FarmVille Limited Edition Crafting Recipes: Pink Carnation Perfume, Pink Carnation Vinegar, & Candied Pink Carnation

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FarmVille Limited Edition Crafting Recipes: Pink Carnation Perfume, Pink Carnation Vinegar, & Candied Pink Carnation

Posted on May 3, 2011 10:48 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Candied Carnation

FarmVille Carnation Perfume

FarmVille Pink Carnation Vinegar

Get your crafting skills ready because in addition to the Pub’s new recipe, FarmVille has added three new Crafting Recipes for your home farm’s Spa, Winery, or Bakery.

The new Limited Edition Pink Carnation themed recipes will only be available for a short time of 36 days. There is Craft Mastery available for each recipe and you will receive your 5 star Craft Mastery Sign when your recipe is leveled to 19. The new Limited Edition recipes include the following:

FarmVille Spa – Pink Carnation Perfume Recipe

  • Ingredients: 2 Morning Glory Bushels and 2 Sunflower Bushels

FarmVille Pink Carnation Perfume

FarmVille Winery – Pink Carnation Vinegar Recipe

  • Ingredients: 2 White Grape Bushels and 4 Rice Bushels

FarmVille Pink Carnation Vinegar Recipe

FarmVille Bakery – Candied Pink Carnation Recipe

  • Ingredients: 2 Sugar Cane Bushels

FarmVille Candied Pink Carnations

We wonder if we will also be seeing the Limited Edition Pink Carnations crop back in the FarmVille Market soon? Perhaps just in time for Mother’s Day!

FarmVille Candied Carnation Mastery Sign

FarmVille Carnation Perfume Mastery Sign

FarmVille Pink Carnation Vinegar

Will you be crafting any of these new LImited Edition Recipes?

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21 Responses to “FarmVille Limited Edition Crafting Recipes: Pink Carnation Perfume, Pink Carnation Vinegar, & Candied Pink Carnation” »

  1. Dan Says:

    These recipes don’t make sense. I’ll certainly master them all, but the fact that there is no carnation is silly. In addition, why would the Bakery recipe require 6 bushels of Sugar Cane?

  2. CA Says:

    I agree, Dan. Those recipes are so whacky that I have to wonder if it’s correct. Seems more like a bug it’s so wrong…

  3. Dan Says:

    It’s also crazy that they’re piling this on top of the Pink Hibiscus mastery, if people are working on that, too.

    Sometimes it feels like there are 10 development teams, in different parts of the world, who just add updates to the game without looking at time lines and/or consult with each other.

  4. June Marcia Cummings Says:

    I am not sure what I am doing except to say its still a game to me, where I am learning to push the enveilope by achieving a goal from the start to finish. Being focused. So I am excited to try this challenge. Its seems obvious the two comments before mine, know what they are doing. WHACKY – Who uses coffee to make bricks — oops. I just inquired and i was told, coffee is sometimes used to make bricks – so see I learned something new today. Thanks FV.

  5. Regius Says:

    These recipes are a bit strange, but I’m guessing it’s a last minute nod to Mother’s Day this Sunday and the developers didn’t have time to create the pink carnation crop.

  6. Gomer1188 Says:

    I just joined FV this year, but I’m assuming that there was a pink carnation (or something like that) crop for Mother’s Day last year. They shouldn’t have to create the crop. Just add it back. The only thing that I’m assuming that they would have to do is come up w/ more real recipes for the crop.

  7. Mysti Says:

    I don’t have pink carnation vinegar in my winery, I have pink carnation tea. Anyone else’s winery have the same thing?

  8. Mysti Says:

    Ok, disregard my last post. I was talking about my pub hehe.

  9. Mudslinger Says:

    Sugar cane AND sugar cane for the candied carnation in the bakery? That’s it? Weird!

  10. Laydiefa Seken Farmer Says:

    my FV hung each time i try to ‘make’ the candied carnation. there’s something wrong with it.

  11. Mommytwink Says:

    I am having the same problem in the bakery too

  12. J.C Says:

    Ok I see what the previous comments earlier meant about the new challenge with the sugar cane: I was ready & excited to get started with the blessings from FV low behold…”MAKE NOW” ….not… that is when I realized the ingredients (sugar cane) were the same. So time is a-wasting when there is a deadline to meet especially when I being new..need all the time I can get.

  13. catof6lives Says:

    Something is definitely wrong with the candied carnation as FV has frozen on me EVERY time I have tried to ‘make’ it

  14. beebo Says:

    Re: candied carnation – game out of sync, freeze, etc

    This may not be true for everyone, but this is what I found with mine –

    I had 4 bushels of sugar cane. Well, since the sugar cane shows 2/4 under one picture and 4/4 under the other, I had the green “make” button lit up. Because INDIVIDUALLY I did have enough. I had 2 and I had 4. But in TOTAL, I didn’t have enough, ie, I really need 6 to make one recipe. I, too, got the freeze up as it tried to pull 4 sugar canes for 1 and 2 for the other when I only had 4.

    When I got SIX bushels, it worked fine.

    Glitch in their system, I’m sure. I just hope that they don’t change the recipe after I’ve planted 600 sugar canes today! But I really expect them to, as two different quantities of sugar cane is just silly.

  15. Peter Says:

    as of just this afternoon, i no longer have this new special recipe in my english farm and on my home farm, the new recipe there has also disappeared completely. what’s going on? anyone else experience this???

  16. nikki Says:

    They have disappeared from my farms as well.

  17. Jersey Says:

    I’m guessing they all disappeared until they actually roll-out the pink carnations, as NONE of the recipes make any sense without that ingredient!

  18. Nicole Says:

    and now the recipes have disappeared entirely

  19. Mon-chan Says:

    They’re gone now??

  20. Serene Says:

    Anyone else only get ONE STAR mastery for the Candied Carnation???


  1. FarmVille Limited Edition Crafting Recipes: Pink Carnation Perfume, Pink Carnation Vinegar, & Candied Pink Carnation