FarmVille Limited Edition Birthday Crop: Grow Birthday Cake on Your Farm!

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FarmVille Limited Edition Birthday Crop: Grow Birthday Cake on Your Farm!

Posted on June 7, 2011 11:51 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Birthday Cake Crop

FarmVille Birthday Cake Market Stall

FarmVille Birthday Cake Bushel

FarmVille Birthday Cake Mastery Sign

In honor of its upcoming second birthday, FarmVille released a brand new Limited Edition Birthday Cake crop.

Unfortunately, these seeds will cost you Farm Cash as you will need to purchase a one week permit to plant Birthday Cake on your farm. The Birthday Cake permit costs 10 Farm Cash and grants you the license to buy and plant an unlimited to your heart’s content for seven days. The permit expires in seven days from the time of your purchase.

This Limited Edition crop will also have Crop Mastery available in which after mastering you will receive a shiny Mastery Sign for you to display on your farm.

FarmVille Limited Edition Birthday Crop (Released: June 7, 2011)

FarmVille Birthday Cake

  • Permit: 10 Farm Cash
  • Growth Time: 12 Hours
  • Sell: 200 Farm Coins
  • XP: 4

FarmVille Birthday Cake

FarmVille Birthday Cake Crop Stage 1

FarmVille Birthday Cake Crop Stage 2

FarmVille Birthday Cake Crop Stage 3

FarmVille Birthday Cake Crop Stage 4

FarmVille Birthday Cake Crop Stage 5

FarmVille Birthday Cake Crop Withered

Will you be growing the Birthday Cake crop on your farm?

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66 Responses to “FarmVille Limited Edition Birthday Crop: Grow Birthday Cake on Your Farm!” »

  1. Serenity Says:

    I wish these were coins! I love this and would love to have the mastery sign, but not for FC… Tired of everything that is cool being just for FC when I have over 11 millions coins sitting there :(

  2. Lynn Says:

    UGH! They KNOW people will buy it because of the mastery sign, but they could have done some kind of fundraiser for the farmcash to go to!

  3. Kionabreeze Says:

    I’ve spent Farm Cash for crops before, but they were for donations to worthy causes. This is just a grab and I’m not going for it. I’ll sure miss Zynga when they price themselves out of business, but my house will probably be a little more organized!!! Love to farm! Won’t spend the FV cash for this one though. ugh.

  4. Ike Says:


    Just kidding…

    Wait… we have to buy a permit for ten FVC?!!

  5. raven Says:

    Well I love mastering crops and I will pay for a permit if the cash is going to a good cause but I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE TO PAY FOR A REGULAR CROP IN FV CASH!!! No matter if their is a mastery sign involved or not… ZYNGA YOU CAN ONLY PUSH IT SO FAR!!!! :(

  6. Tami Urbanek Says:

    LOL Lynn you would be RIGHT….and why are those silly signs so important to us LOL LOL I know I bought it ….. THEY GOT ME AGAIN…. URGHHH LOL LOL

  7. Wall-e Says:

    thank god i still have cash from all the events they give us FOR FREE and i did 7-11 event so i still have cash left over

  8. BONNIE Says:

    This is totally RIDICULOUS !!! I really wanted to do this one but not for 10 FC.. I have nearly 24 million in coins and they have to charge FC :-(

  9. Shaun Says:

    lol its farmville’s birthday and i have to pay farm cash for a crop?? i don’t see that happening.

  10. BONNIE Says:

    Hey why does my comment say “”awaiting moderation”".?? I didn’t swear or anything

  11. Sheila Says:

    Farm cash? Not this time. I don’t need a mastery sign that much.

  12. Kathy G. Says:

    I don’t believe they are charging for it….I could see if it was for charity aka Haiti crop, Japan…etc…but really zynga…you poor things don’t make enough money? LOL

  13. Raindrop Says:

    I don’t need to display a birthday cake on my farm year round. Seriously, 10FV?

  14. Lisha Says:

    You’d think if they expect us to shell out 10FV the crop would mature sooner like in 4 hours not 12 hours. Considering we only have the permit for a week the amount of harvests we get out of it alone isn’t worth the 10FV.

  15. Loretta Ayres Says:

    Not for 10FV. Why can’t we just buy one?

  16. Bella Says:

    Wow, 10 FC for this when it is FV’s birthday. Their customers are the reason they made it to this birthday and now they want us to pay.

  17. Farmvilleisgettingstupid Says:

    10FV for a week? Soooo not a happy birthday! Thanks again for making me decide to stop playing. It’s getting old ZYNGA!

  18. Karen Says:

    I figure I’m not a customer if I don’t spend some money. I’m just a leech.

