FarmVille Leaderboards Slowly Rolling Out

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FarmVille Leaderboards Slowly Rolling Out

Posted on May 16, 2012 2:03 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Leaderboards are Here Notice

FarmVille Leaderboards are here! This new feature is slowly rolling out to all farmers, so hang tight if you don’t have it just yet.

The FarmVille Leaderboards will allow you to compete with your FarmVille neighbors in a new way each week. There will be weekly challenges that will allow you to win cool free prizes. For example, this week your challenge is who can grow and harvest the most Limited Edition Rainbow crops! There’s a Rainbow Harvest Fest Leaderboard to keep track of your progress and see where you compare with your neighbors. The Rainbow crop just came out yesterday so start growing Rainbows on your farm today and participate in this new FarmVille challenge!

Thank you to FarmVille Freak Mohammad for the heads up!

FarmVille Current Leaderboard

What do you think about the new FarmVille Leaderboard feature, FarmVille Freaks? Are you excited to compete with your FarmVille neighbors in a new way?

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24 Responses to “FarmVille Leaderboards Slowly Rolling Out” »

  1. joetengku Says:

    allways sent me gift anyway

  2. Jim Baron Says:

    I wonder what’s next. it could be any of the following:

    the following items on my own as well as my neighbors’ farms should be harvestable for their corresponding items:
    aquarium – building materials
    beach resort – building materials
    chicken coop – mystery eggs
    duck pond – ducks or ducklings
    gnome garden – building materials, gnomes
    lighthouse cove – building materials
    mastery billboards (even though I don’t use them) – building materials
    trees – ?
    volcano reef – building materials
    the following farms need to be shown:
    Miracle Grow
    the following error messages need to be resolved:
    the “saving your farm” error
    the following features need to be shown:
    a buildable and harvestable dump pile – whatever I don’t need I could put into that – my friends
    can pick whatever they want out of it – this would include the following:
    building permits
    a buildable gift box expansion
    a to-do list
    everything should be listed by name
    Farmville sending rewards for entering through the bookmark every day
    floating coins
    if I haven’t played Farmville in a long time, send farmcash
    more than 1 item in a single special delivery box
    roaming animals
    rotatable buildings
    the feed trough
    the holiday hearth
    the turkey roost
    the following games need to be shown more often and played with farmcoins in the carnival booth:
    the “catch a mole” game
    the “daily raffle”
    the “spin the slot machine” game
    the la maison building should be expandable and harvestable for something
    there should be some more upgrade levels for the bakery, pub, restaurant, sweet shoppe, and tiki
    things should be quickly rolled out – not slowly
    using watering cans to grow crops

  3. Shayne Says:

    I don’t even have the Flea Market on my farm yet. Why are they adding all this and not fixing other glitches?

  4. Brenda Says:

    Hope this roll out is faster than the flea market lady! I dont have this one, nor the flea market nor did I get to do the Lighthouse Cove quests.. lol. Okay Im done whining!

  5. Chris Fudge Says:

    I think farm ville freak should poll how many have the flea market option n how many don’t and then report to Zynga BC neither does my wife have it

  6. FarmGoddess Says:

    Hey Chris! We did a post about this on May 5th!

    Be sure to place your vote on the poll!

  7. Seeka Says:

    All I see is more aggravation in the future!! I am not competitive in the least so I could care less about one more thing that seems to be designed to simply to drive some of us nuts. I personally am going to ignore the thing.

  8. CNCFemale Says:

    this is rediculous. .. the only people who will EVER win anything on this are the people who:

    A: have no life and LIVE on fv
    B: have spent a CRAP TON of cash to expand and have all expansions (usually also A type people)
    C: spend a massive crap ton of cash to GET to the top/have no life.

    if i find a way to disable this, i will, cuz not only do my neighbors know i have a massive farm (fully expanded as far as COINS will allow) but i am only on here a couple hours a day and only four to 5 days a week, not all day like some.

    however.. my horses were just counted and i have over 800 horses and i have one of every tree that has ever been released to an orchard (primary AND secondary) except the two most recent bonsai… which i’ll be getting here soon… lol!\

    doesnt mean i want my “stats” on the “leaderboard” unless they are giving out a crap ton of FARMCASH, it isnt worth the stress or hassle. it is for zynga cuz now they figured out a way to post things so that the suckers who WILL start paying to be top can have a good reason.

  9. Stephen Says:

    To finish all levels of the first leaderboard quest I need to plant and harvest nearly THREE times the number I need for complete mastery. (Mastery levels 1+2+3 completed in one harvest session, to my dismay, because I planted on all my farms and used a bushel.)

    So I’m just above 2000 points – I have nearly 4000 to go. I might manage over the weekend, but I’ve scaled back my farming because it has become too much. So I’ll try for the first quest in this leaderboard thing, but after that it goes the way of the other quests.

    The prize for level 3 is 2x grow-all flights. Not that amazing, really, because I am not that impatient.

    Maybe prizes will get better – I’d say the prizes in the current quests are generally better than the first leaderboard one, but that depends on your needs and likes.

    Also, are we going to have a new one of these 12 days of Christmas wall post quest thingies every 10 days now?

  10. libby Says:

    Ive jsut harvested my english farm full of this rainbow crop and completed level 1 mastery but when i looked to see how many points i had been awared i found the amazing grand total of 4!!!!! wtf

    can someone please explain to me how the point system works!

