FarmVille Live Chat Support for Paid Players

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FarmVille Live Chat Support for Paid Players

Posted on August 29, 2011 9:45 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Farm Cash

Recently FarmVille’s Live Chat Support has been difficult if not impossible to access (as if it weren’t already hard enough).

There were rumors circulating on some other FarmVille websites that you had to spend at least $100 per month to get live chat. Those rumors are false. However, Zynga has made a statement via the Official FarmVille Forum addressing FarmVille Live Support. In this statement they confirm that you do have to be a paid player, although you do not need to spend $100 per month.
Read more below:

“Hey guys,Thought I’d chime in since live chat support has been a hot topic for the last couple days. In order to get live chat, you do need to be a paid player. You don’t need to spend a $100 per month to get live chat though–that is just a rumor. You are entitled to live chat support if you are paid player, but please keep in mind that this CS feature may not be available due to high volume.

More info added:

  • There will always be email support. The news about email support going away is just a rumor.
  • Email support is available for unpaid users.
  • Email and live chat support is available for paid players.” (Source: Official FarmVille Forum)

What do you think about this new information on Live Chat Support? Have you been able to access Live Chat Support for FarmVille lately? Take our FarmVille Freak poll below.

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82 Responses to “FarmVille Live Chat Support for Paid Players” »

  1. beanbaird Says:

    You know, I had a problem with fv the other day, and it took less than 24 hours for zynga to respond. For the quests it would let me click on “ask friends for help”, but then nothing would post and I would have to wait another 8 hours or whatever. So, it did that with two quests, and I sent Zynga a thing. Not only did they give me all 9 cat scratching post, but they also gave me 20 fvc for the inconvenience! I don’t know if I just got a really nice guy or what, but I have no qualms with Zynga as of now!

  2. Natalie Says:

    So is this you get chat support if you buy with credit card or does it apply to someone who exclusively buys gift cards. I think with all the bs that everyone (poor and rich) puts up with on this game..we should all have live support. I am just about to sell everything and go find another game..and you bet your bottom dollar it won’t be zynga.

  3. sondre Says:

    It’s a standard business practice. It seems more fair to me that players who spent real money get priority.

  4. Shelby Says:

    I wish they would stop saying Paid Players!! It is the Paying Players who will be getting Chat.

  5. Lindsay Says:

    What do they mean by “paid player?”

  6. Gerard Telles Says:

    Lol there’s nothing in there that the members of the official farmville forum didn’t know. Yet they didn’t provide a clear answer as to what is required for someone to be labelled as a paid player and why paying players get kick off the live chat for the reason of them not being a ‘paid player’!

  7. Rose Says:

    We have made FV what it is now everytime I turn around it is money here money there.
    If we had money we would spend it but we don’t

  8. She Taggart Says:

    This is BS..FB is a free web hosting site same as Twitter or You Tube and we should not be judged for not buying into there tatics. Some of us like the games but however being on limited income are unable to afford to purchase the extras many others buy to upgrade to beat or outdo others. Let’s base each players ability on skills and amount of time played..not how much money they have.
    This is a down right form of stereotyping..and it’s wrong.
    I feel it should be fair to everyone and not buying there cash for each game should not be the decision to help me when I need it because there games screwed up.

  9. Michelle Says:

    I like knowing that since I spend real money on this game, I get priority with customer service. I do have to go through email support sometimes, and though you have to wait a little while, they really seem to do a good job most of the time too.

    I used to get frustrated with customer support, but in the last few months, they have really improved greatly.

  10. amy Says:

    anyone that doesn’t pay money for the game will say live support should be for anyone. of course the polls are going to be swayed like that. they aren’t saying a non-paying player wont get the help they need – they just won’t be top priority! you can still get help from emails

  11. Aj Manik Says:

    I am a paying customer and have never used live support but i think everyone should have the ability to use it. Before i started paying i put a lot of time and energy into the game. If someone has been using their time and internet and pc (which they do pay for) the should have the right to help, I have seen some of those farms and they are nice. In the vote they should have option I pay but believe all should have access.

