FarmVille Overflowing Beehives Yield Fertilize All Option

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FarmVille Overflowing Beehives Yield Fertilize All Option

Posted on July 23, 2010 10:27 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Fertilize All in Giftbox

Many farmers, such as FarmVille Freak William, are experiencing a new FarmVille notice that offers a special perk for Overflowing Beehives.

Farmers with Overflowing Beehives may receive the pop-up below that offers a “Fertilize All” reward. Using the Fertilize All reward will fertilize your entire FarmVille farm’s crops.

The Fertilize All can be used immediately or stored in your Gift Box for later use.

FarmVille Freak William's Overflowing Beehive Information

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101 Responses to “FarmVille Overflowing Beehives Yield Fertilize All Option” »

  1. Dave Says:


  2. Shiloh4310 Says:

    This certainly is a nice feature!

  3. Sephiroth144 Says:

    What would be awesome if you could use one to fertilize a neighbors farm too

  4. ooocarniegirlooo Says:

    ok so I thought perdy much all the benefits of a fertilized crop were giving to the neighbors for doing it (extra xp?) Somebody refresh my memory on how this will benefit us on our own farms pleasssssse lol

  5. Jordan Says:

    You get one exp per plot when you harvest on your farm so it IS beneficial to you.

  6. ooocarniegirlooo Says:

    thanks Jordan

  7. J Says:

    only once?….. :(

    that sucks…. it should be just like the horse stable that you get it sometimes…. :/

  8. Joe6969 Says:

    how many bees does it take to overflow?

  9. lia Says:

    200 bees, that’s the maximum, right ? n yes, would be great to hv the entire crops fertilized,..

  10. Christie Says:

    I got it and used it and it is great!!!

  11. TDBRooster Says:

    Got it and used it right away… :)

  12. louise olson Says:

    already got mine earlier today, it is a very nice addition indeed

  13. Jan Smith Says:

    I got it this evening and told it to put it in my giftbox. I couldn’t see how fertilized my farm was so why use it then? It’s a pretty neat gift. Put all your decorations away, put in more plots, then use it

  14. joe Says:

    didnt work

  15. BB Says:

    I have had my bee hive this way for 3 days now and I haven’t got a pop up one about it, I also haven’t got the organic blueberries in my market yet either…..

  16. ingrid radlmayr Says:

    porfavor cuando me van ha ayudar con el problema que tengo con la exparsion de las vaquitas que no me la deja publicar….para expandirla mis pobres vacas necesitan de un techo….ayudenme y resuelvan este problema gracias….

  17. John Mogler Says:

    Great timing! Tomorrow I will pass 200. Use it on a 2 hour crop, then let my great neighbors fertilize the next.

  18. Bere Says:

    Could somebody explain to me how the beehive rank works? Don´t we all have a 200 bees limit? I don´t understand how the rank changes if we´re all at the same limit. Is there something we´re missing about how the beehive works?

  19. Salman Says:

    Whats the best time to use it? What crop will yield *maximum* XP together with mastery and fertilize-all thingy?

  20. lia Says:

    yeah got that one today as well, cool! ♥

  21. luna Says:


  22. Jaymes Says:

    the benefit of this is,using it to fertilize limited edition crops that dont have a bushel to get the 1xp when harvesting.

  23. Katharine Messsenger Says:

    I can’t even get a queen bee, but it would be great. It would help alot.

  24. SWEETIE1982 Says:

    @ Jaymes

    I think you are confusing mastery with XP…..bushels help you master crops quicker because they give you 1 extra mastery! for every plot not 1 extra XP… get extra Xp from a fertilized crop which is why having your whole farm fertilzed is excelled for ppl wanting to level up….all in all, a very good addition.

  25. Jaymes Says:

    @ SWEETIE1982 you havent noticed, seed a crop that you have mastered.right before you harvest, use a bushel of the same crop.when your harvesting keep an eye on your experience point will notice that you are getting 1xp when harvesting.this is the benefit of bushels, you dont need your neighbors to fertilize your crops to get the 1xp when harvesting.:-p

  26. Inal Says:

    Didn’t receive this one, and until now I didn’t have the crafting building, ohhh I am really waiting for those special items.

