FarmVille Adds “Thank” Feature To Neighbor Bar!

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FarmVille Adds “Thank” Feature To Neighbor Bar!

Posted on May 3, 2011 11:24 am by FarmVille Freak Eva16

FarmVille Thank Neighbor

Seems as though a new feature has been added to our neighbor bars this morning.

Now, when a neighbor comes by your farm and helps to fertilize your crops or feed your chickens, you will see a “Thank” sign underneath their picture.

This will indicate to you who stopped by your farm, and who you need to send a Special Delivery Box to!

FarmVille Freak Joelle's Neighbor

Do you see this addition to your neighbor bar? Is this feature helpful for you to decide who your best neighbors are?

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30 Responses to “FarmVille Adds “Thank” Feature To Neighbor Bar!” »

  1. Bwitchen Says:

    What about it? You ask if we see the changes, but you did state what the changes where… blah!

  2. Bwitchen Says:

    “did not”

  3. AZ Says:

    Are we going to actually see our neighbours level at some point or is it still going to show 100 as the max?

  4. Jayne Chandler Says:

    Would love to see levels instead of just a max of 100.

  5. jeanette Says:

    I don’t look at my neighbor bar unless I have to do something for quest.Plus I see whoever works my farm,they are all over my farm with their avatar no less above their heads. Maybe if the take some of that stuff out it wouldn’t go OOS so much and probably load faster.JMO.

  6. James Baker Says:

    Blah blah blah, Fed up blah blah blah sheep, blah blah blah hate zynga blah blah blah blah, something else rude about zynga blah blah blah blah blah max items blah blah blah.

  7. shirley mcshane Says:

    bla bla lets see soom F V cash for the levels we do and adult horses have game develepers forgot we are tired of the same old thing

  8. Donna Says:

    No, don’t see it, and don’t think of it a useful either. Would much rather be able to see the correct level (not just 100) and be able to see my neighbors xp points again….

  9. El Mariachi Says:

    This will indicate to you who stopped by your farm, and who you need to send a Special Delivery Box to!

    Who I need to send ? I don’t think zynga makes my choices who I send what …

  10. Anne Says:

    They keep making changes no one cares about!

  11. Cathy Says:

    Does this mean those annoying little avatars will stay off my farm and I won’t have to dismiss all the work because my neighbours keep harvesting my trees? No, didn’t think so.

  12. Razor Says:

    I don’t really see how that is very useful as the friends who visit have their avatars on my farm until I “accept”….

    What would be useful is a way to rate your neighbors…. some way to tell the ones who rarely play or gift as opposed to the “Three Star” neighbors who always gift and help….

  13. Susie Q Says:

    The new thing I saw: The “top” spot featured a friend who hasn’t played in a few weeks, with “Zzzzz” under their picture. I agree that it is unnecessary to put “thank” under the person if their avatar is going to be showing up on my farm.

  14. Wendy Cundiff Says:

    I for one do not care what level anyone is, I only care what level I am. Glad to see an effort for the victims of the tornados..

  15. nicole Says:

    that’s what it is. i thought i was going to find something on that person’s farm lol

  16. Linda Says:

    What a great idea! Now if I could only send gifts! I’ve been unable to send gifts on and off since April 2 “we are working on problem” is the only response I can get from Zynga. I was able for a while to go to and send gifts but now can’t send them at all, this means I can’t help neighbors either when they request it because my gifts disappear too!

  17. Hannah Says:

    Mostly cranky posters today. I like the changes, especially the way the gift box stays open to the last place you were at, & the easy use of building materials from it, & the easier placing of flowers [instead of clicking 3 or 4 times for each]. I haven’t seen the neighbor bar thing yet.

  18. Frustated Says:

    Fix existing problems first before adding new features that will probably cause more bugs Please.

  19. Dawns Rogalski Says:

    I would much rather see more useful changes: foals that actually grow up to be what they were born as. Different gifts in the mystery eggs. More than just 2 Farmville dollars when you level up. Especially for the higher levels which take longer to level up from. And lastly, have farmville playable an the Verizon Vortex phone, and all other smartphones!

  20. Namo Says:

    Well, I for one will find this useful. Nice!

  21. tracichapman Says:

    I am getting so tired of all the “new” old stuff !! This neighbor feature is supposed to help us – ha !!! whatever !! by this time this feature seems pretty stupid to me as most ppl dont even visit farms anymore — stupid stupid stupid !!!

  22. AK Says:

    hey this thank option is really useless it has made my neighbor disable I mean they don’t show up in buying goods or bushels. All the features of a neighbor has got disabled pl tell me if anyone suffers the same !

  23. Natasha Says:

    I see the levels above one hundred. I have also seen the thank feature..once you thank them, why won’t it go away? There are many people that come on my farm but only one person has thank under it, why does it point out only one to thank? The feature seems useless.

  24. mewa Says:

    hey I’ve got the same proble my best friend became “best helper” and I can’t take any bushels and buy any goods from her!

  25. Pam Says:

    I too cannot get goods or bushels from my “BEST HELPER” It is driving me insane, because he sells goods that give me 2 fuel refills each, so I depend on him for fuel every day. I agree with the person who said fix the bugs before adding any more useless crap!!!

  26. Lynk Says:

    Now that i am “Best Helper” to a good friend of mine, he cannot send me any goods bought with farmcash. I think its a scam. What is going on with this??

  27. Mewa Says:

    It disappeared! Finally I can buy goods. Thanks Gagaville :D


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