    The cake is too cute. I’ll be buying the permit. :)

  19. Stewart Says:

    It seems like everytime I read comments on every new item post I hear
    ” Uhhmmmm farm cash is lame, why not coins?” duh…
    It’s Zynga’s game and they can do whatever they want. To buy it, you have to spend your own money. That’s what Zynga wants you to do. If you want stuff you have to spend cash to get it. FOR THE PEOPLE WHO’S COMPLAINING ABOUT ZYNGAS GREEDEYNESS: Gosh! quit complaning! Im sure if you were Zynga’s owner, you’d be greedy as the owner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Mei Farmington Says:

    Not buyin’ it. There’s more than enough ‘limited time’ crops going on right now, and I see no need to encourage the FC-for-crops scheme.

  21. Cynthia Says:

    I hadn’t realized that I had played this game for two years. Its amazing that on the first birthday, they gave us a lot of free stuff. What a difference a year makes. This just puts me one step closer to quitting.

  22. Draupadi Says:

    May I say that i think this is really aweful?!

    We are Playing now for two years and zynga is earning money because of us! (either by buying farmcash or either by advertising)

    So a second Birthday of such a firm should be dedicated to its players!

    But all they do is trying to make even more money!

    Thank you Zynga!

  23. AK Says:

    I mean like it would have been cool if we had to do some quest or task to earn the licenses like we did for many crops in past it would have attracted player’s attention and willingness….. Zynga too bad u r turning farmville more than a game to a MONEY

  24. Ryan Dejarme Says:

    i totally agree….even though i wasn’t that able to buy the FV cash permits for the Haiti and Japan crops but somehow i know that they went to help those who are really in need…somehow, asking for 10 FV cash for this crop, that’s completely different…you see…it’s farmville’s birthday, so it must be that everyone would enjoy it even i for one who has 0 FV Cash in my account…poor thing….

  25. Halisstra Says:

    Losing steam, aren’t they. Hey, for the first birthday there was a crop that everyone could plant without paying Cash for it. I’m all for celebrating, but not if I have to pay real money for it. Got better uses for it, thank you very much!

  26. Golden Gnome Says:

    10 FV cash for a week? Ha-ha! If a corporation have birthday, it usually gave presenst for their costumers. But Zynga want us to pay for their birthday, What a wonderful birthday.

    I think the baloon crop was very profitable last year, so they try to get double money for a week this time. Farmville is abou payin’ FV cash aain, and again, and again (if you want some cool stuff).

  27. denisedenlinger Says:

    it is an awesome idea. it will be disappointing to many however—as lots of ppl work very hard on their farms, because they DONT have the extra income to purchase fv cash.

  28. Carl Says:

    It’s Farmville’s birthday and guests are paying for the party???
    I have free FVs I got from the quests but I won’t pay for a crop. No way.

  29. Josheh Says:

    best crop there has been! i think the farm cash is fair cus its not that much :D i love this birthday even, better than i first one :)

  30. Brad Says:

    I’m guessing their birthday celebrations will go something like this…..

    Happy Birthday to us,
    Happy Birthday to us,

    …….Happy Birthday to us.

  31. TrollScience Says:

    ….and it continues!! How long until every new crop costs Farm Cash, Zynga? Does your greed know no limits??

  32. Mr. Awesome Says:

    I think Zynga gone too far now. I playing farmville since 20 months.

    At first I loved this game, it had only some, but enough feature. Then the stable, nursery, and greenhouse came, a number of nem crops, trees, orchards, etc, and the idle things, haunted house, leperchauns, enhanted, bedazzled (and several other things). Reformed collections, bushels, engish farm, Lady Gaga, quest at home farm too, stc.

    Now there are (approx.) a hundred of trees, with only 7 for coins, and some as a gift. There are dozens of seeds too, but a number of them are not profitable to seed, so they started that crafting shit (spa, bakery, winery), and now the crafhouse project. There are a number of animals too, but most of them for FV cash again.

    It would be not a problem if I can sell my things bought for FV cash for FV cash. But if I buy something for x FV cahs, i only get 1,5-2 X FV coins for it. But I havent got enough space for a number of animals, trees, buildings, specials, and crops.

    There is a Stable, maximum capacity 40 horses. I built it for 30 materials, and upgraded to double capacity for 120. Pig pen, sheep pen, and duck pond upgraded this way too. But this things have a larger size than the all animals you can pick inside. There are two exceptions, the chicken coop (max. 100 chickens – I have more than 300 only gold and specials), and the diary farm (maximum 5 X 40). These are the oldest features in Farmville, but it seems to be Zynga don’t want to do anything with it.

    And the reformed collections Anno you get 250 XP for a collection, and a limited sh*t. Now you get some XP and coins (!) and also a special item, for more and more collectibles on each level.

    Too much features now. Its a silly-silly thing…

  33. Mythie Says:

    Wow yea,,,,giving Zynga money ….. Zynga earning off us players. Wow. You think maybe that is why Zynga is a BUSINESS and not a time killer there for your benefit? What a concept!

