

  59. kortni Says:

    um, i would much rather be able to trade items with our neighbors….like a real trading post but ……ooooook ?!?! just my opinion tho

  60. Loretta Ayres Says:

    Doesn’t sound like all that much fun.

  61. Johnny Says:

    well my dad and sister have got theirs so far me and my fiance are still waiting to see it as well as my other sister who lives in the same house as my dad and other sister

  62. Anzeee Says:

    Worth a Try …
    But it’ll not be a success :D

  63. Joyce Says:

    I am a little confused….well, more than a little! Let’s say you have a stall with a less than 12 hour crop, you are growing more and people buy their limit of 3 from the stall. Then they place an order. Do they get 3 more when you harvest the additional crop? Done properly, someone could get 9 bushels in a 24 hour period if I understand it correctly. I like that idea but I have a feeling it won’t work that way.
    Anybody have any answers?

  64. Karen Says:

    I don’t need the XP, coins or mastery points. But maybe I can get more of my neighbors to grow the crops I need for my crafting building.

    Cute building, though. Maybe I’ll delete that silly, now useless greenhouse and put it there.

  65. Razor Says:

    honestly don’t think I will bother with this…. seems like more of a pain than a useful feature….

    I have been playing for almost two years and have mastered almost all of the crops. Basically working on tree mastery now….

    A REAL Trading Post that would let us trade items from storage would be WAY Cool, but this just seems like another junk building to take up space on my farm for no real usefulness…

  66. Mike Says:


  67. Kris Says:

    havnet got it aswell.

  68. Grace Says:

    Where is my TRADING POST seems like all got one but I didn’t…

  69. powzie Says:

    I don’t really see why they spent time n this, when there are so many things players would rather have. If the extra mastery works, it will be nice (though I am nearly finished with mastery) but I am very suspicious when it talks about how our crops will now go bad if we don’t sell them…..

  70. mdenbeste Says:


    It’s been a full 24hrs since some of my neighbors got this, and I STILL don’t have it.

    What gives?

  71. dan Says:

    same club as me, on not having it and not sure if I want it

  72. Dan Says:

    Ha what trading post, I am still waiting on it

  73. Tom Says:

    This might be OK for people who are too lazy, or don’t have the time to grow crops, but otherwise, meh.

  74. Sven Says:

    So correct we if Iam wrong.
    I have all Mastery Signs and Ill passed Level 100.
    This one seems to be useless for me.

  75. Pokerface Says:

    I want new crops!

  76. vickie Says:

    haven’t got it yet. i will place it because i like the look of it and think it will work well in my little town. out of things to master here too, so i mostly decorate now.

  77. charles Says:

    how many of us here that HAVEN’T got it yet? it’s been hours now and i still don’t have it. i’m frustrated…

  78. mou Says:

    haven’t got it yet…. how can i get one?

  79. Wendykw Says:

    Still haven’t gotten a trading post either, and now it’s the next day. What’s up with that?

  80. dee Says:

    i havent got a trading post yet ????? :( i cant purchase it on the market either :(

  81. dee Says:

    btw…they need some more for quests for the home farm!!!!!!!! – ones that dont involve crafting!!!! it takes like 20 odd brushles and 50 odd hours to make bloody item!!!!! when you can soo easily jus purchase it for under a 1,000 coins!!!!!

  82. baranee Says:

    i hav not got my TRADING POST plzzzzzzzzzz helpppp me!!!

  83. Ece Says:

    I can’t find my Trading Post either. Someone, please tell me how you got it! It’s not in the store, my gift box, NOWHERE!!! All of my friends have them! Jealousy sucks.

  84. lee Says:

    to do all the tasks grow and breed on both farms run a pub and give gifts and help neighbours its like having a job not a way to relax and play a game im about ready to quit to much going on

  85. Mei Farmington Says:

    So if I’m understanding this correctly, it’s a mastery bonus (+XP & coins) for taking crop requests. Maybe it’ll be more clear when I get/open mine and see the interface for myself, but are we placing requests for crops we can see our friends have already planted? Or is Friend X going to say, “Hey, could you plant some watermelons for me?” and then hope I’ll accept?

