FarmVille Black Cherry Tree Now Turns to Giant Black Cherry Tree!

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FarmVille Black Cherry Tree Now Turns to Giant Black Cherry Tree!

Posted on February 15, 2011 10:59 pm by FarmVille Freak Eva16

FarmVille Black Cherry Tree

FarmVille Black Cherry Tree Mastery Sign

In honor of Valentine’s Day, a new tree has been added to the FarmVille Market recently. The FarmVille Black Cherry Tree is a new Level 1, masterable tree.

Updated on February 15, 2011:

The Level 1 Black Cherry Tree that was added to the Market a few nights ago, now grows into a Level 2 Giant Black Cherry Tree! Previously, the Black Cherry Tree used to produce Mystery Seedlings that grew up into Rainer Cherry Trees.

The FarmVille Black Cherry Tree will be avaialble in the FarmVille Market for the next 11 days, and the Giant Black Cherry Tree will be available for purchase for the next 14 days.

  • FarmVille Giant Black Cherry Tree – 10 Farm Cash
  • FarmVille Black Cherry Tree – 5 Farm Cash

FarmVille Black Cherry Tree

FarmVille Giant Black Cherry Tree

FarmVille Black Cherry Tree Mastery Requirements & Rewards

  • Mastery Level 1: 75 harvests / Rewards: 25 XP and 500 Farm Coins
  • Mastery Level 2: 150 harvests / Rewards: 75 XP and 1,500 Farm Coins
  • Mastery Level 3: 225 harvests / Rewards: 250 XP and 5,000 Farm Coins

FarmVille Black Cherry Tree to Giant Black Cherry Tree

Will you purchase this tree for your farm? Have you begun mastering any other Valentine’s Day themed trees yet?

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57 Responses to “FarmVille Black Cherry Tree Now Turns to Giant Black Cherry Tree!” »

  1. Lynn Says:

    This one could have TOTALLY been a coin tree.

    Wtf, Zynga, get off your greed horses! Enough with these FC Trees!

  2. Mike Scully Says:

    And it makes seed for an already existing tree, Ive already master Rainier Cherry! WEAK!!

  3. pat Says:

    Where are the level 3 trees? Pay for a tree which makes seedlings for a tree I already mastered? WTH is that all about you greedy basterds!

  4. Rhardison421 Says:

    Why do I want to pay for a tree that should obviously be available for coins? And on top of that, it produces a tree that I mastered a long time ago from a regular cherry tree. This is just a poor excuse at trying to make an extra buck. And I’m sure that there are actually people out there that are stupid enough to spend the money on this tree…

  5. kortni Says:

    EPIC FREAKIN FAIL ZYNGA. am i really that surprised? eh, NO.

  6. Jennifer Says:

    wow, i wish i would have seen this before i wasted fc on it thinking that it would give me a GOOD my game keeps freezing tonight and i cannot get into my gift box.. i won the new year cow and cant even see it because it’s a black shadow..get your crap together zynga jesus.

  7. Kei22 Says:

    What? WHAT. Geez, two awesome new purple trees and now I don’t think I want either one. I had assumed this one would make that awesome purple willow.

  8. theresa Says:

    Pissed that I spent FV cash on this tree that produces a stupid seedling. I love the tree, I love collecting trees, I hate paying for something that produces a seedling I already mastered… Zynga I am disappointed in you, plus the willow tree I was hoping would be masterable is NOT….BOOOOOOO

  9. Ozzy Dogg Says:

    I’m not upset at all … I usually buy 10 trees when they come out … this time I saved money and chose to buy only 5 of them, as I have no need for the Ranier cherry mastery which I already have …… Although I do tink Zynga should come out w/ some coin trees and soon…..this one should have, would have, could have been the perfect opportunity !!!

  10. Jacob Says:

    Only if it made a new tree. Dream on Zynga.

  11. Cynthia Says:

    Farmcash for a recolored cherry tree. Pretty sad. And level 2 is nothing new either.

  12. Robyn Says:

    i am so mad that i got the black cherry tree, not realizing that it produced Rainier cherry! I have mastered both cherry trees already *grrrrr zynga*.. i’m also horribly disappointed that the purple willow is not master-able as i love purple…

  13. Shannon Says:


  14. luminouz Says:

    UGH! I really wish I checked here first, or checked the FIRST one I bought for that matter to see what it can produce seeds for, but me, being a loyal and anxious player I bought 5! I really did not think that Zynga would release a new tree, that would cost farm cash, but produces the same seeds as the REGULAR cherry tree, which you could buy for 225 COINS! Very disappointing. Not to mention I’m out 2 free mystery darts because my game went out of sync immediately after I popped my 2nd balloon…. and I still am unable to play the game, or do anything else on my farm after I’ve opened the mystery dart game :/

  15. nm Says:

    i like the black cherry tree so I’ll buy one but it sucks that the seedling will produce a tree I already have from a reg cherry tree. They need to ask us for ideas again if they can’t come up with new ones on their own.