  27. jeremy Says:

    What’s the secret to getting a queen bee? I’ve fertilized all sorts of neighbor flowers, and my farm has been 100% flowers for a week now! Did everyone just buy the queen?

  28. Goodlady45 Says:

    Ok Luv the Bees but I only have the MAX 4 beehives and I have 40 plus bees in my gift box, will we ever be able to have more beehives?

  29. Glinda Hunnell Says:

    I’ve had a glitch for the past 5-6 months and 3-4 times a week I return to my farm to find that all plots have been fertilized, yay! Not reporting this one, lol!!

  30. Patti Sweet Says:

    This is a great gift I agree. I have a question if someone can tell me.. I have asked and watched for info… NADA>>> WHAT are the “POLLINATED SEEDS” supposed to do for you ?? I have them in blueberries and have seeded the organic ones AND the pollinated ones.. and have seen NO DIFFERENCE at all !.. PLEASE HELP ME UNDERSTAND THIS “offer” or whatever you call it.. Im at a loss about it… thanks to whomever can take the time to tell me… HUGZZZZ

  31. Mary Says:

    The pollinated seeds are suppose to help you yield more bushels

  32. Christina Says:

    My beehive has been at 200 bees for the past week and still haven’t seen this option or gotten my Winery even though i “signed up” a long time ago to be a wine maker. -__- stupid FV

  33. indian girl Says:

    till now i ve got nthng from my bee hive

  34. indian girl Says:

    dear no.30, as any experienced player will tell u , one full field harvest means at least 10 bushels! pollinated seeds r supposed to increase THAT! :) good luck , clearing ur farmer’s mkt !

  35. indian girl Says:

    @ no. 25 will check it out

  36. Tribbles Says:

    I’ve been at 200 bees since the 1st week they came out and I haven’t seen the pop-up yet. So I’m guessing it is a rare trigger from when you collect honey… Would love to know what the % chance of the pop-up occurring is and if anyone has gotten more than 1. I know I’ve had 5 full dairy’s since Jan and have never had a baby calf or extra fertalizer found… I’ve also never found a cow bell and my barn has over 500 cows and calves… So I’m a bit jade to how their randomizer works…

  37. Farming Hard Says:

    off the topic for POST No. 27 the secret to getting a queen bee is planting your entire farm with flowers maybe a one day flower crop…….when you are harvesting DO NOT share or publish any of the perfect bunches or any of the bushels just ignore it and by half way through harvesting you will get one and one to share ( a queen bee).

    It worked for me………someone told me to do that and I did… my queen bee from the first flower crops that I planted since the beehive came out…….hope this will be helpful to you and others

  38. MooMooMoo Says:

    #36, I had no luck with that method for a Queen Bee, so I bought one. In over a week of visiting many neighbor farms, I have yet to see a Queen since my Hive has been Overflowing.

    Got the reward last night.

    Some of you may need to harvest your hive.

  39. paul Says:

    i never got this pop up. but every time i plant something new after a few hours the whole entire plot is fertilized for me.

  40. Sandy Says:

    Today after I collected my honey, I got a message that I lost 2 bees for not tending to them for 3 days. ???? Very weird as I have tended to them daily. I would have preferred to have had my land fertilized. Then again, I would LOVE to get a crafting building to. I’m not having fun watching everyone else enjoy the feature. I have friends at lower levels and higher levels expanding their businesses and here I am… waiting….

  41. Farmer Says:

    I still dont have Organic Blueberries and Winery and they bring this..

  42. Ama Lita Says:

    Hello, what time zone are the posts on this page?

  43. Kathryn Says:

    I got to 200 bee’s 2 days ago and didn’t get the pop up!!! Should I get ride of some of my bees and hit 200 again?

  44. MK Says:

    I got this last night. It was so cool to have everything fertilized. Lots of XP when I harvested. I hope we get it again. As for pollinated seeds I have not seen a difference in bushels. One time I had my entire farm planted with them and harvesting yielded one bushel. The amount of bushels I find seem random as ever and the 3 times I used pollinated seeds I did not see an increase. I have not been offered pollinated seeds to share either.

    Still no winery but why is everyone in a hurry? Crafts, queens, fertilizer will appear eventually.

  45. Kateisme Says:

    Mine is overflowing, and I haven’t gotten the message. Maybe they’re rolling it out in stages?

