FarmVille Launches Spring Garden!

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FarmVille Launches Spring Garden!

Posted on April 7, 2011 11:54 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Spring Garden Stage 1

FarmVille Spring Garden Stage 2

FarmVille Spring Garden Stage 3

FarmVille kicked off Easter or Spring celebrations with the introduction of the Spring Garden. It will work similar to the St. Patrick’s Day festivities did with the Leprechaun Cottage and the Pot of Gold. The Spring Garden will produce flowers for us to use in our Spring Basket collection event in which we will be able to redeem for special exclusive prizes.

FarmVille Spring Garden Notice

Here are the building requirements for the Spring Garden’s stages. As you can see from the images above, with each new stage completed, the Spring Garden becomes more grand.

  • Stage 1: 12 Bricks, 12 Wooden Boards, and 12 Nails
  • Stage 2: 16 Bricks, 16 Wooden Boards, and 16 Nails
  • Stage 3: 30 Bricks, 30 Wooden Boards, and 30 Nails

FarmVille Spring Garden Nail

FarmVille Spring Garden Wooden Board

FarmVille Spring Garden Brick

All buildables go through several stages of building, each phase of building has a new look. Unlike the past, when complete farmers will be able to choose which look they like best for their farm. You will be able to choose from four options: Starter, Basic, Grand and Extravagant. Which version of this building do you like best?

FarmVille Spring Garden Display Option

This feature will be slowly rolling out to all players, so not everyone has access at the moment, but will soon. Stay tuned for more details in our FarmVille Freak Guide.


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71 Responses to “FarmVille Launches Spring Garden!” »

  1. julius erickson Says:


  2. Raven Ann Says:

    Cool i love having new stuff for my farm, is it giong to be for both or just one?

  3. Carolyn Champion Says:

    Is this for OF or CF??? Looks like OF colors!!

  4. Stephanie Panagos-Shiraki Says:

    wow, love this

  5. angelic Says:

    i wonder how many boards, nails and bricks we need to build this..

  6. lovely bee Says:

    colorful..its like one of those magical trees..:)

  7. Moo Moo Moo Says:

    Home or English Countryside?

    Number of parts for Stage 1?

    Thank you for the information.

  8. John Says:


  9. Miss5StarFarming Says:

    hope its not one of those endless construction-collecting-material-stuff-thing. That starts getting a pain in the rectum.
    Either its for FC or you have to beg for all the materials from bored neighbours.

    Waaay to much building things. While the other features are not even finished

    IT SUCKS !!!!!

  10. AL Says:

    Looks to me like a total of 138 parts. Each time its more and lore parts and we still only have 200 clicks..Up the amount of click………

  11. Jackie Swann Says:

    Absolutely brilliant! WOAH! Zynga, you did well here!!!! :-)

  12. Janet Overocker Says:

    Yay~ something else to build. I seriously think that the folks at Zynga should make it just a little easier to get all this building done..especially with all the new challenges to get all the buildings completed & fully upgraded on the English Farm. I love this game, but its getting boring when you spend all your time trying to collect the limited amount of gifts per day. Thank you for all your efforts to keep us least I know what is ahead of me.

  13. Robin Says:

    I don’t think so. I’m tried of building stuff. I like my ECF just the way it is.

  14. Susan Says:

    I really like this! Thank you.

  15. Kimberly Says:

    Yes Al(#10), I agree wholeheartedly! I try really hard not to complain but they’ve given us two farms to maintain – DOUBLE OUR DAILY FEED ITEM LIMIT! It’s only fair…

  16. Kerrinda Says:

    When is the genealogy game coming out!?

  17. Rhyz Says:

    hmm i like it to put in my home ^_^

  18. Kimberly Says:

    Did FF just update this post? 174 parts!!! I’m really starting to panic! lol (deep breaths, Kim, deep breaths…)

    I’ll bet I’ve burned up half my limit already today collecting watering cans. Darn.

