FarmVille Limited Edition Mother’s Day Building: Outdoor Spa

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FarmVille Limited Edition Mother’s Day Building: Outdoor Spa

Posted on May 4, 2011 10:57 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Outdoor Spa

In honor of Mother’s Day, FarmVille released a Limited Edition Outdoor Spa decorative building. What mom wouldn’t like to be treated to a day at the spa or own her own FarmVille spa for her farm? This fabulous building can be yours for 20 Farm Cash and will be available for purchase until May 12, 2011.

FarmVille Limited Edition Mother’s Day Building (Released: May 4, 2011)

  • FarmVille Outdoor Spa – 20 Farm Cash

FarmVille Outdoor Spa

Will you be adding the Outdoor Spa to your farm?

FarmVille Outdoor Spa Closeup

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11 Responses to “FarmVille Limited Edition Mother’s Day Building: Outdoor Spa” »

  1. Poppy Says:


  2. Michelle Says:

    Why?? Why does it seem almost EVERYTHING costs FV$????? Why ???

  3. Anita B. Says:

    That would be nice for my farm, but I spent all my saved up FV cash on the misty lake :(

  4. Rogue Robot Says:

    Zynga ignored Fathers Day last year and I haven’t bought a pennies worth of FC since.

  5. Miss5StarFarming Says:

    I dont know whats worst….paying almost everything in FVCash or building stuff with endless materials (nails and so on), or need to have tons of neighbours for help….I am really getting sick and tired of this !!!
    What has this all to do with “playing a game” ????

  6. Wendy Says:

    I understand the need to make money to pay your “techies” but only giving one item for coins is selfish. The more stuff that comes out the more $$$ farmville wants. This is unfair and it should be more of an equal split. Half the items we can get with coins the other half if we want with $$. At least give us a chance to have some nice things to add to our farms with the coins we getting. What else are we suppose to do with them? We can only buy so many seeds at one time so they just keep building.

  7. shirley mcshane Says:

    GREEDY not even fun any more everything work for a while then you have a nursery that never puts ou tadult horses or cows pig pen after 100 u cant breed any more ?????? are u having trouble keeping the game interesting or have they lost interest HUM

  8. shirley mcshane Says:

    yeah how about we want to buy FV dollors with farmville coins thats the best

  9. Lizette Says:


  10. Zia Says:

    If the outdoor spa were a useful adjunct to the Crafting Spa, I’d get it. Just another building to take up space? No thanks!


  1. FarmVille Limited Edition Mother’s Day Building: Outdoor Spa