FarmVille Loading Issues: Round Shaded Circles

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FarmVille Loading Issues: Round Shaded Circles

Posted on July 22, 2010 1:07 pm by FarmVille Freak Dr. Green Thumb

FarmVille Freak Julie's Farm Loading Issue

UPDATE: Zynga’s FarmVille Community Manager Grimwell addressed the “Round Shaded Crop Circles” in the following message via Official FarmVille Forum.
What we were seeing as Shaded Round Circles turns out to be FarmVille loading placeholders. The placeholders reflect the footprint space of where your FarmVille items (decorations, animals, buildings, etc.) occupy on your farm.

From FarmVille:

“When you add a great number of animals and items on a farm together with a slow internet connection or older computer it can take a bit of time for everything to load. This can create confusion as it can appear that a favorite animal or item has been lost on your farm when it really just needs more time to load.

In order to prevent any such confusion, and to make it clear where items are going to load, loading placeholders have been added to FarmVille.

If you look at the image below, you can see a number of circles on the farm that indicate where various animals and items will soon load into the game. These placeholders should be on your farm as everything loads into game, and go away when the proper artwork for your item is ready to go!

Once everything is loaded your farm will look and function as normal. Seeing placeholders when you first load FarmVille does not indicate that anything is wrong, and it will not change the placement or function of anything in the game. It’s just a simple way for you to be sure that things are where you left them while the items load individually. ” (Source: Official FarmVille Forum)

It appears that several FarmVille Freaks have seen Round Shaded Circles appear on their farms. This is occur while and after their farms load.

There is probably no need to fear, as the Zynga FarmVille programmers might be working on patches and fixes to the game!

Has this happened to you or is your farm loading up just fine?

FarmVille Freak Alex's Farm Loading Issues

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115 Responses to “FarmVille Loading Issues: Round Shaded Circles” »

  1. Joshua Almansa Says:

    its because of the shadows lol the ‘shadows of the animals plants etc.

  2. Jacky Says:

    Aliens are coming back? :D

  3. MajiGurl Says:

    very odd lol..

  4. Sol Says:

    i saw them on my farm!!!!!!!!!! :S

  5. Amanda Baby Says:

    yep looks like mine..

  6. farmerjo Says:

    I was just on my farm and noticed these circles. Strange.

  7. grant Says:

    No mine doesnt but when i went to a neighbors farm they had it

  8. The Great Farmer Says:


  9. PERSON Says:

    jacky i agree with you i want ailen theme back

  10. Carla Wallach Says:

    lots of circles and the little girl is walking in place

  11. Tricia Says:

    Why is FV taking the bees away saying I haven’t harvested in 3 days…when I do it everyday. Today right after I harvested the bee hives it took my bees, and not just me my husbands and other people too. Sucks..getting where I hate these games. Always ripping us off and screwing everything we work hard to do.

  12. suleman hanif Says:

    whats are these circles??? i dont want to lose things

  13. Sue Curtis Says:

    I also have the circles…shadows and my farm is in a contant state of the INFAMOUS “OUT OF SYNC’ since they showed up.

  14. Jose Frazao Says:

    Since last Monday the farm is not loading right and gets lots of out of sync messages and it takes forever to harvest, plow and plant. Up is up with that. A lot of my farmville friends are getting pissed and leaving the game. It’s so sad. Please do something about it quickly or everyone is going to leave.



  15. WeirdJedi Says:

    If you wait until after your farm loads, you will realize that they are adding shadows to all of the items. If you think about it, you never saw shadows to the items before. I guess they are just now implementing it. However, the shadows are loading separately. Since they are the newest item, they are the first to load.

    That is why all the shadows appear first. Very odd that they wouldn’t tie the shadow to each item. I guess instead of going back and reanimating the shadow for each item, they decided to make one circle shadow and just have each item state how big it needs to be. Cuts corners and causes them to load differently.

  16. Elliot Horwood Says:

    i got them but it slowly goes when things load, Changed my Internet to 1.2mbps (SLOW) and it stays like ti for a minute then slowly loads, but with 8mbps Internet Speed (FAST) it loads instantly.

