FarmVille Move & Recycle Tools

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FarmVille Move & Recycle Tools

Posted on June 2, 2010 11:18 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille FarmVille Move and Recycle Tools Notice

FarmVille Multi Tool Move & Recycle Tools

Tonight FarmVille introduced new tools. There is a new “Move” and “Recycle” tool found in your toolbar. Also, all of the FarmVille vehicles: Tractor, Seeder, and Harvester can be found on the same row, whereas before they were located separately on the toolbar.

The Move Tool allows you to click on object and move it and click it again to place it on the farm. While you are holding it you can then use your Spacebar (on keyboard) to rotate the object. Please note, not all objects are rotatable. One exciting feature of the Move Tool is that you can now move seeded or plants plots! Before, the only way you could move seeded plots is by deleting them.

FarmVille Move Tool Notice

The Recycle Tool sells anything that can be sold and deletes anything that can’t be sold.

FarmVille Recycle Tool Notice

FarmVille Quick Delete Accept Notice

FarmVille Quick Delete What Is Notice

Do you like these new toolbar features?

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61 Responses to “FarmVille Move & Recycle Tools” »

  1. hcorea65 Says:

    Thxs, It’smuch better…(*O*)

  2. Idk Says:

    i like the move tool, but with i am soo going to delete something important with the recycle >__< im not using that!!!

  3. FarmGoddess Says:

    I love that we can move seeded (or planted) plots now!!!

  4. Jeremy Says:

    Thank you Zynga for this, MOVING PLOTS IS AWESOME

  5. paola Says:

    the game is faster!!!!

  6. Amelia Says:

    The Recycle tool is great! :)

  7. picman99 Says:

    I like the move tool, but the recycle tool is an accident waiting to happen! :-(

  8. Justin Says:

    New cracked ribbon!

  9. ferryboat George Says:

    I totally love the new tools, but I’m going to have to be careful with the recycle tool :) I’ve already been playing with the decorate tool to move my animals without harvesting them.

  10. Jessica Says:

    That’s awesome!!! this will go much faster and easier! moving plots? I love it!!!

  11. brandon webster Says:

    I took like 4 hours to rearrange my farm today and putting all buildings in storage so that i would have enough room to master the new 7-11 crop, this would of really come in handy today! LOL! If only when you click on an item you could hit backspace or something to send it automatically to storage? But all in all like the new tool thanks Zynga!

  12. weather_man Says:

    I love this!!! But when i hit the space bar, nothing rotates…are they still working on it? Someone please respond

  13. Mia Says:

    THis is a great new tool!
    But im a bit dissapointed that we still cant rotate the buildings…I was hoping that would come with this tool…

  14. Adeleen Keeler Says:

    Wow, the Recycle tool is going to be a tricky one. I want to be aware of what I am doing, when I go in that tool box.

  15. weather_man Says:

    @Mia, it says u can rotate buidlings….? i thought

  16. weather_man Says:

    never mind, only things u could rotate are rotatable sorrry

  17. SuMom2 Says:

    Love it! Still hoping for fully rotatable everything in the future!

  18. Rachael Says:

    This is great I only wish I had had it this weekend when I redid my ENTIRE farm for the 7-11 promo I could of done some great things I am going to go now and see what I can muster up ugh makes me so mad all that work would of been easier but ty farmville for finally doing it. I did go on a for a minute and most of my buildings are not rotatable a list of ones that are would be helpful *wink wink farmville freak* On the brighter side guess I won’t have to delete all 1100 plus hay bales I used to make 7-11 logos one by one :D

  19. crank Says:

    not bad but i expected more.

    i thought we were gonna see like a separate empy farm/space where you can redecorate entirely. guess we will have to wait a while longer.

    thanks zynga

  20. WeirdJedi Says:

    The move tool is nifty. It is “somewhat” easier to move things around. I doubt cutting a split second to make another click on something to move it is going to matter.