  12. daniel Says:

    Note: There is still no mention of “how much” one has to spend in order to obtain live chat support services. As for the 100.00/mo, that was in a transcript from a player talking to a live chat support team member from what I understand on another fan/rant site, including the pointed description of how email support was being phased out after the tickets had been cleared. Players who have been around long enuf, know that when Zynga leaks information and it’s met with vehemous distaste, they backtrack.

    Personally, with all the glitches that this game embodies continually, I think it will turn off any new prospective players whose issues are not given proper attention. And we all know why we go to live chat. It is due to the inept and often discourteous attitudes of email personnel. After about 3 form letters that span over a week, very little is done to resolve issues if not even ignored entirely. With all the money that Zynga has made on pumping out horses and trees and their birthday items which spanned a month’s time, it would behoove them to continue their live support chat. I think highly of the folks that make up the support team and their dedication day after day listening to our anger and frustation.

    Sure, I’d love for myself and others who spend money on this game to have some sort of fast track to have our grievances heard, but many of my issues are the same as those who don’t/can’t pay to play, but are attempting to enjoy the normal game play as I do.

  13. Jennifer Roberts Says:

    Even those who don’t pay spend money for FarmCash. Zynga doesn’t just give things away for free. Also, there are people that enjoy the game, but can’t afford to pay. They should be treated with the same respect.

  14. Locke delecroix Says:

    @Natalie: Buy a card or using any money transaction is considered being a paid player :3

    I seriously think this is great. AS long as there is a way to contact someone you should be fine. Paid players pay for those representatives to sit there and answer their questions and things so it all makes sense to me.

  15. stacie Says:

    what if you used to be a paid player, but can’t afford to anymore?

  16. Lucky Andre Says:

    Zynga unable the live support for non-paying player because of this reason:
    1. most non-paying player are abusing the live chat, some always ask items for free

  17. Mouse Says:

    Whether paid or not everyone who plays a Zynga game makes Zynga what it is today and it is wrong to show favoritism and leave out the less fortunate who contribute to you, Zyngas success but can not spend money on the fancy items that Zynga sells! We are all players and all supporters of Zyngas games and if you can’t treat everyone fairly then don’t treat anyone at all.

  18. RIck Says:

    It makes total sense to me. Just remember that Zynga is a company and as such have to make money. All the paying players are subserdising all the non-paying players. And the more resources those non-paying players consume the more the paying players will have to pay. We all moan about the increasing cost of premium items in farmville. Zynga is not a wellfare state where those that can pay are taxed to redistribute that wealth amoungst those that can’t/won’t pay. Would you expect to go into a shop and say “I’d like that top of the range television for x thousand pounds, but I can’t afford it so just give it to me” Those that do pay can pay more for their TV so I can get mine for free. Honestly get a grip.

  19. Hannah Says:

    I buy fv$ once in a while, when there is a really good sale – I can’t afford more than $5 at a time. But I never use live support – always email – & have been fairly happy with them. If you get a dud as rep, keep sending tickets, & they switch reps & respond better.

  20. Natalie Says:

    To dear amy…I pay real money for my extras..and i get live i think its way…if i choose to spend my business..but i am one of those people who doesn’t need a perk for doing that. I think those who can’t pay get gyped (not sure of spelling) all the time this shouldn’t be about who can afford what it should be about being good neighbours and helping each other thru the quests and co-op jobs etc…so not everyone who spends$$$$$$ believes that they are entitled. I stand by my opinion it should be for everyone.

  21. Ruby Tuesday Says:

    Hiya, is there any chance I can get a Holiday cow please, I have 22 fv cash if that is enough, I am trying to collect all the cows and still got a lot to get and they don’t come on the market that often:(

  22. Randy Snookums Says:

    I understand that they need some sort of regulation but 100$ a month is too much. That’s 1200$ a year. They need to lower their expectations substantially, 20$ a month is still a lot of money. Why don’t they offer Live-chat-vouchers in the market for maybe 5$ per chat – I think that would do the trick.

