FarmVille Pink Stallion Producing Black Stallion Foals

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FarmVille Pink Stallion Producing Black Stallion Foals

Posted on February 6, 2011 11:59 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Pink Stallion Foal

With tonight’s update we saw the release of a new FarmVille Pink Stallion. The Pink Stallion is exclusively available through this week’s Mystery Game.

When placed in the Horse Stable the Pink Stallion will produce a Stallion Foal. It should produce the same breed of stallion which would be a Pink Stallion Foal. However, at the moment the Pink Stallion is producing only Black Stallion Foals.

We are waiting on confirmation from Zynga to see if this is intentional or a glitch.

Stay tuned…

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67 Responses to “FarmVille Pink Stallion Producing Black Stallion Foals” »

  1. cassie Says:


  2. Mike Says:

    yup i thought i was producing black horse foal turns out it was a stallion foal just black

  3. Bud Love Says:

    Same Here MIKE!

  4. lakelfower Says:

    it did… dang… i already complained to live chat, they said they will look into it

  5. Tammi MacClellan Heupel Says:

    Mine also produced a black stallion foal

  6. Marjut Says:

    Yeah, black stallion foals :(

  7. Iz Says:

    Yep got a black foal out of Icelandic & Pink Stallion

  8. Gary Says:

    Yup.. My Pink Stallion made 2 black foals. Hopefully they fix this soon as it should be pink stallion foals!

  9. hailey Says:

    how much is the mystery game??!! :/

  10. kim Says:

    same here put it in the stable with a valentine pony and it made a black stallion foal ,wtf and zynga i still want my heart trees back to !!!

  11. Trish Eggett Says:

    Yes My pink stallion is producing the black stallion foal , i hope there is a fix in this

  12. Becky Says:

    I keep getting the black stallion foals…zynga totally sucks-seems they can never get anything right

  13. Carol Says:

    Wonder what this will bring? And is anyone really shocked? Shouldnt be, anytime there is something new , it has a glitch.

    Look this week with the green house, how many of you lost all your gifts on your accept page or they all turned from Farmville gifts to some other game that you dont even play? Ive lost hundreds of gifts in 2 days. Its very annoying.

  14. kim Says:

    broke a ton of balloons…no pink stallion and now i find out its a black foal…really!

  15. Leann Degrote Says:

    oh this is not right i thought it would make pink foals and if it only makes black that is it farmville will not get another cent from me i spent over 60 fvc again to pop every balloon to get this and that was bad enough had i known only black would come from this then i would not have even tried for this i have stallions plenty of them

  16. flyers8 Says:

    Woohoo, I was the first to report it.

  17. tray58 Says:

    They should fix it …………..It should produce pink!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah black………..Not fair……..Fix it ! the white produces white stallions who would have purchased it had it not produced pink……………They did they same thing with the Unicorns lead us to believe they would breed!

  18. Jaimie Says:

    16 fv cash per dart.. yeah i got the black stallion foal also :( hope they fix it real soon

  19. Iz Says:

    Really annoying after having to pay for 2 darts 32 Fv cash & delayed in making pinks foal….Ugggg! Guess I am lucky to have gotten it on the 2nd try anyhow. Hate the mystery game!Costs too much & can’t send to a friend. Sure foal problem will get fixed soon.

  20. Mark C Beloin Says:

    How do you produce multiple foals in one day?

  21. Susan Says:

    There doesn’t seem to be rhyme or reason as to which stallions produce which foals. Some days it works pretty well, others…….cream, black, cream….

  22. Stacy Says:

    I got the pink stallion on the first try!!!!

