FarmVille Mystery Game & Prizes!

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FarmVille Mystery Game & Prizes!

Posted on July 14, 2010 1:39 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Mystery Game Notice

We first heard about the Mystery Game from Lexilicious via a FarmVille podcast, now they are live!

The Mystery Game debuted on July 14th 2010. Playing the game costs 20 farm cash, but unlike the Mystery Box, you are guaranteed to get the prize that you want, IF you win. In other words, hypothetically, you could buy 100 Mystery Boxes and still not get the prize you want. The Mystery Game has a limit.

This Mystery Gift will be available during the next 6 days in the FarmVille Market.

FarmVille Mystery Game

FarmVille Mystery Game Information

The following are confirmed Mystery Game Prizes:

  • Black Stallion
  • White Lion Cub
  • White Kangaroo
  • White Deer
  • White Porcupine
  • White Squirrel

FarmVille Mystery Game White Squirrel

FarmVille Mystery Game White Porcupine

FarmVille Mystery Game White Lion Cub

FarmVille White Kangaroo

FarmVille Freak Mystery Game White Deer

FarmVille Mystery Game Black Stallion

FarmVille Freak April's Mystery Game Animals

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284 Responses to “FarmVille Mystery Game & Prizes!” »

  1. Sofie Says:

    Mjeh, no thanks

  2. Dora Says:

    I love those animals !! I WANT I WANT I WANT !!

  3. felix Says:

    I got the deer, kangaroo, and black stallion……

  4. steviebabyz Says:

    i got black stallion, white lion cub and white squirel woooo

  5. kelley Says:

    So far I HATE the mystery game!!!! Give me back my mystery box PLEASE!!!

  6. kitten of doom! Says:

    yes got the stallion first try

  7. Svaigedas Says:

    How it works?i want black stallion but dont want lose 20 fv for ugly item:(

  8. Nightfalls Says:

    Got the black stallion and the white lion. I love them.

  9. April Says:

    It only took me 2 shots to get the Black Stallion! I got all the animals in maybe 8 shots. How do I post a picture of my farm?? I wanted to show y’all!

  10. Stephanie Says:

    I played once. Got a black stallion.

  11. Ilka Says:

    I got the black stallion on my third game a friend of mine also got her on her third game.

  12. joemomma Says:

    everything is white? lol

  13. cole Says:

    if you win? ………sorry i dont wanna lost 20FV……..

  14. Mia Says:

    I want the black stallion to…but ONLY if it works like the white stallion.
    I want one to breed with…
    Can anyone tell me if this black stallion works for that??

  15. Rusha Says:

    is the stallion fertile?

  16. felix Says:

    theres a group of balloons…you choose one and get an animal. each balloon costs $20 FV cash. I got the stallion on second try…

  17. keda Says:

    I’m happy i got a 2 porcupine,a stallion and white lion cub yayyyyyy

  18. Claudine Says:

    i got the buck, porcupine and kangaroo…
    love them :-)

  19. Steam Punk Says:

    What is the mini game like?

  20. kitten of doom! Says:

    yes i just used it and i got a brown foal hes so cute the first real black stallion foal yes it works

  21. Kossty Says:

    The question is if the black stallion is working properly or not. Is it capable of making foals without a white or wandering stallion.
    And can you choose your prize then?

  22. Donna Says:

    $20 Farm Cash per dart throw at a balloon. Seems like there are 5 possible special animals you can win: Black Stallion, White Porcupine, White Buck and two others.

  23. farmgirl05 Says:

    Woot! Got black Stalliuon on 1st try! Sister got hers on 2nd try! It was blue balloons that gave us the stallions. But please don’t take my word for it. I could be wrong.

  24. Ryan Says:

    I got the Black Stallion on my third try as well. My first was a Kangaroo, then a Porcupine.


  25. Sharon Says:

    25 balloons. The first I threw my dart at won a white squirrel, the second a white porcupine, the third a white lion cub, the fourth a white deer, the fifth finally resulted in a black stallion, and I stopped. So I didn’t get the white kangeroo but that is fine. The black stallion was all I wanted but I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t double up on any prizes!

  26. Carol Rose Says:

    They need to make a way to earn FVcash from the farms.

  27. Miss Conservative Says:

    You CAN get doubles – I threw 4 darts got cub, deer and TWO squirrels…. I really don’t like doubles but so want the stallion : (

  28. jessi Says:

    so u just throw a dart and hope it hits a balloon??? or u pick the balloon u want????

  29. Miss Conservative Says:

    I popped two blue balloons – no stallion – I don’t think it has to do with balloon color that would be too easy

  30. kitten of doom! Says:

    i got my stallion from a blue ballon and i got 2 squrles but when i put them on my farm the disapered

  31. felix Says:

    the balloons pop….you just choose one…

  32. Sonya Says:

    20 Farmcash seems a little high for a animal. The mystery boxes are only 16 Farm cash.

  33. Lu Says:

    i got a white lion cub and a white squirrel

  34. Mia Says:

    And -…once again…is the stallion fertile???

    The black stallions that have been out for a while now is not…so my guess is that this one doesnt work either…have anyone tried???

  35. Claudine Says:

    there r new mystery gifts… i just got a brown squirrel :-)

  36. Svaigedas Says:

    better than mystery box?So why its more expensive then:(

  37. Jaana Says:

    20FV$ for black stallion? What a waste. I got a handful of them from my nursery. This stallion better work like the white one… meaning be a stud and not a mare.

  38. Kristinn Says:

    To those who got the Stallion, which balloon did you pop? I’m curious to see if you all popped the same balloon. Thanks

  39. Meridith Says:

    that’s not fair, i got like 3 kangas, 3 squirells, 2 bucks, 2 porcupines, i can’t get anything else…

  40. Ilka Says:

    yes my friend and I got the stallion on blue ballons

  41. chris Says:

    Oh boy everyone is so excited by paying 4cash more then before woot

  42. Beto Says:

    first dart – first red – white lion cub
    second dart – in the midlle blue – black stalion but i put him in the horse barn and nothing, no stars.

  43. Randal Says:

    For 20 fv cash that stallion better be fertile. I got a kangaroo on my first throw, the stallion on my second, the squirrel on my third and I three it a forth time and got another kangaroo. I really wanted the deer or the lion cub. The kangaroo is what I wanted least. Ugh. Well it sells for 1750 coins so I’ll sell one.

  44. Me Says:

    Too expensive.. Make it for coins, not farm cash

  45. natalieg Says:

    I got lion, squirrel, and white buck deer.

  46. Denis Says:

    Can we gift them after we play the game?Because i have the cash in my OTHER fb account…:(

  47. Jennifer Says:

    You pay 20 FV dollars and you pick a balloon. It pops, and you see what animal it is. You don’t get to choose. I got a squirrel and a white lion cub… both super cute!

  48. Władca Says:

    I got the stalion :( (i got 2 of them before that, so it is my 3rd one) and then biutiful whiter deer :)

  49. Lisa Says:

    I was hoping to get the stallion but I got a white kangaroo instead…he’s a cute little guy, but not what I was hoping for :( and its too expensive to keep trying…*sigh*

  50. leo Says:

    do all black stallions work now cause i got mine before they made the mstery game

  51. Longhorn Says:

    i tried and got a dumb bs i had 6 of them anyways im so angry

  52. s Says:


  53. SMACK Says:

    got the stupid freaking squirel

    waste of damn FV cash

  54. Joyce Says:

    Awesome,got all the animals,including the black stallion. The white squirrel is cute!!

