FarmVille Limited Edition English Countryside Animals: Ram (Rainbow Dots) & Chameleon Ewe

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FarmVille Limited Edition English Countryside Animals: Ram (Rainbow Dots) & Chameleon Ewe

Posted on April 28, 2011 11:43 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Ram (Rainbow Dots)

FarmVille Chameleon Ewe

The FarmVille Market has officially added two new Sheep tonight including a Ram (Rainbow Dots) and a Chameleon Ewe. While these Sheep may not be new to you, this is the first time that they are available for direct purchase in the FarmVille Market.

Both of these Sheep are what we know and have been referring to as “Flashers”, meaning that they will change colors in flashes. The Ram (Rainbow Dots)  features flashing polka dots. The Chameleon Ewe flashes different colors in a solid pattern. This means that any of these type of Flashers that you already have on your farm will now be “legal” breeders meaning that they will produce similar type offspring.

Both of these Limited Edition English Countryside Sheep can be purchased using Farm Cash only via the FarmVille Market. The Ram (Rainbow Dots) costs a ridiculous 30 FV$ Farm Cash making it the most expensive FarmVille Sheep thus far! Those are some expensive polka dots! The Chameleon Ewe, although still flashing, but doesn’t offer another type pattern making it 10 Farm Cash less at 20 FV$. Neither animals are exclusive to the English Countryside so they can be purchased for either of your farms.

FarmVille Limited Edition English Countryside Sheep (Released: April 28, 2011)

  • FarmVille Ram (Rainbow Dots) – 30 Farm Cash
  • FarmVille Chameleon Ewe – 2o Farm Cash

FarmVille Ram (Rainbow Dots)

FarmVille Chameleon Ewe

What do you think of these new FarmVille Sheep?

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128 Responses to “FarmVille Limited Edition English Countryside Animals: Ram (Rainbow Dots) & Chameleon Ewe” »

  1. maji Says:

    the dot one isn’t working for me.. booo.. maybe in the morning…

  2. Mary Bright Says:

    neither one is working for me — nothing but solids! =(

  3. Mary Bright Says:

    And the rainbow dot ram isn’t white — he’s red. And he throws either solid red or solid black lambs.

  4. chastity Says:

    would not spend a dime on a sheep or pig or any other breedable animal…because of the crap zynga pulled with all of this!

  5. Tiffany Says:

    I’m not happy with how my breeding is turning out, boring blah colors! why won’t they just release these so called illegal animals already, What’s the big deal???

  6. Somebody Smart Says:

    hahahaha… Is Zynga ever gonna get their $h!t together??? Guess not.

  7. Bruce Landers Says:

    it’s not working,throws out solid red,no color change WTH,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  8. Bruce Landers Says:

    why is it that the new camo with the new pastel throws out black ewes ,come on zynga thats not right,for the money they cost,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  9. amber Says:

    none of my sheep are breeding anything other then solid colors which is really starting to get annoying wasting potions on plain sheep is a waste

  10. Somebody Smart Says:

    I haven’t even used a special sheep today… I’ve only bred plain sheep today and they all turn out black?? So I don’t know what the deal is.

  11. Susan Says:

    I’m glad I read reviews before buying. Not only are these color changing sheep outrageously priced, but from what I hear you will still only get white or solid colored lambs from them so you can’t pass on the color changing trait. What’s the fun of that? Waste of FVC, bottles and potions.

  12. Bruce Landers Says:

    the new poka dot ram & the new color change ewe only throw out red solid ewe,,
    hope zynga gets this fizxed for what it cost to buy them & the potion and bottles to raise them,,what good are they ?????????????????????????????? ZYNGA

  13. Kyle K Says:

    Alright, well Zynga is making small steps hopefully all the other sheep that we have collected will hit the market so then we can go back to breeding the cool sheep we were having fun breeding and adding to our collections. I will say one that I’m glad that we can now breed the normal flashers again , but let us breed all our other sheep… it wouldn’t kill them, let us have fun again! (Same goes with the pigs)

  14. lucy cooper Says:

    i’m cautiously hopeful and fairly confident that the results you have all reported were not the intended outcome, and that zynga will address the problem pretty soon. i know everyone’s pissed off about the recent issues of ‘illegal’ sheep etc, but alot of people seem to be very quick to point out whats wrong and immediately say zynga sucks…what kind of loyalty is that? no one and no thing will ever be perfect, we all know there are and will continue to be ‘bugs’ and such to be remedied, but people, we are farmville freaks! we love our zynga games esp. farmville. i hope to see some positive reports on this page but never do. if you give them the slack they’re due, you see that you really have a great situation here – farmville is fun and FREE, and anyone can enjoy it without ever using real money. why not focus on the positive?
    i love you farmville! good luck to all my fellow farmers who have problems that need solving.

  15. Superbabiez Says:

    Both of the these utilize the “roller” color-changing ability and by definition a type of color (not a pattern). To be clear, the “roller” is a color that gently changes from one color to another. With the Ram, you have the capability of creating offspring that have “roller” patterns; with the sheep you can breed this form of color-changing into other sheep. Those of you with “roller” sheep already on their farm will be able to breed with them normally. Note that there is random chance that the color-changing ability gets inherited through breeding–it’s not a 100% thing.
    Please do not confuse this type of color-changing ability with the “flasher”, which is a color-changing ability that flashes in bright funky ways. Hopefully we can release this ability in the near future(THESE ARE NOT FLASHERS THATS WHY YOU STILL CANT BREED FLASHERS

    PLAYERS – put your will
    power to a test and STOP playing Farmville. Write Zynga at their various
    e-mail addresses, forums, and facebook pages and let them KNOW of your
    dissatisfaction with the way they have handled this. DO NOT load FV for any
    reason – we don’t want to give them the ad impressions and the revenue from
    the advertiser views. Also contacting their advertising partners (Best Buy,
    Netflix, 1-800 Flowers, etc) and letting them know of your disapproval of
    Zynga would help a LOT too!We want FLASHER Breeding! Here’s an idea : farm
    of the wk contest : Post your feelings in hay on your farm and submit it as
    farm of the wk..(I did). I assure an impact has been made but not enough. Zynga thinks this will blow over and we will return. THere ARE STRENGTH IN NUMBERS We want and deserve to “Flash breed”,”Elec.breed”
    Boycott farmville! who’s with me?

  16. lisa Says:

    Go burn in hell Zynga, you are nothing but a disgusting blood sucker, being as YOU ALLOWED US TO BREED the ILLEGAL sheep that is in affect an ACCEPTANCE of these sheep/pigs. YOU COULD of blocked US breeding BY CLOSING off the Pen whilst you resolved YOUR issue’s. You failed to do that, it would of been simple no different than freezing the Pegasus horse’s which cannot go into the stable.