  34. Farmnut Says:

    WOW!!..I am normally not a complainer about items costing farm cash.At the end of the day game or not,Zynga is a company,aand for a company to last,there has to be a way to pay for things…but FV’s 2nd birthday is possible for one reason only….THEIR CUSTOMERS…so to thank us for keeping Zynga in business for two years….they are charging us real cash…the amount doesn’t matter to me,they might as well charge a hundred FV dollars for the crop…it’s the principle of the thing….just my two cents…no i wont quit playing…i’d be lying if i said i would LOL…but i won’t be planting your crop either….not cool Zynga…

  35. brit Says:!! so we have to pay 10 bucks for there birthday crop.. how lame is that.. how much money do they get from us all year!!… i see it like this… if it wasnt for us.. they wouldnt have a dang birthday!!!!

  36. Weed hopper Says:

    All I can say is they could have tied it in with tornado relief but greed wins.

  37. maria Says:

    Love the crop mastery but NOT for real money – again Zynga – another way to make more money – sorry!!! Take a million coins and let us have the crop -

  38. lovie Says:

    that is bogus…….why should we have to shell out money for a crop? i can totally understan when there is a natural desaster and we are all chipping in to help out, but why the heck do we want to pay for a birthday crop? I know most people who complain on here will eventually shut up and pay, but im sorry i cant afford it, if your going to make it farmdollars…them make them easier to come by…put them in the eggs instead of the stupid cornish hens!!!!!!!!

  39. Kerrinda Says:

    This could go to Red Cross USA to help tornado/flood victims here in US… we have helped other countries it is our turn to help ourselves! Not buying this crop even tho I want to REALLY bad!!!!! :(

  40. karen Says:

    Would be different if they were putting the money towards something. Gee, here’s an idea…how about the storm victims, or is the fact that the USA needs help means nothing?

  41. Chuck Says:

    I’ve never bought Farm Cash, and I never will.

    I see a company’s profit as just as worthy a cause as giving to a foreign country.

    If the product Farmville or Birthday Cakes or whatever is a good enough product, then they deserve to be making a profit.

    Their owners, or stock holders (if they’re a public company) deserve to make a profit from their ideas and hard work! If they do, in fact, have shareholders, it’s their DUTY to make a profit!

    I’ll now step off the soapbox…..

  42. Margaret Busija Says:

    I will not be playing. No, No!!!!!!11111111Whay not a fun raising for the flood Victims.

  43. callie Says:

    Disappointed that it’s a FVC crop. I don’t mind paying FVC for things I really like & want, and I’ve payed for the crops when the money is being donated, but I don’t like paying otherwise. While I love the mastery signs, I’ve missed a few already of the LE crops, so I’ll let my less than perfect record stay the same and pass on this. Just surprised though, it’s their birthday, aren’t we all supposed to celebrate with free gifts???

  44. Tammy Says:

    I will be buying the birthday crop for the 10FC. I earned every FV cash I have in my account and haven’t paid a dime for it. It was by leveling up, earning FV cash on the ads and surveys, and earning the rare 1FV cash in a mystery gift. Additionally, didn’t we all just earn 5FV cash on one of the Lady GaGa quests? Not a dime out of my pocket went for FV cash. I save up my FV cash for things like this so I can either buy an LE crop or use the bi-plane when it gets to the point of needing 1FV cash to finish growing a crop and I’m in a hurry to plant another crop. I don’t go all out buying FV cash/LE trees when I can just get a giant one from the feed. Use your FV cash wisely and you won’t have to pay for any of it out of your pocket!

    We have to remember folks, Zynga is a business. They’re here to make money. We’re getting plenty of free items through this 12-days of birthday thing they’re having. A lot of people may not be buying the LE Birthday crop, but Zynga knows that a lot of people will.

    **heads off to plant birthday cake crops***

  45. Nightfalls Says:

    The mastery levels

    1 star: 250
    2 star: 500
    3 star: 1000

    and they produce bushels

  46. Diana Says:

    Birthday crop for FV cash? Thank you but no thank you. I will not be planting this crop.

  47. knottydon Says:

    Are you, guys, gonna shoot me for buying the birthday crop?

  48. Mark Says:

    I bought the permit, but can’t everyone else use a bushel in order to get a 2 hour planting permit?

  49. Laura Lee Says:

    I can’t believe they’re trying to pull this! I might do it, because of the FV sale on the other stuff, but I’m not too thrilled about this!

  50. Lizzie Says:

    No way! I have enough fc to do it but I refuse to do it!
    The reason?
    Remember Japan earthquake? Hatie earthquake? They helped them and I am glad they did.

    Now remember those tornadoes that went through USA recently? Did they help us? No! So I am not helping them either and think we should take a stand!

    And I can understand charging for somethings because they can’t pay their workers farm coins. But they have gone too far!

