FarmVille Makes Improvements To In-Game Pop-ups!

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FarmVille Makes Improvements To In-Game Pop-ups!

Posted on February 15, 2011 11:41 pm by FarmVille Freak Eva16

FarmVille Farmhands

Tonight, while FarmVille Freaks were working around their farms, many of them got a message that FarmVille had been enhanced. It didn’t seem as though anything was new at first, but thank you to FarmVille Freak EmilyVine for noticing these changes in the game!

Many players had expressed their concerns about the pop-ups they would get while harvesting, plowing and replanting their crops. The pop-ups would slow down this process significantly, and made it harder to work around their farms.

It seems as though after tonight, the pop-ups that kept showing us that we had “discovered bushels of a certain crop” will not be hindering our planting process anymore! FarmVille is now showing us a the same pop-up in a different, and less distracting way! Check out the following pictures to see the changes that have been made:

FarmVille Freak EmilyVine's Jalapeno Bushel Pop-Up

FarmVille Freak Eva16's Blackberry Bushel Pop-Up

Now, this single pop-up is showing up after we have stopped harvesting our crops, showing us the total number of bushels we have collected from that harvest, and for how many hours our Market Stall will be open.

Another minor improvement also seems to have been made to make the use of Farmhands and Arborists easier. A pop-up similar to this slides up from the bottom of farm, and quietly slides back down without stopping our playing abilities.

FarmVille Freak EmilyVine's Farmhands Pop-Up

What do you think of these new in-game improvements that have been made to FarmVille tonight? Have you seen them on your farms yet?

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69 Responses to “FarmVille Makes Improvements To In-Game Pop-ups!” »

  1. KenzieDogg Says:

    nice…. Now if only I can buy my friends crafts…

  2. Craig Says:

    The stable bonus coins are not being added to total coin when a foal is not produced.

  3. michelle Says:

    YEA!!!!! Hopefully it works without glitches. LOL

  4. Robbin Says:

    It’s about time…the pop ups are annoying at best…way to mane…

  5. Elizabeth Says:

    the way u have it now is awesome, its a hold alot better now

  6. geo Says:

    FINALLY !!!!

  7. Wendy Cundiff Says:

    Improvements are a great just keep on improving

  8. sfrehner Says:

    the coins will be there after you reload the game… i am sure they will fix this bug next year or so

  9. Malea Says:

    Yay! Thank you! It was a little annoying.

  10. esorannod Says:

    good thing they did something about those annoying pop-ups!

  11. virginia gordon Says:

    i like the new improvements very well , please continue to improve the game play no more waiting on the pop ups to leave!!!!!

  12. Sharon G Says:

    No Pop-ups PLEASE. Do they really pay someone to come up with irratations like this? What a waste of our time and their money.

  13. shannon97405 Says:

    Great! A nice start to much needed improvements!

  14. phyllis Says:

    great !!!

  15. sana Says:

    great, really i was just about to send a mail about this the pop outs were too much and the game was starting to annoy me while playing but thank you for this info and thank you zynga, the game is great and your efforts keep us playing lets not forget i love it and enjoy it soo much, it keeps me in contavt with my friends all over the world, so thank you keep up the good work.

  16. Merry Says:

    All sounds great! If I can just get my “share/publish” window back to its normal size so that I can actually “publish” something, I will be VERY happy!

  17. Robbin Says:

    after tonights enhancements I harvested my stable for the night and normally I get 101000 coins if I don’t get a foal…and now I only get 1000 coins why the change…

  18. Angela Says:

    I got them all tonight way better

  19. Shaelene Says:

    Craig…I’ve never been allowed to keep the coin bonus from the stable. It gets added to your total but it is gone when you return to your farm. It’s supposed to remove the incentive to breed.

  20. Bud Says:

    These two inprovments are great now if we could only use coins to buy every thing instead of FV cash all the time. Just maybe we could trad cois for FV cash .

  21. Pat Says:

    Now, if they can only make the even more important improvement by getting rid of those nasty pick bubbles above each and every animal that lets us know when they are ready which totally ruin our nice farms.

  22. Robbin Says:

    Sahelene…you’ve been able to keep the coins onthe stable for months now…never went away

  23. kat Says:

    it came up while i was breeding and i lost a pink gypsy foal,,,, and the money is less , quit trying to improve stuff , you only freak it up

  24. Mayday50 Says:

    They seem nice but now my posting messages are so big the send box is off the screen.