    Instead you allowed players to continue breeding, most would of purchased potions and bottles from the market because of your bottle neck laws on game feed collections. 5 Potions, (because its a gamble using 4), 10 bottles oh and lets not forget how many other items we need to build the pens, let alone any collection items etc.

    By allowing us to breed these incredible sheep ‘illegal’ of not, you have ACCEPTED them. By allowing us to purchase bottles and potions to grow these sheep, you have ACCEPTED them. How dare you treat us as though we are all as thick as sheep!!!

    You are blocked !

  17. David Says:

    I tried to breed my sheep after this posting and they still turn white. You need to get it together. You are only hurting yourselfs and losing loyal customers by the minute. Maybe you should check it out and make sure your product works before you put it out there.

  18. Sheerie Says:

    All white lambs. I’m all for the boycott. I’m fed up to the eyeballs with this whole thing. It’s the last in a long line of Zyngas stuff up decisions, mostly based on greed for customers dollars & total disregard for the customers who pay them. Putting the new sheep on the market for $30 is just another smack in the face. Boooo Zynga!!!!

  19. lisa Says:

    I am enjoying watching your figures take a slump, http:// statistics /applications/single/farmville/102452128776/WAU as I posted this earlier it was removed so anyone interested in seeing the down fall Zynga have created for themselves, just put copy this info to your bar and remove the spaces.

    Zynga the bigger you are, they harder you fall. Put the sheep back and stop taking the fun out of a game enjoyed worldwide.!

  20. Kerrinda Says:

    I never had sheep where the stars or dots changed color….just the solid part or the sheep changed for me. & the hood part… wish I could see what their “gently rolling” color change was all about. Maybe in the market you can see it?
    Will wait for my flashers to be legal before I get back into full swing breeding program.
    Glad to see kinda forward progress..

  21. jo Says:

    breeding the sheep and pigs isnt as fun as it was you can see there is a huge drop in postings of pigs and sheep folks are just not as into as we all were this was a very bad move on zynas part you handeled this all wroung taken away what was already being alound was not right i agree with the earlier posting of by letting it go on as long as you did you were in a way allowing it then to just stop wasnt right i understand you want to sell this items but its to late now once the cat was out of the bag sorta say you should have just come up with something differant to get money out of folks lots of ppl are very unhappy with the way the whole thing was handeled back up zyna and regroup while you still have players left to play in the first place

  22. Marti Says:

    Another pathetic attempt to placate the customers…rainbow dot ram doesn’t come to you as shown in market-it’s orange-not white. No big deal there but I’ve bred it over & over & even with other dots-all I get is orangy & yellowy sheep. NOT a single flashing dot (or rolling dot, if you wish). At least it was gift FV from them that paid for their faulty ram. Only reason I even got him was that I had not flashing dots or stars.

  23. Milan Says:

    I was so excited and was just about to load my farm and think this Strike we suppose to be on has worked and we can back in business. Then I began reading all the reviews and so I’m very disappointed as usual. If you spend money then it should be worth it. When are pigs going to have some colour 2?
    I heard a rumour from a hacker and he said that the big “Z” made the sheep in a way so it could be hacked and changed to see what the turn out would be.Because when he looks at the patched up way he says that they could have done that from the beginning. Oh well , back to the strike.

  24. Richard Pelkey Says:

    Hey, that rainbow dot ram isn’t the most expensive one so far. All of the rams in the market are 30 FC.

  25. Valerie Says:

    I spent 50 FC for the couple and it doesn’t pas.No sheep flashing for now, I’m really disappointed I wasted 50 FC :-(

  26. Milan Says:

    I was reading around and some where saying that U have to breed with only LEGAL sheep. So if u buy a Rainbow dot Ram (legal) u must only breed with another legal sheep , if u do not u will get only plain color sheep + Ram. So all of our sheep and Rams at the moment are ILLEGAL whether u hacked it or not:(((
    So you can see zynga have really screwed us over well and truly this time making us basically start from the bottom on our sheep breeding.
    I hope this post has helped you to understand just how seriously they have taken the illegal sheep breeding.

    This came from someone(Gamersunite) who actually phoned zynga about the 25fv cash going around and then asked about the sheep business.

  27. Milan Says:

    part 1 of the phone call:
    part 2 of the phone call:
    and part 3 :

  28. ladywine Says:

    I bought both of the “rollers” from the market for a total of 50 farm cash, which I paid for with real cash and can’t begin to say how annoyed I am that the two sheep do not produce “rollers” when bred together. I’m not concerned about them blocking the “cheat” sheep, I don’t really care that much, they’ll put them out eventually and then we’ll be able to breed them again IF THEY FIX THE PROGRAMMING AND UNBLOCK THE “ILLEGAL” FEATURES, which they have apparently not done for these “rollers” they released.

  29. Mike Walter Sr Says:

    Well first I tried breed two plain flashers and got a plain white. So I purchased the flasher ewe (Chameleon) and bred her to a plain flasher and got two plain whites in a row.
    Thats 15 potions and 30 bottles waisted after spending farm cash. I think I should get a refund on all of this.

  30. Valerie Says:

    Mike I like you, I bought the male and as I had that white sheep I also took the female I used 30 potions and 60 Bibron for nothing! .

  31. Lindsay Says:

    I got the ram as well. So far the sheep turned out orange, white with white dots, white with orange dots and white with brown dots.. Still waiting for one to change colour!
    Still happy with the ram :)

  32. Jay Says:

    The color changing pattern is probably difficult to pass by design. They don’t want too many people getting them easily through adoptions, but rather through the market for farm cash. I may be wrong, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case.

  33. Amy Says:

    This is the response I got from customer support in a badly mispelled email that looked like a child had written it- This is was in response to my formal complaint of them taking away the ‘illegal’ sheep after waiting weeks to do so…
    “I\’m sorry to inform you that the it has nothing to do with the unreleased
    Sheep\’s that we have. It is random if the Sheep Pen gives you white
    black or another color Sheep.”
    So basically they have changed inheritance from a mix of the parents to white or black, with an ‘occassional’ different color. This response goes against THEIR OWN DESCRIPTIONS at the release- “As noted above, sheep breeding can be a somewhat random process, based on the colors and patterns of the ram and ewe used.” If it is based on the colors of the parents, then white or black sheep should ONLY come out if you are using black or white parents.
    I have not been on my farm since early this week as a result of them taking away what made breeding fun again. I’m doing the boycott, but I can’t find one single group on facebook that is boycotting. You want to know why? Because they are being BANNED…I have been invited to about 10 of them now, and the links are all expired. Another person told me this is because facebook is removing them. So much for free speech.