  19. faye Says:

    it does seem like its getting to where there are a lot of things going on, lots of things you have to build, post for etc. farmville is getting more and more like cafe world with the goals or ‘quests’ or missions’ the thing i loved about farmville seems to be slipping away and its all being blended in with the other games that i had once enjoyed but now feel like a chore. and for someone who spends real money on it, i am disappointed lately. things cost too much, and you have to rely fully on people sending you things over and over. its tiring. and yes, i will be building this when i am able to, but it will take me longer and i will not be as happy. therefore not spending as much real money on a game i am not happy with.

  20. cheryl Says:

    Hurry already

  21. Nick Says:

    cool. but won’t be building it. i have a lot of stuff that i still need to build already

  22. ruSh.Me Says:

    For Home or EC? I have 2 wishing wells, each on 1 farm.. That would be nice!

  23. Ann Says:

    OK first of all you don’t HAVE to build everything or do any or all of the quests.. Fv and the other Zanga games are a social networking games meaning you are supposed to socialize and ask your neighbors for things and they are supposed to for you.. if your neighbors are getting bored then maybe you should find some new neighbors if you are tired of the quests and building then DON’T. No one said you had to.. I personally think it makes the game more fun. and just because they come out with 9 new goals, and now this doesn’t mean you have to have them done in 1 or 2 days you can play it as quickly or as slowly as you want.. Just my two cents..

  24. Crissi Says:

    It looks dull and i don’t like the colours, can it do anything like you give something or can we just build it? don’t want to waste material on something that doesn’t give something like eggs you need for a collection.

  25. Cindy Huxley Says:

    Crissi@24 – ‘The Spring Garden will produce flowers for us to use in our Spring Basket collection event in which we will be able to redeem for special exclusive prizes.’ -= pays to read the initial post :0

    Ann@23 – Completely agree. – Am often struck by how many people seem to want instant gratification – surely part of the fun/interest is taking the time to collect items, and the satisfaction when something is done. And I have built and fully expanded all the stuff they have given us on EC – plus a stable, pig pen, chicken coop, extra dairy and 3 orchards. And built 3 more orchards on Home farm in that time. I have had no problem working within the 200 items a day. So it took a day or two to complete an item – so what is the problem with that?

  26. Ann Says:

    It says it will work simular to the valentines, Saint Patty’s day collectable buildings, once you build it, you will harvest or save whatever in it..

  27. Villemar Says:

    Too much collectables + quests makes the game exponentially more of a timesink anmd less fun for those of us who do not want to commit hours upon hours a day on a flash game.

    Which means less and less fun for the casual gamer. I’ve been playing FV for almost a year and a half and am at level 90…I’m going to retire my farm at level 100. The last best thing to happen to the game were orchids…I love harvesting my trees…and its about farming! Everything else just seems like more mindless busywork masquerading as content. Besides, how much “stuff” can you have, especially since storage is so woefully inadequate?

  28. Steve Vegas Says:

    So where is this garden thing? I have not seen it or any posts for it.

  29. Loony Says:

    Same here Steve. None of my neighbors has received this yet. And I didn’t either. Seems to be a veeeeeery slow rollout. ;)

  30. Dawn Trahan Sinnott Says:

    i juist wonder if people read up top about whatever it is faemville is doing because all i see are questions that are answered at the have to read first…then you can comment…please:) ty

  31. Gurk Says:

    I tould be nice to be able to ttravel to my main farm again. Every time I try: OUT of SYNC! Please fix this Zynga…

  32. Moo Moo Moo Says:

    #29, The post from FarmVille Freak was amended to included data about parts, which was _not_ there when we asked our questions. Take a look at timestamps before being critical.

  33. Meh Says:

    I like it, but damn! I’m getting really tired of collecting bricks, nails, wooden boards, baby bottles, love potion, cheese culture, pint glasses, etc. from my newsfeed.

    30 of each for stage 3? Sigh.

  34. Linda Says:


  35. :P Says:

    If it’s not giving something useful i wont build it untill i get more parts. :-)

  36. Trix Says:

    They make the holiday event items to BIG!

    And, like everyone else I am getting tired of collecting and exorbitant amount of parts!

    We have had to build buildings on our English Farms using up a lot of surplus boxes for parts.

