FarmVille Fewer Popups Notice

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FarmVille Fewer Popups Notice

Posted on May 6, 2011 2:17 am by FarmVille Freak Eva16

FarmVille Fewer Popups

Thank you to FarmVille Freak Nikki for sharing the following with us!

Hey Farmville Freak FarmGoddess,

I just got a new pop-up asking if I wanted fewer pop-ups in the future, thought it was interesting!

- Farmville Freak Nikki

FarmVille Freak Nikki's Fewer Popups Notice

What do you think this notice means? Will there be a feature coming soon to stop some pop-ups from showing up over and over? And do you think we will be able to pick and choose which rewards we can share?

Are you looking forward to this feature?

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87 Responses to “FarmVille Fewer Popups Notice” »

  1. jezzy Says:

    Could they be any more vague? I want to know what exactly ‘fewer’ means, and if it will only do certain types. Generally, yeah, I could do with less popups, but I’d like to know exactly what I am denying as well…

  2. KBzee Says:

    I hope we get to choose what popups we don’t want to get — I’d still like to share things

  3. Jackie Swann Says:

    This isn’t very clear is it …

  4. rishabh Says:

    thats good……i have a slow internet connection and whenever i publish anything the game generally hangs……good for me…..thank you zynga

  5. Molly Says:

    You’d probably be denying the popups that you were trying to exit.
    I always “X” out the ones that tell me to ask for watering cans. I NEVER need more watering cans, so I’d assume if I got this popup after, then they wouldn’t ask me as often to post asking for watering cans.

    …But knowing Zynga, it could be completely different. >.<

  6. robert Says:

    same poop different bucket

  7. Lucy Says:

    The announcement of what I’m selling can be eliminated but the gas, pollinated seeds, & bushels shouldn’t.

  8. HRH Madge Says:

    I just read on the forum of someone who clicked ‘show fewer’ and they are reporting getting absolutely no pop-ups whatsoever :/ I’ll leave well alone until they clarify and resolve it cos whilst pop-ups are annoying, I do like to share certain things.

  9. claire Says:

    I would be happy if i clicked farmville and i actually went to the game instead of inviting neighbours who don’t play, sending free gifts, sending SDB and then accepting and returning gifts, 10 minutes have gone before you even get to the game, so annoying

  10. Steve Vegas Says:

    How about “MORE” or “LESS” stupid colored animals?

  11. clare Says:

    ooooh yes @KBzee we should be able to choose what catagories we want to pop up as noone really takes my many watering cans i post and it as takes me ages to post them all but dont mind anything else popping up to share :)

  12. Susan Says:

    According to some farmers, if you accept this “feature” you will no longer be able to share anything:

    No mystery eggs

    No trees

    No bushels

    No calves

    No foals

    No nuthin’

  13. Kimberly Says:

    There really aren’t many pop-ups that actually bother me. I hate the sliding pop-ups, they seem to take their time. And anything redundant is bothersome. However, I’m a firm believer in sharing and would never want to miss the opportunity to share something, right down to the last drop of fuel. Farmville is all about sharing with your friends and I’ve got to keep that as an important element of game play. But like many of you have already mentioned, I’d like the option of deciding precisely which pop-ups I want eliminated. This could be a good thing or it could very likely be another headache. Zynga, God bless them, often misses the mark with things like this. We’ll see.

    Happy Farming :)

  14. c Says:

    popup about less popup? :D

  15. webb Says:

    don’t mind the pop ups but not half way into my harvest they could do them when i finish !

  16. Dids Says:

    whaterever you do, do not click fewer pop-ups. You cannot alter it back and you cannot post the things you want to.

  17. farmer boy Says:

    everybody dont click fewer cause they are not announcing the certain types of pop ups to be blocked i say we should not click it until further notice and it has information on wat pop ups exactly they are going to put fewer

  18. Patricia Says:

    The only popup that irritates me is/are the ones in the middle of my harvest!! I still want to share things and I want to know if my flower thingy is full.