  55. Pierre Says:

    how to justify 4 Fv cash increase… create the illusion of a new “stupid” game… to win… bs items !!! no thank u

  56. Sharon Says:

    I just bred my black stallion and produced a breton foal and 2 black stallion foals but am having trouble posting them.

  57. Jc Says:

    1st – Kangaroo
    2nd – Black Stallion
    3rd – Lion Cub

    Not Bad, all that i wanted

  58. Sue Says:

    I got a black stallion w/ a blue balloon, too….anyone have any idea what color of balloon the deer/buck is?

  59. Sue Says:

    Just need to say that the animal boxes were always 20 cash. So they actually didn’t increase. Not justifying it or saying I think it’s right…they should be 16! But just pointing that out…..

  60. Leni Says:

    Black Stallion on first try.. I don’t know which balloon I hit, clicked with my eyes closed ^^

  61. Sue Says:

    Does anyone know what color balloon the squirrel is? Please…beg, beg…what color did you pop for the squirrel. I really don’t want it!

  62. miss L Says:

    Love them all. I tried and won the black stallion. An increase of 4 fc is not great, but the animals are really cute!

  63. ollie Says:

    i really want the white lion

  64. Jon H Says:

    I got the stallion first shot on the center blue balloon. I’m sure each setup is different though. I’m happy i got it… now just need to learn how to use it to make foals lol

  65. leo Says:

    got the black stallion, white lion cub, and the stupid squirrel.

  66. Kristinn Says:

    Sue, I got the white buck from a green balloon

  67. leo Says:


  68. Władca Says:

    It is no eny regula blu one=black stalion, mine was in yellow one

  69. Beto Says:

    the black stalion works!!!

  70. deb Says:

    this SUCKED. i got 3 stupid kangaroos in a ROW, followed by a squirrel and then a stupid porcupine, followed by another retarded kangaroo. I prefer the boxes really. rarely would i have gottn 4 of the same thing in 6 shots at a mystery box.

  71. Agnus Says:

    I tried 2 times, 2 green balloons. Both were porcupines. I’m really upset and that was suuuuuch a waste. I really just wanted the stallion.

  72. Denis Says:

    What’s different from the usual mystery box?The ”huge”fun???Yeah right…

  73. AMANDA BABY! Says:

    Got Lion and kanga. For the Stallion what balloon color did u hit and which one??

  74. fatalhottie Says:

    They nerfed foal breeding for all of you excited over the black stallion.

  75. Sue Says:

    Thanks Kristinn! I’ll try it…although I’m not sure balloon color matters. Wish it did! I want to pick what I’m getting!!

  76. marc joseph Says:

    i got stallion first try and lion cud and 2ed lucky me

  77. jdesigner Says:

    i got 3 squirrels, 2 deer 2 porkypines and a black stallion….and the stallion i got last from a blue one…..i am ill i didn’t want the other stuff but wasnt stopping tili had that darn stallion

  78. AMANDA BABY! Says:

    Lion out of Middle Blue and Kanga out of the green three to left and 1or2 down.

  79. Beto Says:

    i get the stalion in the blue ballon of the midlle.

  80. Shotie Says:

    to bad i have no FC =[

  81. BLuTink Says:

    iT’S BULL…propaganda once again over game play.

  82. Nina Says:

    Lame. I am still waiting for my Breton horse that never came back after their glitch.

  83. StrawberrySupreme Says:

    It might be different if these were all new animals, but they’re all just recolors, and 4 FC more. I’m not happy about this. Especially since the Black Stallion was previously, albeit very shortly, available for coins.

  84. Jennifer Says:

    1st attempt – Porcupine
    2nd attempt – Stallion (blue balloon)
    3rd attempt – White Buck (red balloon)

    Does anyone know what color to get the White Lion Cub?

  85. Sharon Says:

    The offspring of the black stallion are small black stallion foals (or the horse you bred them with such as a breton foal). Now let’s see if the stallion foals grow up to be fertile adult stallions.

  86. DeDe Says:

    Got a Black Stallion from a blue balloon in the middle

  87. Jenny Says:

    I am lucky get one of each so I don’t waste my FV cash.

  88. Esther Says:

    Sorry, Zynga, but I’m not a gambler, and there’s no way I’ll earn 20 FV Cash in just 6 days.

  89. RWK Says:

    I got 3 white deers??? WTF!!!!

  90. Genio Says:

    Got the Black Stallion from blue (middle) balloon…Ecstatic!!

  91. austinread Says:

    6 goes – squirrel, 2 kangas, 2 porcupines, and a buck :’( i really wanted that black stallion.

  92. Cheri Says:

    just another way to get our cash… farmville needs to give us back the stable harvesting. I am not spending any more of my cash on their stupid game.

  93. AMANDA BABY! Says:

    NINA: Try chating with a FV agent. Go to ur FV page(where u load the game) then click on the Button that says Support. Then on that page the bottom left box says Chat with agent, then state ur case… That happened with me and i got sick of waiting so i talked to them and they put a NEW Berton Horse in my gift box.

  94. AMANDA BABY! Says:

    The Support Button is all the way at the bottom

  95. jamie Says:

    got black stallion first, white porcupine, white squirrell

  96. Laurie Says:

    Yes Farmville Freak you DO get duplicates – I got 4 porcupines and multiples of other things I’m too embarrassed to say – and still no black stallion. Balloon color doesn’t matter. With the regular mystery boxes, if you bought one and opened it before buying another, at least you cycled through the gifts. I’m quite disappointed, still no stallion, and alot poorer. :(

  97. Vaibhav Says:

    damn it.. spent 200 farm cash.. got 3 porcupines, 2 white deers, 2 kangaroos, 1 white cub,2 squirrels .. still no black stallion.

  98. SWEETIE1982 Says:

    They make this sound like its different from a mystery box!! but How…just because they intoduce it as a game we are supposed to pay $4 extra Fcash…..oh well…I only ever brought 2 mystery boxes and won’t be playing this so called game…although having said that…all the animals are super cool

  99. Cera Says:

    White Lion Cub, White Kangaroo, Black Stallion, and “Stallion” is a “Mare” – sighhhhh

  100. sta61 Says:

    Blue in the middle gave me the stallion right away.
    However I found that my last expansion disappeared and I had to remove 10 horses to get him in there.

  101. Trevor Says:

    if they change to mystery game now then we should be able to gift a dart like the mystery box

  102. chris hell Says:

    I used the bleu in the middle and got the squirrel…after 9 shots I have now the Black Stallion..

  103. Elizabeth Says:

    omg, why are they so little? the black stallion is the only big one, and the rest are so tiny??????????????????????????????????

  104. Jari Says:

    I guess I should say I was really lucky. I took six shots and I got them all – I really wanted only the stallion and the lion. I got duplicates of the deer which I don’t mind because I think the deer looks great! I wish actually I had gotten more deers, lions or kangaroos instead of the porcupine and squirrel, as they are very tiny and look silly….