  23. JC Says:

    Hope they fix it soon. I am still happy for the pink stallion. :)

  24. Pareja Cr Says:

    you’re a part of Zynga now, why they make the game so hard to us? 3 of my Cinnamon Heart Trees are missing from my orchards, btw the prices for playing the mystery game are not worth, have two orchards with some pink bubble gum and they don´t give anything, a whole week waiting for a seedlingl Zynga wants to get rich our expense, I won’t play anymore a freaking mystery game or purchase FVC until they give my trees back and fix the glitches

  25. Linda Steffens Says:

    It took alot of tries for me to get the pink stallion..and now I get black stallion foals?…fv please get this fixed or give me back all the fv money I spent on the game..

  26. Rebecca Blubaugh Says:

    Sure, and when this black stallion foal grows up it will be an ordinary black horse just like all the other fancy breed and w/o a gender at that!. Just another rip off.

    Pink horses should throw pink foals that grow up to be pink horses and a Gypsy horse that has a Gypsy foal ought to grow up to be a Gypsy horse, ETC.
    It was neat when the Gray foal grew up to be Black horse, but then no more gray horse. Browns threw brown foals that grew into brown horses. All of the Specialty breeds (horse, regular or Draft as well as Ponies and Miniature) should all grow up to be the same breed they were as foals. This morphing into normal or none specific “grade horse” is a rip off.

  27. Kerri Says:

    I would like a black stallion foal. Would go nice with the white one! lol & don’t bother putting it in the nursery….. only get blue pony, black horse, & cream draft horse there!

  28. Pareja Cr Says:

    what happens with my comment?

  29. reincloud Says:

    NOT shocked. Just like the Unicorn, which STILL doesn’t breed :( At first zynga said it was going to produce foals, then when it didn’t they said it was actually going to function like a stallion and they were working on it… then nothing. And nothing since! I got the white unicorn about a month after that when it reappeared in the “best of animals” mystery game, and it STILL doesn’t breed much less function like a stallion :(
    I’ll bet that all you’re gonna get is black foals, too. Well, black foals and a bunch of crap excuses from zynga :P

  30. jenn Says:

    I just think it sucks they put the Pink stallion in the mystery game instead of just selling it cause alot of us dont have the money to keep dumping into this game to win the Stallion its not fair just saying and maybe if Fv would give me my 15 Farm cash back I may play and try to win it.But they also stole from me my Autumn horse and my cinnamon trees and I dang sure aint giving them another penny.

  31. Glow Says:

    Really upset that this pink stallion just makes back stallion foals. Lame! I also agree with Reincloud, I want to be able to breed my unicorns already! I know it’s not technically a horse, but they did say they would make it function as one in the game. I don’t understand why all the horses we buy for FVC don’t make their own foals. We don’t want black or brown foals. We spend real money to get horses to breed and make pretty foals for our friends. I just don’t understand why we can’t have coordinating foals with each horse/unicorn we buy. Is it really that hard?

  32. TASHA Says:


  33. Susan Says:

    I can’t even play the stupid Misery Game.

    I got a free dart, but when I try to use it, from my gift box, and get tot he game where it says “free play,” I get the error message that I don’t have enough FV money, and do I want to buy more?

    Heck no I am not going to buy any FV cash, probably ever again. And even if the impossible happened, and Zynga got rid of the feed limit, I still wouldn’t waste another cent on the Misery Game, ever again.

    To add more insult, I can’t get rid of the no-cash-available error message in the game, on account of my cursor is a dart, so I have to reload Farmville, and that wastes the usual several more minutes of my life.

    This game used to be so incredibly much fun to play, right up until the exact moment that Zynga crippled it with the feed limit. Now it just gets worse every passing day. I am down to playing maybe an hour a day, and that’s mainly with trees, and naturally they found a way to screw that up too by deleting all the paid-for cinnamon trees.

  34. Tammy Says:

    I stopped using my pink stallion after the 1st black stallion foal. Wish I would have known before I bought it. More wasted farm cash. Just like I wasted 761 (yes, really) farm cash to get the unicorn the 1st time it came out..only to find out after the fact you couldn’t breed it. Then Zynga said they would fix it, so when the candy cane unicorn came out, I got that too. And the pink one..and I’m still waiting. I thought nothing of buying the pink stallion because EVERY horse produces itself in foal form in the stable..except this one. C’mon Zynga..those of us who “breed” are the ones who spend the most farm cash. All we ask is that you tell us upfront if a horse is not breedable and fix issues when you make mistakes..both of which cause us cash. You are going to lose the group the spends the most.