    ***********Also when you want to publish something theres a cool cartoon image behind it which is new **************** LINK BELOW :D

  17. Caroline Says:

    Maybe they are crop circles

  18. Pat Says:

    I’m also getting the circle and before my farm can finish loading I get the “OUT OF SYNC”, I have been trying for 1 hour to get in my farm but it will not load as it goes “OUT OF SYNC” before it can finish loading. Please take care of this issue. ….Thanks

  19. Krysia Says:

    I noticed that today.
    Thought maybe my whining about the item footprints was finally being addressed and that items would have smaller placemarks.


  20. Voodoo Cocaine Says:

    wow, yep I had them they went away as the stuff loaded though. Weird!

  21. noblemacaw Says:

    When my farm was loading it started off with the shaded circles but eventually everything loaded nice. My question is the mysterious sparkles by my stable. They are not ON the stable but to the right of it over my just planted rye. WEIRD.

  22. Helen Says:

    I had little circles appear where my person stands before she loaded. Loading is kind of slow. My dog was running in place for a while; I had to refresh.

  23. Sherry Says:

    I have seen the circles and when I go to my neighbors farms they have the circles, and so far every farm that I have fertlized today their horse barn has not showed up. There is a circle where it is suppose to be but no barn. Strange.

  24. maya=] Says:

    when i opened my farm there were circles but its finallt loaded all the stuff in my farm

  25. cheryl Says:

    no dark circles, but make a wish hasn’t worked all week

  26. James Says:

    Great, another glitch. Just when things were starting to settle down on the farm.

  27. marsinah Says:

    tribute to Mel Gibson being in the news and the movie “Signs” lol
    no idea what farmville has up it’s sleeve but this is very strange

  28. Martin Says:

    It starts with circles, but the farm does load properly, also seen on neighbor farms.

  29. jacobk Says:

    saw the patches but they went away immediately is my vote

    this should be added to the vote choices because the current choices do not apply to me.

  30. sherry Says:

    I can’t even load my farm going on 3 days now. I’m at level 107 and It really bugs me that they keep releasing stuff when we have reported that a lot of farms aren’t even working. I’m gonna give it one more day then I’m done with FV. I come here to have fun and its just a bunch of stress…I’m sure my bees will be gone two and when they are I’m deleting the account…FV doesn’t care enough to even send a response other than one they copied and pasted….

  31. SuzieO Says:

    if your farm has trouble loading and you get OOS often and problems planting and harvesting it is not on Zynga’s end.. you need to download the latest Adobe Flash… download link is in the loading page at

  32. getting fed up!! Says:

    I am getting so fed up with this game! Wasted HOURS this past week trying to play. I spend good money on FV and am a good daily player and Im ready to give it up. No game should be worth all this frustration and time!!! I hope they get it together real soon. Oh yea I have the spots too and my farm wont load AGAIN!!!

  33. Aaron Says:

    I look at these circles as a good thing. The come while loading or attempting to load items from your profile. At least I know where my stuff is supposed to be and it will load eventually. I hope these circles are here to stay for the loading process. To me this is nice status update material. I’d rather get these vs. Out of Sync errors.

  34. pipthefarmer Says:

    i ended up shouting at the game 2day lmao. Its very slow 4 at least a week. But not seen the circles. No doubt il c them 2moz morning

  35. marion Says:

    seriously i cant get a queen bee i go to my neighbors i plant and harvest flowers still nothing so what is the secret am i doing something wrong …

  36. aaron junior Says:

    ive been having the same problem lol

  37. Eleisha Perkins Says:

    My farm had the shaded circles while loading, then once it finished loading, all my stuff was there. Didn’t take no more than the usual time to load before all my stuff loaded on my farm. Once I clicked play to to refresh my page, it said if it takes more than ten seconds to load my farm, I might need to upgrade my Adobe Flash Player. which i have done a million times already.