  46. Kim Says:

    My hive is also overflowing for over a week and no pop up. I have claimed pollinated seeds off of news feed it said they would go to my market. Well they never make it there and I to am still waiting for my crafting cottage. I have people in levels lower then me that have it why don’t I.

  47. Duy Says:

    I have gotten the overflowing message twice and Fertilise All Item twice. Once yesterday (which I used straight away) and once again this morning (which I have stored in my gift box) . Hopefully the item will continue to pop up regularly because it a great exp boost. Has anyone else got the Fertilise All twice or more?

  48. allen marshall Says:

    i was the 1st in my farmville friends to get 200 bees and was ranked 1st and then a week later i was put down to number 2 i cannot understand this.
    Also i have so many bees in my gift box and you cannot sell them as you get no coins which i think is daft, it would also be nice to be able to gift some out of your gift box.
    Got my bee pop up today

  49. An a Maria Gioso Says:

    Eu estou com as abelhas prontas,mas não recebi o fertilizantes

  50. Mel Says:

    I think the rank has got to do with how many times you tend to your hive. Not sure though. My rank sometimes goes from 2 – 53, 53 – 7, now it’s at 3 lol

  51. Dawn Says:

    if everything is fertilized and it wasn’t your bees then one of your neighbors (or more) has a bot and does it. Mine was fertilized for about a month and took me a while to figure what was going on.

  52. Lola Says:

    I’ve gotten this pop-up twice now! I’m hoping that it will be an every day thing as long as I keep my hive filled. :D

  53. Zoran Tasic Says:

    does nothing. I just calmly and kidding se.Je whether the issue or problem farmville me?

  54. Zoran Tasic Says:

    Help me PLEASE ! :( :( :( :(

  55. Heather Says:

    @ Sandy – you might be losing bees b/c you didn’t have any flowers planted on your farm for 2 days. I am not certain but I think losing the bees has nothing to do with failing to harvest AKA “tend to” your hive and only to do with a lack of flowers. Does anybody else know?

    On the pollination benefits question…the one of my farms which has the winery was able to grab the pollinated seeds from the feed for RICE, for which I needed almost 20 bushels in order to complete some of both the sweet sake and dry sake. I needed to dedicate most of my plots to a tea party co-op and only had a few remaining to plant rice….from which I got more than 20 bushels of rice to be able to make many recipes in the winery. The pollinated seeds definitely paid off for me as I now will not need to plant rice again for a while.

  56. maggiek Says:

    i have 200 bees – no pop-up. Never found a queen bee although my entire farm is planted with flowers for several weeks now. Level 60 and no winery either.

  57. Macy Says:

    #29 – Hahaha, same thing has been happening for the last few months. :P -shhhhhhhhh-

  58. Susan Says:

    For some reason I cannot open my market stalls… I have 3 and all say they are closed, w no inventory. Even though I harvest everday I am not getting any bushels. When I go to my home page and see extra bushels from neighbors when I click to recieve the bushels I get a response saying that my market is closed and cannot accept any bushels at this time… Is anyone having similar problems, and have they been able to correct the situation? Thanks Susan

  59. Steph Says:

    Yeah this is great but I have no queen bee.

  60. kam14 Says:

    I didnt get my crafting building/or the fertilize ur entire farm feature yet either , I have been at 200 bees for a while… I also cant expand my dairy farm yet, as I keep getting the out of sync notice… but I am patiently waiting.. But, did you all notice that the free mystery gifts now have $1fv as a gift I got 5 of them.. I am happy about this!!! Thanks FV

  61. Jaymes Says:

    people still needing a queen bee try doing the town green co-op and also try harvesting morning glory 2 or 3 times in a far as the bee hive rankings go,i think it has to do with who has planted flowers the most recent that gets to be number 1, thats my guess!

  62. shannon Says:

    #29 and 52 It’s not a glitch, someone is running a bot to fertilize your farms. Allows them to collect all that XP!

  63. Alex Says:

    So i can’t play farmville since they made the shadow circles things. It is really making me made. I was planting the blueberry thing that ends tomorrow and I want to master it. The game only loads so much then when I try to click on my gifts or seeder it completely freezes.

