FarmVille “Minute Crops” Hit FarmVille Market!

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FarmVille “Minute Crops” Hit FarmVille Market!

Posted on December 20, 2012 1:11 am by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille sneakily released new “Minute Crops” into the FarmVille Market tonight!

The Minute Crops all have short harvest times of just a few minutes and are new permanent, non-Limited Edition crops.

Crop Mastery is available for each of the Minute crops, but be prepared to work hard. The mastery numbers for the Minute crops’ Crop Mastery requirements are insane!

Here’s the rundown of the new Minute crops below. Keyword search any of the names below to find these new crops in your FarmVille Market.

A special thanks to FarmVille Freak Dark Farmer for the heads up!

FarmVille Minute Crops

FarmVille Minute Crops
FarmVille White Wheat – 8 minute
FarmVille Durum Wheat – 10 minutes
FarmVille Crimini Mushroom – 12 minutes
FarmVille Genovese Basil – 18 minutes
FarmVille Green Pepper – 19 minutes
FarmVille Roma Tomato – 22 minutes
FarmVille Red Pepper – 25 minutes
FarmVille Shallot – 28 minutes
FarmVille Yellow Onion- 30 minutes
FarmVille Sundried Tomato – 35 minutes

Will you grow any of the new Minute crops on your FarmVille farm?

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12 Responses to “FarmVille “Minute Crops” Hit FarmVille Market!” »

  1. benjamin Says:

    If you want to do the pizza building your going to have to do the minute crops cause that where most of them go.

  2. Natalie Says:

    This is nice. All other farming games have had minute crops since day one. Quick XP/coins :)

  3. Sierra Starr Says:

    I would grow them if they would put the gas used for growing crops back the way it was. As it is now, no way it would be worth it to use up all the gas it would require, let alone having that much.

  4. Josh Says:

    How insane? Like Viola Insane? Because that was CRAZY!!!

  5. Lynn Says:

    nice! I would like a new crafting building :) thanks for the info Frankie. Hope it comes soon

  6. BA Says:

    No profit in planting these crops. Just a way of burning up fuel very quickly. NO THANKS!!!

  7. Carol Says:

    Wondering if these will count towards quests that require a “fruit” or “vegetable”? Worth trying out on the new untimed quests.

  8. Jodie Says:

    There are NOT quick coins! Take a good look at them. They are harvested for the same number of coins as they cost PLUS you spend 15 coins to plow. IN OTHER WORDS….planting these crops will cost you money!

  9. Natalie Says:

    OOops! I said something stupid. :( I’m sorry guys. I didn’t really read what it said on the picture, because it was blurry, only the text underneath.

  10. Vandit Says:

    Sign of a new destination farm? or free access to sunflower meadows and lavender meadows?

    If u have visited Winter Wonderland recently, you would have seen a new rail track leading to something that looks like sunflower meadows and the lavender meadows.. i guess FV is releasing either free access to sunflower and lavender meadows or is releasing a new farm :) :)

  11. Mike Says:

    I agree with Jodie. I don’t think Zynga factored in the cost of plowing if we’re supposed to not make a profit (ie break even). What’s the point of planting them if we’re losing money? Maybe it’s a ploy to get those of us with hundreds of millions of coins to bring our total down? :P

  12. Ash Says:

    The ONLY way to deal with these is with the Farmville Express app. It has bugs and likes to crash, but at least you’re not burning fuel while trying to harvest the combined 4,011,588 plots you will need to master all of these.

    Zynga, seriously, what are you thinking?