FarmVille Limited Edition Birthday Crop: Cupcakes Return!

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FarmVille Limited Edition Birthday Crop: Cupcakes Return!

Posted on June 9, 2011 12:35 am by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Cupcake Crop

This week FarmVille launched its birthday celebrations with lots of Limited Edition Birthday themed items flooding the market as well as a new Birthday Cake crop. Unfortunately many farmers were disappointed that if they wanted to grow Birthday Cake on their farms, it would cost them 10 Farm Cash for the permit to access the seeds.

Joining the market tonight is the re-release of last year’s Cupcake crop. You can grow this Limited Edition crop on your farm by purchasing the seeds in the FarmVille Market- no Farm Cash required. Although most veteran farmers will have already mastered this crop from last year, new farmers are sure to enjoy this sweet crop and will be happy to work on its mastery.

FarmVille Limited Edition Birthday Crop (Re-released June 8, 2011)


  • Harvest in 8 Hours
  • 1 XP
  • Seeds Cost 25 Farm Coins
  • Sells for 60 Farm Coins

FarmVille Cupcake Crop

Will you grow Cupcakes on your farm?

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33 Responses to “FarmVille Limited Edition Birthday Crop: Cupcakes Return!” »

  1. Pugland Says:

    I never had the chance to buy this crop last year, Thank you! Happy Birthday Farmville!!! :)

  2. Pugland Says:

    I never had a chance to buy this crop last year, Thank you! Happy Birthday Farmville!!! :)

  3. Cary Says:

    1st! :) and finally!! I want to master it :)

  4. Mei Farmington Says:

    This is such a cute crop! Planted it last time, but it’s nice to see it up again for people who missed it (especially given the stingy $10 cake seeds ;p).

  5. TIm Says:

    Great! I wasn’t trying to master crops when this was released last year and still had 200 left to grow for three stars when they removed it from the market. Luckily my progress is still in the same place from last year so will have mastered it by this afternoon. :)

    I too would love to grow the birthday cake crop but am not paying 10 farm cash for a permit, i would maybe stretch to 5 farm cash tops. I have only seen one of my friends out of nearly 90 growing it :(

  6. mdenbeste Says:

    it would have been nice if it yielded anything… like XP or coins, but it’s pretty lame as crops go.

  7. Vera Says:

    Already mastered it last year (;

  8. JR Says:

    I mastered it last year. Glad others get the chance for it, but I wish they would have done a new non-farm cash crop for us since this was supposed to be a limited edition crop.

  9. callie Says:

    I think that’s a good compromise, to bring this crop back, and keep the other. I mastered it last year, so I won’t plant it again, but at least new players will be able to master it now.

  10. julia taylor Says:

    I would love to plant the cake crop, but I think that 10 farm cash is a bit to much to buy them, its your Birthday, but we have to spend our hard earned cash to get them.

  11. Mhyrn Says:

    I wasnt able to master this last year at least now i have a chance :)

  12. enryb Says:

    I love these crops!!!! and I already have them mastered :D

  13. Weed hopper Says:

    Nope. Been there done that.

  14. FVAddict Says:

    Darnnit! I wanted to plant this, they should come back out with Balloons Crop!

  15. FVAddict Says:

    By the way…I said D A R N I T. Not what you think it said, on the first glance.

  16. Vacationer Says:

    It’s not showing in the iPhone marketplace and I’m still traveling somewhere without internet. How long will this be available?

  17. virgoboy Says:

    YAAAAYYY!!! My favorite crop (besides the Balloons) has returned! AND, i almost got the mastery last year and it appears that the level of mastery i left it at has stayed the same. I’ll get my sign in no time!! :)

  18. Kenny Says:

    Got it last time an easy mastery.

  19. Kori Says:

    I sort of wish it was a slightly different crop, I already have them mastered cupcakes from Farmville birthday last year, I understand not everyone mastered it, but what about us that did?

  20. Kori Says:

    Would also be super happy if I could grow the Birthday Cake but don’t have money to buy farm cash… disappointed.

  21. ida Says:

    i’d rather have the new one for coins only… tired of all things costing real money! i allready mastered this last year.. think it’s great it’s back for those who didn’t got it last year.

  22. kae Says:

    i already mastered this thanks

  23. Jacob Says:

    Fail Cary. Also I nearly mastered this last year, but last year counts towards this year, so mastery very soon yes! I love crops like these, e.g. Nachos, balloons Candy corn. Too bad birthday cake is cash.

  24. Hannah Says:

    It’s good for new players, but a waste of time for those of us who mastered this last year. I would plant birthday cake, but not at that price.

  25. Joey Says:

    I know this isn’t the place to ask, but does anybody else’s Farmville newsfeed keep showing “no stories”?

  26. Ashley Says:

    Cant place mastery sign on england :[

  27. apps101 Says:

    yup… stories in d game feed :(
    use d home page—-then go to most recent —-drop down arrow is dere——click on games :) bookmark it….its easier :))) i hope ds helps :D

  28. Leah Says:

    I wasn’t playing last year so I planted cupcakes for the first time this year. Think it was a bit too easy though…I mastered it in just one harvest :(

  29. Pinkie Pie Says:

    Anypony wanna eat some…


  30. Karen Says:

    I started playing Farmville about a year ago, and this was the first crop I mastered. They had a cupcake co-op job last year, too, and the gold medal reward was the birthday sheep. I was so excited to get that sheep! I’m much more jaded about these things now. :)

    I agree that a whole new birthday crop, that everyone can grow, without spending FVC would be nice. I’d like to see a new co-op job for it as well.

  31. Ems Says:

    i missed this last year, im halfway through my second star of mastery, bit annoyed you have to pay 10fv cash for the birthday cake seeds, that would have been a nice extra to master :(


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