  23. Dr.X Says:

    Discrimination -.-

    Paid people? LOL
    I wonder why people waste thier money on this game!
    Like if you buy something rare thats costs 50 fc and next day you see it’s there for free in a quests -.-

    They where looting us in the game and now outside the game

    Thumbs up if you think this feature should be for all players!!!

  24. Harry Says:

    I had lost FV cash twice and the issue was resolved within 24 hrs by email. These guys are very efficient. I would wonder why folks would want a chat support, however having an extra option when you spend on the game is ok. Why should the other complain?

  25. Rebecca Says:

    Geez, why can’t they just spit it out and say what defines a paying player? It needs to be defined more so for the CS reps so they have a line to hold. I know players that spend at least $100 a month and have still gotten kicked off live chat and they were told it was because they didn’t spend enough.

    Seems to me that CS reps tend to be a large portion of the problem with hype and the spread of misinformation.

    It can’t be left as subjective to the CS rep because there are some really jerks in that area who could use the lack of definition to just arbitrarily kick people off for giggles.

    Personally, it’s a non issue for me because even though I pay I don’t use chat, any chat for any reason for that matter.

    CS is only has good as the people working in that department. So whether it’s pay, non pay, live chat or email, if you get a decent rep it’s all good and things get taken care of, if you get a jerk then you get squat.


  26. Morgan Says:

    I guess I would be considered a ‘paid player’ since I buy farmcash once a month or so. No where near $100, but I guess it doesn’t matter. I have only had to use Zynga help twice in the two years I have been playing, and both times I used the email help. Both times, I have been completely satisfied with the service provided by the email help, and I can’t think of any reason why I would ever use Live Chat, even though I am a ‘paid player’.

  27. areinn Says:

    Of course, paid customers should have priority over non-paying customers. Zynga has to employ people to develop these games and provide live support. They have to make money to further develop the games. That doesn’t just happen for free.

    So, yes, people that actually help support the company are more important than the leeches that simply want something for nothing.

    If you can’t afford to put a little money into the game, GET OVER IT !!! That is part of life. There are some things I can afford and some things I can’t. But complaining the way most people do on here is simply childish.

  28. Lynn Says:

    there’s live chat support? wow, I never knew! not that I would have used it anyways, I seem to be doing ok with e-mail. of course, I am one of the lucky few who have very little problems. hope I haven’t “jinxed” myself, lol! Have friends that get “locked out” of one farm or the other for extended periods of time and that’s just awful! But we continue to play through them because of the friendships we’ve made. I’ve always found the Zynga people to be polite and do whatever they can. But all the Farmcash or free gifts in the world can’t make up for being shut out of your farm for extended time.

  29. Julie Says:

    I’ve always used e-mail to reach them and they’ve always given me a response within 24 hours.

    I recently bought all 7 fairy items in order to get the fairy house, and the fairy house didn’t appear in my gift box, nor could I claim it in the market. I contacted Zynga and I was given 2 fairy houses in apology as well as a free corgi and cottontail rabbit for my pet pen.

    I’m a very happy farmer. :-)

  30. Luca Says:

    This is lame, i pay and i can use live chat but my brother does not pay and i think its unfair that he is unable to use it, it should be for everyone, Farmville used to be fun for everyone now zynga is becoming more and more greedy, and making it so its only fun for the ones that they gain money from.

  31. Amy Says:

    Aren’t people who are not buying cards or farmcash still supporting zynga financially by viewing the paid advertisements? Without ‘unpaying’ players, the numbers of active users would plummet- advertisers would not be paying zynga as much to promote their products. Also, how will a lack of support encourage new players to start paying? It won’t- it will only discourage them. If the game didn’t have so many problems in the first place the support wouldn’t be so popular. I sometimes pay but think the support should be afforded to everyone. I cherish both my paying & non-paying neighbors, and stand to lose some if they cannot get their game working properly due to lessened support.

  32. Sherry Says:

    I am a player who spends a lot of money on this game every week. I know its crazy to do this but I do. I also think players that spend no money at all should have the same rights as I. If Zynga messes around and looses the support of the non money spending players there won’t be many friends to play this game with. I have 4400 hundred friends and most do not spend real money. So, if ZYNGA does check these sites and I really feel that they do. ALL PLAYERS DESERVE THE SAME RIGHTS . Get your crap together before you offend my good friends and neighbors.