    I’ve always felt that the recycle tool was a bad idea. Removing the “hey by the way, you are going to delete the waterfall instead of the plot that you are aiming for” and going to the straight “waterfall go poof” doesn’t sound like a good idea. I might be wrong in how the function gets used, but I’m not going to test it.

  21. Redd Says:

    The new move tool is great! Used it to get two of the new adult horses by moving ready foals into an empty nursery. ;)

  22. Jam Gril Says:

    Just tested the new tool and <3 them. The only way U can delete anything is *** IF U CANnot READ****which I hope U can.

    When U click the recycle tool the pointer tells U whether something is a LIMITED EDITION or not. If U want to delete something it asks you to ACCEPT or CANCEL the action.

    People before U bitch about the tools go and try them. If U accidentally delete something that shouldn't then forgive yourself and move on. Or better yet take a few minutes to READ THE CORRECTION ACTIONS! :-(

    Anyway, Zynga will never please everyone for some of us are just born w/ negative vibes!

  23. luminouz Says:

    was hoping that i would be able to rotate some of my buildines (as noted in a previous fvfreak post)…. haven’t tested the Recycle tool, but the moving tool is pretty cool. Alot better than the drop menu and all. The only things you can rotate are the ones the items that already had that option… PLEASE let us rotate buildings too!

  24. TINA Says:


  25. mdccxxvii Says:

    The recycle tool is a bit sketchy, but I see that there’s thought out limits to it: if it costed you more than 1000 coins, or was LE, it will ask you… I think…

  26. ryan Says:

    ♥♥ i luv fv soo much ♥♥

  27. abdulla Says:

    I like you

  28. Jason Says:

    Haven’t used it myself but I’m glad they built it with protections against the risk of accidentally selling limited edition items and anything more expensive than 1000.

  29. Sarah Says:

    Still we cant rotate buildings. >:(

  30. Ulrike Says:

    The new toolbar ist great, but why can’t we rotate also the buildings??

  31. Jack Says:

    Most of my buildings have dissapeared! :( Has this happened to anyone else?

  32. Lokesh Says:

    Not interested in recycle tool…..
    move tool is gr8….

  33. Jaymes Says:

    this what the tools should have been like in the first place! sigh smh!

  34. Anon Says:

    Almost a year after the release… but happy it’s in it

  35. Justin Says:

    My buildings wont rotate but everything else is cool.

  36. Jen Says:

    And I just spent all weekend rearranging my farm to include the 7-11 items!!!

  37. Kev Says:

    You can move ready animals now! And has anyone got ANYTHING from the Nursery Barn? I only got the Black Horse on the day it was introduced.

  38. gr8tone99 Says:

    I got a grow up Holstein cow from my nursery today first time for anything happening there.

  39. Kev Says:

    Ready animals can now be moved! And has anyone got ANYTHING from the Nursery Barn? I only got a Black Horse when it was first introduced.

  40. karyst Says:

    the rotate building is not working i try with all my builind and animals houses also , meaning will be a later add option but what we need is more land :)

  41. Steve4310 Says:

    This is great!!!

  42. David Says:

    I love this and those who are always redesigning there farms using hay bales will love it too. It makes it so much easier. I have to redesign my farm in a few days and this will make it so much better cause I have a large number of chickens and calves and foals to delete and that recycle tool will definetly help. Great work Zynga, keep it up.

  43. David Says:

    PS: For those who can’t rotate their buildings its because “ZYNGA HAS NOT MADE THE BUILDINGS ROTATABLE YET”

  44. Shei Says:

    hope we can trade things which we don’t want or give as a gift instead of selling them for coins..

  45. Farmaniac Says:

    Hurray for moving plots!

    Those things bought for coins should sell for coins and those things bought for cash should sell for cash.

