FarmVille LE Star Flower “Buggy” Crop

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FarmVille LE Star Flower “Buggy” Crop

Posted on June 29, 2011 9:32 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Star Flower Crop

FarmVille Star Flower Market Stall

FarmVille Star Crop Bushel

Despite its Farm Cash required permit, many FarmVille Freaks were eager to purchase the permit for this patriotic crop and get started growing the Limited Edition Star Flower on their farms!

Some farmers hoping to plant and master this crop throughout Fourth of July weekend, have encountered a problem after purchasing the permit that is preventing them from growing this “buggy” crop on their farms. These farmers are unable to purchase the seeds because it remains “locked” even after the permit was purchased.

Zynga is aware of this known issue and working on a quick fix so you can get back to mastering!

From Official FarmVille Forum:

Players locked from planting LE Star Flower after purchasing it
Last Update: 6/29

Description: As of 6/29, players are reporting they’re being locked out of LE Star Flower after purchasing the crop.

Status: The FarmVille team is aware of these issues and is working toward releasing fixes as soon as possible.

Workaround: N/A” (Source: Official FarmVille Forum)

Have you experienced problems with planting Star Flowers on your farm?

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35 Responses to “FarmVille LE Star Flower “Buggy” Crop” »

  1. Lynn Says:

    Already sent them a msg, they renewed my permit. Took ‘em 5 mins (not including the 25 I had to wait for livechat) to fix it.

  2. barbara Says:

    i bought it and was able to plant right away.

  3. cheesygiraffe Says:

    I’m not having any problems with it. I purchased it a few hours ago and had no problem planting it

  4. Barbara Says:

    Who cares! People paying for this and other crops are causing Zynga to start charging for all the holiday crops. If everyone refused to pay for crops they would not charge for them. I dont mind donating money for a good cause but charging for crops is totally ridiculous!

  5. Jodi Says:

    Planted first crop with no problems.

  6. Vickie Says:

    Does anything work on this game anymore. FIX the problems you have before trying to implement more buggy stuff. No wonder you have lost so many players. Greed never got anybody anything!!!

  7. Revenge Says:

    Mine works fine :) Hopefully the players who are having problems get theirs fixed soon. :)

  8. Donna Says:

    Planted okay on English farm but they are locked on the regular farm. Does this mean we have to purchase it for each farm or is this a glitch?

  9. Jason Says:

    This is why I don’t pay FVC to plant crops. What a waste of money.

    I realize money sometimes goes to those who needs it…but I need to pay my rent and utilities first. Sorry FarmVille…

  10. Emma Says:

    to add up the comments….FV stuff in the market are getting more and more expensive…really sucks!…and here’s another problem that i’m having….i don’t get anything! after achieving those stupid quest…it is really unfair!…

  11. Dan Says:

    Yes Barbara, Zinga is dedicated to providing all of their service to you for free or in the name of the charity of the week. Cmon people. When will you realize that this game exists due to the few that occasionally spend a dollar or two on something that they enjoy?

  12. Bajan Queen Says:

    mastered in 3 plantings. Flew plane @4 farmcash each planting for a total of 12 farm cash

  13. Farmvillelibre Says:

    You people who pay for crops and enable the ruining of the game deserve to have problems with it. May you have many more. I hope it doesn’t harvest. I hope your signs don’t come. I will laugh every time. :D

  14. Montana Reid Says:

    Haha bite that! I agree with farmvillelibre

  15. Spinning JP Says:

    I got to plant a first crop and now it wants me to pay again. I don’t think so!

  16. Claudia Says:

    @Lynn (msg #1), how can I contact Zynga and send them a message like you did?

  17. Kirsten Says:

    I had no problems with it. Bought the license and planted it right away.

    @Farmvillelibre, why are you acting so childish? Because you can’t/won’t pay for it, you’re hoping that others can’t plant it too? That’s very selfish for a non-selfish game. The game is about sharing and playing with your neighbours, but I’m glad that I’m not a neighbour of yours.

  18. Lizzie Says:

    I for one will NOT be buying this! I didn’t buy the birthday cake either. Do I want the signs? Sure I do, but this is CRAZY to charge for crops! I am not going to be buying ANYTHING from FV again.
    Now if this would be going to be a donation for the flood/tornado victims, I can understand that, but NO, we do not help the people here in the USA. Oh sure, we can help Japan and Haiti but not our own people. I am not saying it was wrong to help them, it wasn’t, but let’s help our own people now! So Farmville, you will not make a cent off of me anymore! I am not even going to be buying any more trees or anything! (I buy trees or used to, anyways!)