  33. knottydon Says:

    I have encountered several errors while playing the game and been informing Zynga support through e-mail. I am satisfied with the way they handle my situation. They e-mail me back with answers and suggestions and the customer support representative are very friendly. I have no problem whatsoever with their customer support although I haven’t tried the live chat thingie…

  34. LuisFilipe Says:

    The Only time I used email support was for reclaiming an offer of 20 Farm Cash that did not work.
    The first response was that they didn’t send the e-mail.
    I replied with a copy of the email and only then they offer the money and 10 extra FC for the inconvenience.

    It might be a misreading of the intention.
    They only pay attention to items acquired with money…

  35. Lesterchicken Says:

    I would be more than happy to be a paid player, just let me spend my coins. :-)

  36. dms Says:

    Please explain the business model where Zynga can provide you with customer support when you don’t pay anything.

    I am certain that the dim wits that want free support would never provide it if they were running a site like farmville.

    Just buy a $5 pack of cash (you know you need it) and you’re good to go.

  37. madeline gier Says:

    i’m a paying player. how do i access live chat?

  38. sam Says:

    i have bought farm cash twice in the past month and i have noticed the more i buy, the more they seem to want from me. im getting all sorts of special offers, free gifts and discounts offered to me since i became a paying player…..

  39. Ashley Says:

    Zynga is a buisness, people. Customer service agents don’t work for free and servers cost money. Everyone still has email support available, I can understand why they would restrict live chat to paid players. And there’s no limit, I haven’t bought farmcash in a few months but I got connected with live chat quickly enough last night. I like the game, I’m willing to spend a little money on it, but email support is generally enough for everybody anyway. If you don’t spend any money at all on the game why should you complain anyway, you’re getting something for free, let that be enough and support it if you’d like it improved or shut up.

  40. Daniel France Says:

    What the heck is FarmVille Live Chat Support? Is it just video-chatting with a Zynga employee for help?

  41. Hallsie Says:

    As long as their email support remains as awesome as it has been for the 4 times I’ve had issues… I’m fine with that.

  42. Mustang Mark Says:

    As an avid FarmVille Player, I collect all the breedable horses, ponies, minis, and stallions, released to date. I also have (or will) mastered all the plants from seeds (not into trees).

    Yes, I have a LOT of real $$$, as well as time and effort involved. I get the greatest joy, out of doing the stable breeding, to share the unique foals with my friends & neighbors.

    Yes, everyone who plays the game, deserves customer support with issues. HOWEVER, since MOST players spend very little (if any) $$$ in the game, you CANNOT expect Zynga to provide them with the same level of support, as someone that does spend $$$ on a fairly regular basis. (Not $100 as the rumors were at)…

    Zynga has had a LOT of cool promotions going on lately, like the stimulus one, that recently ended, that gave you 8 FV, a horse, coins, etc., all for only a buck or two….

    However, a lot of the time, chat is not available to me, due to system issues, people in chat, networks, etc…. You do the best you can……

  43. Lizzie Says:

    I am not a paying customer, however I can’t afford to pay! Also FarmVille gets enough money from the items they sell for Farm Cash. I mean, they make a LOT of money as it is. I guess I am not real happy that they can charge for crops now, and not do it as a donation for tornado/flood victims. Also if they do a donation type thing, I wish they would make it that you can use farm cash also instead of only cash!

    So if we get good service through chat in a decent time, that would be good too.

  44. RC Cola Says:

    If the email support weren’t completely USELESS, and if the game were pretty much bug-free, then I would have no problem with live chat being reserved for paying customers (at a REASONABLE level of monthly expenditures, on the order of $5-10 per month). HOWEVER, that is NOT the case, and reserving live chat for paying customers at ANY payment level is completely INEXCUSABLE!

    No one in their right mind should be spending a PENNY on this game, considering the vast number of bugs and glitches that Zynga doesn’t care a flying flip about as long as the money keeps rolling in.

