FarmVille Mystery Seedling Growing into Wych Elm Tree

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FarmVille Mystery Seedling Growing into Wych Elm Tree

Posted on March 30, 2011 12:08 am by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Wych Elm Tree

FarmVille Tree Saplings are growing up to be Wych Elm Trees. Currently Wych Elm Trees are not available in the FarmVille Market, but usually this is a sign that they will be available soon.

FarmVille Wych Elm Tree Notice

If you happen to grow a Wych Elm Tree from one of your Mystery Seedlings, you will have the opportunity to share it with one of your FarmVille neighbors via the Facebook News Feed.

FarmVille Wych Elm Tree FaceBook Notice

FarmVille Wych Elm Tree

Do you have a Wych Elm Tree on your farm yet? Are you excited to add this new tree to your Orchard?

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16 Responses to “FarmVille Mystery Seedling Growing into Wych Elm Tree” »

  1. shannon Says:

    Just got one from the feed!

  2. mjhay Says:


  3. Miss Conservative Says:

    Nice – loving the “real” trees : )

  4. shannon Says:

    Interesting from Wikipedia…

    The tree was by far the most common elm in the north and west of the British Isles and is now acknowledged as the only indisputably British native elm species.

  5. Amanda Says:

    have not received the new tree but whats new i have 2 buy all the trees. whatever its part of the game right? loving my new farm tho!

  6. Deborah Says:

    I haven’t seen one in the feed, nor have I grown one from one of my own seedlings. I’d like to get one, though… they’re pretty.

  7. Sharon Myhre Says:

    I really like the looks of this tree, I hope that I get on soon.

  8. Farmer Dan Says:

    More ‘real’ trees. I like it.

  9. Kimberly Says:

    I’m loving the authenticity of the recent trees. Looking forward to getting a few.

  10. Karen Says:

    Boring…but I’ll get some. I can see real trees all over the place, every time I go outside. I like fantasy in my virtual games….even if it is a farm.

  11. Mig Says:

    Where’s my big version of this tree?!?!?!? JK, glad the big tree are over. :)

    Won’t be playing the new farm till I see a PAUSE option!!!! (I just needed to restate this because I want to play the new farm, oh well, maybe till next year or so, maybe then.)

    M. E.

  12. Lilly Says:

    already got one a few minutes ago. yay! :)

  13. Trish Says:

    I try and I try…and all I ever seem to get from mystery seedlings from the news feed are the Candy and Giant trees! LOLOL

    LOVE this new tree, and, can’t wait to get one! Hopefully, it will be in the market soon—or it’s Level 1 equivalent.

  14. sinisista Says:

    I just got one – very excited I love all new trees!

  15. Slo Says:

    Just gor 2… I don’t like this new tree


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