  64. Grant Says:

    I think there is no special way for getting a queen. I have been planting various flowers, fertilizing tonns od neighbours flowers, not posting any bushel stuff etc…..nothing. Only good thing about it is that I mastered a lot of flowers.

  65. natsumi Says:

    i hope this feature will be given out on a regular basis just as long as we farmers keep tending our beehives and maintain it at 200 bees…

    i hope we can also give away our EXTRA QUEEN BEE to other farmers who have yet to find theirs. i have found so many QUEENS after fertilizing my neighbors’ flower crops. i just don’t understand why some of us get the queen bee easily while others have a hard time finding one.

  66. saenz Says:

    I have been waiting for the Queen Bee with no luck. is there a certain amount of honey bees we need to collect? this is so frustrating. : ( I would love to have a Queen Bee. I do have my winery which is nice, but am planting and harvesting for that so i don’t have the opportunity to plant flowers. its just crazy is all.

  67. outherealone Says:

    @Heather – You lose bees for not tending. Happened to me yesterday. I lost 2 because I didn’t tend to my hive for 2 days in a row.

  68. meles Says:

    Got the pop up today. Saw no good reason for saving it in my gifts, and used it. Worked a treat!

  69. jane Says:

    how do i get a queen bee

  70. Taly Says:

    Today I got the pop-up for the Fertilize All, for the second day in a row! Yesterday I saved it for later, since a lot of my plots were already fertilized by friends, didn’t want to ‘waste’ it in the few plots not fertilized yet, and also thinking that it was a once time gift, decided to saved it for a ‘special ocassion’, so I kept it in my gift box. But today when I got it again, I used it right away, and it was really nice to get all that extra XP, hopefully they will keep this feature.

    About the queen bee, I was lucky that a few days after the beehives came out, one of my friends found a queen bee, and I got the extra one, so to the person that asked if everybody that has one bought it, that’s wrong, they seem to be hard to find, but they do appear, so be on the lookout.

    I still haven’t gotten my Crafting Cottage either, and as many of you have said, I also signed for it a long time ago, I am one of the highest levels among my neighbors (75), and I’ve seen people in higher and lower levels than me get theirs. So I’m thinking it’s just random, and I’ll just have to wait.

    So good luck to everybody trying to find the queen bee, getting their crafting building and getting the fertilize all!!!

  71. Debbie Says:

    I have 200 bees, but have not seen this very desirable extra!!! :(

  72. Trish Says:

    answer to #24: If you’ve Mastered that Crop, and, Use a bushel of said crop when harvesting, you get an Extra XP for each plot harvested. If you haven’t Mastered the Crop, you get Extra Mastery Point! Cool feature really!

  73. Heather Says:

    On two of my farms I have gotten the fertilize all gift twice now. On the third farm, only once.

    Only 1 crafting cottage so far :(

    Fertilized and planted thousands of bees and have never found a queen bee. Managed to grab a spare off of the feed for 2 of my farms and bought the bee on the third one.

    Also finding a lot of FV$ in the mystery gifts!

  74. Trish Says:

    Did you do Anything special to get the pop-up to Fertilize All? Was it after you had placed your last bee in the beehive? After you harvested? Or…just a random pop-up you received? (I’ve had 200 bees in my beehive for days). Thanks!

  75. Mitch Says:

    Still waiting for my Queen Bee to show up – anybody else having trouble in getting it without having to buy it – I am at 2 weeks and have planted mostly flowers

  76. Libby Says:

    I have 200 bees in my hive, tried to add more, hoping for this message – but nothing happened :-( I had an annoucement that i was overflowing and a popup to pot for friends but nothing like this.

  77. Peter Says:

    I just used the fertilize all and got a pop up message whjilst harvesting saying I’d unlocked some special seeds in the market! The bad news was when I went to the market and there was nothing there special! Anyone else had this?

  78. Phillip Boley Says:

    What I like about it is that even if it doesn’t fert… all your crops it does fert… some of the as well as your neighbors. It helps!

  79. Phillip Boley Says:

    What I like about it is that even if it doesn’t fert… all your crops it does fert… some of the as well as your neighbors. It helps!

  80. Robert D. Barr Says:

    yes I kept trying to add Bees & it just gave me that message last night. I if you keep trying to add it might give you it more times than just the one. Not sure yet will let everyone know.