  35. Cindy Says:

    How long is the pink stallion mystery game going to be available in the market?

  36. Gina Says:

    anything i put into my nursery barn turns out to be just a plain horse or cow ill be deleting that barn soon…not buying good horses to produce good foals then they grow up to be a black horse

  37. marc Says:

    Mine also produced a black stallion foal

  38. Diane Says:

    In response to remarks21/ 25/ 29 & 34. think of it logically, You pay FV cash for a rare horse, gift its foal to your friends, they put it in their stable, it grows up to be a rare horse. Who’de be the mug then? You for paying to give it to your friend for free and so on . For once Zynga has done the right thing. If people are stupid enough to put rare foals in a stable to become a common one, then thats their fault, not Zyngas, after all the blue & black pony, brown ,grey and black horses , cream mini and cream draft were all free, giftable or coins so naturally they are not gonna change into a more valuable horse and visa versa . People would soon be up in arms with Zynga for allowing FV cash gifts to be given out willy nilly for free.

    Also in response to Mark (Question 20) producing multiple foals is quite simple but time consuming if you are after certain one. (takes me about 2 hours continuosly breeding from around 40 to 50 horses) giving approx 20 -25 foals. Not sure if I am allowed to say how it works on here so won’t but its not through cheating .

  39. blackcat34 Says:

    I also got a black foal.. i guess black is the new pink? I really hope that its a glitch..

  40. michelle Says:

    so i spent 136 fc throwing, and i had 4 free darts in my box already, so basically alot of throws and did not get a stallion, very dissapointing!! just to read im only going to get black stallion foals, boy i dont know about zinga anymore, i just want my money back spent way to much on nothing!!! and have you ever noticed how in the mystery game you can get repeats of everything except for the top rare, only 1 of those allowed, total bs, wtf game gave me like 5 of the same crap, no stallion!!!

  41. Mara Says:

    Tonight I got the Pink Stallion in the Mystery Game – in 6 tries – and so happy to have him:)

    Tried him in the Stable and he produced a baby Clydesdale…brown with the white stockings.

    Maybe the fixed the glitch with the black foals?

    I’m a happy player…:):):)

  42. Roland Says:

    what’s the point? you can’t get them into adult versions when you let them grow in the nursery.

  43. chelle Says:

    Ok for you people that have lost trees and such if you contact Zynga they will deal with it as I have contacted them for problems in the past and they have been nothing but helpful. In regards to the Pink Stallion producing black stallion foals I am sure Zynga will fix this issue in time. With any new release in things there is gonna be an issue you just have to wait and stop being so impatient it will be fixed. It is all coded and as with any game there can be problems Zynga don’t get a chance to beta test because they release things so fast so give them a break jeeez. I agree the mystery game blows the mystery boxes were better but it is all still random chance at what you get no matter how it is done. As with everyone else I am still waiting for the unicorns to produce foals they will be so cute! but as they said it will take time. Good things come to those who wait :)

  44. fuzzy30 Says:

    It’s not a glitch, I complaint about it too to zynga and received an offical reply that any foal would be a black horse – they just grow black horses to most of the foals – i was furious and now i won’t place the special foals like candy foal etc. in the nursery anymore.

  45. chelle Says:

    They aren’t talking about the nursery. To breed a foal you have to put it in your stable with another horse and it produces a foal. The nursery grows up horses and calves into other horses.