  16. Shaun Says:

    shove it up pincus’s a$$ ….. along with your fvc

  17. william schlosser Says:

    hey you all….SHUT UP!
    SO WHAT?

  18. Red Boxy Says:

    LOOOOOL @ post #17.. UMMM.. since when does NOT complaining suddenly make anyone go, “Oh yeah lets give them what they want!” Zynga then assumes that what they do is ok. The whole point of sites like this is to gain some general feedback on the product that has been put it out, at least for Zynga. CLEARLY, this was a huge fail on Zynga as not one comment has appeared happy with the lazily produced Black Cherry Tree or that it yet again costs real money. Not sure I’ve ever heard of a game where you have to pay to win, sounds like passive aggressive cheating to me but I get that’s the nature of this game and i except that. In any case, people SHOULD complain because it may actually get through to Zynga. This is an unbalanced comparison but it should make my point: If the people in Egypt didn’t protest, then they would still be stuck with an atrociously oppressive leader. This is merely opinion and our lives are not at stake. No need to get all crazy abut Farmville people! You like it you like it, you don’t you don’t. Nice calm rational posts from here on out. LOL yeah right… much peace and happy farming =)

  19. Red Boxy Says:


  20. Reg Wells Says:

    Agree it sucks that I paid Farm Cash for this turkey. For the cost it should have produced a better seedling somthing we could not already get.

    Should have been like the Chinese money tree, that was well worth the cost.

    Black Cherry tree is an epic fail.

  21. Wasteoftime Says:

    I aint payin fart cash for a pixel!

  22. g Says:

    I’m still waiting for my cinnamon heart tree zynga.

  23. william schlosser Says:

    @ #’s 18 and 19

  24. william schlosser Says:


  25. Lisa Leikjafrik Says:

    Now I was disappointed :(

  26. neil Says:

    For your 5 FV cash you will get a tree that if will give you your first mastery star in 150 days or 5 months.

    The second star will show up in 300 days or 10 months.

    The third and last star is 450 days away, almost 1 & 1/2 years away.

    Where else can you get a year and a half playtime for only 5 farm cash.

    All these times will be cut in half if you buy 2 trees.

  27. Michelle Says:

    Dissapointed by the 2nd level tree it gives… I too have mastered that tree already as well. So this will not go in an orchard. But as my addiction to mastery signs grows – I bought 4 of these last night to speed up the process.

    @ post 17 – I would not think that Zynga would want you to say you are at all involved with them while you take a tone like that in a chat.

    @ post 18 – this site is to showcase new items for fans of the game. Complaining here is like stoping a stranger on the street and asking him to correct issues with the game. Complaints need to be made to Zynga directly. Now there are most likely lurkers here that read posts for them to get a feel for their users – but this is not their website.

    Get over it already. Zynga is going to charge money to buy certain items. They need to create revenue to run a business. Buy it or don’t buy it – but don’t complain. We are all free to decide if we want to play a truly free game or if we want to enhance that experience by buying deocrations for our farms.

    I love the new tree – hate what it makes and wish that the new willow was an actual tree! But I will buy my new tree and master it too! Then delete it like the other 26 types of trees i have mastered already so I have room again. And remember folks you don’t have to put all trees in orchards. If you are sick of granny applies and blood oranges only put the rare or special trees in orchards – this will give you the best odds of all the new trees. And you won’t waste water on the ones already mastered!

  28. Vanessa Says:

    I like it. Will be getting a few.

  29. Brian Says:

    Yes, I bought the Black Cherry tree, thinking it would at least make Saplings, I’m not to happy to find out it only makes Pink Rainier Cherry tree’s ~ it should have been offered for coins, I’ve already mastered the Rainer Cherry too. This wasn’t posted, or I just didn’t see it until after I bought it,

  30. jacob Says:


  31. Diane Wixted Says:

    What’s with all these giant trees? They need to give us another expansion just so we can accomidate them!