  38. teresa hoopingarner Says:

    i’m writing to you to let you know that we spend hundreds of dollars
    on this game; regardless of it being at our own risk i’d think with this many
    people that play this game this company would be smart enough to keep it in
    working order at all times. you keep adding themes and new items to the game
    when we still haven’t mastered the ones we already have. you give us animals
    that produce babies but don’t grow up into the same animal; i.e; breton foal for a breton horse. you all take way too long to give us more only gave us 26×26 and should ‘ve gave us the opportunity to go up to 30×30. you all seem to want “more money from us…give me more land i’ll pay for it; but to try to get me to “buy ” your gemstones for a collectable; play on some of ur themed items like the wedding theme..i will boycott it and won’t play it and if i continue to lose my items that i bought with my money regardless of being at my own risk i will eventuall stop buying things altogther

  39. Lynn Says:

    the OOS has got nothing to do with updating flashplayer…the problem is on zynga’s end I can load hubby’s farm just fine but mine goes OOS when it starts to load. I tried loading my farm on other computers as well and still get OOS. it all started with the crafting cottage release. there are hundreds if not thousands of players having the same problem.

    the circles will probably be zynga’s excuse for the OOS problem loading farms….the aliens did it not us

  40. Elliot Horwood Says:

    i got them but it slowly goes when things load, Changed my Internet to 1.2mbps (SLOW) and it stays like ti for a minute then slowly loads, but with 8mbps Internet Speed (FAST) it loads instantly.

    ***********Also when you want to publish something theres a cool cartoon image behind it which is new **************** LINK BELOW

  41. Dave Says:

    The circles don’r appear on .It s not all jumping around like on Facebook . Getting OOS when on neighbors farms which did not happen till the circles should up .It is a little faster though .

  42. Nobody Says:

    That’s the Bits being loaded as what the Little Annoying Farmer always say. Hang tight!!

  43. Alex Says:

    First off YAY I got my first image posted on farmvillefreak!

    It never loaded anymore then what was in my picture, hopefully it gets fixed soon.

  44. jo Says:

    I have the polka-dot plague! I thought they might be “sun spots”, but, it is Thursday and time for new releases. It is always slow on Tuesdays and Thursdays…especially when there is a big roll-out!

  45. Elliot Horwood Says:

    i got them but it slowly goes when things load, Changed my Internet to 1.2mbps (SLOW) and it stays like ti for a minute then slowly loads, but with 8mbps Internet Speed (FAST) it loads instantly.

    ***********Also when you want to publish something theres a cool cartoon image behind it which is new **************** LINK BELOW

  46. MeMo Says:

    Aliens are coming back? :)

  47. stephahry Says:

    yep,…….its aliens !!! LOL

  48. Chrystyna Says:

    No mine doesn’t have the shaded circles but have had to load multiple times before I can play.

  49. Jessica Says:

    I had these circles on my farm when it was loading aswell, but you can highlight the circles and it’s just the shadows your items put out before they’re fully loaded.

  50. Tony Says:

    I saw the crop circles and immediately went to the market hoping to find rare animals being sold at the market. Woohoo! I got a few. Not sure if they will find out and replace them with the boring ones. Hey, at least I got my black stallion this time…for the moment.

  51. Jake Says:

    People will not leave FV…they are just as addicted to it as I am. But you are right. They should do something about the upgrade glitches I have not completed my nursery (just one more piece left) since the last major update. I still worry that FV will rob me of 45 pieces of building materials….not cool. But hey, at least a few of my friends have multiple nursery barns. I have had the worst luck with this game ever and I still keep coming back for more. Yes, I admit it. FarmVille owns me!

  52. MooMooMoo Says:

    I have loaded several times in the last hour. I got the circles the first time, and they appear to me to be space markers for the objects on my farm. Everything loads fine.

    The subsequent times I loaded, everything came up faster.

    To the poster with the bee issue, there are a couple things you need to know: 1) Flowers must be growing on your farm at all times for the bees. If there aren’t any, the bees will leave. 2) You must harvest the beehive daily.