  45. Raindrop Says:

    @ Shelby (4):

    Right on! For a nano second, it seemed that there’re ‘paid players’ who get paid for playing the game, lol. It’s only my wishful thinking.

  46. Gypc Andrews Says:

    Well that explains my question EXCEPT, I HAVE paid to play here on this comp within the last 3 weeks…….and still no support…….even after $80 maybe that $100 isn’t such a fantasy

  47. Latheesh Fx Says:

    Lol.I used to Ask for free items in chat.Around 800 fvc and 1 Platinum Mastery 40 Built orchards and lots :P
    Thumbs Up if you have asked somethings like this :P
    Thumbs Down if you haven’t :(

  48. 'Russell Ridgeway Says:

    cant get chat with all the petty shit you all contact them for

  49. Kelsea Says:

    I am a paying player and after not receiving my quest rewards, i contacted them via live chat this evening. The guy I had was AMAZINGG.

    Cesar P: Kelsea let me tell you that I have troubleshooted your account, but let me tell you that we will also create a follow up so we can start working in your account when this matter happens again, even if you do not report it again, as a gesture of good will I have added 100 Farm Cash, 5 Instant Grows and 5 Mystery Game Darts to your account while we fix this matter.

    As you can see, I was treated well…if not above and beyond <3

  50. Nite4awk Says:

    As a paying customer, I have to say I feel quite strongly support should ONLY be available to paying customers, period.

    Customer Service isn’t cheap, and the items on FV that cost money shouldn’t be handed out freely to non-paying players.

    In a sense if you have not paid one dime for FV, you are a demo user… sorry, but in the real world of gaming, that’s how it is. ALL games cost money, because someone worked hard to make the game you’re playing. I find it rude of people to act like FV should be free… when people spend the time to make the things you so desperately want.

    I’m sure you already know the quote “Nothing is free” …and that includes games, AND the customer support needed to help those who PAID for the service.

    Go spend 10 bucks on a card ONE TIME and become one, and get live chat. Otherwise make due with e-mail support.

    - N

  51. Kasey Says:

    every week now, i play the mystery game and get all items, and every single week i do not get the bonus prize, and have to go to customer support for it. they are always so helpful, always give the bonus prize plus something for the inconvience, first week was 20 free darts, 2nd week was 90fvc and 5 darts, 3rd week was 100fvc. but yesterday i went on and got a very rude guy that spoke to me like i was nothing and then flat out ignored me for half an hour till i closed the conversation. i then went back later on and said how angry i was at how i was treated and she couldnt stop saying sorry, then gave me 100fvc, 5 darts and an animal of my choice. i pay alot of money to this game, my fvc balance never goes under 300. i expect to have live support. but if live support was given to everyone (unpaid players), then noone would be able to get through to get theyre issue resolved. at the moment, you have to wait a few hours for it, imagine if you add millions of other people to that?. i like the system at the moment and dont think it should change.

  52. zeeshan khan Says:

    hi zynga please give me 5 dart my acount this is my fack acount my real ad id bloked m real id lavel 122 my this ad lavel is 26 please give me 5 dart please

  53. D Says:

    Heck I would just like to use live chat atleast once if I have and issue. every issue I have ever had live chat was never available

  54. Stacie Says:

    I use the e-mail feature A LOT! I have never had a problem. I usually have a response within 24 hours. It isn’t always about money purchases, mostly about game play. I am a player that buys cash with credit cards and game cards. I have never used live chat. I have never found live to chat to even use it! From a business stand point, I can see why they are doing this. Keep the paying customers happy because they are the ones that are paying the bills and their paychecks! As for the other players, they still get a response, they just have to wait a day or two. i don’t care how long it takes to get a response as long as it is a good one.

  55. Sherry Schomerus Says:

    Well I’m a paid player and probably spend the $100 a month if not more or very close; and I still can’t get Live Chat! So that’s bull.

  56. Goldie Says:

    Ok this is absolutely bull.ish! How come people with $$$ get access to help when some people just can’t afford 2 throw away MONEY. bUt because of that we can’t get access to quicker and easier help, instead we’ve got to wait days and days for a email to help us with our problem. Are you serious? Zynga has become so dang stupid it just p***** me off beyond words. I can not believe this!!!!!