  19. Lee Says:

    GREEDY GREEDY!!!! PLEASE REFUSE to plant this crop, if no one pays for it maybe FV will stop charging for the things that should be free. if its a charity, great, if it fills their full pockets (I mean look at all the advertising $$’s they already get!)
    im boycotting! if you want to run us all away, keep charging more fv!

  20. don Says:

    I am done, that is it! after 2 years, I QUIT!! paying for crops and not a charity relief, that is the final straw!! Zynga has just got more powerful and greedy, 200 trees so far, most you need fV cash on! I am done, and now that they are going public on the stock, they will be even more greedy! Watch it! Not counting the $300,000 they got in our tax money for a grant!! Screw U Zynga!! I QUIT!!

  21. Lynn Says:

    After the birthday cake, I thought long and hard about it and have made a conscious decision NOT to buy special crops unless there is a charitable donation being made.

  22. Thomas Says:

    I had some issues as well (I had to unlock the seeds twice) but I received Feedback on my email within 20 minutes + refund + 5 extra FC. That’s what I call great service!

    Those who grumble all the time:

    1. Yes, some items are priced ridiciously (esp. upgrades in Empires&Allies) but you can play most of the features in Zynga Games for FREE. It’s your OWN choice to spend money or not!

    2. Employees, Servers etc. cost money. Would you work for free?

    3. Yes, some releases (like sheep/pig breeding) were less than half-baked and some bugs are rediculous (even in an agile environment), but if you know anything about software development you will acknowledge that Zynga solves many issues in very quickly and that some bugs will only pop up once new features are live in a mass environment.

    4. Their customer service is the best I’ve experienced in 14 online years (see the solution above).

    Over all (and I’ve been in the online business myself for 12+ years now) I have to say hats off to Zynga.

    Rgds. from Germany,

  23. Neil Says:


    I may try after Zynga fixes the problem.

    With the big weekend coming up, Zynga is busy planning its next big weekend bug (glitch).

    Going to plant a 3 or 4 day crop.

  24. Claudia Says:

    Can someone please tell me how did you contact Zynga, please?

  25. Mike Says:

    Just another way for Zynga to get that MONEY!!!!!! now you have ta pay for crops to plant???? SUPER MOVE,,,,not!!!!

  26. Karola Says:

    Paid for ‘Star Flower’ crops yesterday .. Achieved 1st mastery & found it locked when I tried to plant today :( .. Have asked Zynga to refund my 10 fv & recieved a reply stating ” It may take up to 18 hrs for them to check” .. ? .. Would be great to have had a positive response from them in return !!

  27. Lizzie Says:


    I agree! It takes people to make these games and they need to be paid with real money. I understand that! That is why I used to buy trees, and I am ok with them charging farm cash for animals. I may not even have any problem with them selling special crops, IF THEY HAD HELPED OUR OWN PEOPLE!!!! But they stand by and do NOTHING! THAT IS WHAT GETS ME!! I am glad we helped the earthquake victims and I bought the special crops for that, but if they are not doing ANYTHING for the flood/tornado victims, that is why I am boycotting them!

    I so agree with Lee! Let’s take a stand!

  28. Mandi C. Says:

    I’m having problems with mine, also. I paid 10 FC. Then I planted them once, after getting 1 star towards mastery they locked back saying I have to buy them again. Can anyone tell me how to contact Zynga, please?

  29. Carol Says:

    I planted the first time and mastered level 1 and 2 then it was locked. I sent Zynga a message and got a response within 2 hours and they credited 15 FV$ for the inconvenience. I’ll wait till they fix it to buy again and finish it. I’ve had very good response from customer support and give Zynga credit for the good customer service.

  30. Carol Says:

    Claudia, go to the support at the bottom of your farm, a list will come up with “more items”, click that and on the right side of the next page is an email link and sometimes if it’s up and running a live chat that works really well.

  31. julie Says:

    I planted my first crop with no problem… but I haven’t been able to plant it again. Ugh :(

  32. [kby] Says:

    Planted & mastered, but perfect bunches don’t work (say they happen, but they don’t appear in your garden shed if it has slots, nor do you get the usual complaint if your shed is full.

  33. Claudia Says:

    @Carol Thank you so much! =)

  34. Joyce Says:

    I purchased first time, planted my first crop with no problem… but then it was I not able to plant agin until I purshased the crop again….. Ugh

    Perfect bunches doesn’t work they don’t appear in your garden shed

  35. Ruben Says:

    still havent got mine unlocked =(