  53. Tina Says:

    My bet is they are crop circles – Aliens are coming. That was the winner of the survey FarmVille took this week for the next theme people want to see – personally, i want the Country Fair!!

  54. hakan Says:

    this is not error. new theme ufos.

  55. Anonymous Coward Says:

    I’m pretty sure it’s a feature, so that you can interact with items that have not yet loaded.

  56. Hannah Says:

    Why must I harvest the beehive daily? I’m not entitled to a couple of days vacation? Not relevant anyhow – I still can’t find a queen bee!

  57. Crys7y Says:

    No big deal. It’s better to see the round shadows than some empty space ’till your decoration/animal/whatever will load. More like the iPhone thing.

  58. Mya Says:

    Crop circles. My farm has alienitis, too. Call CNN! 911! Uh oh…I’m being abdu………

  59. Therulers123456 Says:

    my farm does that but after 10 secs everything loads correctly.

  60. Kepppy Says:

    Mine does that but then it loads back up

  61. Steven Palmert Says:

    I have something very important that I want to post, how do I do it?

  62. DerekC Says:

    I kinda like this better, i hope its a feature. Everything loads afterwards for me.

  63. Torgg Says:

    I was just ferting my neighbor’s farm and as it started to load the green circles described were actually gray.

    Have screen shot but there doesn’t seem to be a way to upload it?

  64. Dot Says:

    Yep mine is doing it as well, then they go away when farm is done loading. Not sure what the programmers are doing but I have yet to be able to get into my farm from facebook have to go in through and what was their customer service answer “Have you tried firefox” well I can truly say yes now and guess what that hasn’t alllowed me either!!!! So wonder what their next excuse will be, wait I know “have you cleared your cache” geez lets get some programmers who know what their doing for pete’s sake lol…………..

  65. Philippe Says:

    lol rather have these circle then some trouble loading my farm ^^ got circle then everything load just fine ,I was having trouble loading for days :)

  66. pam Says:

    Once everything is loaded your farm will look and function as normal. Seeing placeholders when you first load FarmVille does not indicate that anything is wrong, and it will not change the placement or function of anything in the game. It’s just a simple way for you to be sure that things are where you left them while the items load individually.
    The circles are placeholders per Zynga.

  67. Gina Alexander Says:

    They are CROP CIRCLES of course!!!!!

  68. Linny Says:

    i had it too then refreshed and it went away

  69. laureen Says:

    yup looks like my farm… tried to refresh several times… to no avail

  70. Joanne Says:

    With the circles, my farm went from loading within 2 seconds to over 5 minutes. Not Funny Zynga!!!!!

  71. Dani Says:

    Hey guys I went to my farm after I read this post and I saw these circles..I left my farm to load (which of course was loading EXTREMELY slow) but once it loaded all the circles were gone and my items were there. They are shadows of the items you have on your farm. I did however get the “OH NO bees have left because you haven’t harvested in three days” I lost 2 bees.

  72. johnson Says:

    looks like the alliens just landed in my farm

  73. juan jose Says:

    mine was normal after several seconds
    its just that you know that there’s an item there and will load later on,

    PLACeHOLDERS are ok

  74. Debi Says:

    I have these circles on my farm and they are not leaving, It’s been over 10 minutes and it is still not fully loaded, only half of my items are there. I do have the latest version of flashplayer, I clear cache and cookies every day, in fact my browser (Firefox) is set to clear these every time I close it.
    To the person who said people won’t leave the game.. I say bull, I have over 100 neighbors and in the last month it has turned into only 23 active players, everyone is getting fed up and tired of Zynga continually releasing new items and features that don’t work or are just annoying ( how many pop ups to remind us to send gifts do we really need), and they don’t seem to be able to fix the issues that are important ie:slow loading, OOS, saving farm please refresh.
    And VERY RARELY are the players given any explanations or consideration when it comes to new additions and bugs with them ie: the bees leaving when we tend to the hive daily but it says we haven’t for 3 days.. Who said it’s because we have to have flowers planted at all times.. I was not informed of this and I doubt 99% of the people who have farms were either.
    I really enjoy this game or at least I did until recently, but it is becoming more trouble than its worth. I realize it is a Beta game and I try to keep that in mind when I have problems, but the problems would be a lot easier to deal with if Zynga kept us informed a little better instead of being silent so often or only offering solutions that seem to be the same with every issue, like it is always a problem on our end and not theirs.
    I sure hope they can get someone on staff who knows how and is willing to fix these problems because despite how many real $ I have invested in playing and decorating my farm I may just end up making the active players on my neighbor ladder go down to 22.