  46. ginny saxour leasure Says:

    I think as much as we pay for our horses that they all should come out the horse that you put in as a foal!!I also don’t like the fact that if you have a apple phone you can get some of your animals for very minimal coins but if you don’t it is a good bit of dollars to get them or you can’t get certain ones at all!! 1 Question when is the expanion going to be ready to pay for with coin??been waiting a long time!I’m about to quit cause i have so much stuff and no room for anything,but yet they keep giving us more stuff to build!

  47. Beverly Kyer Says:

    All the horses you pay FC for produce the black horse, DOH! they want you to spend more money, not get them forf free!!!

  48. Patrick McCleery Says:

    I’m hoping they will be able to fix every one of the ponies of any breed that grow up into ONLY black horses. I have lost most of my rare one and won’t be able to get them back unless lucky enough to have a friend that breeds them. What you put in is what it should grow up to be. Same with the horses birthing the same type.

  49. Lisa Says:

    All foals with the exception of the Cream Draft and black .. produce black horses .. This has gone on for a long time .. It didn’t just start with the pink stallion foal .. That’s why I sold my nursery barn because I was tied of losing my rare foals

  50. Vilinaty Says:

    Can’t they test somathing before releasing it? Oh, I forgot, WE ARE THE %^&#@-ING BETA TESTERS!!!

  51. Akatora Says:

    I really don’t understand why people complain about foals growing into black horses. It would be unfair if they would turn out to be what they should be. For example: a player buys all the horses and spents lots of money to get every single one of them. Then his friend would get all the foals and he would put a breton foal into a nursery and he would get and adult breton, for free. It would not be fair for the one who bought the horses in the first place! Do you really think that people would keep buying horses if their foals would grow up to be adult versions of them? I know I wouldnt. Why on earth I would spent MY money when other would get the horses for free? Not fair. So people please, those who keep complaining about foals, stop it. If you want to have nice horses, buy them. Buy them just like the rest of us. Don’t expect to get everything for free.

  52. dawn Says:


    That was funny, don’t know why people gave you thumbs down.

    Some people need to read the posts, I didn’t know so many people who play don’t actually know how the game works. To repeat, they are NOT talking about the nursery, horse breeding is the stables and you are suppose to get a horse foal resembling one of the horses you put in. I’m waiting to see if Zynga fixes before I play the game.

  53. Darleen Says:

    Well, I’m not going to buy it unless it produces pink foals==let me know when it does

  54. chelle Says:

    ROFL I can’t believe how dumb some people are THE FOAL THAT COMES FROM THE PINK STALLION WILL BE A PINK STALLION FOAL WHEN THE ISSUE IS FIXED. IF YOU PUT THE PINK STALLION FOAL INTO THE NURSERY BARN IT TURNS INTO A BLACK HORSE. This isn’t rocket science peoples breeding a horse produces a foal of the same colour/breed, in the nursery barn it turns into a generic horse as people who paid farm cash for the animal would be pissed if neighbours got the horse for free.

  55. Kim Says:

    This is ridiculous, I won the Pink Stallion in the mystery dart game and all I’m getting is black stallion foals from it. It should be producing pink stallion foals. Getting pretty upset about this!!!!!

  56. blackcat34 Says:

    Thanks Dawn :)

    you are right its not a nursery issue, that is something totally different.. the nurseries will never give you the adult version of the foal.. but some players don’t understand that.. I have to admit when they first introduced the nursery I was upset.. but realize much more now that I breed horses and buy them with farmville cash why Zynga does that… would it be fair to the ones who pay real money for the horses if all you needed to do was grab a foal and grow it to the adult? I was a foal collector before i started breeding.. I never put them into the nursery cuz i want to keep them what they are.. only time i use the nursery is to make new generic horses for my breeding program.

  57. Tina Says:

    Just like alot of others mine also makes black foals!But my main b**ch is about the unicorns!I can wait for a glitch to be fixed!But come on zynga, unicorn foals have been to long of a wait!I won the first one on a free dart,then i bought a little extra cash to win the candycane then it was said that they would be breedable in the very near i ended up busting every balloon but 2 for the pink one still in hopes that zynga would keep thier word on this before we as players spend a fortune on the rest of your crap!

