FarmVille Offers Load Faster Option

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FarmVille Offers Load Faster Option

Posted on July 7, 2011 9:46 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Load Faster

Thank you to FarmVille Freak ctrtle74 & Conor for the heads up!

FarmVille Load Faster Click Here Button

In a new feature, Zynga is making an appetizing offer to famers such as faster loading time for FarmVille! However, before you can experience faster loading time for yourself, you will need to agree to allow Zynga to store some of your farm’s “information” on your computer. Don’t worry if you don’t like the idea, you will have the option of choosing whether you will allow permission for your farm to load faster or keep it the same.

FarmVille Load Faster Accept

According to several FarmVille Freaks, accepting the Load Faster Feature has improved their loading times! Take the poll below and tell us if this has enhanced your Loading experience or whether you will use this option or if it makes you uncomfortable.

FarmVille Freak ctrtle74's Loading Faster Farm Notice

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57 Responses to “FarmVille Offers Load Faster Option” »

  1. margaret Says:

    I have not seen it for farmville yet but for frontierville I have and even clicked yes and it did not load any quicker than before. waste of time

  2. tay mueller Says:

    I have no sign of this. Will it even be available to Mac users?

  3. Kayla Says:

    Doesn’t seem that much faster to me…maybe even slower. Fail.

  4. Lori Says:

    This does load your farm faster, but it does not affect how your farm loads for your friends or how your friends’ farms load for you.

    Also, if you use Chrome Canary it seems to revoke the zCache permissions when your close your browser. This has not happened so far using regular Chrome.

    Opinion: It sped up the loading of both my farms by several minutes. This is good since they were both slow and Zynga had done nothing to help me for more than a year. However, something needs to be done about the speed in loading the farms of neighbors and the speed that my farm loads for my neighbors.

    Conclusion: A good fix for when you are working on your own farm. No fix at all if you are working on someone else’s farm, or they are working on your farm.

  5. Kerrinda Says:

    Sooo… I clicked it & it loaded the same speed wise. Maybe it will be faster next time?
    & what’s with the bigger combine, is it only FV cash? saw the banner for 25X25.

  6. Trish J Says:

    Could this be the reason why my game has slowed down so much that I have spent two days cleaning and scanning my computer….all for zynga to clog my computer. Wonder if this is going to cost FC?!? I will so delete my two years of hard work.

  7. lorelei Says:

    i saw the feature a couple days ago and i denied it because i thought it was spam, sure would have been nice to have known that it was coming ahead of time

  8. Link Noneya Says:

    This is great for Mac Users. For some reason Farmville runs slow on most Macs. Hopefully this will fix this issue, and be no burden due to Mac’s amazing storage space.

  9. MelDee Says:

    So far it’s loading faster, and I have a ton of stuff on my main farm.

  10. Ashley Says:

    Thanks for posting this. I just saw it and wanted to make sure it was by Zynga. For those of you who don’t know, Zynga is already storing things on your machine! For every Zynga or flash item you use these days there is a flash cookie stored to your computer. Flash cookies are harder to get rid of then regular cookies and can track your every website visit. I’m told Google Chrome now has a function to delete them and if you Google ‘delete flash cookies’ you will find a Macromedia site that can do it for you. Deleting flash cookies has consequences, if you play a game such as on a gaming site like Kongregate, your cookie deleting will delete all game saves on that site so think carefully if you want to allow more cookies on your computer.

  11. Jomo Says:

    It want play faster function >_>

  12. Greg Says:

    This option seemed to make no difference to me in Frontierville so I am not holding out hope here, but I will try.

  13. Robbin Says:


  14. Annette Says:

    where’s that at? i didn’t see that … i’m almost at a crawl! hmmm

  15. Laurie Hollerbach Says:

    NO COMMENTS ?? wow…

  16. Kris Says:

    Would expect it to only be saving images of the items we have. Flash all ready saves some information locally, why the option to cleared saved data is there..?

  17. Annette Says:

    found it .. and nope, not really … windows still opening sloooooooowly! :(

  18. Kristi Says:

    Zynga used to do this for me on my old computer running xp, but on my new computer running windows 7 it didn’t.
    I was so happy when I saw this function and accepted it straight away but it appears that it is still not saving any data :(
    Maybe the problem is with windows 7… I don’t know… I’m no good at this sort of stuff.

  19. Matt Says:

    ok its ridiculously faster. I can’t believe it took them this long.. both my farms are biggest can be with tons of animals.. so much faster! ;)

  20. fa1l3d Says:

    this option has always been there its a flash setting it has othng to do with zynga goin in to ur pc smh people if you do not no what you are talking baout please keep quiet!!!! flash already saves info ! on to pc this is just makn the storage bigger

  21. Loyata Says:

    I play on different computers (at home & at work & sometime at friends). when zynga is storing stuff on one, what is happening, when I’m playing on the other?
    & what is happening, when I delete the flashcookies? does the stuff on my farm disappear?

  22. ConCal Says:

    I did it and no differnce so I want to undo it, how do I undo it please!

  23. Loyata Says:

    I play on different computers (at home & at work & sometime at friends). when zynga is storing stuff on one, what is happening, when I’m playing on the other?
    & what is happening, when I delete the flashcookies? does the stuff on my farm disappear?