  34. uaequeen Says:

    I bought the chameleon ewe and it is not worth the money. no colorchanging. either black sheep or just orange. my neighbours bought the ram with colour changing dots and they also say it isn’t working.

  35. Wendy Says:

    I tried to breed the flashers I already had, they didn’t work. I bought that darn rainbow ram and have not produced a single flasher. For the price of that ram, every single mating should flash. I’m very disappointed.

  36. Tim Says:

    I purchased the Chameleon ewe and without fail, the offspring were a bright solid orange, with the exception of the pairing of brutus and this color changer, then i got a hooded iridescent bluish/purple with reddish orange hood, Figuring zynga could let me know what was going on with this I emailed them and got the canned very childish and arrogant response that color changers were disallowed and that the only patterns that were allowed, well you get the drift, so in other words, these color changers are nothing more than eye-candy that cost a large amount of money, thankfully the FVC i used to buy this was something I had saved from way before the screwup by zynga, and yes all the so called “Illegal sheep”, lmao guess what on the official zynga forums there is a chart made by a dedicated user using legally approved rams (brutus) and all the wonderful special ewe’s that zynga has rolled out throughout the past in farmville i.e. discoball, wolf in sheep’s clothing etc, and low and behold he was able to breed every single pattern that was until the time zynga got pissy and blocked it all saying it was hackers who changed everything, which is a big fat mistruth, as IMHO the only “hacked sheep” was the demon sheep,

  37. Jean Says:

    I can only breed sheep on my EC farm…how do you get a sheep pen for your home farm? Am I just overlooking something? I try to buy a sheep pen but it shows that it’s locked. I must be doing something wrong….

  38. Jay Says:


    You have to complete EC missions to unlock the sheep pen for the home farm.

  39. CH Says:

    Tim@35 – Personally I would doubt the veracity of the apparent breeding of the patterns from Brutus and the earlier sheep. I tried the same thing myself when we first had the pen and Brutus. Did numerous breedings with pretty well all of the various sheep – I have them all. Not once did I get a pattern of any kind – in fact not even the collar pattern of Brutus with one exception and that from the Fan sheep – which did give a mauve/pink collared sheep. Nor have any of my neighbours been able to get patterns of any kind from that sort of breeding.

    The patterns got into the system through I understand a combination of hackers changing codes, and some ‘releases’ that should not have happened.

    I do wonder what people are getting so uptight about. Those patterns we all knew were not legitimate in the game. We took the chance, accepted them from the feed and had some fun with them. Now Zynga are regularising the situation and I can’t see why anyone needs to get so worked up about it.

    Boycott? Please people this is ridiculous. Its a game – its a free game. There was no need to spend any money on the sheep breeding. I have bred over 100 on EC and many on Home and never spent a penny on potions or bottles. If people want instant gratification and want to pay for that fine – but don’t complain and excpect ‘refunds’ for heavens sake., You made a choice, no one forced anyone to spend on the breeding.

    I see no evidence of any of my 300 neighbours boycotting the game thank heaven, if they did I would probably delete them. I only want to play with adults.

  40. Atochabsh Says:

    Has anyone produced a roller sheep from breeding the polka dot roller ram and the chameleon ewe?

    I bought both of them, bred them together twice and only got one red ewe and a red ram… rollers. I can take not getting the roller function with each breeding (unless the roller is recessive then 100% of the offspring should be rollers) but I’m two for two NO rollers.

  41. Wstrivercats Says:

    Did ANYONE get a “Roller” or “Flasher” offspring from the Rainbow Dot Ram and the Chameleon sheep? The sheep pen says the pattern of the Ram and color of the sheep would determine the color of the offspring……I have yet to produce one.
    I have TWO identical red “glow” sheep. none color change like the Ewe, or have Rainbow Dots like the Ram.

    This is a complete Rip-off! for 50 FV $. We should get what is advertised…… is shown at the Market…..minimal get either Ewe color or Ram design…..It does NOT follow the FarmVille statements in the Breeding pen, or the description in the Market.

    Zynga, FarmVille, & techsupport…you need to make this RIGHT!
    Or Give out a “real” 50 FarmVille cash – deposited to each player that bought your Rainbow Ram and Chameleon sheep……Plain and simple it does NOT work as advertised.

  42. v.o.s Says:

    what we have here is another big company that expect all its players to bend over touch thayer tose and take it from behind

    im calling for a world wide ban for 72 hours on all face book games and the same ban on posting in the facebook feed

    letts see how much money thay make over the 3 day boycot

  43. ratorr2 Says:

    I’m with you on the boycott! I haven’t played Farmville for 3 days and don’t plan on going back until Zynga changes their ways. And I don’t mean just the tantrum Zynga threw over the sheep, but also the limits and the throttling they impose on collecting (with the tons of stuff we have to collect) with the excuse that they are trying to make it fair for everyone. And that everything must cost FV$. I have over $11 million coins collecting dust because there’s virtually nothing to spend it on.

    This farmer has had enough!

  44. DAWN Says:

    i spoke to a zynga agent on live chat who said that the rainbow dot ram and the chameleon sheep will not produce a color changing offspring because they have not yet fixed the problem with hackers. so i asked her why it says on the support site that we are able to breed them now that they have released them. she said its because once the problem is resolved with the program being hacked then we will be able to breed those kind of sheep… basically ZYNGA LIED to get us to buy the ram and sheep. why even release them if we cant breed them?? or why not just say when they released them that we could not breed them yet??

  45. Atochabsh Says:

    what live chat support? I couldn’t find such a thing.

  46. Jean Says:

    @Jay—Thanks, I figured it was something I was just overlooking. I will go see if I want to do the mission….LOL! Happy farming everyone.

  47. frank Says:

    I bought the Cameo, Roller & Rainbow color changer. Offspring are only white or black. BS…. Feel so cheated. We should be able to breed them to what the pattern are. Not fair at all. I guess, They are making sure we can’t let our friends adopt them. They are just for show. I’m getting sick and tired of the BS… Limits on grabbing off the feed. 10 bottles per sheep & pigs ! Not counting Building things.. All the Dang nails, board, bricks… Geezes.. Bam! You reached your limit partner! Messed up !!!
    They must want people to stop playing Farmville. I want my money back!

