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FarmVille Mystical Groves: Apothecary Crafting Guide

Posted on September 17, 2013 2:48 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Apothecary

FarmVille Apothecary

With the release of the new FarmVille Mystical Grove farm, FarmVille also released the new Apothecary crafting shop! The Apothecary crafting shop works similar to other FarmVille crafting shops such as the recent Elite Horses, Sweet Shop, Yarn Barn, or Dairy. We like to refer to these craft shops as crafting boutiques for their special themed crafting. This feature is not to be confused with FarmVille crafting restaurants where you craft and master recipes.

In the Apothecary you will be able to create raw  ingredients and make goods with your machines to then fill orders for your customers. As you fill orders and level-up your Apothecary you get rewarded for your hardwork by unlocking free prizes such as useful items for your farm including XP, Farm Coins, and special exclusive prizes like animals.

To access the new Apothecary look on your FarmVille in-game menu, located on the bottom right corner, next your neighbor bar. The Apothecary icon is designated by a purple Pig with a blue wizard hat. You may also access the Apothecary by clicking on the actual building placed on your FarmVille farm.

Remember, this building is not exclusive to the Mystical Groves farm and can be used while you are on any of your FarmVille farms just as the other crafting boutiques. You only need to place one Apothecary for all of your FarmVille farms, but it looks great on the Mystical Groves farm’s landscape and also coincides with the theme.

We’ve listed the raw materials and ingredients for the Apothecary below as well as the quick guide to the specific recipes.

Are you excited to get to work in the new FarmVille Apothecary? 

FarmVille Apothecary Raw Material Stations:

FarmVille Brewing Cauldron

FarmVille Spell Book

FarmVille Potion Distillery

FarmVille Herb Garden

FarmVille Mushroom Stump

FarmVille Pixie Hut

FarmVille Apothecary Raw Material Ingedients:

FarmVille Bottled Tonic (2 mins)

FarmVille Enchanted Recipe (3 mins)

FarmVille Elixir Philter (2 mins)

FarmVille Herb Bundle (5 mins)

FarmVille Magical Mushroom (2 mins)

FarmVille Pixie Powder (4 mins)

FarmVille Apothecary Crafting Guide:

Ingredient 1
Ingredient 2
Ingredient 3

Dragon Brewer
Blue Bubble Brew1 Bottled Tonic2 Mins10/20/60

Dragon Brewer
Red Remedy1 Enchanted Recipe2 Mins10/20/60

Apprentice Enchanter
Dream Draft2 Blue Bubble Brew5 Mins10/20/60

Apprentice Enchanter
Cup of Cordial2 Red Remedy1 Hour10/20/60

Apprentice Enchanter
Peppy Potion1 Elixir Philter4 Hours10/20/60

Apprentice Enchanter
Tickled Pink1 Herb Bundle6 Hours10/20/60

Apprentice Enchanter
Enchanted Elixir1 Dream Draft2 Tickled Pink6 Hours8/16/50

Potion Distiller
Melody Mix2 Blue Bubble Brew2 Dream Draft12 Hours8/16/50

Potion Distiller
Bliss Serum2 Peppy Potion2 Blue Bubble Brew1 Cup of Cordial12 Hours6/14/40

Potion Distiller
Tingled Tonic2 Melody Mix1 Red Remedy1 Peppy Potion8 Hours6/14/40

Potion Distiller
Cloudy Concoction3 Blue Bubble Brew2 Dream Draft12 Hours8/16/50

Herb Tender
Soothing Salve2 Tickled Pink2 Blue Bubble Brew1 Cup of Cordial12 Hours8/16/50

Herb Tender
Sweet Syrup Solution2 Blue Bubble Brew2 Dream Draft1 Cup of Cordial12 Hours6/14/40

Herb Tender
Fire Breath Drink1 Dream Draft2 Peppy Potion2 Tickled Pink12 Hours6/14/40

Herb Tender
Charmed Chalice1 Bliss Serum1 Magical Mushroom16 Hours8/16/50

Mushroom Tiller
Itching Powder2 Red Remedy2 Blue Bubble Brew2 Magical Mushroom16 Hours5/10/30

Mushroom Tiller
Light In A Bottle1 Enchanted Elixir1 Magical Mushroom16 Hours5/10/30

Mushroom Tiller
Daughter of Flora1 Blue Bubble Brew2 Dream Draft2 Magical Mushroom16 Hours5/10/30

Mushroom Tiller
Golden Balsam1 Sweet Syrup Solution2 Magical Mushroom1 Pixie Powder16 Hours5/10/30

Pixie Duster
Night Glow1 Charmed Chalice3 Pixie Powder1 Day5/10/30

Pixie Duster
Pixie Potpourri1 Soothing Salve1 Dream Draft2 Pixie Powder1 Day5/10/30

Pixie Duster
Dash Of Fortune1 Fire Breath Drink1 Cup of Cordial3 Pixie Powder1 Day5/10/30

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