  105. nmm Says:

    i’m very sad about this game. i really wanted the black stallion, bought 4 boxes (it was the last of my fv cash), and got a stupid porcupine, kangaroo, squirrel, and porcupine again. the only one i like is the kangaroo.
    and the blue balloon theory didn’t work for me.
    i prefer mystery boxes!!!!

  106. horsehippie Says:

    I tried it 11 times before I got the stallion :(
    I got 4 squirrels (one from the middle balloon)
    2 lion cubs
    2 kangaroos
    2 porcupines

    and then the stallion at last. I sold all the rest of them because I didn’t like the animals anyways…

    It’s stupid that you don’t get xp with your prize like with the mystery box!

    Put him in my horse stable and nothing happened when I harvested it,,, still not working properly?

    Don’t know if this was worth it yet….

  107. sarah Says:

    My first was the middle blue balloon and it was a porcupine. My second try was a red balloon and it was the black stallion. I already had a black stallion…but I hope that this one isn’t sterile. Better yet…I hope because of this release I hope that all black stallions aren’t sterile.

  108. jj201 Says:

    Although it seems kind of fun to play a game like that, the cost to play it seems too much! 20 FV cash??!! :(

  109. Jordan Says:

    first try: Kangaroo (ok) blue over 1 to the left and down 1
    second try: stallion!!!!!!! green at the top of the middle column
    still want a lion cub……..have exactly enough and dont know if i want to risk it :(

  110. Tean Says:

    I tried 3 times, blue balloon in the middle gave me a porcupine, then tried randomly and got a lion cub and kangaroo. Sad, I wanted a stallion.

  111. Roberta Says:

    I don’t know if this will work got Stallion on very first try I popped the red balloon in dead center I do not know if they are random or preplanned. It is worth a shot.

  112. BUSTA Says:

    for your info all u cry babies all animal boxes / crates have always been 20 fc

  113. Carol Hunt Says:

    Got the stallion on both farms with the bottom right hand corner red balloon. Don’t know if it always works but it did for mine and one of my neighbors who tried it. Middle blue balloon gave me the kangaroo.

  114. Alicia Says:

    3 tries –

    1 porcupine – blue balloon
    1 lion cub – red balloon
    1 stallion – green balloon

  115. austinread Says:

    @carol hunt i got a white buck from bottom right hand corner red balloon

  116. joewii Says:

    does anyone know if you can get duplicate black stallions in this game like all the other animals?

  117. Claire Says:

    3 kangaroos, 2 porcupines, 2 bucks, lion cub, squirrel…
    no stallion & no FC left :(

  118. Sephiroth144 Says:

    Okay, the gifts are randomized, (center blue, White Deer)…

    So, Stallion, how rare (in the game)?

  119. gaby Says:


    i’m so angryy, cuz i cant buy farm cash with bolivares..
    i’m from venezuela and i have always the SAME PROBLEEMMMMM.

  120. Mimi0726 Says:

    Hey y’all!

    Just so you guys know the mystery animal crate is also 20 FV cash so it’s nothing new, you all just don’t notice it because we are used to the Mystery box being 16 FV Cash.

    The Black stallion does work and it’s foals don’t group up to be Stallions, they grow up to be BLACK horses!!

    Chill out!! If you don’t like it don’t play the game, but don’t ruin for the rest of us.

  121. SAM Says:

    Got a black stallion on my third try, it was in a red ballon on the top left corner.

  122. Brianna Says:

    First Dart- White Squirell
    Second Dart- White Kangaroo
    Thrid Dart- White Buck

    I stopped after that realizing I only have 142 FV$ left. I wasn’t going to waste my money on trying to find the lion cub I so badly want.

  123. FV geek Says:

    hey now u cant produce stallions any more gud i produced 1 from before now it says BSF produces black HORSE!!!!!!!!!!!!! what the shit zynga!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  124. Keith Says:

    Weird question, but I guess this game doesn’t count towads our “They of mystery” ribbons?

  125. Mike Says:

    Black Stallion absolutly works….got 2 rare foals iside of 30 minutes. Worked him hard…shh! sleeping………

  126. Nyana Says:

    20 $ ? to expensive !!! U can drop down prices so that more people can afford to buy Mystery Boxes ;) I never bought one … for 16 $ ? or 18 $? it simply doesn’t worth, and if u continue to propose special items at such prices… U will loose the sympathy of very many people…
    last point : for higher levers, please add one or two additionnal chicken coop
    This would be more useful than to propose such expensive Items ! ;) don’t u think ?

  127. Michelle Says:

    3 throws, got (in order) the lion cub, porcupine, and stallion. Not too shabby for $10 worth of FC (on top of the 14 I already had). I really just wanted the stallion so I’m happy!

  128. Tarrah Says:

    I’ll try… but only once. That’s waaay too expensive.

  129. Victoria Says:

    I read a lot of the comments and took a chance. I popped the center blue balloon and got a black stallion. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  130. Dysel Says:

    Got the Black Stallion on sheer luck on my fifth try by popping a red balloon.

    The center blue balloon gave me the buck. Two other blue ballons gave me a kangaroo and squirrel. Since it was clear the placement is random on the next toss I just picked a random balloon and crossed my fingers. Tossed it at a yellow and got another squirrel.

    Tossed again at the red and like I sheer luck got the Black Stallion.

    And he is fixed to help bring new foals into the world.

  131. Tara Says:

    all of the other mystery animal boxes were 20 fv cash also so i was not surprised to see this game 20 cash each. yes you can get doubles – and probly will but if you spend the cash. your guaranteed to get at least one of everything. even if that means you pop every balloon. thats whats different between this and the boxes. there was no guarantee that you would get what you wanted. the guarantee comes if your whiling to shell out the cash to pop them all. some people have gotten lucky and got each animal in sequence. with no doubles tho. thats luck. i bet if they keep this next week it will go down to 16 like the normal box.

  132. Casey Says:

    So there are 2 rare, 2 uncommon and 2 common animals. Does anybody know which animals fit into which category?

  133. Nathan Says:

    I really want these animals but I am paying real cash for FV Cash to play this, I am only in the level 30′s and unfortunalty i spent most of the FV Cash when leveling up on other stuff.

  134. Sheena Says:

    What a ripoff. I spent $40 to get FV Cash to do this. I got 3 deer, 3 kangaroo, 3 porcupine and 3 squirrel. I understand this whole risk thing, but that’s freaking ridiculous to get 3 of all those crappy ones and nothing for a stallion or lion, which are the two I want.
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t they make more money if people could actually buy what they wanted? Or even if you could only get 1 of the item from the mystery things so there are not doubles, or in my case, triples? Because from my experience and what I read people saying, it’s just driving people crazy and away from the game.
    On top of this, they put this junk in the mystery things and it piles up on farms that are still dealing with their expansion glitches! My farm is full of cows, I have nowhere for their junk items while I try to get what I want.

  135. Pauline Says:

    Got 2 deer, 2 kagaroos, 1 porcpine, white lion cub, white squirrel, and NO frigging Stallion!! Don’t intend to play this anymore!!