  48. Marti Says:

    Bitterly disappointed in Zynga..get our hopes up & shoot us in the face. These new sheep are nothing they touted-nor are any of their so called stories about them. Farmville has become so boring with its mundane build it, collect it. I started this game 18 months ago & was enjoying it at first. Then it became a chore & I was thinking of wandering away. Sheep came out-went for weeks before they took all the joy out with their excessive controlling with limits on everything & taking out good sheep fun they ALLOWED for so long-declaring them illegal. They toss us a bone full of splinters & no meat like originally promised & charge us for it. Their new sheep are nothing like the supposedly ‘illegals’, which I find very hard to suck up that they were. Breeding sheep has lost its thrill-more mundane crap to bore the wits out of us & waste our resources & time. As many as are fed up, they’re going to have to do something to redeem themselves. Personally, I’d love to see them make the game really fun again & put back the great sheep AND cut off the limits to them-without it all being about money! I can see the ads & I know the companies are paying dear to have them there! Without customers, there is NO business. Without gamers, there’s NO games!

  49. Rima Says:

    When is Zynga going to get it right ?? … Finally a “Legal” color changer Sheep … yeah !! now If it would only WORK !@!! … Geeezzz this is getting so so old !!! … I am fed up with nothing working … If you can get your farm to load it goes “out of sync” … shadows everywhere instead of Duck Ponds, Orchards or what ever is screwed up on that particular day … Gifts never making it to the gift box (NOT FOUND) or better yet having dozens just disappear almost on a daily basis … being unable to publish things or having the Farm needing to be refreshed {Either way you don’t get to share} … I have spent hundreds of $$$ on this game and expect better customer service at the least … problems from last year were never resolved no matter how many times I have brought it to their attention … I had my whole horse stable with a stallion and mares in it just disappear one day … after waiting for them to fix/replace ??? it I finally had to rebuild it from scratch … the canned answers to your emails are insulting at best … do they think that we are idiots ??? … clearing the cache and deleting your history will NOT fix the problems that keep occurring … Neither will updating your flash player … They need to get a grip !!! I am an understanding and patient person but these are ongoing problems that they compound by adding new stuff or trying to limit what we can do … I am at my wits end !!!!

  50. Jo Says:

    OK Zynga I played by your rules. Didnt adopt “illegal” lambs and bought the spotty flasher but now I cant breed flashers.

    You just turned me into a rebel. Im adopting illegals and Im emailing you to demand my money back. A$$hole$!!! Fair trading I think NOT.

  51. jason Says:

    give the sheep flashers back when you got them to buy the ones you made they tried to be fair and bought the legal ones and they should get what they payed for

  52. Margaret Busija Says:

    I would like to know what happened the the geneology chart with the sheep. Where is the Master breeder with gifts. Maybe if promises were kept there would be no problem with all the illegal breeding.

  53. cat Says:

    I have purchased the rainbow ram, the chameleon, and the pink/white camo…NONE of which reproduces a camo, or a color changer. WHAT A RIP OFF!!! I WISH ZYNGA WOULD GET THEIR SHIZZ STRAIGHT!!! Also, FYI you can collect up to 250 love potions…want to know how?? Well use your pub…it can store up to 200 potions and the pen can store up to 56, that’s as high as I got. ALSO the special delivery boxes can give you bottles!!!

  54. Anonymity Says:

    “This means that any of these type of Flashers that you already have on your farm will now be “legal” breeders meaning that they will produce similar type offspring.”

    If this is true, why am I not getting any star/patterned sheep? :/

  55. Catherine Says:

    I think we were misled by zynga making it look like these two new sheep would produce some of the effects the illegal sheep did, but in reality they only produce different colors and diffrent colors of spots. A huge rip-off, they should refund all of our money.

  56. Spicey Says:

    I like this comment

    Mama dot, papa dot and here comes white ewe as idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And yes I’ll vote strike too!!!!!

  57. James Says:

    Are there any lawyers out there? Someone that knows what they’re doing should take a look at Zynga’s terms of service and see if this is legal. We are not getting what we paid for. There very well may be a class action lawsuit here. We’re talking a company that is taking 100′s of millions of dollars from people like me and you and then changing the rules as they see fit, and lying to us about the glitches. There;s no consistency in their “Official” statements. If you question them on their forum, they ban you for life. Facebook is shutting down all pages with negative Zynga petitions and calls for boycotts. They do not deliver what they promise and manipulate and trick us into buying items in the market that don’t work properly and then won’t refund our money. If nothing else, has anyone tried doing a chargeback on their credit card? Money is all they understand. I for one have saved every game card I’ve ever purchased. Just in case…. This not a threat, just information I’m putting out there.

  58. James Says:

    PS Let’s not forget the Mystery game. Isn’t that online gambling? Paying money for a chance at prizes that have cash value? Isn’t online gambling illegal. Zynga seems to like to throw that word around a lot lately.

  59. farmvilleplayer Says:

    I have bought both chameleon and dot color changing and YUP THEY BOTH DONT WORK!

    I have breed both with gertrude the first girl ewe SO that proves that breeding an illegal sheep has absolutely nothing to do with it…..

    I think its fair that zyngna has put a stop to the illegal sheep but i think that its STEALING when they have provided a sheep that does not breed the pattern EVER..or have stated the rules of breeding in their bi-weekly news, when none of those “rules” have ever applied to the breeding…..they have said that the lamb takes the pattern from the ram which is a huge lie! AND they had the audacity to even change one of their statements and say that instead of having every 4th lamb be a ram, that the rams would be random… why didnt they just warn us about the NEW patterns and say they dont BREED THE SAME PATTERNS!!!!!


  60. Valerie Says:

    I made ​​3 new tests this morning …….. with single lambs oranges 2 sheep market :-(

  61. Margaret Says:

    They are a wast of money the do no reproduce!!! Do not wast your money, I was told by Zynga they are trying to fix this but do not know when>

  62. Darrid Says:

    Total Crap! Don’t waste your money. Bring back the “Immigrant” sheep! Better than saying Illegals!

  63. luminouz Says:

    These are crap. I get nothing but white or the same bright orange offspring. I mean, if you’re going to have these changing colors on us, the LEAST you can do is have it pass down RANDOM colors to its offspring and not the same crappy orange color of the spotted rainbow ram or a (very, very) disappointing WHITE ewe that I could purchase in the market for coins or even get free from a neighbor! Waste of my money, farm cash, potions, bottles, and yes, my time! Wish I read the comments before purchasing them, but I am one of those players that believed the previous release about us being able to breed like before with the color changers and such. I quit. Seriously.

  64. v.o.s Says:

    well ive been out all day looking round the hillsides and every supermarket for flashing sheep and pigs ware are you hiding them zanga becouse its not on our farms is it even if you breed two flashing dot animals all youi get is a plane white sheep and theres no way in hell im going to give zanga money to buy some thing that dont work

  65. CMunns Says:

    They don’t work :(

  66. Pamela Lamb Says:

    No It’s totally boring…getting nothing but black and white no matter what i breed…what a waste of money….

