FarmVille Limited Edition Valentine Theme Decorations: Heart Pool, Rainbow Finches, Cupig, & Anemore

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FarmVille Limited Edition Valentine Theme Decorations: Heart Pool, Rainbow Finches, Cupig, & Anemore

Posted on February 2, 2011 10:58 pm by FarmVille Freak Eva16

FarmVille Heart Pool

FarmVille Rainbow Finches

FarmVille Cupid Pig Statue

FarmVille Anemore Flower Bed

Earlier, when the Valentine’s Mailbox added a second round of prizes, we were provided with some cool new Valentine’s Day items. Tonight’s updates brings us even more Limited Edition Valentine’s Day themed decorations. There is a heart shaped water feature called the Heart Pool, Rainbow Finches, a Cupig, and Anemore Flower Bed.  These decorations will be available until February 18, 2011, so make sure you buy yours quickly!

FarmVille LE Valentine’s Day Decorations (Released: February 2, 2011)

  • FarmVille Heart Pool – 20 Farm Cash
  • FarmVille Rainbow Finches* – 15 Farm Cash
  • FarmVille Cupig – 12 Farm Cash (Re-release)
  • FarmVille Anemore – 10,000 Farm Coins

Note, the Rainbow Finches are a decorative animal that cannot be harvested and will not yield coins. However, it can be placed in your FarmVille storage.

FarmVille Anemone

FarmVille Cupig

FarmVille Heart Pool

FarmVille Rainbow Finches

Which of these decorations will you be buying for your farm? FarmVille Freak wants to see what you have been doing with all these Valentine’s Day items! Send pictures of your Valentine’s Day themed farm to!

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25 Responses to “FarmVille Limited Edition Valentine Theme Decorations: Heart Pool, Rainbow Finches, Cupig, & Anemore” »

  1. h Says:

    cute, but would be much cuter if the weren’t for cash.

  2. Kim Says:

    Pool is cute but not worth 20 fv$ and no room to put it

  3. Lynk Says:

    Im in love with the heart pool, but i dont know if i can bring myself to spend 20FC and also buy the pink pony. Darn, V-day gets me every year! Too much cute stuff.

  4. Michael Says:

    The only thing coins is a flower bed thats the size of a duck.
    Seriously! everything cash!!!!

  5. Disgruntled Says:

    Way to go Zynga and let the ugliest decorations be for coins. *SMH*

  6. Alisha Couch Says:

    Again all about the money. All good things are sold for FV cash. FV is turning into a money making scheme. it use to be about fun!

  7. Melodie Says:

    they arent “rainbow finches” they are “lady gouldian finches”
    at least get it right

  8. SuzieO Says:

    I love the pig statue but not worth the price, I was so sure it would be for coins when I saw it was a statue.. come on! that’s crazy!

  9. Cydni Says:

    Ha!! I never would have guessed that the ONE thing they give us for coins would be the sucky flower bed (I don’t care what they’re calling it – it’s a flower bed). Actually I did guess it as soon as I saw the pics. I don’t know why I’m so irritated – it’s typical Zynga.

  10. Michele Says:

    Well it figures…like I said earlier…if you have fv cash you can buy all the really cool stuff, but you can’t buy the same items with coins…it just kind of sucks for us can’t afford fv cash…

  11. aud Says:

    so sick of everything being farm cash only. you can keep your stuff Zynga.

  12. DalisDOLL Says:

    this is how the loose players by making everything about cash, most of the player started and stayed for fun, now, they are leaving. Zynga you SUCK!

  13. Jamie Says:

    Love the flower beds! I keep saying we need more decorative flowers for FV that do not wither! Keep them coming!

  14. Brody Says:

    THAT’S it. I used to have a nice balance between spending coins, and cash, and for the valentines specials there were what, 5 items that were available for coins? There are way too many lovely items that i would like, but can’t afford, because they cost farmcash. Zynga, give us MORE items that we actually WANT and make them available for coins!

  15. Barbra Walters Says:

    According to THIS reporter, those prices are ridiculous!

  16. samantha Says:


  17. Cindy Says:

    The new valentine pony is out too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Martha Poynor Says:

    Farm cash no can do. The flower bed is colorful but very small. 10,000 is too steep for this.

  19. Cynthia Says:

    That’s anemoNe, not anemoRe. I’ll buy the coin one. The farmcash ones, I’ll wait. They’ll be free next year.

  20. Loony Says:

    And the madness continues…
    New release, and everything the coin payers get, is a lousy flower bed.
    And nothing else. :(

  21. Martha Says:

    Even though I buy FC every now and then, now even one single item is worth the amount of FC they’re asking.
    Seriously? You guys are just getting comfortable, releasing every-single-thing no matter how crappy it is for FC.
    Not spending a dime on any of them.

  22. craig owen Says:

    Complain, complain,complain…the thread is about if you like these 4 items, if you hate zynga sooooooo much, just shut up and quit, it’s your own greed that makes you want fc items, not zynga, look to yourself for the fault.

  23. Jaye Reiser Says:

    I like the pig stature, but it’s highly unlikely I’ll pay cash for it

  24. sharon Says:

    i am tired of everything being fv cash, what is wrong with the coins we have to earn. you just want us to buy fv money. i dont and will not anymore.


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