  136. Dysel Says:

    Black Stallion is rare.
    Buck Uncommon.
    Squirrel common.

    Don’t know about the other three.

  137. Susie Says:

    …i think its a stupid thing to do give us our old fashioned mystery gift box and wtf do you have to get much more expensive in everything!!!!.???? 20 FC for one shot…com on 16 was even a lot for that mystery box…..and all the other items….like for coins…40.000 for a wood….and then for a house 350.000….or for all teh otehr stuff keep it grinded people….u getting to much selfish….all u people see is just the dollar signt to make money with….if u dont have money us suppose to do nothing get nothing get angry cause u wanna hve some but u cant cause its too expensive…and i keep makin money but its not getting more even i ahrvest and see all teh time….please the customer not make him angry!!!!!!!!!

  138. Casey Says:

    Thanks, Dysel! The black stallion was mostly what I was wondering about. I’m debating whether I want to chance it. If it was a “common”, I’d be more likely to try it. :/ Now, I’m not so sure.

  139. Sam McCaw Says:

    I won a black stallion and put it on my farm….it disappeared…..blew 20FV$ for nothing! Crap game!

  140. PINTO Says:

    Hi guys!

    I heard some rumours that the WHITE STALLION isn’t working anymore, after the Black Stallion was introduced?

    Does somebody has confirmed information ?

    Really would appreciate a proof?

  141. travioli Says:

    11 tries!

    3 squirrels
    3 kangaroos
    2 lion cubs
    2 bucks
    1 porcupine
    ZERO stallions

    my black stallion foal grew up last week into an adult black stallion, but it wouldn’t breed like my white stallion. i just put the black stallion (an old one) in my stable with a brown pony. it produced a black stallion foal.

  142. noni Says:

    i kept trying and got 4 white bucks :(
    but at least i did get my 1 black stallion :)

  143. maggiek Says:

    Yes!! Got the stallion after 2 tries. First tried the center blue balloon – got a white buck. Next the top left red balloon for the stallion.

  144. Jan Says:

    what a rip off. you get duplicates of the same stupid animals. popped six balloons and no black stallion.

  145. maggiek Says:

    My daughter chose a green balloon and got the black stallion on the first try. she’s such a punk!!

  146. cipto Says:

    i want it all…. but don’t want double. :(

  147. jessi Says:

    tried 3 times
    black stallion middle blue
    kangaroo green next to the middle blue
    lion cub red above the middle blue to the left

    2 rares and an uncommon im happy. i like the white squirel also might try again for it

  148. jessi Says:

    lion cub was blue not red sry but in the same location

  149. Starscream Says:

    I did the game two tries to get the stallion. got a kanga as well. kinda pricy. So I won a stallion and I got two from the nurseyr barn before change. And I have a white stallion. All is good.

  150. kristy Says:

    I hate mystery boxes, all i every get is the crappy prize. I got the squirrel. anything else would have been better than that. I think FV should let us choose if were gonna pay the big bucks>

  151. Neil Says:

    I got a Black Stallion on the first try by popping the yellow balloon and White Cub on the second try from a blue balloon.

  152. Tara Says:

    its not a different concept as a mystery animal box guys. its the same. whats the difference if you pay 20 farm cash to buy it in a “box” or 20 farm cash to get it in a “balloon”. ALL MYSTERY ANIMALS ARE 20 FARM CASH. its ALWAYS been that way. if you are brave enough to spend the farm cash to pop every balloon, you WILL get a stallion. there is one stallion and one lion cub on everyones game board. thats why they are rare. but i assure you, it is there.

    i dont understand why everyone gets so upset because things are farm cash. how do you expect zynga to make any money? if they cant make money somehow, there wouldnt be a game to play. would you work for free? it IS your choice to pay or not.

  153. Farmer John Says:

    I got the “Black Stallion ” after blowing $180 FV.

  154. Shemek Says:

    I love that game….Is much better than mystery gift…

  155. marvin3O Says:

    You cannot exactly choose your prizes! The game is not difficult to play, and actually it is kinda awesome to have a different option to get the prizes. Luckily I popped three balloons and got three different prizes: a Black stallion, a white porcupine and a white squirrel (which I’m gonna place next to my squirrel with the trunk)

  156. Atochabsh Says:

    so popped the blue balloon in the middle and got the lion cub. Popped the blue balloon up and to the left and got the black stallion.

  157. Ilka Says:

    my old black stallion foals now produces a black horse

  158. Ryan Says:

    It stinks you can’t send these to friends. I don’t see how this is better than the boxes. You should be able to send a friend a dart to try or a turn or something. I tried it once, got a Stallion dead center of the board. For those complaining about trying alot of times and not getting the item wanted, that does sux but remember this: Insanity = doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Every week the boxes come out and every week the same complaints pop up, sometimes from the same people. Zynga is banking on the fact that alot of people are compulsive .

    Not quick sure what this line is about “Playing the game costs 20 farm cash, but unlike the Mystery Box, you are guaranteed to get the prize that you want, IF you win.” <—— If you win? Are you kidding me? WTH does "WIN" mean? POP "ALL" THE BALLONS? To me a "WIN" is pop "A" ballon choose a PRIZE" Chalk this up to the "WTF MOMENT OF THE WEEK"

  159. sammy Says:

    ill try i looooovvveee the wite lion cub and im getting a 55 card 2day and already have 26 so ill try as many as ill need :) let u know wat i get

  160. sammy Says:

    and u who have “ONLY” 140 fv cash i consinder 60 alot

  161. sammy Says:

    and we dont want ur crapy opion to the game haters just let us have our fun

  162. annyehaber Says:

    black stallion is fertile. tested ^_^

  163. sammy Says:

    and if u got 2 chose the one u wanted wount that be like buying it in the store???weres the fun in that?
    lol jk i wish u could choose the one u wanted im so mad about that : (

  164. Amanda Says:

    I got the black stallion center blue balloon. I like him but already have 5 from making stallion foals for my friends.Then got baby’s back from them then they grew up to make them self’s. I know they function as a stallion but now the Stallion baby foal grows up into a black horse.

  165. sammy Says:

    from wat ive heard its-

    black stallion- rare
    wite lion cub-rare
    wite suirrel and others are the un common

  166. sammy Says:

    btw i have like 4 farm accounts that i cn send boxes 2 so im sad u cant send these

  167. Jake Says:

    The stallion is a eunuch…sheesh! Come on idiots! Have you not been following the FV posts. This Black Stallion is the same as the one that was found in February for Valentine’s day. If you idiots had paid any attention then you will know that any stallion can be used to mate with your horses. Yes, as if FV would make you spend money on a stallion that won’t breed with your horses. Lol….no wait! They aren’t that sinister….are they? Hmm, I just collected $200 from the 7-11 promo and I can afford to play this mystery game 10 times. Hmm, I wonder what the chances of me getting 10 stallions….

  168. Debbie Says:

    6 boxes-

    1st black stallion
    2nd lion cub
    3rd squirrel
    4th porcupine
    5th porcupine
    6th porcupine (grrr)

    I wanted the deer….The post on this feed was misleading “you are guaranteed to get the prize you want”……….it’s no different then the regular mystery boxes, you keep getting the same things over and over, my storage is full of “double farmcash items”…..whatever happened to the farmville podcast months and months ago that said they were working on the ability of us to be able to give our unwanted stuff to our neighbors??? It’s such a waste having the good stuff in storage but I cant bare to sell it because it’s money down the drain and I have tons of neighbors who would love to get ahold of the items.

