FarmVille Planet Organic Arrives!

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FarmVille Planet Organic Arrives!

Posted on April 16, 2013 9:51 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess


FarmVille Planet Organic

FarmVille Planet Organic

FarmVille Planet Organic arrived today in FarmVille! Note, this new feature is on a slow roll out to all farmers so hang tight if you don’t have the update just yet.

Earth Day is around the corner, and just in time you will be able to Certify some of your FarmVille crops as Organic!

The new FarmVille Organic crops will yield double XP, double Farm Coins, and more bushels forever!


FarmVille Organic Fertilizer Bag

FarmVille Organic Fertilizer Bag

What is an Organic Crop?

The new FarmVille Organic Crops are special because when they are harvested you’ll get special benefits. These special rewards include the following.

Organic Crop Rewards

  • Double XP for that Crop
  • Double Farm Coins for that Crop
  • More Bushels for that Crop

Also, Organic Crops can be used in some upcoming FarmVille Leaderboard Challenges and in special Organic Recipes in your Crafting Buildings.

Organic Crop Uses:

  • Mastery
  • Leaderboard Challenges
  • Crafting Recipes

How Do I Get My Crops Organic Certified?

First of all, before you are able to certify your crops as Organic, you will need to have mastered them to three stars. Once you have mastered a specific crop to three starts, you can certify them as Organic by simply planting and harvesting as usual. Each time you grow that crop you will automatically earn points toward Organic Certification.

Organic Certified Crops

As already mentioned, currently only a select group of crops are available for Organic Certification. The following FarmVille crops liste below can be certified as Organic.

FarmVille Organic Certified Crops:

  • FarmVille Blueberry
  • FarmVille Broccoli
  • FarmVille Carrot
  • FarmVille Cotton
  • FarmVille Eggplant
  • FarmVille Grape
  • FarmVille Onion
  • FarmVille Pea
  • FarmVille Pepper
  • FarmVille Pumpkin
  • FarmVille Raspberry
  • FarmVille Soybean
  • FarmVille Spinach
  • FarmVille Strawberry
  • FarmVille Tomato
  • FarmVille Wheat

More good news! FarmVille has brought back some previous Limited Edition crops that can now also be certified as Organic. Those Limited Edition crops are listed below:

Re-released Limited Edition Crops Now Organic Certified

  • FarmVille Ballet Queen Flower
  • FarmVille Pink Bow
  • FarmVille Rainbow
  • FarmVille Red Corn

To access all the Organically Certifiable crops, you can also click the “Buy Organic” button under the Specials tab in the FarmVille Market.


FarmVille Organic Certification

FarmVille Organic Certification

FarmVille Planet Organic Notice

FarmVille Planet Organic Notice

FarmVille Organic Crop Prize Notice

FarmVille Organic Crop Prize Notice

What do you think about Organic FarmVille crops, FarmVille Freaks? Are you ready to grow Organic crops on your farm?



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5 Responses to “FarmVille Planet Organic Arrives!” »

  1. Luicee Says:

    Anything for more bushels!! The drop rate on bushels has been abyssmal since they rolled out the pay per bushel on crafting.
    I was bummed that my suggestion didn’t win for Earth Day- but i figured it wouldn’t cause it would have cut down on fuel use :)
    I suggested a new HYBRID Combine that was “Half electric” so it used half the Fuel…lol Dang, organic crops!

  2. Rob G. Says:

    So now you have to replant all your crops to do this???
    How about new crops instead!!!

  3. Sue Says:

    For the weekly leaderboard thing we have to grow what they call a Le crop. WTH is that??? SPEAK ENGLISH not some BS letters that don’t mean anything to anyone that speak English. Are they talking the organic crops? Because if that is what it is suppose to be I just got royally screwed. Big surprise there because it seems to be part of their golden rule. If the players aren’t buying FV cash, who cares what they need or want just dick them around and drain them for all the $$$$$ you can. Right Zynga!

  4. Carol Says:

    How do I plant a non-organic crop now that it has gone “organic?” I want to plant regular wheat to craft some recipes but now that I’ve achieved organic wheat status, I can only harvest organic wheat (not regular wheat) and the organic wheat won’t let me craft the recipes I want to.

  5. Stabby_Elf Says:

    The Organic mastery signs don’t match the image in the gift box.. which is disappointing because the little leaf logo is only thing that distinguishes it from the original mastery sign. Seems nearly impossible for Zynga to get even the simplest of things right.