  58. Sian Says:

    Can the Stallion be used for normal breeding though? As in the same as a wandering stallion? Or will it only do the black, and hopefully eventually pink stallion foal? (Checking before I start popping balloons hehe)

  59. upset_player Says:

    1) Be thankful that you had a neighbor/neighbors who actually spent REAL CASH to buy that horse, then took the time to breed it and then to top it off, shared it with you.

    2) I suggest you dig into your pockets for some real cash and BUY them like everyone else who has them do.

    The main reason ZYNGA has FVC items is so that those who buys them has “Unique” items on their farms…what would be the point if everyone can get them for nothing. I suggest you go back to ADMIRING THEM ON YOUR NEIGHBORS FARM AND STOP COVETING THEM….

    BTW: Being a breeder who has spent hundreds of dollars to get all the horses, including the minatures and Unicorns, (so that I could breed and share them with my neighbors who are some of the best one can ask for) I would quit this game in a heartbeat if Zynga ever did this, cause it would be the same as them putting all the FVC items for sale with coins a month after they brought them out. Also I don’t think anyone would ever buy another FVC horse again…then where would the foals come from.

  60. Mari C Says:

    Same problem here…. Black Stallion. Genetics buffs are scratching their heads..

  61. Ryan Says:

    When i talked to zynga last night on chat they ensured me that it was supposed to be a pink stallion foal, and that it would start producing them. I ofcourse told them i didnt think that they knew what they were talking about and i wanted proof that i didnt waste my farm cash. they gave me a pink stallion foal.

  62. Fran Says:

    I am also getting black foal instead of pink from my PInk STallion

  63. Pete Says:

    I am sure the Pink Stallion producing black stallion foals is just a glitch and will be fixed when it gets fixed. As for the nursery comments, I understand why the big Z does it the way the do. I spend a lot of FV cash on my horses and I am sure Mr. Z wants everyone to pay for the horses as well. I just use the nursery to grow all the mini foals I get. They all produce a cream mini, but the cream mini makes for great seeder horses. They take up much less room than the big ones do. I have over 100 seeders that are just ponies and mini horses, and it saves room on my farm. Just have to see how things work and find a way to use it to your advantage.

  64. ashley Says:

    ok so today i was breeding my horses and my pink stallion gave me a black stallion foal. then 20 mins later my computer said farmville has been enhanced so i refreshed my farm and continued to breed. well after the 3rd seeder i put in stable after reloading the farm out popped a PINK STALLION FOAL!!! SO THEY HAVE FIXED THIS ISSSUE AND I CAN NOT BE ANY HAPPIER!!! SO HANG TIGHT PEEPS YOU WILL GET PINK STALLION FOALS!! AND TO ZYNGA THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR FIXING THIS ISSUE I SPENT A LOT OF MONEY TO GET THIS PINK STALLION AND AM HAPPY TO HAVE THE CORRECT FOAL NOW, SINCERLY A VERY HAPPY FARMER AND BREEDER! :)

  65. ashley Says:


  66. Mara Says:

    I have a suggestion…

    It would be nice if the foals from the Pink Stallion came out as one of the special breeds in the stable. For instance, a pink Clydesdale foal, or a pink Gypsy foal…rather than the genetic=looking Pink Stallion foal.

    It would give more incentive to collect special breeds. I have several special breeds I paid FV cash for sitting in my stable, and what’s the point if they can only produce the one type foal.

    And, as foals don’t grow into the horses of their breed, why can’t they give us the extra bonus of different pink “breed” foals.

    Last night I guess their was a glitch because the first foal we got was a baby Clydesdale. It was much prettier than the Pink Stallion foal.

    Any comments?

  67. CHUMMY Says:

    I’m new with breeding foals, i got a pink stallion. i dont think it works.