  169. steve4310 Says:

    All I wanted was the white buck, and I got it on the first try. I hit the red balloon in the bottom right corner, as someone suggested earlier.

    So, I am very happy!!!

  170. Brianna Says:

    Sammy, I understand that 140 is a lot, but I hardly ever get Farmcash. I’m level 49, and it’s harder to level up. Plus I’m only 13 and my dad thinks its stupid to “waste” my money on Farmcash. I think its ok to spend my money on whatever I want, but hes my dad. I only get 25 Farmcash every Christmas, and I just started a couple years ago. So it’s hard to save up. Lol sorry, I talk a lot xD

  171. stephanie Says:

    salut à tous !
    Moi j’ai joué 1 seule fois et j’ai eu l’etalon noir, sur un ballon rouge !

  172. Tara Says:

    @jake you wont get multiples of the stallion or lion cub thats why they are rares. but there is one of each on everybodys game card

  173. stephanie Says:

    i have played one time and i have got the black horse !
    with a red balloon

  174. NotNicky Says:

    Wow. All I wanted was the lion cub. I spent all of my cash and didn’t get it with 5 tries. This sucks. :(

  175. AJ Says:

    i bought four darts and got
    1 white kangaroo
    1 white buck
    1 white lion cub
    and 1 black stallion (which i got from the blue balloon in the center)
    i guess i just have all the luck :)

  176. StaceyR Says:

    1st yellow balloon gave me a squirrel
    2nd blue balloon gave me a Stallion


  177. melissa Says:


  178. Rebecca Says:

    I did this twice and got a kangaroo and then a black stallion. Produced four foals so far and counting…

    Would love a white deer, but not buying any more cash atm.

  179. Judy Orsborn Says:

    I suggest you don’t buy if you are trying for a black stallion. It is a rip off. I won’t be spending anymore money on this game and I am telling all my friends not to. The mystery boxes are better and they cost less. It took me 227 fv cash to get a black stallion and I am not sure he can even reproduce. It is your gamble and if you want to spend that kind of money to get one item HAVE FUN.

  180. Theresa T Says:

    16th try and I finally get the damn stallion!!!!! I think I only have 5 or 6 balloons left but you can bet yours that you can’t get duplicates on the stallion…sucks…I have lots of ugly white animals to sell off now…ugg

  181. Sandra Says:

    @Theresa in the picture it shows all of the animals in the Mystery Game and two black stallions. I’m not sure if the black stallion was available at any other time, but I really doubt that they got it from somewhere else.

  182. Katee Says:

    UGH! i hate this game! im so mad right now! i spent 160 cash and got 5 damn porcupines 2 bucks and a squirral!! X.X

  183. Iso Says:

    FV Freak your post is wrong. You can’t choose anything.

  184. melanie Says:

    I really wanted the black stallion but i only had enough FV cash to play twice. i got white lion cub on 1rst try and luckily i got the black stallion on 2nd try !!

  185. michael Says:

    i have only one shot and i got White Squirrel, i was hoping to get black stallion. “sad”

  186. Wittly Says:

    i got a lion cub 1st try blue center balloon then i got a white deer 2nd try blue balloon, I got the stallion finally on the third try top right blue balloon. I find it suspicious that i got the stallion on the last try i had fv cash for. Its like they wanted to take all the fv cash i had but i got the stallion so whatever. I hit all blue balloons. I think they meant if you win what you want b/c you can’t not win.

  187. EM Says:

    People, please start getting observant. Animal mystery boxes were always 20FV.

    And no Zynga will not make more money if they put the animals straight in the market. People would spend what 22FV to get a stallion as opposed to 150 or 180 as some have done above. Do the maths.

    I read the comments and concluded the stallion would either be in the center blue balloon or another blue one. Center one gave me a lion cub. I tried another blue one second column, second row, blue. That worked. Yay!

    I think there are only a few random combinations. But it is your luck which one you get. I was lucky to get the more common one.

  188. Kat Says:

    I didn’t get my Black Stallion from a blue balloon so it’s just a matter of luck or persistence, depending on how you choose to play :p

    It took my 5 tries to get the Black Stallion and then for some reason I decided to see if I could get all six, let’s just say I have an unnecessary amount of squirrels :p

    1st: Kangaroo
    2nd: White Squirrel
    3rd: White Deer
    4th: White Squirrel
    5th: Black Stallion
    6th: White Squirrel
    7th: White Lion

    Good luck everyone!

  189. cUJO Says:

    It will not let me play because I have too many gifts in my gift box. I need a queen bee so I can clear out all my honey bees.

  190. Ми Says:

    i was waiting for a wandering stallion for a long time, but it hasn’t appeared even i have 2600+ friends.. i read one of comments above and tried to harvest without a wandering stallion, then my old black stallion worked :)

  191. Schreier Tomcsi Says:

    please fertilitze my farm:

  192. Laura Says:

    I tried once and got a black stallion on my first go. =) NOT going to try again, too much of a risk.

    I hit the center blue balloon, if you want a stallion go for that one because it has been very successful!

    And they ARE fertile. I put mine in my horse stable and harvested it, and Appaloosa foals were born! A great prize. I wont have to be continuously on the prowl for wandering stallions!!


  193. Peter Says:

    Don’t get any FV Cash after installing the toolbar…

  194. John Says:

    I wish I had 200 FV cash to spend, but I never played the 7-11 game. I only have 45. I might take a chance or two in a few days if the response here is overwhelmingly positive. I have been thinking of getting the Pinto horse, but I am tempted to play the game. However, I have never had much luck with games of chance. Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts on this matter. FarmVille is so much fun!

  195. HKCrystal Says:

    Dumb. Just used up 60 fc so quick! And only one of the three animals is one I care for!

  196. Peter Says:

    Got the White Buck from blue middle balloon, all done good luck..!!

  197. Klippan Says:

    I did not like this. when i heard about a mystery game i thought it would be free, maybe requiring some more work to get cool le stuff..
    this is more expensive then mystery boxes + you have a chance of not getting anything?? i would have loved to have that lion but i am not going to jeopardize my fvc like this

  198. jacob Says:

    i got a porkypine

  199. hussain Says:

    i wish the black stallion is released in the best of mystery box which contains things from previous boxes

  200. Kizzy Says:

    rather annoying thats its more expensive., i played it till i got a black stallion, had wayyyy too many porcupines lol

  201. cat Says:

    I managed to get the Black Stallion first time on a Blue Balloon.

  202. Kourtney Says:

    I’m so annoyed!! I played 7 times and still didn’t get a black stallion RAR!

  203. John Says:

    Me and my sister got the black staliton at first shot.
    We shot to the same baloon. In the first colum, if you have red, yellow, red, green and red, point to the green. This baloon give to us the black staliton. I hope this can help you.

  204. cipto Says:

    i played 8 times, 160FV$ and i don’t get the black stallion….. :(

  205. Cody Says:

    I have 24 fc should buy it and go for a stallion?