  57. No Name Says:

    I think you people have NO idea of the amount of CHEATERS that get to live support to get stuff for free… I see this as a measure to get rid of them, it’s not like Zynga doesn’t care about their not paid players for christ sakes.

  58. erin Says:

    It’s not like zynga is the first company to do this. Livejournal – which a lot of us used before myspace was around – had “paid” and “free” accounts that had different limits on pictures and stuff (and a lot of other differences I can’t seem to recall right now :P). And most other “games” for the computer, and certainly any games for the xbox/wii/ps, you have to pay upfront for before you can even play. And games like WoW you have to pay a monthly fee to even be on their servers. I think it’s pretty freakin’ nice of them to provide farmville for free. I do buy a couple game cards a month, usually. But I also don’t hesitate to contact customer support (I always use live-chat. If Im unable to access it, I wait and try again later until it works) when something doesn’t work right or my items/farmcash disappear. And they’ve always been extremely pleasant about fixing it for me.
    and besides all that, really, it’s just a game we’re playing right now online. In the scope of our lives, Im pretty sure it’s really not that important. Go spend more time with your family, or go outside and witness this amazing place we call “Earth,” or paint a picture – those are things are much more important, and enjoyable, imo :)
    HAPPY farming, all! :)

  59. Nathan Catron Says:

    to everyone who is saying paying players should get priority i would just like you all to know that view is selfish on your part because your basically saying the players that are struggling money wise and dont have the funds to put into a game are not worth the time of day. im currently out of a job my family is on the verge of loosing everything we own in storage and on the verge of being homeless because we dont have money and now that i cant spend money on a game your saying im worthless well i have news for you im just as important as the next person and same with everyone else that dont have the funds for a game in my opinion if they cant offer it to everyone they shouldn’t have it at all because is unfair and selfish to make people like me who are struggling with money problems to be treated in such a manner!

  60. Christy Says:

    It kinda makes me sad that everyone complains about how much things cost on FV. I don’t have much money but I do spend my personal spending money on the game. Why ??? cause I like it !!!!! Yes they seem to release a lot and I have to pass on a lot but no one is holding gun to anyone’s head to buy anything. I have used Email support 2 times in the past month for items that cost money. Zynga got back to me fast and went out of their way to resolve the problems quickly. Even giving me items to make up for it. I don’t know if everyone realizes it costs lots and lots of money to make and keep up a game. They are offering to everyone for free and giving premium items to the ones willing to help off set the costs so it stays free for others. It costs money to pay the employees to be available on live chat. Who’s going to pay for their salary??? Us who pay for you to have the game for free. I share everything and don’t care if I had to pay for it for some to get it for free. They are a business first and for most and they have to do what they have to make it the best they can for everyone and still make a profit sorry but that life. Is waiting a day for a response really that big a deal for a free game? If you want it spend a $1 a month you will have it to (they said the $100 is BS). So is live support worth a buck to you. Just my thoughts on it.

  61. De La Rosa GamePage Says:

    If “paid player” means someone that buys cash…..I AM a paid player and I DO NOT GET FV CHAT…..what gives???? What is a “paid player” exactly? If I am a paid player….why am I NOT getting a link to live chat?

  62. s.strda Says:

  63. adeelshaikh Says:

    farmville plzz give me two stallion and two fairy pink horse i wante plzzzzz

  64. Lisa Says:

    I am a “paid” player and i don’t get live chat help, what’s up with that???

  65. Helen Says:

    Live Chat ( I am a cash player ) takes ages to respond. I gave up on it last night because the waiting time was over five hours………… NOW that is crazy. I am waiting on Live Chat right now and the time went from 196 minutes to 20 minutes and back up to 70 minutes. With the major increases in costs on the game and the game functioning so badly, FV need to get the finger out and sort the game out properly and stopped the outrageous greed that they are displaying>
    Chat takes too long – it is wrong and insupportable.