    If it’s the former, sure, why not get some extra mastery/XP for jumping in on a crop in progress? This feature might be more of a boon to those willing to plant one of this here, one of that, one of the other, to load up on mastery…but then what? I’m afraid I just don’t get the real *point* of it.

    With the game’s increasing dependence on our friends/neighbours to accomplish our goals, including all the recent quests (and helping in the craft shops which only gives us some random bushel we don’t even really want or need in exchange for one of our daily clicks), I’m not overly enthusiastic about another feature that relies on assistance from others. This might turn out to be a little extra, easy help on our farms, or it could be too much hassle to bother with. No telling, I guess, until I get in there and muck around with it a bit. Just hope the building can be stored if it’s the hassle one.

  86. Steve Vegas Says:

    This new Trading Post and the Crafting Building but SUCK. What the hell are they doing over there in Zyngaland?

  87. c Says:

    i don’t get it… i feel really stupid now, but can someone explain, HOW this works? how i can place my own order [wathever it is...]???? and why ?… :D

  88. Steve Vegas Says:

    This new Trading Post and the Crafting Building both SUCK. What the hell are they doing over there in Zyngaland?

  89. Mei Farmington Says:

    Okay, well after a look around it appears people will be able to order things you’ve planted in the last day or two, so it’s not like we’re going to start getting requests for random stuff we’re not working on. Eh, I’ll cross my fingers and see how it turns out. Like I said, could be a cool little bonus, or it could be too much bake for just a little cake. Guess we’ll see…

  90. NYCGirl Says:

    I just ‘claimed’ my first order, and as far as I can tell, you don’t actually GET the crops you’ve ordered. ??

  91. Knottydon Says:

    So far, this has happened to me concerning the Trading Post.

    I have Field beans and Leeks about to get harvest. Some neighbors who need them in their farms, have placed their orders from the feed that I posted.

    After harvest, I got the XP and coins from the ordered crops.

  92. Knottydon Says:

    Also, it doesn’t matter where you place your Trading Post. The game knows if you harvested the crop in your English Farm or in your home farm.

  93. helen Says:

    Still waiting for mine, is this being slowing rolling out?

  94. Jim Baron Says:

    I didn’t get the trading post. where the heck is it? when showing items that you might want on the farm, show them more than once.

  95. Jim Baron Says:

    WHERE IS IT???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  96. zonnie Says:

    I still did not get it …

  97. Mike Says:

    STILL NO TRADING POST!!!!!, seems all my neighbors have it ,,, not me,,, once again,,, THANKS ZYNGA FOR NOTHING

  98. Brandy Says:

    From what I gather this is how it works:

    Placing an Order
    The list of your neighbors crops are what they currently have planted. If you need extra mastery for any of those crops you place an order for it (1 per neighbor every 12 hours) You’ll get +3 Mastery for the crop you ordered when they harvest it.

    Fulfilling an Order
    If your neighbor needs extra mastery from any of YOUR currently planted crops they place an order with you for that crop. When you harvest that crop it fulfills their order and then you get the rewards.

    Its different from the Market Stalls because honestly with the Pub, Workshop and Crafting Cottage who uses their bushels to gain XP anymore? At least I don’t. I save all my space for bushels that I need so I can master my recipes.

    Do I think this is a little pointless, yes. I don’t however think it will effect my Market Stall sales though because of what I said before. People will still need bushels to craft recipes.

    Its just a way to get some extra mastery for crops not yet mastered and also get a little more xp/coins for doing what you were already doing.

    Hope that helped explain it for you guys =D

  99. Ulla Says:

    mine is still MIA, it takes so long to get some things…..others have it right away, I’m always the last one my group…..


    A big word about this as soon as i get it waste of space!!! …DELETE!!!

  101. LMG Says:

    Everyone I know received this early on Saturday. Kept checking this website to get information. Thought you would have the inside scoop. Farmville Freak, you are getting a little behind the times.

  102. Nancy V Says:

    What good is this right now when most of your neighbors can’t participate? This feature is being rolled out too slowy in my opinion.