  67. Maria Says:

    The dont work, i got both of them, you only get solid orange or different shades of orange to red sheep from them, Zyna are busy working on the problem – so they say.

  68. betti peterson Says:

    I don’t mind the breeding but if we are going to have so many ways to get love potion then why can’t we harvest bottles from our dairy farms so that we can breed more?

  69. Jan Says:

    I purchased the new sheep . . .blah! All the ones everyone made out of their own creativity are so much better! Zynga has rained on my parade . . .I was really enjoying the sheep breeding. Now it’s just about as boring as the pig breeding. Boooooooo Zynga!

  70. Kimberlie Poth Says:

    They don’t work no matter if I breed with plain colors or mixed colors. They just plain DO NOT WORK. WASTE OF MONEY!!!!!!!!!

  71. Anne Says:

    All I wanted was to create star sheep, and all I’ve been getting are solids or sorry, blah blah blah. I’m so over this.

  72. Cathy Says:

    My family has bought 3 and haven’t produced one single special. You need to do as you promised and let the color changers that we adopted from the supposedly illegals be used again, at least they work. We are being ripped off! Zynga jumps the prices also just cause they ran a 20% discount last week. We need to quit supporting the FV buck items and maybe you will reduce the costs.

  73. ellen Says:

    they really killed the fun… i loved all the strange colors. but know :-(

  74. Franca Says:

    The sheep are too expensive in my opinion. They should cost no more than 15 FVC !!!!

  75. Marilyn Says:



    TAKE THE BLOCK OFF ZYNGA AND LET THE GAME BE FUN AGAIN….. REALLY THE DAMAGE IS DONE… why wouldn’t u now what to make your players happy!!!
    Lots of new players before the FIX AND NOW… ALL WANT TO KILL THIS GAME…
    Me for one, playing this game from the beginning… U BLEW IT THIS TIME!!!!!

  76. Susan Says:

    There is no point to the new sheep as far as breeding lambs…why buy at all …I DID…after at least 30 tries have not gotten a single lamb like the parents…wasted money as far as I;m concerned…I am pasting part of my chat with a zynga support rep…speaks for its self

    Manuel F.: I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with Breeding Sheep Susan.

    Manuel F.: Unfortunately this feature works in a random way.

    Manuel F.: That means that you will get a different Sheep or Ram every time that you grow up a Lamb.

    susan: i understand that…my point is i have had only the 2 newest sheep in mt sheep pen breeding those only…and after breeding them at least 10 times…i dont get at least 1 that has rainbow spots…or changes color?

    susan: that is not what i read about the way the sheep breeding works

    susan: from what i have read…i should get 1 or the other of whatever the parents are with variables on the sex of the lamb…and a small percent of the mothers pattern…am i correct?

    Manuel F.: Susan, unfortunately there is no way to predict the result of the Lamb when this Grows. here is an article from our page that you can check for further information:Sheep Breed

    susan: i have read that

    Manuel F.: The breeding possibilities are nearly limitless, Sheep breeding can be a somewhat random process, based on the colors and patterns of the ram and ewe used. Each color a parent possesses has a certain color range to it that can be applied to the lamb in question, so you never really know what you’re getting exactly.

    susan: i am annoyed and not liking that i am not breeding at least the lambs that i bought the parents…i know not your fault…but i would like you to them

    susan: i understand how it is supposed to work…thats my point…its not working the way its supposed to

    Manuel F.: I understand Susan and we are taking all the Farmers feedback to send a complete report to our Development team, they decide the features and the new stuff in the Game, so this way they will be aware of your opinion.

    susan: ok look…example…lets say i only have 1 ewe and 1ram..they are special…they change color…there spots change color…i have bread them numerous times…lthey produce nothing past solid colors

    susan: are they glitched…or did zynga forget to turn them on

    Manuel F.: As I mentioned Susan, the feature works in a random way, that means that you never really know what you’re getting exactly.

    susan: ok…if thats the case/..why buy any…it sounds like the mystery trees…any lamb can be any sheep when its grown,…is this correct

    Manuel F.: The result is random, that means that can be any type of Sheep or Ram.

    susan: so you are saying…yes they can be any sheep or ram when they grow up…yes…or no

    Manuel F.: Yes Susan, the ones that are available to Breed.

    susan: ok…now i get the lambs work like the mystery trees do…regardless of having it…as long as its available

    susan: in the market

  77. Stacey Says:

    I did not buy any of the new sheep in the market yet, but I bred some of the flashers I already had today and they are all turning out white :( Not happy!

  78. Peggy Says:

    bought the chameleon ewe, put her in my sheep pen with Brutus, tried to breed them, and promptly got OOS AND lost the 5 potions used trying to breed them. Removing sheep from the pen now causes OOS. Two sheep in the pen looks like 3 from the outside, removed the chameleon and it still looks like 3 from the outside–2 Brutus and a chameleon. So no, I would NOT say that sheep breeding is more fun–I can’t breed sheep at all any more!

  79. Mike Walter Sr Says:

    Im getting sick and tired of spending five potions and ten bottles only to get white lambs from these. What a waist…

  80. jena Says:

    When are yall taking away my falsing ones and what will the like like?

  81. LuAnne Says:

    Same as everyone else says. They only produce either bright orange or white solid lambs.

  82. Scarlett Says:

    The different color and pattern sheep are my favorites in the whole game. I am waiting to see if the new ewe and ram that are in the market produce lambs like themselves. I hope this is a temporary glitch where they only produce solid colors now. Until it is working, I am not buying.

    And there are some helpful support agents that really do understand but again there are some very stupid ones too. It is like the sheep, you never know which you will get. The one thing that they need to know is that they should try to please the customer and give them a token at least for their troubles until the problem is fixed.

  83. Bob Nason Says:

    i have decided that breeding pigs is a waste of time–i did not get a free boar like some folk—won’t pay for it. As far as sheep, I have matched up Gertrude with Brutas, with an illegal and with a ram I bred with 3 colors and I have 3 identical 3-color rams—nothing special—and when you see them as lambs you dont know how they will come out. People that are really pissed–here’s an idea, step away from your farm for awhile, grow tomatoes, play tennis, or watch baseball—it’s going to be all right. But i would NEVER sink 30 FV cash into a Color ram.