  51. Sarah Says:

    this is low of them to pull this for their birthday crop. i have the cupcake mastery sign from their first birthday, but unless they change their price, i guess i won’t get this one! :(

  52. Debbie Says:

    Last year the cupcakes were free but now ya gotta pay for the cake……Zynga’s getting just a tad bit greedy always wanting to charge us for the simplest of things.

  53. korina Says:

    I don’t know what to say. boo zynga. I buy lots!!!! of things for fc but not crops. (unles for a cause)

  54. victor Says:

    they want us to celebrate by giving them MONEY???????????????????

  55. powzie Says:

    Dear Zynga – imagine what I might have to say to anyone else who invited me to their birthday arty, and then told me I have to PAY for the Cake.

  56. Linda Says:

    No thank you. Not for FV cash.

  57. Lyndsey Says:

    i for one am excited! sure it costs $10 fc but i use mine sparingly and stretch so i have it for when i really really want something. have feed the addiction! i need it for my sign collection. and btw last year it was a cupcake crop and the balloons were from new years

  58. Kelly Says:

    They put the cupcakes from last year in the market for coins. Which I guess is good for those that are new to farmville, but not for us that have been playing since last year and already have the cupcake mastery sign! I only have a little bit of farm cash and decided I’d rather have the cupcake tree than the birthday cake crop.

  59. Mei Farmington Says:

    I’m well aware that Zynga is a business.
    I’m well aware that their purpose is to make money.

    I’m happy to pay for reasonably priced FC items like a special horse or tree.
    I’m happy to buy a license for charitable donation crops.

    I am not happy, nor am I willing, to encourage the concept of charging real money for limited crops like this one.

    I paid the FC for a birthday horse, which will not disappear in a week. And I’ll be paying FC for the cupcake tree. It’s not going to disappear in a week. But I won’t, as Powzie put it, go to Zynga’s birthday party and be told I have to pay if I want some cake.

  60. Rikke Says:

    In Denmark we give presents to the ones who has birthday, not the other way around ;-) Dont play the game if you dont like it. Zynga makes the games to earn money. :-)

  61. Seung-li Says:

    I’m a little disappointed with this to be 10 FVC. I have 10> FVC and I bought it… Unfortunately after getting it I feel like I regret buying it. idk It should be cash so everyone can enjoy along with the cupcakes.

  62. Peter Pan Says:

    Zynga have no shame. They are dealing with unuseful things everytime, but not the really important issues.

    For example:
    In the last months a number ofmy neighbors leveled up to 110 and 120 with a bot program, what sells all of things from their gift box, but not really sell them. They get the money for their gifts, but they have these things too. With a refresd the bot sel these gifts again and again and again. They jump up 20-30 levels a time, buy mansions, and villas for coins (and for 10.000 – 50.000 XP points).

    I always farmed normally, worked hard to reach high 100+ levels (now on 111), but now the cheaters left me behind, get to level 126 and 134 (etc) in a few months/weeks.

    Zynga’s know about this issue, but dont want to do anything. I dont know they know it or not that these players steal from them using the bots to get free FV cash for level-ups. Combine this with multiaccing and Zynga will be in trouble…

  63. Peter Pan Says:

    A number of people said here: “Zynga is business, they have to make money” Yes, Zynga is a company and making money. But they making money in the whole year. A huge amount of money. They get money from players, they get money from their advertisers (Frito-lay and Lady Gaga for example). They selling non-real products for real money, and offering most of the buyable things for FV cash.

    And now on they birthday they want their players to pay another 10 FV cash for a birthday gift?

    If me only a person , I get gifts on my birthday from my relatives and friends. But if I have a corporation (like Zynga), I have to be thankful to my costumers on my birthday, because they are who gave life to my company. On their birthdays the car manufacturers give extra guarantee for their costumers, mobile manufacturers give an option to buy 10% off if you choose their product, etc. But Zynga no. You pay for a number of things for them, so on they birthday you have an offer to pay more money as a birthday gift. For me its disgusting…

  64. Unleash the Farm Says:

    Wow, it is so funny to see people complaining about only 10 Farm Cash which are easily obtainable through several ways. I bought my permit and this crop is way different from the others, I would classify it as PREMIUM crop because it gives you a whooping 4XP every 12 hours.

    People need to stop crying out loud for each new feature it is released.

  65. WistariDakota Says:

    So, if the cash was easier to come by and I already had the 10fc? Yeah, sure. But since I’m Aussie and all,and we don’t get the sponsored ads and what not that you guys do, I think I’ll go back to harvesting my FREE gagaville crops and get the THREE mastery signs as well as the bushels for items instead of one stupid cake sign. The Crystals give you better xp anyway if you’re smart and use bushels :)


  1. FarmVille Limited Edition Birthday Crop: Grow Birthday Cake on Your Farm!