FarmVille October 17, 2011 Mystery Game & Prizes

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FarmVille October 17, 2011 Mystery Game & Prizes

Posted on October 16, 2011 10:45 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille 10.17.2011 Mystery Game

The FarmVille Mystery Game has been restocked with brand new Halloween themed prizes.

You can purchase your changes at playing this week’s Mystery Game for 20 Farm Cash per dart. As always, you should play at your own risk as you are never guaranteed to win any one specific or all prizes featured in the game.

This week’s Halloween animal themed prizes features some cool new animals that you will not find available for direct purchase in the FarmVille Market. Check out all the prize spoilers below and be sure to share this post with your farmin’ friends.

  • FarmVille 10.17.2011 Mystery Game – 20 Farm Cash

FarmVille 10.17.2011 Mystery Game

Confirmed Prizes:

  • FarmVille Candy Corn Sheep
  • FarmVille Bat Cat
  • FarmVille Lobster Corgi
  • FarmVille Space Chipmunk
  • FarmVille Candlestick Deer
  • FarmVille Hunter Duck

FarmVille 10.17.2011 Mystery Game Board

FarmVille Candy Corn Sheep

FarmVille Bat Cat

FarmVille Lobster Corgi

FarmVille Space Chipmunk

FarmVIlle Candle Stick Deer

FarmVille Hunter Duck


FarmVille Skeleton Bridge

Did you play this week’s Mystery Game? If so, which prize(s) did you receive? What’s your favorite prize? 

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15 Responses to “FarmVille October 17, 2011 Mystery Game & Prizes” »

  1. Saphira Says:

    The Candle Stick Deer and Candy Corn Sheep are rare. The Space Chipmunk and Hunter Duck are common and the Cat and Corgi are uncommon

  2. amy Says:

    wow bunch of crap. i will save my money and darts…

  3. Paisley Says:

    20$ no way, it used to be 16$…
    if FV lowers it then I’ll play

  4. Marla Says:

    Server 3

    Upper right hand corner I got the bat cat…I’m done…got what I wanted

  5. Brett Says:

    Was foolish. Took me 19 tries to clear the board and get the sheep (which is all i wanted). Won’t ever play this game again. Regardless of the prizes. Too low of odds.

  6. Lisa Says:

    Server 1

    Upper right hand corner, blue balloon = bat cat
    Upper left hand corner, red balloon = candy corn sheep
    Lower left hand corner, red balloon = space chipmunk
    Lower right hand corner, red balloon = candlestick deer

  7. karen sewall Says:

    i cant post any goals up on my wall so my friends can help me what do i do?

  8. Ash Says:

    I got the Lobster Corgi dead center (blue balloon). Only one I wanted this time, so I can’t help with other locations.

    Unknown server as I play on

  9. Felicity Says:

    I’m on server 3, does anyone know where the space chipmunk and duck hunter are? Thanks!

  10. mandy Says:

    boo most of the game prizes but i wanted that skeleton bridge, aren’t the free prizes usually similar to the game prizes. either way that sucks, i would have to spend at the least 120, probably more to get it, and id be stuck with a bunch of junk on the side, like the collections

  11. Darlene Says:

    Go to support and click live chat and they will help! And if you get a good operator you will be very glad you did! Look for the red dog and it says live chat. Refresh page until you get that red dog the size of a small stamp.

  12. Wil Says:

    I really want the skeleton bridge but not for a (minimum if lucky) of 120 FVC and I don’t want any of the animals. Why does zynga do this?!!

  13. cindy dahnert Says:

    candy corn sheep – top right corner blue balloon
    space chipmunk – top left corner red balloon
    candlestick deer – center blue balloon

  14. Katie Says:

    Server 1 (although it does not matter as I followed other “server 1′s” and got different results..

    R G G R B
    Y B Y Y G
    R R B G R
    G B Y R B
    R G B Y R

    R1 C1 (R) = Deer
    R3 C3 (B) = Sheep
    R4 C3 (Y) = Chipmunk
    R2 C5 (G) = Deer
    R4 C2 (B) = Duck
    R5 C5 (R) = Chipmunk
    R2 C2 (B) = Cat
    R3 C2 (R) = Chipmunk
    R2 C4 (Y) = Duck
    R4 C1 (G) = Duck
    R1 C5 (B) = Duck
    R3 C4 (G) = Corgi (the only one I really wanted..)

    So lame…..


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