FarmVille Limited Edition Golden Merpegasus

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FarmVille Limited Edition Golden Merpegasus

Posted on March 27, 2013 12:20 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Golden Merpegasus

Wow! This one is for the high roller FarmVille Freaks with coins to spare. A  Golden Merpegasus arrived in the FarmVille Market as a Limited Edition item with a price tag of 25  million Farm Coins! That’s 25,000,000. Upon purchase you will be rewarded with 250,000 XP.

The Golden Merpegasus, a magical combination of a mermaid and a pegasus covered in gold, is a harvestable animal that will yield 200 Farm Coins every 3 days when it’s harvested. I would expect a little more coin yield for such a pricey animal, but oh well. Despite it’s outrageous price tage, it’s definitely something to spend your Farm Coins on if you’ve been stockpiling them for awhile. This isn’t so far fetched as lots of us have millions of Farm Coins collecting dust. Farmers often complain of the lack of Farm Coin items available in the market and many have coins to spare, but nothing to shop for so this is a nice addition to the market, but keep in mind it’s reserved for those elite FarmVille Freaks with deep bank accounts. Since the Golden Merpegasus is a Limited Edition item with limited availability. It will only be available for purchase during the next 35 days via the FarmVille Market. So if you are planning to save up Farm Coins, good luck getting to 25 million in a month! There is no Farm Cash option available for the Golden Merpegasus.

FarmVille Golden Merpasus

FarmVille Golden Merpasus

Will you spend 25 million Farm Coins to purchase your Golden Merpegasus for your FarmVille farm? 

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6 Responses to “FarmVille Limited Edition Golden Merpegasus” »

  1. brian Says:

    what are the farmville programmers smoking. i mean come on it is bad enough that most animals are cash but 25 million for an animal that will only give 200 coins every 3 days.

  2. Susan Jackson Says:


  3. Jaye Says:

    Why not just ask people to give up their first-born ?

  4. Rina Says:

    The selling point is for the instant 250,000 XP and not the 200 farm coins every 3 days. But isn’t 25 million coins too steep?

    It would be more helpful to offer instant Shell Points or Fairy Points for a market purchase of this price tag! Doesn’t care much for XP nowadays…

  5. Virgel Says:

    Brian, the farmville programmers are not smoking anything, lol. They are finnaly thinking. I wish that they had this 25 million animal earlier. I have reached the end of farmville on both of my accounts, 21,560 levels. I was buying, and selling mansion’s at 5 million coins each like crazy to level up as fast as I could. I don’t know what level you are at. But stuffing the stables that has a stallion in it, with horses really pays off once you get way up in levels, and you can make millions of coins every time you make the stallion happy. And I mean many millions like 100 million or more. Then you will appreciate the farmville programmers like me. :)

  6. Pat Says:

    The Golden Merpegasus doesn’t give you 250000 XP , it gives 1200 XP, thats not fair.