  103. Linda Says:

    I never got one

  104. Lynn Says:

    This is really stupid. No bushels are received in the “trading”, only thing that is is coins/xp/mastery points. And it’s only a little bit, it’s not PER Plot of crop they harvest.

  105. roland Says:

    this is a message for arikala, not sure if its a glitch, as if youve completed all the quests now, you can plant whatever crop you want to on whichever farm you want to.

  106. Charlotte Says:

    Hmmmm – still havn’t gotten the tradingpost!

  107. Blossom Says:

    Most of my neighbours got their trading posts-I haven’t.Why?? Will I be getting it later since Trading posts are a slow roll out??

  108. Mike Says:

    Well all my neighbors have theres now,,, except ME,, contacted Zynga,, guess what they had to say!!!!!!! NOTHING as usual no response

  109. Blossom Says:

    I reached to the end of the trail on my English Farm (I checked the map) and got the castle as a reward for Saving the village.I put it on my farm and since it was not suiting the surrounding I thought I’d prepare the surroundings,so I stored it and when I finished what I needed to do I went back to place it and my Castle was not there!! I opened the map trail where my location was on the last and final star and I was back on the second last star where I was prior to reaching the end.I don’t have any quest on the left hand corner since I finished it.What’s happening??Where is my Castle and why am I back to the second last star

  110. Brian Says:

    Havent gotten this yet either…

  111. Blossom Says:

    Gawd!! The castle was in my home farm!! At least I got it and I’ve now moved it to the English Farm.Phew!!

  112. Susan Hicke Kinar Says:

    I wasn’t ready to place my Trading Post when it was given to me, It went into my gifts box and now it is gone. I am not impressed. I want my Trading Post back please

  113. casandra storm Says:

    i didnt get my trading post yet

  114. Karl Says:

    I just would like to understand one thing: why don’t we get bushels from the crops we ordered? That would be nice.

  115. Blossom Says:

    Yesss!! My Trading Post is finally here,phew!!

  116. DDaniel Says:

    Its a nice building but I predict it won’t be popular for long with the limitation to crops only. People will get bored with it. Does anyone think they may upgrade to trading other items? Now that would be interesting.

  117. Chris Clucas Says:

    another stupid idea, I’m not interested in buying crops from other people, I have worked hard and mastered all my crops, I don’t need other peoples crops or bushels and I’m not growing for other either. Building takes up valuable space,
    Not interested in this side of the game,
    Now if it were a trading post where we could share some of our items in our storage, I am willing to do that, have loads of stuff I could share with others who were not playing 12 months ago.

  118. FarmerHunter Says:

    Thank you, Zynga, for giving me yet another reason to lose interest in this ridiculously expensive, too many things to manage, more burdensome neighbor requesting game. Less and less I “look forward to” even signing in to harvest a darn crop. “Taking orders” only commits you to filling orders, instead of growing for your needed Mastery points, or your own crafting requirements. Coordinating all of these “interests”, trying to catch the right time to “gift” since gifting is limited, Double Mastery for barely 24 hours on unpredicatable time schedule, “40% off Farm Cash’ for an HOUR-REALLY??-, misnomers such as “Trading Post”, nonsensical “Crafting Shop”, (I could go on…) has my head spinning. Bye-bye fun.I have little doubt Zynga’s goal is to get rid of FV. Level 104-which, by the way, I have reached 3 times in the last week, according to the Game. All of this even has the Game itself confused!!!!

  119. Helen Says:

    3 mastery points, what a waste! That makes no difference on Mastery progress!

  120. Will Says:

    At least this isn’t as dumb as the crafting shop and we didn’t have to waste the time to build it to find out how dumb it actually is. :)

  121. David Seattle Says:

    I dont like that it puts lots of messages on my wall and my friend’s walls.
    From Zynga’s point of view; its a way to get lots of farmville messages on everyone’s walls for a few XP and mastery credits. We ar not even getting any unique buildings or animals out of this.
    Also beware the automatic publishing opt in. Now Zynga can post on my Facebook wall and my neighbor’s facebook walls without a confirmation screen.

