FarmVille Oasis Gardens Charity Expansion Launching Soon!

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FarmVille Oasis Gardens Charity Expansion Launching Soon!

Posted on June 1, 2014 10:58 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

Zynga is launching a new FarmVille charity expansion, FarmVille Oasis Gardens, soon! This is FarmVille’s second charity expansion.

FarmVille Oasis Gardens will be released on Monday, June 2nd 2014.

Zynga is partnering up with Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN) to raise money for this organization and aid in protecting endangered species just by playing FarmVille!

To join the event on Facebook visit this link:

The official FarmVille Blog has the details on this new type of expansion as well as a rundown on WCN, continue reading below for the details.’s mission is to inspire millions of players and game-makers to make the world a better through games. In accordance with this motto partnered with Wildlife Conservation Network to help protecting 50,000 endangered species like elephants, lions, cheetahs, Grevy’s zebra, painted dogs, snow leopards and saiga antelope from poaching and other threats.

The FarmVille team is very excited about this project as we feel we can connect the world through and help making the world a better place at the same time! We had the chance to ask Wildlife Conservation Network a few questions. Please find their answers below:
What is WCN?

WCN is an organization that was created to support wildlife conservationists who save endangered animals all over the world. These conservationists live and work in the field in countries like Kenya and Colombia. They are experts in how to protect animals, especially when it involves working with local community members who are the key to conservation. WCN helps these conservationists by linking them to funding and providing them with training.

What successes has WCN had so far?

In the areas where our conservationists work we can often see real impacts when animal populations grow. One of our lion conservationists works in a place called Niassa in the country of Mozambique. Since 2007 there has been an increase in lions in Niassa from 700 to 1100. Another of our Partners works with painted dogs in Zimbabwe and has seen numbers increase from 400 to 700. Other successes are smaller but just as important. For example, in Kazakhstan a former poacher of the saiga antelope now works with conservationists to protect the saiga instead of killing it. That one person is really making a difference for wildlife.

What are the current projects?

WCN has fourteen Conservation Partners that work with animals such as elephants, snow leopards, lions, painted dogs, cheetahs, Grevy’s zebra and saiga antelope. All of these Partners work to prevent poaching and conflict between animals and humans. For example, when cheetahs kill livestock, the livestock owners often retaliate by killing the cheetahs. Our cheetah conservationists realized that having dogs guard the livestock makes cheetahs way less likely to attack and therefore livestock owners kill far fewer cheetahs.

How is my contribution to WCN going to make the world a better place?

Your contribution will help save beautiful wildlife around the world and will also contribute to allowing people to live in harmony with that wildlife. Once wildlife is gone we can never bring it back, so we must protect it now while also ensuring that people living near wildlife can thrive. Zynga players can join together to protect 50,000 animals like lions, cheetahs, Grevy’s zebra, elephants, painted dogs, snow leopards and saiga antelope from poaching and other threats.

What is the most awesome WCN story?

Part of working with local communities is providing education opportunities to children and often taking them to see for the very first time the wildlife that live in their own backyard. Painted Dog Conservation runs a “bush camp” for local children to do these things. After attending the bush camp, one twelve-year-old girl named Tendai found a kudu, which is a type of antelope, caught in a trap. Before the bush camp she may have done nothing, but now she understood that snares threaten the survival of many animals such as painted dogs. She ran to get help from her uncle, who in turn went to the head of the village. They were able to free the kudu and then searched the nearby forest for additional snares. Fifteen were found. The head of the village recognized the footprints alongside the snares and matched them to the poacher, who was arrested that night.

How can I learn more about WCN?

Visit our website at to learn about all fourteen of our incredible conservation Partners who live and work in the field around the world. You can also follow us on Facebook for lots of updates and incredible animal pictures and follow us on Twitter at @wildnet.
With our charity expansion OASIS GARDENS we are aiming to raise $500,000 USD for Wildlife Conservation Network! Early access starts on Monday, June 2!

Help us making the world a better place!

Join the event for latest updates and exclusive sneak previews!

Happy Farming!”


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