  19. Farmer B Says:

    This is way too vague. It leaves Zynga an opening to blame US if it doesn’t go well. I won’t touch it.

  20. Kathy Says:

    How about just making them automatically post to the wall without us having to do anything? That’s a better idea, don’t “pop up at all, just auto post.” I would love that option!

  21. Neil Says:

    While harvesting, 3, 4, 5 or more pop-ups gang-up and display one after the other.

    Very annoying. I am harvesting, I don’t want to send a blue feather to the wall.

    Saving all popups while harvesting until finished would be a better design feature.
    (You must know when harvesting, just check the tool being used.(Hint))

  22. amber Says:

    Hopefully its not like what they are doing with Frontierville and asking you to download stuff to your computer they claimed it would make the game faster and that didn’t happen so I doubt what ever Farmville has in store isn’t going to work either

  23. Myst Says:

    The ones that I wish could be avoided are the ones asking after every stinkin’ tree, sheep, whatever to “ask friends to send ________.” I mean, your friends can only send one in a certain amount of time so I have no CLUE why people post every single one of these as it just clutters up the feed.

    Yeah, “fewer popups”—REALLY? If that means NO popups, how silly is that except for the person who tries to play completely solo?

    Sounds like they need an options link that you can select what you want to pop up.

  24. Dee Says:

    How about they fix the bug where after you are in your farm, your gifts then load in a white box with no X, so then you have to exit the game and go back in to clear it.

    Or how about not asking me EVERY SINGLE TIME I load the game if my friends who dont play Farmville want to play. THATS what I want to see. I’m sick of that

  25. hmmm Says:

    I hate popups. I don’t share as much as Freak would consider necessary to be a good neighbor. Mostly I just post rare trees and potion requests, although I mooch everyone elses’ bonuses off the checker.

    My concern would be Farmville would start automatically posting every single bonus directly, without asking.

  26. Kyle Says:

    How ironic; a pop-up about fewer popups :P

  27. Janelle Says:

    I just noticed that when I was clicking to get stuff from other people’s pages that it said “You can claim up to 4 more rewards from your friends today” Was that always there, but was an extremely high number? Or is this a new thing? I was getting quite a bit of free stuff… but now am I going to have to try to decide what I want to get and what I don’t want to get? If so – that’s SO not cool!! It was helping me SO much with growing trees, sheeps, and pigs to be able to get things like that from other people’s pages… but if I’m going to have to choose what I can get through that method I’m going to want to hold out for the good stuff! Anybody have any insight?

  28. jamieL Says:

    Hey wait..does that mean we dont have to share items? I mean not have to, but meaning fewer will share? I think pops ups are fine, but having to click 3 times for one feed post is kinda stupid- like. How about one share button and thats it…???

  29. Krysti Says:

    How about they fix the pop up when you’re done with a co-op? The only options are to retry or choose another job. What if I don’t want to do another co-op? You still have to sit there and wait for all the jobs to load before you can click the X.

  30. Peter Boykin Says:

    I like the idea of less popups, when I am trying to collect from my orchards I get pop up after another pop up which slow the process, same thing when I try to plant trees.

    Plant a tree (one popup)

    Water a tree halfway (another popup)

    Get done with a tree (another popup)

    gets in the way if you just want to water your trees.. you should be able to turn them off temporary

    Better yet why won’t they make it where we can automatically post some of our popups. Not all because I might want to save some of my items to send to certain people. But these small popups that are repeating could be streamlined with automatic posting.

  31. Lo Says:

    I wish they would eliminate the SDB box popup when you first log on. I miss the days when people actually sent gifts you could use instead of just responding to this popup and sending out those stupid boxes.

  32. TXPamIAm Says:

    Now THAT is funny! About as good as the error “unable to post error message” :-)

  33. Kim Says:

    I am not worried about the popups. I want to know why FV cheated us out of the fuel for out collections. Totally unfair! This is a deal breaker for me. I am ready to delete my farms!