  75. Walks In Water Says:

    I’ve updated Adobe Flashplayer and things haven’t changed. I have all the circles like everyone else. Plus, today it took over 3 hours to harvest and plow because of repeated OOS. I planted and went on my merry way, only to come back later to have only 30 plots planted–where’d the rest go to? I quit trying to put bees in my hive because 15 of them never made from my giftbox to the hive–maybe the seagulls ate them before they got there! I like this game but it is becoming more hassle than it’s worth. I’m sure everyone would be happy to wait a week or two for new things if it meant getting all the glitches fixed first.

  76. dylan Says:

    its about time something interesting happened to this lame @#& game.

    The lag not only happens on older computers, its on newer ones as well and is the reason I packed my bags and left the farm.

  77. Roe Says:

    Mine loads and everything looks ok but my farmer is now standing on the fence instead of inside it in the middle of my farm, and two of my dogs keep running and running in place to catch up to the farmer right next to them. Happens about every other time I load. Grrr.

  78. Elizabeth Says:

    My puppy just keeps running in place and she can’t be fed. This happens every time I load, no matter what browser I use, and no matter how long I wait. She is going to run away at 4:30pm PSD today if Zynga doesn’t fix this issue.

  79. Dale Says:

    Actually part of that is bull also. If you use Adblock Pro it’s doing it also. My computer is darn fast, running Dual video cards and could run Crysis when it came out with no issues. Also have Fios 20 megs and never had an issue before, but if I turn off the blocker, then I see the items just fine, so if your using Adblocker, this is seem to do it also.

  80. nate Says:

    They need to stop adding new things and fix the current problems. They think adding new buildings and what not will shut us up and keep us content….well wrong. When one thing goes wrong with one of their games it’s like a domino affect to the rest of their games. FV is like building a new house, you start off with a good foundation and slowly add to it, but during that process if you crack your foundation and just leave it and continue to add framing, walls, windows etc etc your final product might look nice but in the end it will just slowly crumble to crap and that is what is happening to this game. Zynga doesn’t care about the players they only care about their revenue. If people would stop paying for their crap they might actually realize they need to fix things or just pull the plug. Half the people that complain that things don’t work are people that invested actual money into their farms, but like the old saying goes fool me once shame on you…fool me twice shame on me… well shame on you…if your gonna keep investing and things don’t go your way and you haven’t learned your lesson that is your own fault.

  81. dylan Says:

    happens all the time on my farm fix it zynga!!!!!

  82. Ron Says:

    I find it funny that the game uses squares for each land spot and each square is cut up into 4 smaller squares, then for the shadows uses circles. Why are the shadows circles? Why not have it as a square too?

  83. duthilleux Says:

    moi tout mes batiments ont disparu ras le bol

  84. Val Says:

    Sadly to say….I’m leaving FV for awhile until these circles are fixed….I’m tired of waiting for the game to load…It was fun while it lasted

  85. Neil Says:

    It is NOT old PCs and slow connections. It is Adobe Flash Player..
    The new PCs have QUAD core processors running a 64 bit Operating System.
    Flash player can not handle a 64 bit browser.
    Come on Adobe, Quad cores have been out for over a year now. Join the 21st century, update Flash Player.

  86. Loraine Says:

    “a slow internet connection or older computer” typical FV cop out!
    We have the fastest computer and connection, in other words, it’s FARMVILLE and Face Book, NOT your computer or connection!