    The peaceful enjoyment of playing FV has quickly become a chore, sad:(

  37. Rusty Says:

    If I’m going to use that many building materials, I’d like to know what the ultimate prize is. The tree was only 4 (I think) for a level one. Seems excessive for 12 each, if it’s only going to top out at 200 or whatever the St. Pattys Day thing did. Now the Christmas theme where you got a stallion for 500 presents was pretty awesome. I could justify all that work to get such a good ultimate prize.

    I’ll wait and see before I get too judgemental, but with all the other building, seems they are forcing you to prioritize what’s important.

    I think the EC will remain a bit dilapidated until I get some of my home building projects finished.

    I will do at least level one. My few neighbors participate, so it’ll give them something to harvest. Besides I do like gardens and it is pretty.

  38. Tim Says:

    For those complaining that Farmville has too many things going on, here’s a simple solution. DON’T PLAY ALL OF THEM! Do you feel “obligated” to play EVERY quest and build EVERY building? For those who say it wastes too much of your time now, just get up and walk away from the computer. If you miss something….SO WHAT! It’s a game people, not a life’s work! Maybe they should release a compost pile so you can bury your complaints!

  39. Kimberly Says:

    Does anyone know yet if we can place the Spring Garden on our EC farm? Thanks. :)

  40. arthi Says:

    The Material needed is less then u have displayed actual materials needed for the spring garden is
    Level 1 – 12 parts total: 4 Wooden Boards, 4 Nails and 4 Bricks – harvest for 1 Flower once every 24 hours
    Level 2 – 48 parts total: 12 Wooden Boards, 12 Nails and 12 Bricks – harvest for 2 Flowers once every 24 hours
    Level 3 – 90 parts total: 30 Wooden Boards, 30 Nails and 30 Bricks – harvest for 3 Flowers once every 24 hours

  41. Illari Says:

    Damm… it seems it’s only for the northen hemisphere, I can’t see it or buy it :o(, discrimination again

  42. Tiffany Says:

    I see alot of people upset about this stuff… I do understand that its alot of materials that we need, and the quest have been complained about but look at some of the items they are giving us. I think the quests and the Holiday items are worth it. Zynga seems to do a good job with coming up with new and interesting stuff… I do agree that maybe it should be made a tad bit easier to get the materials, like being able to send two of an item that would be cool. But either way… Hurry up and release i want to build! :)

  43. cisco Says:

    i Havnt gotten one =/

  44. nm Says:

    I agree with #42 it was much easier when we could collect two ways. Now that we can’t collect double gifts it’s a lot harder to assemble one of their buildings. I’ll give it a try though it looks nice from what I can see of it although I am concerned about how much space will be needed for it.

  45. Kim Says:

    I have placed mine on the English Countryside farm for who ever asked this question.

  46. farcas cosmin Says:


    * Stage 1: 4 Bricks, 4 Wooden Boards, and 4 Nails
    * Stage 2: 16 Bricks, 16 Wooden Boards, and 16 Nails
    * Stage 3: 30 Bricks, 30 Wooden Boards, and 30 Nails

  47. Jenee Says:

    They expect us to build this thing which takes many parts but yet I only get about 1 or 2 special deliveries a week. Yeah this is going to take forever.

  48. Julie S. Says:

    I just finished my Spring Garden (all 3 stages thanks to a good supply of Special Delivery Boxes saved up in my gift box).

    This buildable has a neat new feature when finished…. you can CHOOSE which stage of the Spring Garden to display on your Farm (ie: Starter, Basic, Grand or Extravaganza). AND you can change your preference at anytime. :D

  49. Neil Says:

    It looks like Zynga has lost interest in the home farm.

    Everything is about EC.
    All new items are on EC.
    There have been NO new seeds available for the home farm in ages.

  50. Nathan Says:

    Did anyone notice that it now lets you pick use under one of the building materials picture on the look inside part of the garden. So if you have them in your inventory, you can add them without having to go back to your gift page everytime.

    I think it’s helpful :)

  51. Jack Da Sexor Says:

    The amount of maximum gifts you can send is 50 gifts every 4 hours. Plus the fact that its FaceBook that makes that rule so people who complain about this don’t bash zynga for it bash FaceBook.