  11. Pam Says:

    Nope…not excited. I’d like to know how in the wotld we are supposed to plant enough of a 1-day crop to get to the top of the Leaderboard in only 1 week when we have Quests going at the same time? If Zynga wants to do this Leaderboard they need to give us more time on the Leaderboard or FEWER QUESTS!!! If it’s a choice of using my farms to do the Leaderboard crop for smaller prizes with no guarantee of getting to the top for the Book of XP before the week is up… OR… Quests with guaranteed better prizes plus coins, XP and often a Book of XP prize…I’ll do the quest! IMHO, Leaderboard is a waste of time.

  12. Guy Says:

    I like it.

  13. Donna Marquart Says:

    Not sure I understand this…I reached the top spot and did not receive the book of XP. Is this prize only given to the 1st person to reach this spot or the one who is the leader when the time expires?

  14. julie Says:

    hola,espero lean esto,yo aun no tengo la copa en mi juego (leaderboards) por que ??? que tengo que hacer para obtenerla, gracias por su tiempo.

  15. Mark Says:

    Well, on the plus side when you get to the instant grow airplane reward, you can share one with all your friends.

    But honestly, i really wish Farmville would make it so that we don’t have to have so many plots on all our farms. If they want us to buy decorative items, then give us space to place them. As it is with all the quests and now this leaderboard thing, we STILL don’t have any room to put the stuff we’ve purchased.

    When can we take our stuff our of storage and still play the game?

  16. Christine Says:

    I don’t understand if it takes a day to grow these how some of my friends have over 20,000 crops harvested. And the number just keeps going up by the minute. If we use a fertilize all and a crop will we get bigger harvest numbers? How is it possible to get 20,000. I just heard about this leader board thing on Wednesday. I have already stopped doing any quests because they just don’t stop And with competition like this there is no way you could have a shot as a leader if you’re planting for the quests.

  17. Cougarah Says:

    Donna Marquart, the winner is determined at the end of the time allowed to plant.

    Christine, some people are using insta-grow to increase total harvests. You get two for passing 6000 rainbow harvests.

    Let’s review the stats…
    Home – 34×34 = 1156 plots
    EC – 34×34 = 1156
    LHC – 34×34 = 315 *
    WW – 32×32 = 500 *
    HP – xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    3127 plots
    These numbers are the max size of farm without paying FV cash.
    * Farms with limited plots

    Realistically, most farmers do not have “wall-to-wall” plots, and won’t use the Hawaii farm while completing the current quest. But, for example, my HOME has over 600 and my English has over 650. So, with the LHC and WW, I have over 2065 plots to farm Rainbows.
    After three harvests, I used my two free instagrows on my EC to get a total over 7495. That is three day results. Add four more days of 2065…15,755.
    People getting much larger results may have larger farms, had more instagrows in reserve, be paying FV cash for instagrow, or other reasons unknown to me.

    The idea is, those of us that are really competitive love the leaderboard. If we cannot afford the use of FV cash, then we simply accept the fact, someone else wants it more.

    I think it is quite fun. My only regret is that in my attempt to win this, I didn’t do as well on the Truffles quest.


  18. Sugarbrown 1234546 Says:

    I agree with Couqarah, yet I agree with CNC Female…
    I did the leaderboard, and much to my surprise (no I didn’t quite do prior calculations) I was able to make the 6000 + to get my instant grow X2.
    Those who love the competition will love doing it, though my priority was to get the prizes.
    Even if the prizes were not all that, the problem real problem I have is that the 2nd and 3rd place prizes really are not worth the hassle and stress.
    Let’s face it… how in the world can you compare a Book of XP with 200 XP and 50 XP?

    People at really low levels in the game, may love to get 200 XP as a second prize granted that a book of XP could end up covering about 500, 1000 or 2000 XP for them to level up (yet, then again… people in that low level of the game would NOT have enough plots to get them anywhere much anyway, if they have FV Community neighbours that have huge plots).
    But seriously, I’m currently at level 113, and to level up would have taken something like 100,000 XP.
    So, it made total sense to me that after I got my instant grow.. to stop.
    First place was totally out of reach for me (based on who was leading on my list), but why hassle to reach second place (which was attainable – even if it meant wasting my Instant grow to get there) when all that stress and hassle would only get me 200 XP???

    What am I going to do with that? I could get that easily from taking the Stable prizes from FV Friend’s walls!

    So seriously, if technically the game is for “the hardcore gamers” who can actually reach somewhere in the leaderboard, then they should at least make the 2nd and 3rd place prizes worth something!!!

    I may not even do the next leaderboard quest, because ultimately, it’s really not worth it…

  19. Linda Says:

    I still have not received my leader board, is anyone else still waiting?

  20. VeronicaViov Says:

    It took my rainbows like 5 days to grow when it says “harvests in 1 day”.


  21. Eileen Vitug Says:

    i don’t have the leaderboard yet..what seems to be the problem?

  22. SBAU6080 Says:

    i still don’t have the leaderboards or even the flea market…how long does zynga plan on making some people wait???

  23. AFKM Says:


    does anybody here know the exact time this weeks leaderboard ends? It says “Only 1 day left”, but I’d like to know if it’s stil 24h or just 10h or whatever…

    I’m ranked first at my leaderboard, since I had a lot of seedlings and watering cans left in my giftbox. I didn’t spend any FC for it and I only spend 1h maximum on FV every day.
    Maybe there will be a leaderboard “most horses on farm”, so you can be #1, it’s just about luck, which challenge will occure…

  24. mic Says:

    I beg to differ with that idiot that said Farmville players who win these quests have no life….I play as much as that individual does and work 30-40 hrs each week in the summer when I am not teaching K-8 and I am taking a chinese language class as a refresher. All my farms are expanded and I have never bought FV $’s only have used coins of which I have nearly 120 million worth….so back off tard!