  206. Susy Says:

    Got a lion cub out of the center blue balloon. Does NOT count toward “They of Mystery” ribbon.

  207. salliejoe Says:

    didn’t get what i wanted which was the squirrel or porcupine….but it was ok, feels like the same mystery box to buy it and take your chances…

  208. LaydeeBug Says:

    this game is getting more and more expensive.. cant believe it.

  209. Debbie Roberts Says:

    I won’t be playing this, I am very dissappointed that you can’t send it. My hubby usually sends me things, but this time he can’t. He is n’t playing either, we have 3 kids and can’t afford to buy this, I play for relaxation after the twins go to sleep, I don’t understand how everyone keeps getting so much farm cash, we don’t have a 7 -11 no where near us. Honestly has made me feel like giving up the game, in fact last night I didn’t even fool with getting online. I am discouraged now.

  210. Mumblingwildebeest Says:

    you cant choose which animal you get so i dont really see how this is any different to a standard mystery box except that we pay 4FV$ extra to click on a balloon! It can hardly be described as a ‘game’.

    oh well at least i got the squirrell and lion cub. the only other one i wanted was the porcupine!

  211. lorraine taylor Says:

    i got the black stallion first go first bloon second row yellow bloon i counted how many of each colour yellow was only one with odd number then i picked the one that didn’t have another yellow close to it but i think it’s just luck
    can anyone tell me if the stallion works and how?

  212. Jake Says:

    I gave it my best shot. The placement of the stallion is random as most of you have said. I tried hitting the same spot over and over again hoping I would get the stallion. No such luck. Well, at least I have a small group of lion cubs and kangaroos. I have four of each. Not going to waste another $40. I figure if it hasn’t come up in 8 tries then most likely I won’t get it. But the gambler in me tells me that number 9 might be the One! I wonder if Zynga is trying to turn us into gamblers. $20 doesn’t seem like much for the chance at the stallion, but one can easily lose track of how much one has already “wagered”. I’d much rather spend $50,000-75,000 coins for a stallion. I thought Farmville was suppose to be fun. But this mystery game has given me stress and anxiety.

  213. Rainy Says:

    I think that 20FC is a pretty steep, of course, I think that ALL FarmVille’s FC items are over priced. 65FC for a dog? Seriously. Even some coin items are a little pricy, such as the Lady Amherst Pheasant that will empty out your coin hoard at 2,000,000 coins. However, I will probably play this game, for I am a FarmVille junky and I fancy all the prizes but the squirrel and the porcupine (with my luck thats all I’ll get, lol). Also, here is what I have learned from other peoples experiences:

    Cost: 20 FC per dart
    Number of Balloons: 25

    Black Stallion – Rare
    White Lion Cub – Rare
    White Kangaroo – Uncommon
    White Buck – Uncommon
    White Squirrel – Common
    White Porcupine – Common

    (Note: The Black Stallion is no longer sterile and will function just like the White Stallion and the Wandering Stallion.)

  214. Moonstar Says:

    This mystery game is worse than a carnival game because you can’t even trade up to the ultimate prize. I have thrown 5 darts (100 FV cash) & have received 1 white deer, 2 white porcupines, & 2 white squirels but no black stallion. This mystery game is not the process of elimination to get black stallion, you could spend tons of dough to get duplicates of the other animals & not end up with a black stallion. Although previous posts indicate a generous amount of luck to get the stallion in 3 or less throws of the dart, that is all it is… luck.

  215. Moonstar Says:

    This not better than a mystery box & it costs more. 20 Fv cash is too steep & the mystery game is misleading. This is like $4.00 a throw, wow!

  216. jamie Says:

    i got stallion first shot. and squirrell and white porcupine. am not gonna play it again. dont really care to have white versions of the animals. ug. i have the tigers so dont want to lion bad enough to pay 20 again. saving in case i have to buy queen bee
    i wish they wpuld jus put things in the market i truly despise the fact that i get repeaters sometimes trying to get one thing i want

  217. jamie Says:

    btw- YES the black stallion works.
    i pulled my white one out and put the black one in.
    and i harvested my barn and got foal.

  218. mystery Person... Hehe Says:

    Is there a possibility of missing the balloon?

  219. geo Says:

    want them all…..

  220. Miss Conservative Says:

    #218 – no, it is not possible to miss a balloon – you will hit one – but don’t be surprised if you get duplicates. I got 4 squirrels in a row : (

  221. doyle hargraves Says:

    looks like zynga got lazy on this one. white versions of stuff i already have? no thanks!

  222. charles Says:

    i wish that mystery game will also be available to send to other neighbor… so that i can give it to my friend… tsk…

  223. Sonya Says:

    I got a white lion cub out of the middle blue balloon. I wanted a porcupine though. I have only 46 FV cash left. I don’t know if I would risk it again. I really don’t want the kangaroo or squirrel. You can get a brown squirrel out of the FREE mystery boxes people gift to you.

  224. John Says:

    All these comments and not one person let people know that YOU DO NOT GET ANY XP either with this stupid game! Had I known that I would NOT have played PERIOD. At least with the previous Mystery Boxes, you always got a prize PLUS XP.

    I will NEVER play this game again. I hate it. Spent 80 farmcash, which is four darts and got TWO FREAKIN’ TINY white squirrels and two other crappy animals–NO BLACK STALLION.

    Did I say I hate this game? Well, I hate it a lot. DON’T PLAY IT!! IT IS ZYNGA’S BIGGEST RIP-OFF SO FAR!!!!

  225. Rose Mary Farmer Says:

    Dumb, dumb, dumb and dumb.
    I’m glad I didn’t spend my FV cash on this, I think 20 FV cash on the above prizes are useless.

  226. CAp Says:

    What a R I P O F F!!!…Multiple Stag/Kangaroo/Squirrel & Porcupines….NO STALLiON….

    That is the LAST bit of REAL Money I spend on Mystery Anything or the new Dart Game……They Missed the Mark with this one…..

  227. Mike Says:

    Can anyone tell me if this has happened to them before. Sometimes after I have tried to harvest my stable on the third successive attempt (three harvestings within 15 minutes) my stable is no longer ready. It “resets”. But since I already have a wandering stallion I don’t want to mess with the contents of the stable. I wait until my stable is “ready” before I harvest from it. Very annoying working with a wandering stallion. If only Zynga would allow us to upgrade our stable to a 5 star accommodation then maybe the wandering stallion would stick around for more than one harvesting. I have thought about playing the mystery game. Up until today I did not know that there were 25 balloons to hit. I thought that there were only 8-10 balloons.

  228. kaylia Says:

    i regret spending 20 cash.. got the stupid lion cub but i want a damn stallion!!!!

  229. jasper Says:

    lol i got the black stallion on my first try

  230. Nyana Says:

    nice new items but…. how about a chicken coop unlock from time to time :) once a month for example ? come on zynga! be reasonable :)

  231. Gretch Gretchenberg Says:

    i got the squirrel in a mystery box. yeah a sendable one rip off!! if you can get the squirrel for free why pay 20 cash!!!!!!

  232. Carly Says:

    if I get a stallion foal and put it in my barn does it grow up to a adult stallion?