  87. Loraine Says:

    And another thing, about the bees leaving the hive: “Who said it’s because we have to have flowers planted at all times” . I read that somewhere else too, that the bees need flowers. Well, DUH, FV, how do you think plants make vegetables?? They come from the flowers on the vegetable plants…….duh!

  88. Joe Says:

    Crop circles are cool! Stonehenge baby. The reason some people here have trouble loading their farm is not due to outdated Adobe flash, but simply this…if you take all your animals out of your horse stables, nursery barns, dairies and coops it makes for a very intensive scenario. If you put all the animals in to buildings the game will loaf much faster…I promise! I think I will upgrade my horse stable. After winning the stallion in last week’s mystery game I have found out something very disturbing. I get much more foals with the wandering stallion than with the vaunted black stallion. Maybe it’s just my bad luck getting a stallion with bad genes.Whatever the case, I’m done doing the stable, nursery barn, dairies and coops stuffing. Just how many black chicken eggs does one need anyway? Besides, if you harvest your own coop you don’t get an egg. But if your neighbor feeds your chickens they will get an egg and get to share three others. Lol…what a joke!

  89. Pamela Rayner Says:

    It states something about my computer might be old (which it is not) or something about a bad internet connection? Funny I have no problem with any other sites on my computer!!

    There are so many glitches you need to work out because people are going to lose interest FAST. I’m not about to sit and wait 2-3 minutes for my “circles” to disappear.
    I would also like to know why it takes my little character forever to walk across the farm and my friends who just started, their little characters just fly across it.

    What happened to the checker button? It’s now missing from the gifts? You have also taken away one of the picket fence and we were working on getting what we needed of those and now they are not available.

    Some of my friends have not received their Bakery, winery or Spas. They have also never received the Organic Blueberries.

    I’d also like to add that there are alot of things from previous buildings and decorations we would like a chance at getting. Such as Stonehenge, Castles and The Eifel Tower Are you going to make these available to us? We need to be able to purchase more animal buildings…

    Most of these problems are program glitches which need to be worked out ASAP. , the others are just bad choices and judgements.

  90. carrie Says:

    Noticed abt the cirlces on my farm… And also when i go to neighbours farms.. Their horse stable not showing only circle.. So i check mine Mine is still there but friends can’t see it… Anyone else having the same problem???

  91. UncooKagoo Says:

    ummm…… “large number of items on the farm + slow internet connection” is NOT the issue. Zynga is a bunch of idiots if they think that excuse will hold us over. I’m sure there are many other players on here playing fps and 3d games that perform better. It is clearly a Zynga problem, whether it is the type of programming, the databases, servers, or a combination of the bunch. I can’t believe this is still being blamed on the users’ computers.

  92. dark5 Says:

    my pc can run Crysis at very high settings, but cant handle FV. damn… i should upgrade my pc again…

  93. Martie Says:

    I can not believe that Zynga could not figured out that since 11 July 2010 we are downloading the game at size of almost 30mb each and everytime we opened up our farms, I figure that is where the problem is, not with the shading or placeholders etc, it’s because every single player who plays is downloading this file size. I’m past being patient, I’ve had it, I cannot even buy the items that will expire like within a day cause my market does not want to open… that’s it I’m gone.

  94. Alicia Says:

    i do like the place holders overall. but this has majorly slowed my farm loading. It takes forever (on highspeed) and it wasn’t doing that before. well… since the last fixup LOL

  95. Truestarr Says:

    2/3 of my neighbors are giving up- AND fewer of those who do remain want to go and fertilize! (I don’t go to everyone anymore because it takes so long for everything to appear!)

    Also the interrupt messages for bushels, bunches of flowers, fuel, the stupid gems and fertilizing, with the new “alien shadows”, makes for too long a time to actually harvest and plant a crop!

  96. James Says:

    Keep the game simple, they keep adding stuff without fixing the problems ! ! ! ! 99% of the time my farm doesnt even load and if it does it is PAINFULLY SLOW, with maybe a 1/4 of the farm see-able.

