FarmVille New Holiday Themed Animals on iPhone: Holiday Cat & Elf Leopard

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FarmVille New Holiday Themed Animals on iPhone: Holiday Cat & Elf Leopard

Posted on December 16, 2010 11:41 pm by FarmVille Freak Eva16

FarmVille Holiday Cat

FarmVille Elf Leopard

Thank you to FarmVille Freak Moo- for giving us a heads up about this update!

Two new animals have been added to the FarmVille iPhone Market recently. The Holiday Cat and Elf Leopard are now available for purchase to everyone that has the FarmVille app on their iPhones.

  • Holiday Cat – 50,000 Coins
  • Elf Leopard – 50,000 Coins

FarmVille Holiday Cat (iPhone Exclusive)

FarmVille Elf Leopard (iPhone Exclusive)

Will the iPhone owners be buying these festive new animals for Christmas?

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57 Responses to “FarmVille New Holiday Themed Animals on iPhone: Holiday Cat & Elf Leopard” »

  1. Mike Says:

    I want one of these!

  2. Sarah Says:

    Going to go buy a few right now!

  3. Frank Says:

    I certainly will be.

  4. Flyers8 Says:

    Buying them as soon as my phone logs on. Nice the Iphone animals are coins not cash

  5. Christy Says:

    It would be nice if the leopard elf didn’t cause an OOS everytime you place it. (Also can you fix the tab index on your page…it’s really annoying to tab from the “Name” or “Mail” field above and have it jump all the way to the bottom of the web page. =)

  6. brittany Says:

    I bought the cats without a problem but every time i try to buy the leopard it goes out of sync and i have been trying for hours!!! :(

  7. jai Says:

    Both looks sick

  8. apeke Says:

    I bought both for 50K coins and only the cat shows up on your farm..I hope they fix this or return my 50k coins. I don;t feel an invisible elf is worth that amount of coinage!

  9. Kathy White Says:

    Why don’t you people make it where everyone can get one and not just people who have i-phones? That’s just wrong. :P

  10. Flyers8 Says:

    there is a white xmas tree to gift also on the iphone.

  11. Steph Says:

    I hate that iphone has the cutest cats! i dont have an iphone =[[[ missed out on the witch cat and now the santa cat =[[

  12. Marianne Martinez Says:

    Can anyone tell me if the app works with ipod touch or is it specifically with the iphone. Saw that when the app came out it stated it was with all Apple gadgets. Really want the cat and leopard. Thanks.

  13. brittany Says:

    @apeke glad to know im not the only one having the problem also can you add me apeke, i have no iphone users as friends and would love to get the white christmas tree my name is brittany durrence-center ! Also my gifting part on the app has not worked for months and i have even deleted and re-downloaded the app but nothing seems to work,

  14. Lynn Says:


    I posted on craigslist the other day- would pay someone $20 cash who had an Iphone or Ipad to come to my house & let me log on to my farm for about half hour to get all these goodies. Haven’t gotten any responses yet.

    Hi. My name is Lynn and I am farmville addicted.

  15. brittany Says:

    Lynn if you have a best buy near you go use one of their ipads on display and download the app and do it just make sure to delete the app after!! Or you can add me and i will do it for you, i do it for friends all the time (brittany durrence-center)

  16. Flyers8 Says:

    Where do you live Lynn?

  17. SuzieO Says:

    I have an iphone and was able to load my farm once, although I did gt a pop up saying that my farm was huge and it would take some time and since then it won’t get past the loading page… arggghhh … so frustrating… does anyone have any advice?

  18. SuzieO Says:

    after the loading bar gets to the end it just turns itself off.

  19. kelly Says:

    LOVE them! I love the regular snow leopards. They go great with my new ice house. I will buy a few of each of these as well. I was ready to pay farmcash for the kitty, but now I won’t have to. YAY!

  20. kelly Says:

    Brittany- Thats a Great idea! I never thought of doing that. I am going to hook my friends up too.

    And I’ve been having trouble loading farmville on my iPod too. I just deleted the app…gonna re-install and see what happens. That has worked in the past.

  21. shopaholic Says:

    I just checked my iphone & dont have these as yet :(

  22. Kim Says:

    =( I want both of them… but the app wont let me get them T_T I can’t buy the new animals on the real game either… It keeps going out of sync whenever I try to buy one of the three animals I want. =S iPod or normal net.

  23. kelly Says:

    Hey Lynn..what’s your last name if you don’t mind me asking. I would love to add you as a farmville neighbor :). I am also obsessed with this game. lol

  24. Jennifer Says:

    I cant get my Leopard to stay. It ALWAYS goes out of sync.. ANY suggestions?

  25. Lynn Says:

    Lynn Bryan- profile pic has a little boy in a red shirt.

    please only add me if you are a daily player, don’t use gamers unite, and gift daily. I don’t breed or coop stuff.