  32. Robert Says:

    Better that its 5 farm cash rather than moving to the mystery game like the horses and cows. :(

  33. Wendy Cundiff Says:

    Am I reading it wrong? it said The Level 1 Black Cherry Tree that was added to the Market a few nights ago, now grows into a Level 2 Giant Black Cherry Tree! Previously, the Black Cherry Tree used to produce Mystery Seedlings that grew up into Rainer Cherry Trees. So whats the problem?

  34. Karen Says:

    Making the tree bigger, and saying it’s a different tree takes a lot of creativity. WTG Zynga! Pffffttttt……

    And I agree this could have been a coin tree, since it took even less creativity to just make the cherry tree a different color.

  35. jezzy Says:

    So from one lame excuse of a second generation tree to another. Not an improvement.

    Giant does not cut it, Zynga.

  36. B Says:

    no surprise there….lets just make it Giant.

  37. glenn Says:

    bring back the fig tree !! or a greenhouse so we can cross breed tree seedlings

  38. Moo Moo Moo Says:

    Got a Giant off the feed. It had been sitting there for 9 minutes. Purchased a couple of the black cherries the day they were released.

    What’s with all the complaints? All of the apple trees yield Granny Smith. There are thousands of apple varietals.

    Why not Bing Cherries? Or Queen Annes?

    Where are the Level 3 trees?

    What is with the lack of imagination/effort to produce all these Giants? Is it really so hard to have your artists come up with another tree species? They could spend some time in the SF Botanical Garden Library (Helen Crocker Russell Library at 9th Av & Lincoln Way) where there is all sorts of material available on trees and plants. Are the artists working too hard with Disney?

  39. Brody Says:

    link to get 2 cash

  40. Bonnie Says:

    I too have already Mastered the Cherry and Rainier Cherry trees and am also still missing 2 of my Cinnomon Hart Trees. I Paid for my Black Cherry Tree with a Zynga Card that my Dad sent me for my Birthday Last Friday. I am really disappointed that a portion of that MOney went for something like this.. :-(

    Maybe someone who keeps their eyes on this site for Zynga could mention to them that they really should shrink the Physical SIze of our orchards to more closely resemble the ones that have had the shrinking problem lately so we’d have some additional room on our farms as well as they could make them Rotatable for us..?? That would help alot :-) !!

  41. Cameron Says:

    Am I the only one who thinks the (Giant) versions of the trees are totally lame?

  42. Molly Says:

    Yayyyy :D:D

    #39. I like the giant trees :) They are kind of pointless, but i love the look of them and just that its something different!

  43. Chris Says:

    I agree..giant trees are not the answer. I would have rather had it produce a a bing cherry. I also agree that it should have been a coing varitey. I would have bought 20 at 50,000 coins each.

    As for the granny smith apples coming from everything…really disappointed about that. I have 18 Heirloom Apples and they make the same thing as a regular apple? Why not a Yellow Delishous? Why does my carmel apple make a granny smith and not a candied apple?

    We are still in beta, why not change this now? I’d love to grow other apples!

    As for other fruits…where is a regular pear? Could grow a sickle pear.

    Keep in mind that a willow does not produce a fruit or cone, what would you harvest from it???

    Just my 2 cents..:)

  44. Mei Farmington Says:

    I am glad to see the change in what this one produces. Even though it doesn’t represent much effort from a design standpoint (recolour for black cherry, then just embiggen it), I think they’ll see a lot more interest in it now. Though even with the change, this still could and probably should have been a coin tree.

    Overall I’ve been very pleased with this batch of items. They have a very different look and feel to them that won’t necessarily appeal to everyone, but they’re a welcome relief from the giant pink-gasm. Given the rise in recolour items, it was nice to see some creativity and effort. Unfortunately, even with the seedling/offspring change, this tree doesn’t live up to the rest of the collection.

  45. Jacob Says:

    Well at least it makes something new. Although just a giant version is pretty lazy.

  46. SuperPa Says:

    Very disappointed. I have 6 cinnamon trees missing for over a week and so far haven’t heard anything useful on the subject from zynga. Funny how quickly they fixed the mystery game’s glitch, tho’. If they don’t feel it in their pockets it’s not worth fixing, I see…

    On the topic, love the tree, but hate that it makes another bloody giant.

  47. Noel Marie Says:

    Thank you, #31. I don’t get the giant tree thing. First of all, they are all fake trees…cinnamon hearts and valenting candies. Huh? I am not buying them.