  84. Alan Says:

    I get some patern but breeding colour changing genuine zynga ewe with patened ram get a white sheep WHAT A CON, ZYNGA SORT YOUR FU~~ING SELVES OUT

  85. amber Says:

    Zynga posted that the previous flasher, star, and camo sheep were no longer illegal and you could start breeding them again to get said flasher, star or camo lamb how ever when I breed Brutus the original ram to the breeding process with an off spring similar to him just didn’t colors all I get is a solid colored sheep I haven’t tried to breed any other sheep due to the fact that even the “legal” sheep are giving off nothing but solid colored sheep I’m not spending money for the others in the market seeing how so many are having the same problems with them really wish this would get fixed and for those of us that have wasted potions and bottles there should be a freebie deal to gain back what we have wasted for plain boring sheep I would even settle for not breeding the camo sheep which was actually tons of fun seeing how I love camo any way but it was also fun seeing all the various colors I could get from the other sheep also thinking about selling all of it and calling it a day

  86. Jeannie Says:

    I bought the rainbow dots and the chameleon and they have done nothing as far as breeding all I breed was solid ugly colors I have breed with different colors and still get same colors I am really disgusted with the this game I am bound to my home and play this game as an outlet with my friends for a year and a half now but with the cost of everything going up and most of the items now for cash just to get these results its just not worth it anymore for the kind of time and money this game requires

  87. Barb Says:

    I have quit breeding the sheep and pigs and will not breed any more. The sheep are priced to high for one thing and them taking the so called illegal sheep away for another. The price of the potions is to high and you need too many bottles and it is just a hassle trying to get them so breeding them is not enjoyable, so even if they bring back the flashers and color changers I am done with the sheep and pig breeding

  88. Lawren Says:

    Nothing but solid colors of red and orange but mostly white. It was more fun before because you knew you were gonna get a pattern and the colors you were going for. As usual…they really know how to mess up a good thing. I

  89. Manuela Germany Says:

    My sheeps also don´t change color. Only the two i buy in the Market for to much FV.
    That´s not fair…..

  90. farmvilleplayer Says:

    this is a reply to this comment that someone had posted!

    ((((((((((Superbabiez Says:
    Posted on April 29th, 2011 at 1:05 am
    Both of the these utilize the “roller” color-changing ability and by definition a type of color (not a pattern). To be clear, the “roller” is a color that gently changes from one color to another. With the Ram, you have the capability of creating offspring that have “roller” patterns; with the sheep you can breed this form of color-changing into other sheep. Those of you with “roller” sheep already on their farm will be able to breed with them normally. Note that there is random chance that the color-changing ability gets inherited through breeding–it’s not a 100% thing.
    Please do not confuse this type of color-changing ability with the “flasher”, which is a color-changing ability that flashes in bright funky ways. Hopefully we can release this ability in the near future(THESE ARE NOT FLASHERS THATS WHY YOU STILL CANT BREED FLASHERS))))))))))


  91. Danelle Says:

    I refuse to buy another thing costing Farm Cash. Zynga has taken all the fun away from the sheep/pig breeding and I hope they realize how many daily players are outraged.

  92. chris Says:

    the dotted one not working for me tried several times 5 exactly nothing but what i had all ready

  93. gin Says:

    I am soooo frustrated with the new changes. Nothing is breeding the way it used to. We’re getting way more solids and everything is random. Had 79 potions I gathered and got frustrated and signed off before I even used all of them. I liked the old programing better.

  94. Penny Says:

    Not fun at all because I’m still getting only white ones!

  95. Cathy Says:

    Go to the Farmville forum and read, in discussions IIIRC, the thread titled “why your Sheep don’t work – the truth!”. Go quick before it’s deleted!

  96. BenteBaby Says:

    I just talked to zynga rep, and they are working on getting these new ones to work properly, I have only been able to produce solid color or solid dotted from these two new ones. And for the most part, mine have becoming orange, so I have a farm full of an assortment of orange sheep. .Gooo browns :P
    I have to say, though, I do not understand the anger about the “illegal” sheep and pigs. I do understand why zynga would have to do something about this, after all, somebody hacked the game… I see them trying to do their best to make sheep breeding more fun, by adding tons of new sheep available in the market in the last few days. I am guessing they are probably released sooner than what was originally planned.. The problem with these new flashers not working, can probably be blamed on the hackers, they are the reason zynga had to turn off the breeding to begin with.
    I do get upset with zynga from time to time as well, I understand that they can be frustrating, but in this situation, I really do understand why they felt they had to do something about the illegal sheep. And give them credit, they are trying to make sheep breeding fun again, just give them some time :)

  97. Jim Baron Says:

    I don’t see sheep breeding on the home farm and I don’t know why.

  98. Guy The RR Says:

    Very disappointing to buy one of the “legal” sheep and not be able to breed one that’s anything but plain. Hopefully, this will get fixed and SOON.

  99. Tracey Davidson Says:

    I bought this ram and ewe – so far have bred twice. I bred both together first, and came out with a solid bright-yellow ram (not a color changer). Then I bred the polka-dot ram with a white ewe and got a white ewe with orange spots. No color changing yet, but I’m still pleased with my new sheep.

  100. Marti Says:

    Nothing works with the sheep breeding..NOTHING- all I get is crap, crap & more crap. Legal or “illegal” – NOTHING works. Why should we even be able to breed white sheep at all-we can get those given us as freebies! I’m disgusted with all the lies & promises. Can’t even give us straight up info. Evidently, current employees can’t do their jobs & Farmville is becoming a total failure. Bugs, glitches, lost items, lost goods, lost everything. & most support talks to you like you’re an idiot. Put the FUN back into the game & put things back to where they were, at least, with the sheep breeding! Hackers, my foot…it was just a glitch in your own system that we fell into. ( soooooo easy to call it hacking-blame shifting for an open hole) It was fun! REAL fun for the first time in this game.

  101. Gina Says:

    Im glad I talked to my friends before I bought either one of the new sheep. None of my friends have had ANY to work for them. What in the crap is going on? These are not free. Why is is such a big deal that you all had th mess things up for people? I cant help what comes out of my pen when I put them my pen and breed. This is insane. You all have made it not fun anymore. What is the problem?????

  102. Eli Says:

    …so annoyin!..there is not more fun about breeding..since i saw how lame is the pig breeding!..i never tried but i was having fun with sheep breeding…now I will just keep my nice “illegal but awesome sheeps”…and sell those stupid sheep pens!…and still working on my trees and crops mastery signs…after that who knows! :)

  103. mmorningstar Says:


    Just spent 50 FV cash on these 2 sheep.
    When mated, they produced a WHITE SHEEP!!!

    On FV Forum many ppl saying that even when mated with other sheep, none of them come out chameleon ( ie changing colors).