  26. John Says:

    No you cannot just wander in to Best Buy and download even a free app like FarmVille on an ipad as suggested above LOL . Even the free apps require that you have an apple account already set up, which is backed up with your credit card, and you must enter that apple log in information to download even a free app.

    As a way around that, II suppose you could set up an itunes account from home first and then use it to be able to download the FarmVille app at a local store. Personally, I wouldn’t do that on a public computer.

    Your best bet is to find a friend or relative that has an apple device and log on to theirs and buy the new iphone only items. As far as I know, YES the ipod touch DOES work for the FarmVille app. I know it worked, when the app first came out, so I don’t see why it still wouldn’t.

    Also people need to know that those of us who actually do own iphones cannot send non-iphone users even the free iphone only gifts. Iphone only means just that iphone only. Sorry!

    I also don’t understand how or why anyone would give their user name and password to a total stranger so that they could buy iphone only items. You could end up with your FV$ all wiped out and that neighbor could then simply remove you as a neighbor, FB friend and finally block you! It’s a very basic rule of thumb that you never should give out your passwords!

    And on another note, it always bugs me to read these iphone comments like when people say it crashes, blahblahblah, and others say it don’t. Well it would be nice to know what iphone you are trying to use the FarmVille app on! I works fine on the iphone4, but not so good on the 2 earlier versions of iphone. It is a LAME app, though, because FV does updates 2-3 times a week, and the app does NOT do those updates very often at all. It works nothing like the online version and is totally separate from FB, meaning you can’t claim stuff from the feeds, etc. In other words don’t run out and buy an iphone just for the FV app! Definitely not worth it.

  27. Lisa Says:

    Yes, it does work on the iTouch. I just bought the cat and was able to gift and receive the white Christmas tree. I can’t get the Elf Leopard to work tho. Both times I tried, it went out of sync. The cat shows, but not the leopard.

  28. Victoria Says:

    I am having the same problem with the Santa Leopard : ( I also have an ITouch…free to add me De La Rosa GamePage I am a daily player, foal breeder and gift daily also. I am looking for that White Christmas tree also : )

  29. Kayley Says:

    Awwww. I have an iPod Touch, but the app has only ever loaded for me ONCE. It never makes it past the loading screen. I was able to get the original Snow Leopard, and the Rainbow Apple tree, but wish the app would load so I could get these. :( Ah well, I suppose. Wish they would get an app for the Droid, already! :D

  30. brittany Says:

    @john it is completely possible to use the farmville application at a best buy and other places because i have done it! Im not sure about the apple store and other places but best buy (our local best buy at least so im positive they are all set up the same) When my husband and i were looking to purchase the ipad that was a serious factor into us getting it because i wanted to be able to farm on vacations etc and wanted to test the application out. We walked right into our best buy and i downloaded the application without being asked to have a itunes password and tested it out before we purchased ours! Even if thats not the case for a store you visit other than best buy that has them on display try asking a employee that works there because i bet they will be more than happy to download you the app at the risk of not loosing a $500+ sale!!

  31. brittany Says:

    Also before people try this make sure that you have downloaded or visited your facebook from some mobile before you try because if not you will get a popup telling you to log onto your facebook from your computer and unlock it before continuing and that would involve you going back home and coming back :)

  32. brittany Says:

    and also john Before you try to make a long post trying to act like you know everything think again! I have the iphone 4 and it is completely updated all my applications included, and all my multitasking applications are closed out and i still can not access the elf leopard so stop assuming the people complaining are using one of the older models, second im not forcing anyone to give me their facebook information so that i can sign onto their account and get the iphone only exclusives i just simply put it out there if anyone is wanting to go that far, everyone is aware of the risks thats why its rare that strangers do ask me to help them but it does happen. So please take your nonsense elsewhere!! Ugh if there is one thing i cant strand its someone that thinks they know everything :D

  33. Sarah Says:

    I have an i^hone 3gs and every time I try to buy the leopard it goes out of sinc :(

    My gift screen also won;t load :(

  34. tammy Says:

    yea they are really cute but when you go to buy them and place them on your farm the game goes out of sync….they really need to fix this

  35. tammy Says:

    hey there if anyone would like to add me i have and ipod touch and i send gifts all the time please add me….name is tammy camacho i have a fairy on my profile pic

  36. tammy Says:

    hey there victoria i was trying to add you cause i have an ipod touch and im a daily player and breeder….but when i go to find you there are to many people that have your name can you tell what picture you have on your profile thanks…..

  37. jessi Says:

    a farmville agent just told me that these items are not suppose to be released yet. even though most of us have them they will only credit your coins back at this time not the item purchased

  38. JB Says:

    Oh wow! A snow leopard with an elf hat! Thats so original! Actually, sarcasm aside, its pretty cute. I guess I’ll be adding him.