  24. matt Says:

    wouldn’t trust anybody let alone ZYNGA storing/connecting their stuff on my computer look what happened to SONY corp :(

  25. Linda Says:

    Cool! First, my window Vista and now I just brought new computer and it has window 7. I’m not sure if it would work for me.

  26. Lisa Says:

    what if you play on more than one computer? will it affect game play if you store info on one computer?

  27. Lisa Says:

    what if you play on more than one computer? will it affect game play on your laptop if you store info on your desktop?

  28. Neil Says:

    Why don’t Zynga let us know exactly what data they want to store on our computers?

    It will let me make an intelligent decision on letting Zynga have access to my computer.

    My initial reaction is no.

  29. vicky Says:

    It’s not the game that loads slow, it’s waiting for that stupid screen showing a list of all your friends to send the special delivery to. This screen loads right after the farm loads what a waste of time just to click skip. For now I uninstalled the app it’s getting boring same old stuff, just more and more of it!

  30. knottydon Says:

    Yes, I’m happy that it does load faster!!! I’m using a MacBook Air so there’s hope for Mac users out there.

  31. darren pude darkdaz Says:

    wont answer the poll due to the fact i didnt or got the option or a daiglog in game to ask if i wanted my game to load faster by storeing the game on my computer,

    so why havent i got the option

  32. alchemistmuffin Says:

    Yay, faster storage!

    WARNING: If you are running Mac OS X Lion, DO NOT DO THIS! There is a known bug in Flash on Lion that causes any setting popups to become frozen unless you are in full screen mode. Unfortunately, Adobe doesn’t know when this will be fixed.

    Otherwise, store away!

  33. Kristi Says:

    Yes… It is working now…
    Just found where it is saving the info on my computer and it already has over 64MB of data saved.
    Maybe I wasn’t seeing it before because my internet is pretty fast anyway and was only taking a few seconds to load even before it was saving the data.
    I guess I sould now be able to see the change in my daily bandwidth usage.

  34. sam Says:

    im really happy about this, my farm is the largest with tons of stuff, so if I’m using someone’s slow connection..I basically couldnt play

  35. knottydon Says:

    i have slow internet connection. i used to wait a very long time for my home farm to get loaded because of the tons of items in there. after checking the option to save stuff in my laptop, i’m happy that the loading time has been decreased. thanks, zynga!

  36. Linda Allard Says:

    On window 7 it’s locks up on me I tried twice

  37. Linda Says:

    I like that it post fast, however i have to refresh everytime tried 4 times

  38. jackie Says:

    How do I turn it OFF??? I have had to harvest crops several times over & over because it stops me with a “Do not close browser window” warning that it’s saving files, and it never ends. I just want to turn it OFF!!! It’s still as slow as it’s been & now this.

  39. adrian Says:

    yes i accepted the run load faster download and now i can’t play after about 10 seconds of doing stuff the…… (saving farmville window pops up and nothing happens ) you just have to keep refreshing which makes no sense because it still makes you work twice as hard..

  40. chester Says:

    If you decide you want to opt out of this feature after allowing the permissions, go to…manager07.html, select the entry for “” and click “Delete Website”. That will turn it off and delete anything farm related stored on the user’s computer.

  41. jackie Says:

    so, I followed the instruction I found here to supposedly delete the Flash object, and it’s still doing it!!!!!!

  42. chester Says:

    for Windows

    go to Control Panel
    Flash Player (I just searched for it in the Control Panel)
    Open Flash Player
    Local Storage Settings by Site
    Click on zcache & then choose remove

  43. brooke Says:

    well it will not let me do it i have nothing at the bottom of my farm however my bf and daughter does….and it did work on his farm

  44. Adam Says:

    I have windows 7 and it has not ever asked me to let it load faster which makes me angry because I am stuck on dial up and I really want it to store as much of the files on my pc as possible it can store the entire farm on my hard drive if it wants to. But it won’t come up to ask me. Why is this. Does anyone know how to make it come up and ask us?

  45. Shannan Says:

    it slowed it down soooooo much!!!!!!!

  46. kristi deseve Says:

    how can i undo this “storage”? could it be making other apps on my facebook sluggish?

  47. Shannan Says:


  48. peter Says:

    make my farmville load faster

  49. no Says:

    this fucking doesnt work and never has fuck you zynga to hell you should just let us download the game everytime I load it up it has to load every little thing just to travel to my other farm wtf scammer pieces of shit

  50. Slip Says:

    So once I’ve allowed Farmville to store information on my computer in the hopes of my farm loading faster, how do I stop it? I have a large farm that I thought was taking too long to load so I thought I would give it a try. I really don’t like the results! How do I now stop Farmville from storing any information on my computer?

  51. Viola Brown Says:

    My farm won’t load at all now…. ouch ouch ouch!

  52. sam Says:

    I cannot open FarmVille why i don’t know it is loading half only and stopped pleasr rectify the problem…………

  53. cathy Says:

    Since doing this my farm will not load ! Having to restore.

  54. Mish Says:

    FAIL big time, if you haven’t already, DON’T DO IT!!! I am trying to find away to get rid of it as it is slower … i mean even closing (X) a window takes it sweet time. I regret allowing this “faster loading”


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