  48. Denise Says:

    It takes forever to get FV cash why would I want to spend it on a stupid Giant Tree when all I get in return is a seedling which I can get hundreds a day off the feed. This is extremely lame. I agree with the fact that Zynga has gotten quit greedy. All they see is the green stuff rolling in. And why when I try to get a special Item do I end up with the Ask network and the weather Channel applications on my computer and I can’t get rid of them. Again greed… Disgusting. Once they get you hooked on their games, that are supposedly free, they want your money to get anywhere. I have had enough………………

  49. Gen Says:

    SuperPa, the Cinnamon Heart Tree glitch has been fixed, just email Zynga to tell them and they will replace them. That’s what I did, couple hours later they were back in my gift box.

    I’m getting tired of these giant trees too, they hide everything! And besides, I’m out of FC, so no more of these trees for me. Maybe the level 2 ones from mystery seedlings…

  50. AGH Says:

    Farmville please STOP with the gaint trees! They are out of place on any farm. =(

    –side note–
    Why have Farmvillefreak stopped posting “unreleased” items? I now have to go to other farmville fan sites to see the upcoming march stuff.

  51. Cynthia Says:

    Instead of the giant trees, they could have done a simple re-color on this one too. A Bing, Montmorency, Sunburst, or Richmond would have been just as easy. Is it a lack of creativity or just laziness at Zynga? Make one tree, then just make a giant version? For farmcash, we should be getting way better than that.

  52. Lizzie Says:

    This is what perturbs me… Special farm animals will never grow in the nursery, to be a larger version. The reason being, players spent FC on these animals , and it would be unfair according to Zynga. Which is fine by me.
    But now I can buy trees, and those who do not may get them also either from seedlings or sharing
    Just doesn’t add up to me.

  53. ryante Says:

    Wow… Another giant tree why cant they be more original like seriously i already have the stupid why would i want a bigger version? Lol and im getting tired of spending all this fv cash just to buy a tree

  54. Kitty Says:

    it’s complete laziness on zynga’s behalf.. i have less beef w/ all the apple varieties producing granny smiths [granny smith?... how next level :-/] and black cherries temporarily yielding rainier, like the gift/coin cherry.. but carelessly trying to pass off the same sh*t, diff size as a level 2 tree [for what.....the 5th time? i'm not liking this trend..] goes beyond a mere lack of creativity.. i would even go so far as to say it’s insulting to the people that: want some semblance of a real farm, don’t like the super kitschy/cutesy items, want items that are actually WORTH their hard earned $FV and/or looking for some type of uniformity [ie. continuing to sell trees that produce (some might say) upgraded seedlings, in lieu of this b.s. on steroids, 50 trees into the orchard concept.]

    but i digress…

    granny smiths and golden apricots/plums are due to a lack of creativity.. why not fuji apples and pluots, etc.? i’m from los angeles [not exactly an agricultural mecca..] so, if the average player and i can name a few varieties off the top of the dome, then i’m sure PAiD DEVELOPERS could AT LEAST google some.. but they give us what they give us, and right now, it’s crap [a "giant" load.]

    as FV gains in popularity, little is done to reward loyalty.. meanwhile, former players are being baited w/ 10-30 $FV in their inboxes, leaving all the established ones to point out all the bugs, inconsistencies, and zynga’s money grubbing.. those of us who’ve been playing since the beginning witnessed the NUMEROUS changes; some convenient, some lame, [and lately] some unacceptable.. whichever the case, all these “improvements” are geared toward the incessant gaining of new players, not so much the keeping of old ones.. unless it’s a massive uproar, they don’t care when we complain.. they care when game play [a.k.a. their money] is affected.. they offer a bunch of rush job items that barely keeps up w/ the most important theme [farming,] sacrificing quality for quantity.. is that intentional? i sure hope not! but it’s at the very least lazy, not an issue of creativity and too profit driven.. perhaps it time to temper economics w/ customer satisfaction.. after all, it is able to be “just” a “free” game thanks to my fellow FC patrons..

    ps. say they HAVE run out of ideas, A. time to hire a new staff. B. I’d much prefer if they re-released previous, solid items, vs. new garbage..

  55. Kitty Says:

    my ridiculously long rant can summed up by saying, i miss zynga’s attention to detail, and despise anything i perceive to be a blatant lack of effort.. as if they’re telling us, “forget any established standards.. we sell, you buy…” prices subject to change at whim*

  56. Kitty Says:

    pps. [how could i possibly have more to add? haha] i thought the giant disco ball trees were a glitch, not a sign of things to come..

  57. Kirsten Says:

    I put it next to another giant tree (heart candy) but this one’s really not that giant.. :P The other one is almost the double of the giant black cherry tree.. strange.