  104. Becky Says:

    To answer the question about is sheep breeding more fun since the new sheep were introduced: NO. Just look at the feed and the frustration. This is not ‘randomly getting different sheep.’ There is nothing random about consistently getting black or white sheep numerous times using a ram and ewe of matching colors and legal patterns. It’s time to knock down the # of bottles needed to grow a sheep by half. Five bottles should be plenty. Plus, you have to use 30 bottles and 15 potions for one of the quests. I have tried on 7 occasions to use less than 5 potions and wait until the lamb was ready. No lamb one single time – all a failure. There is nothing random about it. Adopted lambs come out blah so they’re not getting adopted. Something has changed. I used to be able to breed one pair and get different offspring but the results made sense. That doesn’t happen any more. Please go back to a reasonable inheritance pattern, get the “Family Tree” to work, get the new rolling color and patterns to work, use a reasonable # of bottles and maybe it will be fun again. Now it’s a frustrating waste of time for every one of my friends and me. Sheep breeding had been the best thing about the EC farm – no longer.

  105. G-Rodge Says:

    Why your Sheep don’t work – The Truth!

    First we need to understand how they work and then how they got broken. Each sheep is made up of what is called a ‘Metadata’ string, basically this is it’s

    DNA! This must fall between 0 and ff when counting in Hexadecimal (0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 a b c d e f 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 1a 1b 1c 1d 1e 1f 20 etc…)

    these are examples of working Metadata strings, and the reasons why they work:

    Brutus the Ram:

    Green Ewe with Yellow Camouflage Pattern:
    {“B”:{“H”:["55","55"],”S”:["10","10"],”V”:["10","10"]},”P”:{“H”:["2d","2d"],”S”:["10","10"],”V”:["10","10"],”T”:["d"]},”N”:”Green with Yellow Camo”,”G”:”F”}

    Red with Color Changing Stars:
    {“B”:{“H”:["e6","e6"],”S”:["10","10"],”V”:["c","c"]},”P”:{“H”:["f0","b4"],”S”:["10","10"],”V”:["c","c"],”T”:["e"]},”N”:”Red with CC Stars”,”G”:”F”}

    The reason the last one has color changing stars, is because it contains a hexadecimal number from f0 to ff in the pattern part of its Metadata


    these next three are the same sheep with invalid sections of their Metadata string, they will look identical, but will now not produce anything other than

    white or black sheep:

    Brutus the Ram:


    Green Ewe with Yellow Camouflage Pattern:
    {“B”:{“H”:["55","515"],”S”:["10","100"],”V”:["10","10"]},”P”:{“H”:["2d","2ad7"],”S”:["10","10"],”V”:["10","f10"],”T”:["d"]},”N”:”Green with Yellow


    Red with Color Changing Stars:
    {“B”:{“H”:["e6","e6"],”S”:["10","10"],”V”:["c","c"]},”P”:{“H”:["f1a10","bbb4"],”S”:["10","10"],”V”:["c","c"],”T”:["e"]},”N”:”Red with CC Stars”,”G”:”F”}

    These are only basic examples, now how does the Metadata string work?
    Zynga have used the Unix color system, based around hexadecimal values, therefore any value from 0 to ff is acceptable:

    Plain White Ram:
    {“B”:{“H”:["0","0"],”S”:["0","0"],”V”:["10","10"]},”P”:{“H”:["0","0"],”S”:["0","0"],”V”:["10","10"],”T”:["a"]},”N”:”White Ram”,”G”:”M”}

    Where you see the “B” this is the Body part of the Sheep, made up of three sets of values:
    “H” Hue
    “S” Saturation
    “V” Vibrance (or Intensity)

    Where you see the “P” this is the pattern section, made up of the same three sets of values as the body
    where you see the “T” this is the Type of pattern, either:
    a = Plain
    b = Spots
    c = Hooded
    d = Camouflage
    e = Stars
    f = Stripe

    the “N” section is the Name of the sheep
    and the “G” is the Gender, “M” Male, “F” Female

    Here is an extreme example of a ‘Hacked’ sheep:

    V”:["d","d"],”T”:["f"]},”N”:”Flashing Mask with Flashing Electric Stripe”,”G”:”M”}

    as you can see, out of the six sets of values comprising this sheep, only two seem to fall within Zyngas parameters.

    The way the system works now, is that whenever you try to breed with a ram and a ewe, if any of the sets of values fall outside of Zyngas parameters, the

    system will default to White, and will then breed as a normal pure white sheep, provided it is placed with another sheep whose parameters fall within those

    outlined by Zynga.

    So as you can see, any of your color changing sheep, which you claimed from the wall or were gifted by a friend, will more than likely contain a different

    string than those now permitted, a usual color changing string used by those that followed the hackers was… {“H”:["78e","179f"]

    Which was in itself stupid because all they had to do was change the first section of the “H” part of either the body or pattern (or both) to a value of f0,

    f1, f2 etc…

    How did it become so widespread? Click the link below and see for yourself, originally the hackers kept it to themselves, deigning it to be to dangerous for

    the average player to mess around inside the coding in this way, but after a few weeks this became public.

    simply click on a sheep from the gallery, select fork and you are presented with the sheep and its metadata, move the sliders around, select Max Range, see

    how easy it is to generate the craziness we all saw.

    Okay how is this Metadata entered into the game?

    With the ‘Charles Web Debugging Proxy’ a tool used by many software companies to see how and why there programs work or don’t work, this program when used

    can interrupt any command, the hackers simply placed a sheep inside their sheep pen, activated Charles, removed the sheep from the pen, Charles would then

    ‘pop-up’ a simple search though the displayed data, revealed the metadata string, which could then be changed.

    After changing as many sheep as they wished, they simply closed Charles, deleted their sheep pen, built a new one and started breeding their ‘illicit’ sheep.

    Why do the official Zynga ones not work?
    This is really simple, through the ‘hacked’ sheep, the vast majority of players unknowingly gained sheep that should have taken them months to create, thus

    losing a lot of revenue for Zynga, they have now released the patterns and the color changing ability, through four new market sheep (at a cost of 110FV for

    the lot), but they have blocked the passing of the f0 from either of these two color changing Market sheep, onto any offspring and made the chance of

    passing on the patterns much more improbable…. Why?

    Because they can cover their tracks of course, these ‘hacks’ are not found, they are released to certain individuals who examine them before then passing

    them on to the players, either directly in some cases, or through other means as in this case, remember Zyngas designers use Charles also.

    So in conclusion, your sheep that sit on your farm that you obtained through ‘legitimate’ means, can continue to be

    ‘pastel/neon/flashers/poppers/masks/electric’ or whatever you have, but they will not breed, all Zynga has done is allowed you to see what might be possible,

    then taken it away, yes they will lose customers, many customers it seems, but it also seems they are willing to suffer those loses, at the expense of those

    die-hard players who will continue to hand over their hard earned cash.

    I hope this thread stays up, and I hope it helps some people.

    Thanks for reading!

