FarmVille Official Meetup Day in Houston, Texas

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FarmVille Official Meetup Day in Houston, Texas

Posted on March 8, 2011 2:42 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

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February 27th 2011 was FarmVille’s first ever official Meetup day. Communities throughout the country gathered to meetup for their mutual love of FarmVille.

Some gathered at coffee shops, parks, community centers, but in Houston, Texas it seemed appropriate to meet at a local favorite BBQ restaurant, Hickory Hollow. FarmVille Freak is Houston-based so we had to swing by, pass out some free FarmVille Freak T-shirts and of course wish these hardcore farmers- Happy Farming!

FarmVille Meetup Hickory Hollow Houston, Texas

FarmVille Meetup in Houston, Texas

Did you attend a FarmVille Meetup in your hometown? If so, what did you do? Send an email to and we will feature your meetup on FarmVille Freak!

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30 Responses to “FarmVille Official Meetup Day in Houston, Texas” »

  1. Shaelene Says:

    No, I didn’t attend as I live in Australia! Just a little bit of info…my town consists of about 100 000 people…I can name about 50 people who play FV…You do know FV exists outside the US right?

  2. Vonnie Says:

    Yes Shaelene, I also live in Australia and know at least 60 FV players in my hometown. It does seem unfair sometimes all the promotions for FV that only American’s get, FV need to work with international companies to allow everyone to be able to get the great things from all special promotions.

  3. Charlotte Says:

    Oh I love the chicken fried steak at Hickory Hollow, how did I not know about this???

  4. Eq4bits Says:

    Hey you Aussies…. no one said ya’ll couldn’t have your own FV meet up! Get to organizin’ and have one!


    All countries are responsible for there own activities. If you wish to organize a meetup then go to the meet-up website and get with it. Don’t expect any american company to implement a free meeting in other countries only expect to get a job from them as they continue to outsource american jobs to those countries.

  6. Mariel Frez Says:

    Oh I love the chicken fried steak at Hickory Hollow, how did I not know about this???

  7. bec Says:

    there were aussie fv meets to

  8. Cameron Thomas Says:

    @ post #1 #2 I’m an Aussie and know other farmers from here/work/family and strangers. Stop givin us Aussie’s a bad name and ask yourself “WHY” you don’t know many Aussie farmers.

  9. Charlotte Says:

    HEY all you Aussies,,,should get together and fight for some kangaroos ,,,and other of your natual critters,,,personally i would get a kick out of them,,and im American,,,

  10. jennifer m. Says:

    I’m in Chattanooga,TN are there any meet-ups here in Chattanooga? let me know by finding me on facebook and emailing me….!/profile.php?id=1681540338

  11. efe Says:

    i think everyone has the wrong end of the stick here.

  12. paul_koro Says:

    I love sticks =)

  13. Evan's Mommy Says:

    I’m going to have to agree with Cameron and Farmerstoney. Zynga is an American made company, and just so you know, the only reason they spread out past America in the first place was to get that extra dollar. I personally think that you need to quit being a bunch of whiny brats and realize that it’s only a game, and you could get in on the fun too if you wanted to. I haven’t gone to these functions just because I prefer sit at home and enjoy the game on my free time. I personally think that all of this “networking” could be done on one’s own via Facebook. If you were smart, you’d already know that. So stop complaining. No wonder Obama’s over here trying to fix other countries instead of focusing on the necessities over here. And that’s why we can’t stand foreigners who think they can complain about everything that’s going on over here, and something’s not fair over there. Well, here’s one for ya, America is a free country, and when the US creates something, they can do with it whatever the hell they want. You’re lucky you’re even allowed to use Facebook. After all, when it started it was meant for ONE college campus in AMERICA!

  14. Moo Moo Moo Says:

    Stop complaining and be sure to check Zynga’s official websites.

    The information you need about meet-ups and other official matters can be found in the horse’s mouth.

    Looks like a nice bunch of ladies enjoying their BBQ and FVF swag. I hope they had a good time and made some new friends.

  15. eeyore Says:

    i didn’t know farmville freak is houston-based. but i’ve also never heard of hickory hollow and i live in houston, so i suppose that doesn’t say much. love the idea of the official meetups. good way to meet people with similar addictions! wish i could’ve been there:)

  16. Villemar Says:

    Evan’s Mommy, you are being horribly rude. What do you mean, “we”? Do you have a mouse in your pocket? Then, you bring in Obama/Politics into your angry name-calling tirade. That is Instant Fail right there, since this is a flash web game about farming. You seem to be an angry person and you give us normal, rational, adult Americans a bad name.

    Good for anyone from any of the 95% of the rest of the world’s population who wants to play farmville, I assume the first poster got her question answered, by one of the several non-unhinged posters upthread.

  17. Murray Says:

    @14 You can have your FACEBOOK it’s yours…all yours and Thank You AMERICA for letting us not AMERICANS to use your FACEBOOK. Shame on you # 14 war thus exist because of people like you.

  18. Nick Says:

    that’s it?? i thought this meetup would have 100s of people… lol

  19. JWM Says:

    Hmmmm, I think Evans’s Mommy@14 might have some major issues…….Take a deep breath and relax…

  20. michaelle Says:

    hey it’s just a game people, some big company is making money on all of us, everyone just play and have fun

  21. Evan's Mommy Says:

    LoL at the fact that everyone thinks those were racist statements when in fact they were true. Like it or not. And I’m not an angry person, I just think it’s ridiculous that people complain, when they could, let’s see . . . NOT play the game at all? Stick that in your pipe and smoke it. And who called names? Oh, “whiny brats” was offensive. I guess you’re all dumb as well? You can’t understand that the majority of Americans DO in fact feel that way, they just don’t say anything because they don’t want to offend someone. Including those that attempted to rally against me. LoL.

  22. Villemar Says:

    @Evan’s Mommy, boy you sure taught those Australians a lesson, that’ll teach them dang furriners! (lol).

    You’re saying that a majority of Americans are xenophobic, rude arsehats? Speak for yourself, lady.

  23. Tawnya McCracken Says:

    I’ve just read through all the comments and so far not one really is answering the question at the end of the post. So did anyone meet up anywhere and what did you do? Let’s see some comments about that!

  24. Amanda Says:


  25. michael m Says:

    We had about 50 farmers at our meetup in Phoenix Arizona. We organized future monthly meetups for four different areas around Phoenix. We then ntroduced ourselves and discussed topics such as leveling up, tips & tricks, glitches, and things we’d like Zynga to change or improve. We also started a “Fuel Buddy” program to help others starting out with fuel. Our meetup was fun and informative and ended with a few giveaways.

  26. pat. Says:

    that’s funny, their all old and already have kids/gran kids. OH AND NO ANY ATTRACTIVE PEOPLE.

  27. Cynthia Says:

    For anyone (including people outside of the U.S.), you can go to the Farmville Meetup page and add your city or region to start up your own meet up. No one is prohibited from doing this.

  28. Truth Says:

    no one met up because they were scared their crops wither

  29. tina Says:

    I have not heard of one ever being in my area…… I live in Hernando County, FL if anyone has any information about there being one in my area please let me know I would really love to go! Thanks

  30. Uri Says:

    I apologize to my friends from outside the U.S. for Evan’s Mommy. Not all Americans are hateful, ignorant, and bitter people, most of us are better than that.