  233. John Says:

    They should have a co-op job that has to do with harvesting animals. If you get the gold prize you get the Black/White Stallion. I only have done two co-op jobs. The one with the bus plow as the reward and the other one entails planting/harvesting all grapes….gives me the most XP and coinage. The other co-op jobs have low XP and/or coinage.

  234. Jessica Says:

    I only had enough FC for one throw and I wanted anything BUT the stallion and of course, on my first and only try I get the stallion (left yellow balloon)… :( My brother played too and he was thrilled to get the stallion on the first try too (center red balloon)

  235. ahmed Says:

    i wasted my farm cash to my friend he won i a black stallion and gave me a stallion foal on his first try

  236. ahmed Says:

    the stallion is awesome it was chances one in a million for him to get it

  237. ahmed Says:

    i wasted allot of cash to get him

  238. Rainy Says:

    The Black Stallion foal will grow up into a Black Horse if placed in the nursery barn. It used to turn into a Black Stallion, but it doesn’t now that they have fixed it. Also, I played the game today and won the Black Stallion, a White Buck, and a White Porcupine! I love them all! “^_^”

  239. ahmed Says:

    i am so happy because i could get lots of foals .Before foals were rare because the wandering stallion never came out never came i only had 2 gray foals.

  240. valere Says:

    This game is stupid unless you would actually be willing to spend 20 fv cash on any one of the prizes. For that price, you should be able to choose which one you want. They aren’t individually worth more than that. Seems kind of scam-like by getting people to spend a ridiculous amount of money trying to get the stallion. IMO, the stallion isn’t worth more than 20 fv cash to begin with.

  241. valere Says:

    even more stupid that you don’t even get xp with it.

  242. Milo Says:

    I thought the mystery boxes were free. Why is everyone saying that they cost $5 less than this mystery game.

  243. joe Says:

    i got a stallion and i alreddy have 7 of them . :p im angry !

  244. Lauren Says:

    Ok. So I dont plan on buying farm cash out of my pocket. Im hoping that there will be another stallion comming out soon. So i have 3 bsfs and I wont put them in the nursery! I wish They would turn into Black Stallions!

  245. Kirsty Says:

    I got the black stallion on my first try in the centre blue balloon :D

  246. Jason Says:

    Well it took me 14 tries before I finally got the Black Stallion. Yes I do think 20fvb is a HUGE cost for this crap but that urge to get it is too much. FV knows this and that’s why they know they can get people to buy into it for the huge price. I think they really should credit people some of it back because it is a joke to have to spend about $50 just to get a fake game item that does nothing but give you 80g a day.

    When it was said and done I ended with 5 Porcupines, 4 Squirrels, 2 Kangaroo’s, 1 Elk, 1 Lion Cub, and 1 Stallion.

    In a small Insane way I am tempted to clear the board just to see what happens since I am already so far in. 11 more (220fvc) and I can get it all. But unless there were 4 more Stallions, not worth the chance.

    My guess is there is 1 Squirrel, 1 Kangaroo, 2 Elk’s, 1 Lion Cub, and 1 Stallion left. It only makes sense.

    5 Common’s, 3 Uncommon’s, and 2 Rare’s of each animal is my guess.
    Hope this helps some people get an idea of their chances.

  247. Hanny Says:

    Dear All, just for your information I have tried 7 times spent 140 fv cash. 3 squirrels, 2 porcupines, 1 white buck, 1 white kangaroo. That is it for me I will never play it again… I do have a white stallion and want to get the black one with no result, I am very disapointed :-(

  248. ahmed Says:

    dear hanny try shooting all the blue baloons

  249. linny Says:

    i cant decide to play or not and i only have one day left to decide or should i get the breton horse argh i only have 29 fv and i really want a stallion but is it worth the risk i do like all the other animals but i dont think i would pay 20fv for them becaue i like the farm animals better than the wild animals

  250. linny Says:

    im am such an idiot i played it and did the centre blue and got a kangaroo but i do like the kangaroo but wanted the stallion

  251. judy Says:

    Very sad :( I got the White Squirrel X2,Porcupine,White Lion Cub and the Kangaroo… No Black Stallion…… No to mention, a few weeks back then FV was having issues with the stables I lost my percheron horse and have not received it back nor any info on if or when I will get it back…..

  252. Milo Says:

    @ Mike,

    I have come across the stable stuffing glitch as well. But for some reason after it happens I get 3 pony foals in a row. But then again the next 3 times gives me xp points. I have not come across the glitch after they patched FarmVille earlier this month. I hope this helps.

  253. Micaela Says:

    Does the Black Stallion ever come to farmville so you can buy it!? I want one, but I don’t want to play a stupid game 102020 times to get one :(

  254. grant Says:

    What animals are the common animals?

  255. grant Says:

    Wait do u have the option to send the animal to ur friend if u get a repeat animal?

  256. Steven Says:

    No, as far as I can tell you never was suppose to buy the Stallion easily. They had offered a stallion around Valentine’s day and they had accidentally released it into the market to be bought at an affordable price. However, there were some people who took advantage of this error and spent coins on what eventually amounted to sterile horses. FarmVille replaced the stallions bought from the market with regular horses.

    I don’t understand how many people here claim to get the stallion on their first try…without even trying. I also do not believe the person who says that they were very unhappy to get the stallion on his first try because he already had 6 or 7 of them. What a bunch of crap! The only reason to play the Mystery game is to get the stallion. If you already have one…why would you want to play it? As many have said the white animals are not worth 20 Farm cash. They are ugly and they don’t do anything! One would think that the animals in this game would be rainbow colored. White is such an ugly color. Did Steve Jobs sponsor this mystery game. White is cool…but I don’t like albino animals. Some animals I’d like to get in FarmVille are a rhino, hippo, elephant, panda and an owl.

  257. Jake Says:

    @ Jason,

    There is nothing fake about the Black Stallion. If you truly felt that way about the stallion then why did you spend real money on this supposed “fake” item? You are just upset that you did not get it on your first try. No worries. I did not get it either and I spent a little less than you did in real currency. But you do not see me having a meltdown. To quote a famous saying…”It is what it is”.

    Perhaps you can try contacting Zynga and make you displeasure known to them. They might give you something for your troubles. Perhaps they might even give you farm cash. You never know. It is worth a shot and it will not cost you any real money except for your time. Good luck and may be peace be with you.

  258. Jason Says:

    @ Jake,

    At what point was I “having a meltdown”? When I used the word “fake” I was talking about the fact that its not a real word item that can be used by me personally. With my comments I was just pointing out that to spend that amount of money for a non-real item is silly. Yes I have spent money and for that I am a silly person for doing so and I am not knocking anyone who does it as well. It’s just silly to spend that much money for somthing that I wont get much use from. The point I was trying to make is I just think the price for these items was entirly too high but Zynga knows there are people like me that like to collect things so we are willing to pay the high price.