  34. Georgia A Hines Says:

    If you do not share, why should you recieve? Tired of sharing water cans? Then do not share the seedlings. It takes 8 cans to a seedling. Helping one another is farming. I would like the pop ups to caome after I have harvested and then I could say share, share, share, and then publish, publish, publish, like placed on a popup page like a list of 5 or 10, instead of one and then another. Love sharing and helping but do not like wasting the time to wait on each one.

  35. debra Says:

    at least wait till we are done doing what we the middle of harvesting/planting..i delte them..

  36. FVAddict Says:

    Does it mean like, “Show less bonuses”? If it is I wounder if it will just auto-post them!

  37. Peter Says:

    all i can say is THANK GOD! i am sick and tired of having to exit out of every window that pops up. “no, i do not want to share the pollinated seeds.” those are the last of the most common popups that i still get…and they are such an annoyance. i can’t wait til i receive this notification myself!

  38. whk Says:

    Why cant they just make things auto post and if you do not want it showing, adjust your FB settings. I am all for no more pop ups since they are very frustrating when trying to do your farm before work other times when your trying to get in and out of the farm fast. I usually have three pop ups just to get onto farm…so plz where is this poll. I want it and no pop ups. Just post them unless people choose not to have their things posted.

  39. Hannnah Says:

    I clicked on “show fewer” because I don’t want to show “plant tree”pop-ups.
    but now, I can’t share trees with anyone. :(
    How can I cancel this?

  40. yves Says:

    I wish I could see my pop-ups!! I thought they meant the annoying ones Bravo Zynga once again on another sh*tty job!

  41. Kirkindenver Says:

    somehow I get the feeling using this feature will CAUSE more problems than it will solve….. better the devil you know……

  42. Kirkindenver Says:

    the pollinated seeds pop up give you 100 extra xp per popup… keeping the popups just the way they are… ya’ll won’t be able to share anything… clave, seeds, trees, pigs, bushels… nothing
    so think before you click

  43. George Says:

    I still can’t sharing watering cans , trees and XP . What should I do ??? plz help .

  44. Franck Says:

    I clicked on “show fewer” because I don’t want to show “plant tree”pop-ups.
    but now, I can’t share trees with anyone. :(
    How can I cancel this?

  45. Karri Says:

    I didn’t even click on shower fewer, I clicked canel (I too was watering seedlings and don’t click on the middle request) but now I can’t share ANYTHING having to do with trees, which I like to share my mystery seedlings and water cans. That’s how I get mine and only fair that I share too. Now I am reading I can’t undo what I didn’t click to DO in the first place.

  46. Mohamed Says:

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help . I can’t sharing anything after I got this pop-up window :(

  47. bruiseviolet Says:

    I have a gazillion orchards- and i get sick of 3 popups for every seedling. Every 2 days when i harvest- i get around 25 seedlings- that equals 75 pop ups. I usually post a few- but not all of the ‘send cans’ or ‘get the seedling’ because nobody ever does those anyway- so when it kept popping up “turns these off” i finally hit OK- except now NORHING pops=up- when i get the great trees with one free for a friend- they dont pop up= i cant share seedlings or watering cans and so far havent found how to turn this off. =(

  48. Terri Says:

    I tried to stop the pop up that says you planted a tree. Because to be honest, more than one pop up while trying to water a tree is extreme! However, I am no longer able to share trees at all! Does anyone know how to change this?

  49. Mohamed Says:

    I Think there’s no way to stop pop-up . You have contact them . Just keep sending them Email again and over again .

  50. Mohamed Says:

    I haven’t sharing any trees , watering and xp recently . plzzzzzzz reset this so i can post rewards again.

  51. Kanokwan Goy Says:

    I clicked “show fewer” by accident when I harvested the horse stable.
    Now I can’t share anything from the stable like xp, farmhand,… :(
    Could you please tell how to disable the “Show Fewer” and
    share things as normal??
    I’d really like to share XP from horse stable with friends!
    Please help..

