FarmVille Pen Harvester Coming Soon

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FarmVille Pen Harvester Coming Soon

Posted on April 10, 2013 9:17 am by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess


FarmVille Pen Harvester

FarmVille Pen Harvester

FarmVille has plans for the release of a new Pen Harvester vehicle that will work similar to the recent Orchard Harvester.

The Pen Harvester will harvest multiple animal Pens at once. Most likely, the Pen Harvester will cost Farm Cash just as the Orchard Harvester. The price of the Orchard Harvester is 100 Farm Cash.

More news on its release as soon as it becomes available.

Do you find these new FarmVille Harvesters useful for your FarmVille farm or a waste of Farm Cash? 


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3 Responses to “FarmVille Pen Harvester Coming Soon” »

  1. Mike Says:


    Another FC only item I won’t be getting :P

  2. Maja Says:

    I’m really tired of all the new things on farmville,especially of these which are for money! I won’t play anymore your games Zynga! And I’ll never give real money for games! I even play it rarely,so it will come the day when I won’t play it at all. Are you out of your mind to launch so many farms? Who has time for this?

    I won’t buy this stupid harvester until it’s for coins! I want the old farm when the ready builted buildings could be bought for coins.

  3. Dave Goldman Says:

    I will never buy the pen, or orchard harvester for F/V dollars. Let me buy it for coin and I would buy one for all of my farms.