    Again, I am not knocking anyone for using real money, I was just stating that the price really should have been lower. To spend about $4.50 for these animals is just a bit high for the payout they give us. Now if they gave us like 500 coins every harvest or something, then this would be a different story, but I just checked on mine and as it stands the Porcupine gives 105c, Kangaroo-54, Buck-80, and Cub-110c. The Stallion and Squirrel and am not sure as they are not even ready yet. To me it just seems so low a payout for such a high price to get one, and on top of that it seems very unbalanced that Common ones give more then the Un-commons and the Rare ones hardly give that much more.

    My reason for posting was not to flame or complain, it was to educate and voice my thoughts on this. Nothing more.

  259. grant Says:

    I played the game 2 times and the only animal i wanted was the white squirrel and I was so happy to get him and the white kangaroo! these were the 2 i wanted most. Im not sure why so many people want the black horse, I didnt want the horse I have 2 of every other horse that has ever been out. The white squirrel is the best animal in this mystery game

  260. Joe Says:

    @ Grant,

    The reason many of us here want the black stallion is that we like to breed horses and we don’t like to hunt for wandering stallion feeds. Now if there were a way for us to breed horses without a stallion you can bet your bottom dollar that many of us would not be spending alot of farm cash on this game.

  261. Lexi Says:

    Black Stallion is ferrrrrtile!! :D

  262. Tor Says:

    whats in the new mystery game for this week, same animals or new?

  263. rob Says:

    Dear Farmville
    hey…i bought a couple things with farmville cash that i dont want anymore because I’m changing my farm. I was wondering if you could make it possibly to sell these item and get farmville cash back…maybe not ALL the farmville cash, because people would do it all the time…maybe we could get our fv cash back…minus 5 fv cash. that way people dont do it all the time because it will cost them to buy and sell. get it? so if i buy something for 32 fv cash and decide i dont want it anymore, i can set it for 27 fv cash. i know a lot of people who dont want things anymore and end it keeping them in their storage because they are scarede to sell something they bought…so i hope you consider this option.
    also…i think the farmhands and arborists should have a building JUST for them. i cant use them fast enough and they take up all the space in my inbox. thanks

  264. rob Says:

    hey…i bought a couple things with farmville cash that i dont want anymore because I’m changing my farm. I was wondering if you could make it possible to sell these item and get farmville cash back…maybe not ALL the farmville cash, because people would do it all the time…maybe we could get our fv cash back…minus 5 fv cash. that way people dont do it all the time because it will cost them to buy and sell. get it? so if i buy something for 32 fv cash and decide i dont want it anymore, i can sell it for 27 fv cash. i know a lot of people who dont want things anymore and end it keeping them in their storage because they are scared to sell something they bought…so i hope you consider this option.
    also…i think the farmhands and arborists should have a building JUST for them. i cant use them fast enough and they take up all the space in my inbox. thanks

  265. Jake Says:

    @ Rob,

    You are on the right track. You should be able to sell goods that you no longer want. But as in all things in real life…there is a penalty. How about this. You buy something for 32 farm cash and you get back 16 farm cash. Seems like fair deal considering that you would not get any farm cash back under the current system. A penalty of only 5 farm cash is not a strong enough deterrent to prevent people like you from changing your mind and expect others to make you whole again. You should learn to live by your actions. If not, then don’t buy anything with farm cash. How simple is that? No, I’m not criticizing you. But think about this. If FarmVille treated you and people like you differently then most likely the rest of the FarmVille players will have to pay for your incompetence. Do you think it is fair that we have to pay for your incompetence? I sure don’t!

    As for the arborists and farmhands being too much for you to handle….how is that possible? I work on my farm everyday and if I’m not harvesting animals I’m harvesting trees. Maybe you should play this game more than a few times a week. If you had a real farm it would die due to gross mismanagement.

  266. Tor Says:

    @ Jake,

    Dude…count to 10.

  267. Vincent Says:

    Hello everyone,

    i have played the mystery game and these are my results.

    1 buck
    1 cub,
    2 porcupines
    3 squirrels
    4 stallions

    so I received a stallion in 4 of 11 attempts…not bad and not good. from the people who have not received even one I ask why didn’t they just follow the advice posted here and hit the green balloon. yes it does not give the stallion every time, but the second or third try will certainly bring you the desired result. I did not hit the green balloon every time. a few times i hit the center balloon because some people have noted success in doing so. i played this game about 10 minutes before the deadline. i know that if i had more time that i would have spent even more cash….lol..but guys do not worry about the lost farm cash. as someone had mentioned elsewhere on farmville freak if you go to happy pets and play the game you will get an option to buy or earn facebook credits….i filled out a survey each day and earned 15 credits…but yesterday their server was down so i could not take a survey.

  268. grant Says:

    @ Vincent

    Where is the survey and place to play the game?

  269. Vincent Says:

    Hi Grant,

    the game can be found in FarmVille via the “Market”. as for Happy Pets do a search on Facebook and you will find it. apparently, too many people have heard about the survey. i had to try 5 times before I “qualified” for a survey…..very annoying.

  270. Jason Says:

    So anyone else notice the game is back and now its only 16fvc. I wonder if its the same animals now and we will get a credit for the extra that was spent when playing for 20fvc. I know that will be about 70fvc credit to me if they did.

    @ Jake

    Are you like just on here to bash anyone who expresses their opinions? Holy crap, that is what these forums are for is to express ones opinion or suggestions. We don’t all have to be like you and do it your way.

  271. liz Says:

    how many shots do you get per game how do you get the lion cub?

  272. savanna Says:

    i got a crowned crane on my first try for the new version for 16fc he is rare and cute lol

  273. ahmed Says:

    the black stallion is fertile although i wish i had the white one too because i have all the horses(that differ from the white stallion)and want all the foals too

  274. EvilCookie Says:

    There is really a lot of people who have too much money or are very stupid, since so many pay so much actual money on a silly virtual game. And as long as they can take advantade of you, we (normal players) will never get any interesting items to buy for coins. Sucks.

  275. Poppette Says:

    I popped a blue balloon and got a lovely looking house. Havent seen it up for sale before. Its cute :)

  276. ahmed Says:

    @evilcookie i have no idea what youre talking about im the one who won the hay bale contest but inn another name and my friends gift me horses just because i wasted 20 fc from leveling up not even the hay bale contes and ever since my friend have been gifting me unlimited horses of all types no offense but theyre the one who gave me xp with there FC cash horses OK.

  277. Renee Smith Says:

    I am a hardcore gamer (at 61 years old) and love love love cheats and codes, want to THANK the people who go out of their way to hunt and discover said cheats & codes for us…..YALL ROCK!!!

  278. Ketan Says:

    I don’t want to loose 16 FV cash (it changed to 16) and I don’t even have 16 FV cash!

    too expensive. I’m only level 14 on fv. the lion cub is adorable though hehehehe



  280. EricaNN Says:

    I’ve played twice this week, got a Black Panther Cub and a Raccoon….the latter is lame but I love the cub.

  281. Kelsey Says:

    Hey, I’ve made a video about how you can gain farmville game card with free mystery dart.
    You can even earn a Free FarmVille Game Card if you solve a trusted survey. Mystery game is great I know :)

  282. Alix Says:

    sucks… I don’t have so much cash :( and I will never do

  283. Heather Says:

    Second Row first blue balloon Asian Wild Horse

  284. charrece Says:

    awww i love horses i have never found a mystery box what are they?