  52. teenu Says:

    i am requesting to farmville to stop these pop-up and free to sharing anyhing to our friends pleaseee

  53. teenu Says:

    i am unable to share rewards to our friends like trees,watering can and all that so pleasee remove this pop-up

  54. teenu Says:

    please, its very bad.i am unable to share anything like trees,watering cans etc.i requested to farmville, to remove farmville fewer pop up pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  55. Upset Farmer Says:

    I too clicked on fewer popups for the watering cans, seedlings and trees but now I cannot share my fantastic trees with friends. Help, please…I want to share my trees. Maybe Farmville is trying to teach us a lesson, hahaha :( Bring back pop ups for my trees, pleeze!!

  56. teenu Says:

    please, many farmers upset with these pop up share, please remove these pop and back to normal sharing,and be farmer’s happy.pleaseeeeee

  57. alixander Says:

    ich habe einen fehler gemacht und das hier zu gestimmt,jetzt kann ich kein bäume mehr für meine nachbaren sharen wie kann ich das hier rückgängig machen es kommt immer dieses meldung

    not intrested in sharing these rewards?we can show fewer of this popups

  58. Rocky Says:

    The pop-up asking if I wanted fewer pop-ups appeared and I clicked “Cancel” meaning NO…. I went back to watering seedling. I decided to stop flooding my wall with the beginner trees and began to X out some. I then noticed the pop-up to share seedlings was the only thing showing up. No tree sharing option.There needs to be a way for us to undo this, FarmVille, or we need to go back to the old way. I am curious though, since when does “fewer” mean “none at all”

  59. teenu Says:

    remove this show fewer feature,and back to normal sharing of trees,watering cans and etc.i am unable to share my trees with my friends because of this silly pop op

  60. Starr Says:

    I clicked cancel to the ” SHOW FEWER POSTS….” and it activated in anyway and now I don’t get any bonus pops in my stable. It’s been over 2 wks !!!!

    I emailed Zynga for help numerous time. They have no idea how to fix this!!!

    Any ideas how I can get my pop ups back. I’ve already tried removing the FarmVille application and then adding it again. It didn’t fix my problem!

  61. Starr Says:

    I clicked cancel to the ” SHOW FEWER POSTS….” but it activated anyway and now I don’t get any bonus pops in my stable. NONE !!! It’s been over 2 wks !!!!

    I emailed Zynga for help numerous times. They have no idea how to fix this!!!

    Any suggestions? I want my stable bonus pop ups back. I’ve already tried removing the FarmVille application and then adding it again. It didn’t fix my problem!

  62. alixander salameh Says:

    i have a problem ,
    as i want to share a tree ,show fewer massege is opened,i have click on the message
    now ca,nt share my finished trees
    what can i do to make .declining
    i want to share my trees again plz help

  63. Ildi F Says:

    I don’t even remember getting that pop up and now I can’t post any trees, water or XPs from the stable etc. I contacted Zynga and they said I’ll get the same pop up in 30 days so I’ll have the option to change my response (which wasn’t even my response to begin with, I think it was automatic). DON’T click on “share fewer” if you do get the pop up. It’s so frustrating! I am a good neighbor but for the past 3 weeks I haven’t been able to share any of the good stuff other than potions. This is the email message I got from Zynga:

    “Ildi, a couple of days ago FarmVille players were receiving a pop up that gave the option to stop the Share Pop ups. It gave you two options “share fewer” and “cancel” if you select the first option it will take 30 days for you to receive the pop up again and change this option.”

    Hope this helps.

  64. Rocky Says:

    I received this pop-up and clicked “cancel”. FV ignore my choice and decided I needed fewer pop-ups. Fewer apparently means “none at all”. Very frustrating!!!