  66. pnina Says:

    .. Dear support team, I’m tired all the time to complain, but again there is a problem ….
    Every time I take all the notes and the animals those bought Markt … Beyond that I can not send and receive gifts,
    I will not lose any time bills

  67. Steve Says:

    Here’s a heads up about spending cash on zynga. If you use paypal and your farm gets hacked, paypal can’t help you because they call it intangible product.
    If you pay with your credit card, your credit card company will take the money from zynga and give it back to you.
    Think it won’t happen to you? So did a lot of innocent people

  68. KATY Says:


  69. Terry Ziegler Says:

    Farmvillle freezes up constantly and I am unable to post. When trying to share, the box does not come up for me to share. Also, I am unable to breed any horses with the foals I have inside. This is constant. I have been trying to breed a certain horse for days now and only have that foal type in the nursery….nothing produces. These items are very frustrating. Hopefully you can help me.

  70. Mary Richards Says:

    I just got ripped off for 49 farm dollars that I paid for, because in the middle of harvesting my orchards, it popped up, via fance coding to make auto grow plants pop up on its own.



  71. Layla Bogart Says:

    HI,,I have an issue,,,i spookified my candy cane horse and now its not there…I would like it back..please reply to my email thank you.

  72. collette augustynowicz Says:

    I have not been able to get on my farms for over a month now and lost all my quest got back on today bought a $ 50 game card and already had over $100 fc and spent most of it on quests and while working my way up i looked on the feed to find Farmville is not letting me share so now i can not finish my quest do to the fact i can not share I am getting very frustrated with this game and have spent a lot of money on it i would I appreciate it if you would look in to this right away or i will have to pack it in :((

  73. margaret Says:

    hi i havest fruit on last 2 quest but they never update adn quests expire
    how do i fix this?

  74. Amy Chen Says:

    I am pass through the mission in English countryside,and get frosty mini-horse. But the system confiscate my mini horse
    out,make me very angery.
    Few days ago,I get Christmas male sheep from friend which is also confiscate by system. In addition,I send a e-mail for you,but no response.
    Please serious reply to me.

    Please put frosty mini-horse back to me,or let me pass the mission.
    Thank you. Repeat again,I am very very angry.

    Please pay attention to this issue. Thanks again!!

  75. Ron Eaton Says:

    I didn’t get my ice pig to do my quest. Can you help me with this?

  76. Deirdre Holly-isola Says:

    I am a paying customer and can’t access support from my farm page at all. I can’t locate live support anywhere, and I have huge problems that I need resolved. Using the email support no one gets back to me. In 20 days I’ve initiated 14 requests for support.

    I an unable to finish tasks because that stupid stinky pig was removed from my farm a day after I won it. I said, ok just let it go, but lo and behold, that pig has come back to haunt me. I’m on the Anti Valentines Day task and I need that pig to move on.

    I decided, what the heck I’ll just pay the 20 farm cash and move on, I hit the skip key, and nothing, I refreshed and nothing. So foolishly I hit the skip key again and 40 farm cash was taken from account! What????

    Not one person in customer support has been willing to help me. How is that for excellent customer support? Boy of boy, does this department represent the Zynga corporation well. I’m certain they are pleased.

    So far I’m out a stinky pig, xp, prizes, mastery, and last but certainly not least 40 farmcash from this task plus an additional 32 farm cash from the the first incident of the missing stinky pig!

    This really stinks.

  77. Deborah Nicely Says:

    I would like for ZYNGA to take a look at my account…..I have been trying to get support from ZYNGA to no avail….all I get is a thank you someone will contact you in x amount of hours and I never hear from them

  78. lisa whitson Says:

    pleasr give my FV cash for FV 2….where are they …i purchased them 20 minutes ago?

  79. brenda Says:

    I think it is rubbish, I emailed as i bought the wrong statue on Friday and await a reply to get statue exchanged for correct one i wished for. This is now Monday and still no reply, Great, Worst is the statue cost me 300FC

  80. craig orlando Says:

    hi,my farm was hacked and deleted there anyone that can help,it seems zygna does not care or would of answered my questions….


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