  25. MaryAnne Boyer Says:

    I think it’s great, the publishing in the middle of a harvest/plant was very annoying, especially when it stalled to publish. I think more of the items will be published to neighbors this way, w/no disruption to the harvest/plant. Thank You

  26. Lisa Says:

    Nice, however, It use to be that when the pop up popped up, you could just click it closed or click share really quick and it’d share it. And quickly get back to your game. Now though, when the pop ups come up, the back turns grey(behind the pop up)and then you can’t close it quick enough to get the ANNOYING things OUT of your way. Please fix that and let us ‘ask’ to fertilize our crops if WE want them fertilized instead of it popping up at us. OMG, that & the oos ARE THE worst about this game.

  27. Shawna Says:

    Thank you about time. Now about having to load your whole farm and having it freeze when you grab a bushel???

  28. Pat Barrios Says:

    When will they make the desperate improvement of keeping our spot saved when we are selling or removing things from our inbox and storage? We waste soooo much time on this task when having to go back and forth to the same spot multiple times just because there seems to be no memory in this part of the game to keep our place.

  29. neil Says:

    The big question is, “What did Zynga break this time?”

    Zynga has not been able to bring out a new feature without messing up somethine that worked ok.

    Let’s wait and see.

  30. Michael Oldham Says:

    The nursery barn is not good sense. mini candy cane foal grew up became a mini cream horse.. Any kind of foals grew up became a black hose, blue pony and cream draft horse. You need fix it correct and straight. It like mini candy cane foal grow up become a mini candy cane horse I took all kind of foals out of my nursery barn. they are on the ground. the nursery barn is so stupid and dumb

  31. Peter Says:

    Yeah great…..but I haven’t been able to get into my Farm all evening!! Nice fix, Zydiots!!

  32. ScottishFarmer Says:

    The pop-up messages for the special delivery boxes also seem to have finally disappeared.

  33. Bruno Says:

    The pig Pen “no truffle” message has also been replaced by a sad piggie pop up.

  34. J Says:

    Farmville: If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. It worked perfectly fine before, now the game feels even more flashy.
    Why don’t you do something constructive for a change like adding the “open all” feature to mystery eggs, purple mystery gifts, etc.

  35. Eq4bits Says:

    The ‘grateful stallion’ message does the same thing now. Didn’t even think about making screenshots of it for here =S

  36. Pareja Cr Says:

    could someone tell me how can I log in with FB account here in Farmville Freak?

  37. feya Says:

    Good improvement!!!

  38. julieann Says:

    The stable bonus coins are not being added to total coin when a foal is not produced.

    so we are losing loads please help

  39. Lisa Says:

    Here’s a picture of the new sad pig pop-up:

  40. Angel Says:


  41. Barbara Says:

    The pop-ups were so annoying! I once counted eight different ones while harvesting. It’ll be interesting to see if these changes have been incorporated seamlessly into the game, or if there will be another giant “Ooops” on Zynga’s part..

  42. J Says:

    Having Pop-ups Disappear Would be wonderful, definatly would make the game much more enjoyable again lol. That would be Extremely Constructive lol.

    With the “New Improvements” Now if you Breed you either gotta watch the screen or listen for the pop up if you are like me and tend to multi-task while waiting for the stable to decided if it wants to give you anything or not lol
    (sometimes tends to be a bit of a wait lol). Where as before it would tell you & wait for you to click “ok” lol.
    Just wish they would have left the stables alone on this one lol.

  43. birdie cutair Says:

    I hope this means I will no longer get a popup saying that my crops have withered every time I go to harvest them.

  44. Neil Says:

    I have just harvested and I found (got) both the new type and the old pop-ups.
    I was not able to completely do my field without stopping to click on a few pop-ups which was blocking the harvesting.

  45. birdie cutair Says:

    no, I don’t see any improvement. the popup that says my crops have withered is still there, and popups still appear when I am working on my crops.

  46. Kimberley Morrison Says:

    My pop up boxes are twice the size they were before? My farm is so slow I can barely replant? Why dont they get this right?

  47. carol Says:

    i didnt know where to post this so here it is for your team in yoville there is on the top of the page to play rewardville. lots and lots of cool items all for coins not cash for all the zynga games i dont know how to do screenshots but maybe someone could check it out and post them.just register and await approval

  48. dudeman Says:

    if you do the stable stuffing it looks like the stallion coins, while it says he left them, don’t actually go into your bank anymore…./sadface

  49. Dowie Says:

    YAY! I was about to quit playing because I was so annoyed at the pop-ups. So we’ll see…

  50. Michelle Says:

    Yeah, I wasn’t able to get any coins from my stable last night either. Those stallions have become freeloaders

  51. raj Says:

    add me email id:

  52. Master Farmer Says:

    @Comment #29… Well, I no longer get money when there is a “failed” breeding attempt with my stables. Which is huge, because it’s $10,100 per failed breeding or some $800,000 – $1Million a Day. :(

  53. Kyle Says:

    I swear…the dumb sh1ts at Zynga will never get it. STOP WITH ALL THE STUPID POP-UPS YOU DUMBA$$ES!!! My god they are so freaking stupid.