  65. teenu Says:

    i am very upset,because of this pop up. i clicked cancel,but farmville removes my trees sharing ability.i dont like this attitude of farmville,to fool of me.fix it immediately

  66. teenu Says:

    WHAT IS THIS?i am not click on show fewer button but u removes my ability to share my trees,that’s not fare,please back to normal sharing,its very bad……..i am requesting

  67. teenu Says:

    pleaseee fix it,i want to share my tress with my friends.i dont clicked on it,but u stop my sharing ability,that;s not fare

  68. Lorna Says:

    I suppose it’s good to hear confirmation that hitting the cancel button leads to “no sharing” – this is what I experienced. I don’t really mind Zynga not fixing user errors but when there is a clear precedent to indicate that they have a bug, one would hope they fix things.

  69. teenu Says:

    please remove this feature,because i am unable to share my trees and watering cans with my friends,by mistake i accept this feature,and now i cant share my trees with my friends……pleaseee take some action…

  70. teenu Says:

    please take some action about this feature.i am unable to share my trees and watering cans with my friends…….pleaseeeeeee,fix it…………….

  71. teenu Says:

    pleaseee fix this,zynga,because i am unable to share my trees with my friends

  72. teenu Says:

    your this feature is so bad and irritating, confused to me,because i am not click on the button so u stop my sharing of trees and watering cans.farmville….. FIX IT OR GO TO HELL

  73. teenu Says:


  74. eri Says:

    I too accidentally clicked on it and am unable to share my trees…How do i fix it =(

  75. teenu Says:

    i clicked on the show fewer option and now farmville removes my tress ability.fix it immediately

  76. teenu Says:

    i’am warn u,to fix this sharing system of trees,because i am unable to share my fantastic trees with my friends,because of this bloody pop up appears in my life, i am so sad.u dont understand

  77. teenu Says:

    hey,are u blind or what.i am saying that please turn off this pop up from farmville,because i am unable to share my trees with my friends.

  78. Lynn Says:

    How can I reverse this? I clicked on Accept but now it publishing all my trading post movements which I would rather not do. Any help would be appreciated.

  79. melissa Says:

    hey guys i auto shared and now i cant save trees for friends well i see some people have the same problem so this is how u undo it and it works i done it myself …..first, go to account and then click on privacy settings.. then go down to the bottom left and it says apps and websites.. click on edit your settings… when you click on that a list will be there with all your recently used apps and games,click on farmville. then there will be a list of different permissions that that app has.. in the list it should say post to my wall.. to the right of that it says remove.. just click remove and then auto share is gone

  80. teena pascual Says:

    hi! recently i enable the automatic or 1 click sharing of whatever ive got while playing farmville..could you help me how to disable it so i can choose a person whom i wanted to share it with? thanks…

  81. Trixster Says:

    1. Head to your Privacy Settings
    Find your way to the Facebook home page
    Click “Account” in the upper right corner
    Click “Privacy Settings”

    2. Find your Apps and Websites
    Scroll to the bottom of the Privacy Settings page
    In the bottom left, find “Apps and Websites”
    Click “Edit your Settings”

    3. Find and Edit FarmVille’s Settings
    Next to “Apps you use,” click the “Edit Settings” button
    In this list, find the FarmVille Corn Icon
    Click “Edit Settings” next to the small “X”

    4. Remove Extended Permissions
    Once the drop down menu appears, find the “Newspaper” icon
    Next to “Post to Wall,” click “Remove

  82. Jon Says:

    I’ve sent nasty grams to Zynga regarding this issue several times since it’ started a few months ago and since then have not been able to share the rare trees that are available for a limited time. Everything else seems to remain the same. Irritating pop ups but if it’s for sharing with neighbors then I don’t mind. But the fact that Zynga admits that ‘they’re working hard to correct this prolem’ and nothing has changd; I don’t buy that B.S. anymore. So I nag them at leaset once a week just to drill it into their heads. “nice going you idiots”…

  83. Jovan Says:

    Hate the bloody popups and games always trying to make jyou buy stuff. Check Farmville!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG, ’12 days of prizes’, NO x to close it. So I am forced to click on ‘check it out’. This if Fncking rediculous. Bloody money making scavengers! hate u all, no doubt about it.


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