  81. Rose Says:

    I just got a message saying that because I hadn’t tended my hive in two days, one of my bees had flown away. That is very interesting, since I tend my hive every time it’s ready. Yet another glitch. Thanks, Zynga!

  82. Laurie Says:

    I have got the fertilize all 3 times now in the last 3 days.My husband has only got it once.

  83. Laurie Says:

    To Rose: you have to have at least one plot of flowers growing on your farm as well as tending to your bees otherwise they will start leaving.

  84. ray Says:

    Strange… I got …. 202 bees in my hive??? slightly overflowing???

  85. Nigel Says:

    These bee’s are driving me mad! I’ve had a full bee hive for a while now, tended to it every day and yet have not received any benefit! I keep getting messages that my bee’s have flown away because I haven’t tended to them even though I collect the honey at the same time every day!

    Does anybody know the answer or do we think it is yet another zynga glitch!?

  86. Lara Says:

    I tend my beehive every day and still they flow away from it. Its been two days that this is happening. Does anyone has the same problem or can help me with this?

  87. Mercedes Says:

    This is not true I never got one.

  88. harrison Says:

    I don’t understand the purpose of the beehives. I have the max 200 bees in my hive but still haven’t seen anything from it but the few coins per bee when I harvest. What is the hive supposed to do that’s apparently not working for me?

  89. Sandy D. Says:

    I LUV this feature.

    Thank you FV.

    I haven’t used any of mine yet. However, I hope you keep this option for a bit longer.


  90. sum Says:

    i got 2 of this. is it possible to get a lot of it?

  91. virgoboy Says:

    I just got my First one, after finally completing my Beehive this evening! :)

  92. anand Says:

    Hi , i have used the all fertilized feature in my farm …
    how can get another one …
    i have collect 200 bees and still having more honeybees
    but its says colony is full…

  93. Sandy D. Says:

    Just to let everyone know….be careful of this name.

    Endrit Cool

    He is NOT so cool after all. He is a HACKER.

    Hacked into a friend’s account stole 280 of her FV Cash

    He stole my friend’s FV Cash and sent it from her farm to his farm. Plus he kept changing her password.

    Facebook and FarmVille are aware of him.

    I just want everyone to know…NOT to accept a Friends Request from Endrit Cool.

    Good day every1.

  94. r Says:

    you have to hand harvest your crops, don’t use the vehicles to harvest flowers because the more you click on your crops, the more chances of finding a queen bee.

    if you have 9 flowers to harvest: a vehicle = 1 click = 1 chance to find a queen bee, while hand harvesting = 9 clicks – 9 chances to find a queen bee

  95. yash Says:

    YAAA !!!! I Got one ( fertilise all ) in gift but want to know how my neigor send it !!!

  96. yash Says:

    CAn anyone tell me how to transfer fv cash or coins from one account to another ??

  97. zainab Says:

    hello all ,

    can anyone help me by explaining how can I sens ” fertilize all” for my friends ?

    BTW … I just finish collecting 200 bees

    So, plz , tell me how and where can I find it?

    best wishes =)

  98. Andrew Lv 73 Says:


    It will take you an hour, but if you actually read all these posts you will learn A LOT about farmville. Good luck reading them all….


    From what I have learned, you can share Fertilize All, only when it pops up, while fertlizing someone elses crop. Other than that, you are out of luck. I dont think you can re gift it

    Now theyve added bushels to the mix and you can “use them” When you use them, you earn 2 XP, per plot. So if you can get the bushel, there is not need to Fertlize All.

    …..IF….you dont have a bushel, and you cant get one from a neighbor, then harvest 10 or 20 plots, and a bushel should be added to your inventory. Go into your inventory and Use it!! Then you can earn 2 XP per plot.

    Correct me if im wrong please.

  99. luka Says:

    I have tonnes of fertillizes!!!!! And I dont need one!!!!!!
    I was expecting a trophy or something exclusive

  100. Krishal Says:

    Oh wow, this prize sucks.. i have 50 Fertilize all and i don’t need them :(

  101. RONALD123 Says:


    i already have like 68 it fertilized all im my gift box,or gift thing this is just bullshit1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!