  54. Ozarkat Says:

    The less frequent pop ups are an improvement, however is anyone else having these problems…?

    –Click the combine, go to harvest and get a pop up window asking if I wanted to plow my crops or would I like to unwither? They are not dead and I certainly do not want to plow under my harvest!

    –On occasion (but for the duration of a harvest session) it will harvest a block (16) plots then revert back to harvesting one plot at a time. Meaning of course, going back and selecting the combine and the item to plant and then harvesting 16, going back to one (and repeat).

    –Why do we have to thank our seven friends individually for helping to grow our ducklings? Wouldn’t one message to all be sufficient?
    –Get rid of the ‘Choose project’ for watering trees. You actually have no idea which tree is being watered until the second or third watering can. I prefer to direct to specific (high value/interest) seedlings that I have purposely set aside to grow.
    –We need some way to quickly dispose of excess gift– i.e. 37 scissors for the art collection one click at a time takes too long.
    –On feed items when only one item is available, can’t you kill the link or display a “already collected” message so we skip trying for a prize that’s not available? Actually, as soon as any prize is gone, no matter the number available, kill the link!
    –If we’re going to sell off our unwanted items in storage anyway, how about an auction barn where other players could bid on them? When you visit a farm, the auction barns with items for sale could display a sign, fly a flag or have an indicator similar to chicken coop/green house/pig pen/etc.

  55. Gulfhills Says:

    Mposting messages are so big the send box is off the screen. Some will go through, but most of them won’t!!

  56. susan Says:

    dont like it when l was breeding horses it pop’s up and and covers bottom of screen and had to wait till it went away to move horses again

  57. LG Says:

    Whoop-de-doo – why not concentrate on fixing the multiple bugs that have been ongoing for months instead of stuff like this?

  58. Moo Moo Moo Says:

    My farm has been slower than frozen molasses since this was implemented.

    I do not need pop-ups while I am in the middle of planting or harvesting. Coders should be intelligent enough to figure out empty plots or ripe plots and suppress pop-ups until either value is 0.

    There is absolutely no need to interrupt my harvesting every time a bushel is found. I wear big girl underpants and can look in my stall when through.

  59. Farmer Kath Says:

    Hi everyone. I need 6 more neighbors so I can expand my farm. I’m not a freak (well, I am a Farmville freak…). Please add me. Email Thank you!!! P.S. I love the new enhancements.

  60. Sonia Says:

    Pour moi, cela a bien fontionné pour une 1ere fois.Et c’était beaucoup moins long…

  61. sarah Says:

    i am happy about the pop ups going away…but i wish sorting out the storage was not such a having to go all the way to the beginning when we use or sell something and it would be great if we we could gift or sell the stuff in our storage to our neighbours

  62. kortni Says:

    is this true that we will no longer be getting the extra coins from breeding horses? if that is in fact true, and this is not just another glitch when zynga tried to fix the popups…zynga royally screwed themselves…i will no longer buy the horses to breed…if i do not get ANYTHING from it. i make foals, but cant keep them which was okay because my neighbors get to enjoy the foal and i get to enjoy the coins i get from breeding…not a million coins but a good chunk of change. can someone please tell me if this is true that they are taking away our breed coins?

  63. kortni Says:

    i signed out and back in and my missing coins were there…so guess it is just a glitch.

  64. rudy Says:

    has anyone noticed that the lower level farmers who started out after this update don’t have the “send” option for fc items? I convinced one of my friends to start playing farmville, so she could send me exclusive items, but at level 5 she doesn’t seem to have that option.She started playing yesterday only after this update.

  65. mdenbeste Says:

    FV needed this badly… it was looking old.

  66. Rebecca Says:

    Is it just me or is everyone’s “share/publish” very large? It a pain having it so large.

  67. terry kilmer Says:

    i’m still not getting my coins from the stable..have tried logging out and back in…never show up…..

  68. Becky Weaver Says:

    It’s been a month…why haven’t they fixed the missing 10,100 coins issue with the stables? Unreal!!! And why do I have to scroll half way down the page to click “Post” more than half the time? And while I’m complaining…why is it when we had 20 pigs in a pen, we could only feed 10 at a time…now we have 40 pigs and can only feed 20 at a time??? What’s wrong with those Zydiots???

  69. Lorraine French Says:

    After i have done my crops or have a acomplished something it wants me to share it but cannot getout of that screen Up top it says “Say something about this but cannot cause the lower screen is cut off and doesnt appear @ all The only way to get rid odf it is to refresh everytime, so annoying to me I dod not like to play because it pops up every 10 seconds then i have to refresh!
    Am sick of it Ive email you before about this problem and it happens to what ever computer i use!