  122. David Seattle Says:

    Beware of the automatic publishing opt in. Now Zynga can post on my Facebook wall and my neighbor’s facebook walls without a confirmation screen.
    This is a way for Zynga to put lots of Farmville messages on everyone’s Facebook wall, without us explicitly clicking on a facebook window.

  123. Carol Says:

    I’d hoped this would help in spas, etc, by actually getting bushels to make lotions, candles, farming materials. I placed my initial orders with that thought in mind. Doesn’t seem to be the case, and I’m disappointed.

  124. bob Says:

    If it means posting a whole bunch of requests, I’m not doing it. More trouble than it’s worth.

  125. Debbie Says:

    When I saw this I thought, “Great, I can finally finish the quests that require crops grown on the home farm!” I only have 10 plots there. No such luck! I ordered peppermint from everyone that had it and it didn’t add one to the quest. Stop making us raise things on the home farm for the quests or make it so we can raise them on either farm. Another expansion to the home farm would be good too, but at least I will be able to move some of the stuff to the EC soon.

  126. Mei Farmington Says:

    After a day or so of mucking about with this, it does seem to be a lot of bake for not much cake. Like, 3 XP & mastery points? Not a big help, really, considering all the clicking and posting it wants us to do. The coins are nice, since I’m still saving for my last expansion, but I can’t see most people being that into fussing with this for long.

    Also, maybe it’s just my contrarian nature, but I really don’t like the “thanks” message it posts. Come place another order, so Mei knows what to plant next?! Eff that noise. This feature will not be the boss of me. >_<

  127. TorontoFarmer Says:

    This is just another market…..

  128. Michael Valdez Says:

    I do have a trading post however my neighbors are telling me they can not order anything from my farm because my products do not show up. I have been able to purchase from others. I think it has potential. Will continue to keep posting on this.

  129. Farmer Jill Says:

    Kind of reminds me of harvesting pig truffles, and just getting more pigs…..what is the point?

  130. Karen Says:

    I will say that this is the cutest of the useless buildings “with purpose” that I have on my farm. So I’m going to keep it. I deleted the turkey roost to make room for it. Good riddance.

  131. Kirstin Says:

    I can not place orders nor has anyone ordered something from me. I don’t need that thing. I can master my crops by myself. I’ve done it the past two years. WTF ?

  132. Mim Says:

    Very disappointed…I was excited about the “Trading” idea. I have so many things I would like to give to friends instead of selling. It would be great if we could sell the stuff we want and they can assign XP to different categories. Trees 2xp, animals 3xp etc.What we really need is MORE land for coins and MORE storage. With two farms and with all the new items coming out we don’t have any room and the farms are starting to look ugly with so many things cramped on them.Zynga should really check out FARMTOWN and follow suit. I was a FV addict but have been playing FT more.Less hassle, no OOS, crafting(facilities) easier, 10 farms, roads, rivers,bonuses. the list goes on. After all the time and money I have spent on FV, I would hate to stop playing but it’s not fun anymore. Just my 2 cents.

  133. Merry Says:

    Don’t like it, not using it. A few extra mastery points are not much of an incentive.Taking orders and having posts on my wall telling me to harvest crops that are not yet ready is not my idea of fun. I especially don’t care for the addition of another nagging blue arrow on my farm. You nag us to do stuff more than enough already, FV!

    Why not give us something we really want …
    say, fewer plain pink pigs and more patterned pigs in our breeding? And fewer white sheep. Speaking of white sheep, I was especially ticked off when I had to buy 5 white sheep to finish a quest. FV, you have got to be kidding me! This game used to be a lot of fun!

  134. Brian Says:

    The trading post is noting but an add-on for wall spam, it’s so bad I am going to have to block post to my wall…

  135. Karen Says:

    I don’t know if I understand everything about the trading post but Farmville is a social game & from what I read you are helping your neighbor to master the crops they’ve planted faster by placing an order for that crop. You in turn can master your crops faster by your neighbors placing orders from you. Also you get coins & some XP. I will continue to use this to help myself & my neighbors. I do wish that they didn’t feel the need to post everything to the feed wall, it is cluttered enough already.