  106. Emily Says:

    A little disappointed with these, I love sheep breeding and I was expecting to get a flashing ewe from the chameleon ewe, but instead I got a solid orange one. :[

  107. becca Says:

    I dont understand why everyone is complaining you all enjoyed your farm’s until they took away the sheep its still the same amount of fun just without sheep. And I dont know why all of you get black and white sheep I get ones with star’s and spot’s and various color’s. Nobody tells you to spend fv cash before looking into something thats your own fault maybe next time you’ll be patient!

  108. Jann Wenturine Says:

    I hope that reps from Zynga review these comments because we definitely need a change here. When I purchase an item from Zynga in Farmville, I am taking a chance on what it’s like. They give us a preview, but you really don’t know what it will look like until you have it on your farm. Zynga doesn’t supply a description. They should. When I purchased the Rainbow Dots Ram with flashing dots, I thought that by getting that ram, I would be able to produce flashing dots sheep as well. Now they need to explain this to us so that we are not disappointed with our purchase when it doesn’t turn out like we think it should. This ram is not worth the 30 FVC that they are charging for it. I believe they have misled their customers and need to make it up to us as we are loyal to Zynga.

  109. Michelle Says:

    I see mostly everyone is having the same problem. I purchased the dotted ram and I have bread it more than 15 times and they are all just plain colored except for 2 and they had dots but the dots didn’t change color. I am so pissed, this is not what I paid real money for >(

  110. Sheila Says:

    Wont be purchasing any fv $ anymore. Because you people at Zynga had a leak in security, we are paying the $$$$ literally. Having a hacker or non-loyal employee is not our fault or problem. We, now, have to become frustrated and stop breeding INTERESTING sheep and PAY for non-interesting ones..Nope – not me..Keep your expensive and dull sheep. I just wont breed anymore.

  111. claire Says:

    Bought them and they don’t work, if i buy something in a shop that doesn’t work i return and complain, so get complaining and ask for your money back, shouldn’t put faulty stuff in the market anyway it’s misleading to the buyer

  112. Atochabsh Says:

    I have bred my rolling dotted ram and rolling solid ewe many many times now and have NEVER gotten a rolling color anything. I have complained to Zynga and all I get is “we know its frustrating”….but “its by chance”. Well I have 100% no chance for days since i LEGALLY bought those sheep. I am ticked off!!!!

  113. regan Says:

    yes i spend 60 farmdollors on two new rams and when you breed them you get pline ram ,,,they jush want the money from what i can see

  114. scout Says:

    Wow, this post has been up for days now with people complaining in the comments that the color changing sheep do not produce color changing offspring and yet it has not been addressed by the Farmville Freak site owners. Why is that? Every other glitch has been reported on but not this one. Meanwhile, people continue to purchase these non-working sheep from the market.

    What’s up with that? I liked this site better when it was not an “officially approved” Zynga site. Not only do I miss the sneak peaks but it now seems they have to tow the line and stay mum when Zynga pulls the strings. :(

  115. Leesa Says:

    WOW……Looks like I’m not the only one who is unhappy with Zynga!! I too, like everyone else bought the new Chameleon Sheep and the Rainbow Dots Sheep…..mine don’t work either…..and I too, also bred the illegal sheep like everyone else not knowing that they were hacked….and spent alot of money on Farmcash buying up “love potion”, etc……I am very frustrated!! I am really upset that the Rainbow dots sheep isn’t white….it’s that ugly orange/red color……and that I am only getting the same ugly solid colored sheep from them…..guess the only thing to do is boycott Farmville until they can get it together…..I am really angry about the whole illegal breeding thing and how FV handled it….could have been handled much better… the end, the innocent players are the one’s that were punished…..not only by purchasing and spending worthless farmcash….but also when I went to breed my “illegal” sheep, all I got were solid black or white lambs and ultimately solid black or white sheep….UGH!! Very frustrating…….I am done playing until I am compensated for all the farmcash I wasted on these stupid sheep……=//

  116. Alicia Says:

    The Chameleon Ewe has been taken off the market already??

  117. jurica Says:

    Why? :(

  118. kathryn Says:

    i bought the chameleon ewe and the polka dot ram (flashing dots) from the market legally. I tried breeding them 3 times and got solid orangy yellow lambs. I just got a message from zynga tonight when i got on my farm and they explained that the ewe wont produce flashing offspring without the chameleon ram. they gave me one. i have bred them together three times and so far have gotten flashing chameleon lambs :)
    Now if only I could breed my polka dot ram and get polka dot lambs….

  119. rafke Says:

    He all,
    Anybody allready got flashing dots offspring from the polka dot ram?
    Or a better question, anybody know if the bug is fixed?

  120. rafke Says:

    Sorry, i mean the rainbow dot ram.
    Anybody got offspring with working rainbowdots?
    I got a orange/red ram with orange dots (no rainbow) after breeding, so we are making progress

  121. Leesa Says:

    Has anyone been able to breed the rainbow spotted ram and “GET” a rainbow spotted lamb?? I STILL can’t……=/ I DID get my free chameleon ram……works part of the time and the rest of the time, it’s solid ugly colors or white…..they DID say that it wouldn’t work all of the time….but do the solid colors have to be so darn ugly?? UGH!! I wish they would just do away with the white sheep altogether…….I’ve gotten a spotted white on white ram and a white on white star ewe….which are pretty cool….but when I breed them with anything else, regardless of the color, I get a solid white ram or ewe…..=/

  122. DamianAzrael Says:

    Nope have bread many times have about 20 sheep and rams grown from lambs from him even bred him back with his offspring hoping to get a rainbow dot ewe but haven’t so much as gotten a rainbow dot anything i spent almost all my farm cash on him thinking the problem was fixed like with the Chameleon ram if i had known it wasn’t i would have gotten the chameleon but i thought they dots looked cooler. The new thing where they show what lambs they can produce doesn’t show any color changing dots offspring. Also i never had a flasher lamb i heard they were hacked about a week after i had been trying to get one and stopped when i found out. Why are people who have hacked lambs getting a free ram but people who didn’t get nothing that doesn’t seem right.

  123. Carole Says:

    I waited until now to buy the rainbow dot ram-thinking that by this time (weeks) the bug would be fixed but, alas, still doesn’t produce rainbow dot offspring. For heaven’s sakes-why is the darn thing on the market if they can’t fix the bug?? What a waste of farm cash!

  124. rafke Says:

    I’m even not able to breed dotted sheep with a chameleon color (the body chameleon with plain spots).
    What i’m doing wrong?
    Even the combination of the rainbow dotted ram with a chameleon ewe isn;t working.
    At least they could give a lamb with a colorchanging body if it isn;t possible to breed rainbow dotted offspring.


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