  46. DJ Says:

    Cool tools. I agree with a post above that the recycle tool is an accident waiting to happen. However, I was disappointed to see that buildings are not rotatable yet.
    I think ALOT of farmers would be very happy in designing/arranging their farms if buildings were rotatable. Let’s hope for as soon as possible or… next week! =)

    RE: #41 Shei:

    I’d also like to see some sort of trading be possible between neighbours. I have 2 castles from St. Patricks day still sitting in my giftbox. I don’t want to sell them incase a trade tool is eventually made. My nephew plays FV too and would really like these buildings.

  47. EH Says:

    Ok love the new tool but have tried to rotate buildings and nothing has happened.

    I have had so much problems with farmville for the pass few days. Not getting any thing from my barns eg..animals,eggs. Game is always saving or out of sync and lost gifts.

    Can anyone tell me if its just me or this game please?

  48. Farmvillegrl Says:

    I totally agree! If we recycle someting that we bought for FV cash, it should be replaced with cash, if we bought with coin, replace with coin. that way we can buy new stuff! Come on Zynga, you’re making tons of money already, you can afford to give back to all of us LOYAL farmville fans!!!!!! I love FV

  49. Irma Says:

    OK… goes. Am I forced to have the new “move tool”? I clicked on it to check it out and now I can’t delete it. I hate it. And what if I want to delete a plot instead of moving it? Thanks

  50. Irma Says:

    You need to get rid of the recycle tool. You’re only asking for trouble. It’s too easy to make a mistake. We’re only human. Can I opt out of having the recycle tool or are we forced to keep it? Bad idea.

  51. juan brown Says:

    i agree with Irma Savs i was trying to delete a plot behind my nursery barn and i accidently erased my nursery barn :( . I think it should not delete anything that you have to build with material!!!!

  52. Kathie Says:

    I just LOVE the recycle tool. If you’re “clearing land” and deleting a bunch of plots at once to redecorate or replant, this is SO much faster.

    There are so many people asking for it to be removed because they’re afraid of deleting by accident. Please be aware that you don’t HAVE to use the Quick Delete or the Delete without notice. If you’re nervous about it, don’t use it. Just click recycle, click on the thing to be deleted, and it comes up with the prompt and you have to click on “accept” just like you used to. So this new way is great — you can use it if you want, but you can do it the old way if you prefer.

    I haven’t use the new move tool, but it sounds darned handy.

  53. Kathie Says:

    I do wish they would allow “re-gifting” of unwanted items. I have an extra hot rod tractor. My brother wasn’t able to get to high enough level in Mafia Wars to get it. I keep hoping some day they’ll allow us to re-gift things and I’ll be able to send it to him.

  54. Maureen Says:

    Why didn’t they just add an “undo” button to the recycle button?? Would have solved all the anxiety toward deleting something you didn’t really mean to get rid of. Even though it asks are you sure, if you think you are deleting what you’re aiming for, you may click “yes” even if you want to click “no” :)

  55. Ryan Says:

    The Farmville delete tool should be deleted and quick. I was trying to delete a plot and it said,”Are you sure you want to delete plot”. I accepted and viola!, it deleted my Nursery Barn!! The same thing happened with my already fully built Horse Stable full of horses.

  56. Rhonda Hendricks Says:

    I used the Recycle Tool to change plowed land to grass to plant trees on. Mistake. I now have no grass anywheres on my farm. Any way of getting my grass back?

  57. TERESA Says:


  58. abhinav Says:

    its gone by now :(

  59. Liam Whelan Says:

    Hmmm can we have a quick store option as well? It would be great for when we want to redecorate our farms completely and start again with a blank farm. I do wish there was a Farmville Recycle Bin in the same way we have a Recycle Bin on computers!

  60. margaret Says:

    I dont have the recyle button on my farm dont know why i looked its not there

  61. Jasmine Ropon Says:

    I was looking at this website, and then I went to my farmville to find the recycling tool, but don’t see it on my pointer selection. Can anyone tell me how to find it? It is iterally not there.