  136. Sarah B. Says:


    I’m so sick of deleting “complete my order” posts from my fv neighbors on my wall!!!!!!!!! I went through and had to delete about 12 today. It’s ridiculous and spammy.

    I don’t want to have to block posts to my wall because sometimes there is the occasional neighbor who needs my help with something. UGH ZYNGA REALLY?!

  137. TradingPosts2Much Says:

    I can’t stand the popup request to post every order I place. If I automate it, then the newsfeed is filled with these nonsense posts that give nothing to the poster or receiver. Nobody clicks on these because they do nothing but open the game. I can’t find the useful posts in the midst of all these nonsense posts. Get rid of them.

  138. Raindrop Says:

    If I understand this correctly, whatever crops that you currently planted in your farm will show up in the Trading Post as what will be available for you. You can browse what your neighbors have from the crops listed and place an order or orders. When you harvest your crops, you gain bushels and complete the orders from your neighbors. For this effort, you’re awarded XPs and coins. So it is not like your neighbors ‘order’ what crops that you can grow.

    I do agree that there are too many quests and mini-games going on all at once. While Zynga keeps the $$$$$$$ in mind, players will get burned out with all the tasks.

  139. Neil Says:

    It is not what it seems to be.
    You don’t get the bushels you ordered.
    You just pay coins for XP points.

  140. Grace Says:

    Even for Zynga, the trading post is a really bad move! You can’t opt out of the trading post! Even if it’s not on your farm, people can order from it and inundate you with messages! They’re posting messages to my wall and filling the Zynga Message Center with orders (which CANNOT be declined). Add reminders to the mix which apparently can be sent at will. I HATE the trading post. It’s not on my farm, but I’m still getting all the junk from it!

  141. KATHY Says:


  142. Peter Pan Says:


    And Farmville get money from advertisers in a Pay per Click method. This whole social sh*t is only for the more and more clicks (more and more money). If you ask a friend to do a favor, with sendin items to complete a quest, you guarantee them 2 clicks (in a quest n+1). This is a huge amount of money.

    But Zynga have no shame, they offering most of their stuff for real money (animals, trees, expands, decorations, builldings, necessary parts, etc.).

    And you get only 3 XP for an order. I think this is not a so valuable help…

  143. Mandi Says:

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to change the automatic publishing option on farmville. When I first got my Trading Post I it asked me if I wanted to do that, and I said yes thinking it would be easier, and now I would really like to change it back if there is a way to do that because I’d rather a pop up come up so I can cancel it instead of it sending posts to all my friends walls everytime I order something. Also, If there is a way to change it back, and I push cancel instead of publish to the post will I still get my order? Or do you have to post them to get them? If anyone could answer my questions, I’d really appreciate it. :)

  144. Mandi C Says:

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to change the automatic publishing option on farmville. When I first got my Trading Post I it asked me if I wanted to do that, and I said yes thinking it would be easier, and now I would really like to change it back if there is a way to do that because I’d rather a pop up come up so I can cancel it instead of it sending posts to all my friends walls everytime I order something. Also, If there is a way to change it back, and I push cancel instead of publish to the post will I still get my order? Or do you have to post them to get them? If anyone could answer my questions, I’d really appreciate it. :)

  145. Barbara MacDonnell Says:

    I HATE the Trading Post!!! I deleted it immediately, but that has had no effect. I ignore the orders and that also has no effect. I plant the crops that I need for crafting and not to please my dear neighbors and friends. Alas, it is summer, the pool is calling and I am putting FV in storage (as soon as my birthday cake permit expires). Happy second birthday, Farmville!!! All of my crops are mastered and I may or may not return.

  146. BR Says:

    I like being able to help my neighbor but, Zynga, can you please NOT post every single time to the feed wall? Please, please, make it a request so only I can see!!! I hate my wall cluttered with FV stuff.

    Also, can we at least we bushels when we order? I’d rather get bushels that XP or coins!