  52. Laurie Hollerbach Says:

    @ #38 “applause!”
    @ #39 – i placed mine on home farm because that’s where i was when it appeared. i work on my sister’s farm sometimes, & hers came up on EC so it was placed there. i’m a little sad about it. i’d rather have it on EC farm… hoping maybe we’ll get one for each? is that too much to hope for? we shall see…
    any freaks know or have you gotten a garden for each?
    freaky love farmers!

  53. Teresa Says:

    Go to your EC Farm….go to the Market. Under ‘English Items’ scroll all the way to page 16. You will find the Spring Garden there for 5 coins :)

  54. Daz Says:

    I’m sure I’ll get thumbed down for this, but I don’t really like the spring garden. Even though it’s pretty, it doesn’t fit in too well with the rest of the trees in my farm. It also looks too bulky. I guess I’ll try redesigning my farm a little bit, lol.

  55. denise Says:

    i love the way this item builds :)

    being able to go into the item and click use for getting the building materials into it is awesome! beats having to go to the gift box over and over and over again!!

  56. Megan Says:

    Hope the rewards are good… the St. Patrick’s day stuff was lame.

  57. sarah Says:

    i got it yesterday and already collected every part just ask all ur neighbors the go straight in ur gift box then u can still click on the home screen. plus all the extra i collected help on my expansions on english farm! just need the spring basket to hurry up and be released…

  58. Gina Says:

    I laugh when I read peoples comments and the level of frustration they experience over a computer game. FV is a virtual farm, not for real people. When it gets to the point that you get upset then it is time to shut the computer down, go read a book, clean your house that has been neglected, visit a true life friend, spend time with your kids or other family member. Go plant a tree or garden in your yard or a park. Go help an elderly person plant flowers in their real yard. That is where you will find satisfaction folks. I play 1 hour a day and if I don’t get all the quests I just move on and it doesn’t make a bit of difference. So after that said, happy farming and enjoy the real world out there.

  59. GeorgeM Says:

    Well all I can say is that the gifts better be worth it; 150 parts before we even start collecting flowers which will probably be like the Patricks Day basket – 200 for a waterfall, 100 for some other rubbish, 50 for a sheep (with flowers growing out of it’s head?) and 20 for a gnome (with a bunch of flowers shoved up his butt by me if that’s all we get). If that’s the case then I think I will not complain but just opt out of these in future because the effort is just not worth the reward.

  60. Melissa Says:

    Ive completed all stages. So, why cant I release my flowers from out of my giftbox? My giftbox is starting to fill up a little too much

  61. meghan Says:

    What i really wish is that we could use the part’s that we used for the,haunted house,cupids castle,leprechaun tree,winter workshop,gingerbread house,to build the spring garden.

  62. Cindy Huxley Says:

    Melissa@60 you will get more flowers from the Spring Garden when you harvest it. To use the flowers you will need the spring basket which is not yet released.

    You get one free garden, and can have a second one on the other farm for 5 coin, find it in the market. After that you can buy them for 120 FC.

    Meqhan@61 – not sure what you mean – you can use any parts collected when building those items and not yet used, ie still in your gift box. But of course you cant use the stuff you have already used to build an item.

  63. Dee Says:

    I like the fact that you can pick a particular version of the Spring Garden to appearon your farm. If it doesn’t look right where I currently have it, I will find a place for it. If it’s took big or if I don’t like it, I’ll delete it…because it’s not that serious. :)

  64. Geneva81 Says:

    looool my gardens complete and i just finished stage 1, 4 parts of each:D
    but this just works if u finished part one and ONLY PART 1.
    after u finished stage one store ur garden refresh ur page and replace it:)
    it will be done ull get the option look inside click and ull get to choose how u want ur garden to look like;;p

  65. Daisy Says:

    how to get a spring basket?

  66. Kaitlyn Says:

    I like it; it’s so pretty and colorful ;3

  67. Carlos Julio Rabbito Says:

    i am almost to grand, to bad it cant be asked for items any more and you have to add them on your own

  68. jan Says:

    i want it

  69. Carlos Julio Rabbito Says:

    i am done getting to the last upgrade, i love it

  70. Theo Florio Says:

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