  39. Korina Says:

    Bought the cat and the elf leopard. No elf leopard though. Surprise surprise!!!! Not on my farm when I loaded it. Wish Zynga would straiten things out. :(

  40. Cynthia Says:

    The Holiday Cat works and is on my farm. I’m having the same problem with the Elf Leopard causing OOS errors. That’s too bad too. I actually like him better than the cat. Everyone experiencing this problem should file a ticket with Zynga to get this fixed.

  41. JD Says:

    Want to know what *is* killer about the app? Version 1.03 and earlier gave you free fuel use… I’m up to nearly 2000 fuel now because I am still using 1.03 of the app. Fuel shouldn’t be suck a PIA to get anyway, and I’d probably stop playing it if it wasn’t this way so Zynga’s gotten more FV cash out of me letting me go this way than if I kept running out of fuel and quit.

    Even better, I can upgrade to the HD version for a while, then go back to 1.03 and bump up my fuel.

    I say buy an iPone or iPad to get the goods. Skip the crappy Android phones that are a dime a dozen… why buy a Ford when you can have a BMW. THe iPad app COULD be way better, but its pretty sweet farming that way I have to say – free fuel or not. No click click click.. how boring is that.

    Having said all that, the leopard doesn’t work but how many have opened a case with Zynga or just complained here? I thought so.

  42. Toby Says:

    If they ever could make a stable release for iPad i would be happy

  43. Sherry Says:

    Gee… I wish they’d do that for the EVO phone…like for ANDROID! All the cute ones that you can get for COINS are on the IPhone…When will they do something for androids?

  44. Miss Conservative Says:

    I could purchase the cat, but the santa leopard does not show up in my iphone market. And the White Xmas tree is not in my iphone gift options….

  45. bs Says:

    Same here. The White XMAS Tree is not showing up on my iphone gift option wither.
    What the nizzle Farmville!!!!!!! “iPhone Only” and did doesn’t even show on the app!

    PS I’m tired of the “White Pine Tree” still looking like a darn Silver Maple! Please fix these things!

  46. shopaholic Says:

    I still cannot get past the loading screen….and I have the iphone 4. I really want the cat and leopard before they discontinue. And I’m with you BS…Sick of seeing the white pine tree looking like a silver maple!
    No sign of the white christmas tree either? I really want one!
    Farmville…you frustrate me!!! But I still love to play :)

  47. Mo Says:

    the iphone white christmas tree does not show up on my phone as sendable, however it does show up on my regular computer! what gives?

  48. Jeffrey Says:

    Has anyone got the white pine? Does it look like a different tree than silver maple?

    I also don’t have the white xmas tree in my giftable iPhone area.. sucks because I wanted to trade it with friends… Hopefully they fix it.

  49. B Says:

    i have ipod touch and i could send the white tree, it didnt show up in facebook, but it did in the ipod

  50. Ruth Says:

    Same here… No white Christmas tree to gift yet. And I want one too. It shows on my laptop computer but not on my 3GS. Why???

  51. Claudia Says:

    Having the same issue with the iPhone. I could see the white Xmas tree for a day and now it is missing and not sendable, Has anyone fixed this problem? I can still see it when I log on using my PC :-(

  52. Bobbi Says:

    I logged into my iTouch the other day and sent my mom a White Christmas Tree. She logged in, accepted it, and tried to send me the White Christmas Tree, but it doesn’t seem to exist anywhere in our iTouch’s…I wish they would fix this. :(

  53. Stan Says:

    I see only the tree when I am in farmville, but on my iTouch it is not there. There are noe animals at all. Will this be fixed or is it too late?

  54. Rob G. Says:

    Both mine stay when I sign on to either my iPhone or My iMac or my MacBook.
    I can’t find the silver tree to buy though????

  55. DaisyPaloma Says:

    So, i have two Farmville accounts and send gifts that are exclusive to the iphone between them so that i can have the exclusives in each account. Log in to one, send the gift to the other one, log out of the first one, log in to the second one, and accept gift. Simple, easy.

    However, with the White Xmas Tree…that’s not working. i can send the gift, but it doesn’t show up in the other account. Wacky. Just wondering if anyone else does this and if it’s just a glitch to because i’m using two accounts on the same phone…or if it’s a glitch in the white xmas tree itself. I’m seeing a lot of folks on this board having some issues with that tree…so…i’m hoping that’s all there is.

  56. Mary Says:


    We have multiple iPhones in the household. I don’t log into different accounts on the same device, but I’m having the same problem with the white Christmas tree. I can gift it, but it never shows up on the account I gifted it to.

  57. Daniel usher Says:

    i bought two snow leopards on the i phone 3 and i got them on my farm i was just wondering can you send them to friends on farmvill because on the farmville gift page it says you can only send the white apple tree and the apple barrowl