  147. Rose Says:

    would be nice if you could actually get the bushels as an extension of the market stall
    ..and get rid of the crafting building

  148. Raindrop Says:

    @ Neil

    You’re correct. We are simply gaining a few XPs because the coins that we earn and spend are just a wash. It’s hardly worth the time to slave over yet another rather lame feature.

    Instead of creating and releasing new themes like last year, these mini-games are unimaginative and boring.

  149. Cathy Says:

    To remove extended permissions.

    Go to Account -> Privacy Settings. At the bottom left of the screen is a header “Apps and Websites.” Click on edit your settings (in blue). Find Apps You Use, to the right of that will be a box that says Edit Settings. Click on it. Find Farmville, click on it, and find May Post to My Wall and remove that “preference.”

    This was posted on the FarmVille Forum. I can’t guarantee that it works.

  150. Cathy Says:

    To remove extended permissions.

    Go to Account -> Privacy Settings. At the bottom left of the screen is a header “Apps and Websites.” Click on edit your settings (in blue). Find Apps You Use, to the right of that will be a box that says Edit Settings. Click on it. Find Farmville, click on it, and find May Post to My Wall and remove that “preference.”

    This was posted on the FarmVille forum. I don’t personally know that it works.

  151. Mandi C Says:

    Okay thanks so much Cathy! :)

  152. Tala Says:

    To # 141 CAPSLOCK KATHY:

    In my Trading Post, under the My Orders tab I have 5 orders for crops that are not currently planted, with a button that reads: “Waiting on you…” I just received a notice that one of my neighbors ordered Black Tea from me, a crop I last harvested three days ago and have no plans to replant. So yes, the computer is letting people order crops from you that you do not have currently planted, so it IS their intention to try to let the orders influence your planting decisions.

    Also, the moderators on this site will go often back and update sketchy posts with better information, so the story you are reading at the top may not be the same information that was provided to the first people who commented.

  153. terirose22 Says:

    At first I was convinced that this is a wash, but after using it, I am actually kind of glad to see the trading post as part of my farm. I’m not thrilled with the auto posting cluttering up everything, nor do I like the reminder feature–overkill. I also HATE that neighbors can request items that I don’t have planted…I thought I was doing something wrong! But it seems that most of the items now carry more than 3 XP or mastery points, and since beginning I have completed the 3rd mastery star on 5 different crops, including one that is no longer available! It needs a little tweaking, but overall I am enjoying the process!

  154. Tiffina Says:

    Why is it that people are requesting crops that I don’t even have planted?? I am not doing it anymore. I’m putting the building in storage indefinitely!

  155. Tiffina Says:

    Oops. Can’t even do that. You have to sell it..oh well. bye bye to the trading post!

  156. Annie Says:

    In my opinion, Kathy (#141) is mistaken. I am experiening the same as Tala (#152) in that my neighbours are ordering crops that I no longer have. I then feel obliged to plant the crops again to help my friends. As soon as I have harvested a crop, a pop-up appears for me to let my friends know that I have that crop for sale – but this is incorrect. I can only complete orders that were placed BEFORE the crop was harvested. It’s the same when I am ordering from my friends. Most crops on offer are not actually being grown at that time, so my order will not be completed until my friend grows that crop again.

  157. Amayon Says:

    This is annoying me already. All of my friends have trading posts now, and they can request crops from me.

    Guess what, I don’t have a trading post!

    I can’t fill all these orders I’m getting requests for.


  158. Rick Says:

    My biggest disappointment with the Trading Post is that you don’t get any bushels…thought at first that you got the bushel of the crop you ordered, not just the points, coins etc. I will not be using it very much since it really does not do much for me and is a lot of work fulfilling orders for others. Now if you could get bushels…I’d use it a lot.

  159. Liam Whelan Says:

    How long do we have to fulfill an order and is there a penalty if we run out of time? What does Claim mean? Is this for when a crop has been harvested but the seller has not yet filled our order so essentially we will it ourselves?

  160. German Says:

    I considered this useless, so I sold the tradg. post but people still ordering for me…why?

    Why am I still appearing as a crop offering neighbor?

  161. Thelma McDonald Says:

    Can’t fill orders at Trading Posts……waiting on you even after crops are harvested