  97. Mary Says:

    I’ve been seeing circles instead of items for at least 2 weeks now. The items never load no matter how long I wait. I’ve never seen my spa and my maison, Japanese barn, stand etc. are just circles. I know the latest flashplayer has a serious memory leak with facebook games and I usually crash if I stay on farmville too long.

    Anyway, I’m sick of playing with circles so am just going to drop this game…no fun anymore.

  98. Jyoti Kaushal Says:

    I’ve been seeing dark circles in my farm from last 20 days. I have no problem of slow internet connection. Please fix this problemas soon as possible.

  99. Jyoti Kaushal Says:

    I have seen the circles and when I go to my neighbors farms they have the circles, and so far every farm that I have fertlized. Strange.
    I come here to have fun and its just a bunch of stress…..I want to play Farmville, but I’ve no idea when I play it……………………………….

  100. arjay Says:

    hi this is my problem i use before ie/firefox with flash all updated but still my problem won’t be solve someone said i must use chrome to fix it but i use chrome still this is my problem i played any games like RC FrontierVille NS but its working don’t know what happen with the farmville it won’t load on me can anyone help me? thanks

    heres the screen

  101. Brad Says:

    A month or so ago I wanted to place a school house and every time I placed it on my farm I got the Out of sync message. I finally figured out that it was the school house. I had several so I deleted one, just because, then tried another one and it did the same thing so I gave up and the out of sync message stopped. Recently tried to place my crop circle, saved from last year, and the same message pops up every time I try to place it on my farm so I just have it in storage. Any thoughts why, or what I can do to fix this?

  102. aljay Says:

    nice hahahahahahha

  103. Marthie Says:

    It is now about a month that these green circles appeared on my farm and about the same time I also can not asked for help with my ducklings and my greenhouse. Now I also can not use my springs countdown and my English countryside so I can not get my new farm. IS THERE ANYBODY THAT CAN HELP ME. I have tried everything possible. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE

  104. jlyn Says:

    Farmville is crap. I have tried for FIVE hours tonight to get my farm to load completely. Typical. I’m done!!!!!

  105. ervhiin santhoxsz Says:

    i’m very irritated to that internet problem . so many times i’ve wasted and nothing happened !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! argh !!!!!

  106. William Says:

    What is the solution? My line is NOT slow. [DSL] My MAC on my Wifes farm is fine. Is it a Windows issue?

  107. kevin north Says:

    my farm loads with these dark circles you say should load as normal in time well i waited 30 mins and still nothing happens + cant use my gifts neighbours send or send gifts, get into market to plant crops or get into avairy to see what need to finish. i have uninstalled all my flash players installed again, changed browser 4 times, google chrome, firefox, safari, google nothing works im very frustrated and if game doesnt get sorted soon will stop playing as been like this for weeks. not my computer either as only 3 weeks old. get these problems sorted.

  108. Daniel Says:

    I’m seeing the same issue, only on my home farm, farm plots won’t load, remains as shaded circles, but lighthouse cove and english countryside load just find. Will be very pissed if whatever I had planted shows up as withered, has been this way for possibly 2 days.

  109. Jean Henry Says:

    I need to harvest my crop for a quest but can’t get to do anything
    because my farms won’t load. I have been having this issue for a while. Please help!!!!!!!!!!

  110. ELLIE Says:


  111. ELLIE BROWER Says:


  112. Jen Says:

    Mine has this – first time back in almost a year. How can I continue when I cant tell see anything on my farm?? Please help so I can get things going again. Thanks!!

  113. denise Says:

    mine just isnt laoding properly ,still have lots of grey circles after leaving it to load for half hour grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr very annoying

  114. denise Says:

    and still no soloution to this ,,,,zynga just dont want to know ,its now just a thing we have to put up with orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr quit altogether

  115. Pam Says:

    I am having major issues loading Farmville this week. Once it does finally load, it crashes 3 or 4 tines, then I have to try to reload it again. This just happened again today and I still cannot load the game.