FarmVille New Tiki Decorations: Tiki Bridge, Active Volcano & Tiki Surfboard

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FarmVille New Tiki Decorations: Tiki Bridge, Active Volcano & Tiki Surfboard

Posted on June 17, 2010 8:31 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

With tonight’s other updates, FarmVille added a few more limited edition island Tiki themed decorations. The Tiki Bridge, Active Volcano and Tiki Surfboard can be purchased in the FarmVille Market during the next 8 days only.

FarmVille Tiki Decorations (Released June 17th 2010):

  • Tiki Bridge – 24 FV$
  • Active Volcano – 36 FV$
  • Tiki Surfboard – 10,000 Coins

FarmVille Tiki Surfboard

FarmVille Active Volcano

FarmVille Tiki Bridge

Which new Tiki decoration is your favorite? If you have a Tiki themed farm, be sure to send pics of yours to and we may feature them on FarmVille Freak.

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19 Responses to “FarmVille New Tiki Decorations: Tiki Bridge, Active Volcano & Tiki Surfboard” »

  1. Picosita Says:

    I’m sick of new themes every week!! I can enjoy one when I get a new one and no place to have put them!! So ovet it. Not buying anything until I get more storage or a bigger farm…

    Also, has anyone ever been missing farncash money?? What do you do when it goes missing?? I’m missing about 20 fv cash!!

  2. tonny Says:

    sure gonna get a volcano :D

  3. Dreams Says:

    volcano looks interesting.

  4. Steve4310 Says:

    Does the volcano erupt? I need pics!!!

  5. Mag Says:

    Yea Picostia I lost about 20 farmcash a month ago too!! It was BS. -_- but the 25 farmcash they gave out for the toolbar got me back up..

  6. Rebecca Says:


  7. Barbara Says:

    I wonder if the “active” volcano is anything like the ant hill…I expected to see something crawling in or out of that thing….and…NOTHING!!!!…Anyone know how active it really is???

  8. Joe Says:

    Rebecca..I agree 100%. WE NEED MORE LAND!!

  9. Matt Says:

    The volcano does erupt.. if u have the fv cash just select it in the market and put it on the farm without click to actually buy it and after about 30-60 sec it will.. nothing to amazing, but def eye catching.. nothing else like it.. the falling blossom tree is awesome too

  10. Mark Says:

    If you “buy” the volcano but do not place it on an open section of land, you can see that there is some animation — lava streaming down in several places, crater simmering but I think no actual “eruption” like the Old Faithful geyser. Then hit escape and exit the window to cancel the purchase.

  11. Zoey Says:

    Do you have to be a certain level to see these limited items in the marketplace? I can’t see any island items or any other special items. My friends can see them but I can’t. Same with the limited crops. Does anybody know if you have to be of a certain level to have access to these new limited items?

  12. Randy Davis Says:

    Im on level 73 i have spent a few Bucks on farm cash,Well thats fine but where do i put it all.I have max storage and no more farm space.You bring out all the buildinga and fancy items but WHERE DO I PUT THEM !!!! Soon it Im forced to just not spend money on farm cash .You come out with alot of new Items which is fantastic. hats of to you guys on that ,but with no room to put the stuff why would we bother buying it? It just does not make any sence does it? PLEASE INCREASE FARM PROPERTY.

  13. Jensen Says:

    Always ereamed of an farmville vulcano

  14. SuzieO Says:

    They are going to keep releasing new items but they don’t expect all people to buy all things…you pick and choose. And when you run out of space you sell things… land management is important in this game because giving more space is not as easy for them to do as some think.

  15. Steven Cook Says:

    If you Loose farmcash call Zynga and they will replace it.

  16. Thorsten Says:

    Can nobody provide an on-farm picture of the Vulcano ?

  17. Pixie dust Says:

    Here`s a picture of the volcano

  18. Taqiqin Says:

    I Love the falling blossom too! Real falling one!

  19. kenneth Says:

    We have cheats there hahaha i already have volcano hahaha