FarmVille Possilbe 10th Farm: Atlantis Themed

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FarmVille Possilbe 10th Farm: Atlantis Themed

Posted on January 13, 2013 11:15 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess


FarmVille Atlantis Farm


Another farm already? Before the regular, free release of FarmVille Enchanted Glen there’s already talks of the next FarmVille destination farm. Consider this a super sneak peek of the FarmVille Atlantis themed underwater farm, what is expected to be the next destination farm following Enchanted Glen.

FarmVille conducted a survey not too long ago asking for player feedback about possible FarmVille farms and the Atlantis themed one was one of the popular choices. It’s highly likely this is happening as you can see from the image above and the more snippets of unreleased info to follow on FarmVille Freak throughout the coming days.

In the meantime, tell us what you think FarmVille Freaks- are you ready for an Atlantis themed FarmVille farm? 


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18 Responses to “FarmVille Possilbe 10th Farm: Atlantis Themed” »

  1. Pamela fields Says:

    I think a underwater farm would be totally cool!

  2. carey Says:


  3. Vandit Says:

    Yeah! Bring it on! The count should reach no less than 100! :D

  4. Ness Says:

    They’re getting ridiculous with all these farms coming out so fast. I’m sick of the quests, all the new farms, all the crops and other items that are for farmcash and all the buildable items. This game used to be fun, it’s getting to be almost like a full time job. ENOUGH ALREADY! I know we wanted another farm, but 7 farms coming out in less than 2 years, really?

  5. jessica Says:

    naah this aint true its just edited look at the old trees and animals and thats a lava castle from before, it just painted blue.. i dont think this is real

  6. Purdoy Says:

    Unlimited expansions NOT unlimited farms.

  7. violet Says:

    no more farms i used to love this game now its just annoying too much going on its not fun anymore no matter how cute or cool the farms are if 1 more farm is added i will stop playing

  8. Kalipso Says:

    FINALLY smth Greek! thank you fv artists! here we go!

  9. Terra Says:

    My voting category isnt listed above. I would fit in the one that says “Yes I dont mind a new farm, but I dont like the chosen theme”.

  10. lazytiger99 Says:

    think this would be cool if we could also put our old water type animals in the water

  11. Natalie Says:

    NOOOooooOOOooooOoOoOoo! *cries* I’m definitely not doing any quests for that one. Time to focus on my poor, neglected Hawaii.

  12. Darla Lovelace Says:

    I am not sure how many know this but it is almost like they are trying to pull off of Neopets, Neopets has several lands you work. I have been with neopets since they started in the late 90s and this is just like that other than you farm. So I suspect they will continue to create more farms and connect them into one main world because on these later ones you can see the next farms. They will have them all route together linking each farm into a complete circle is what I am seeing.So for those who don’t want any more farms are probably not going to be happy to hear this.

  13. Rain_drops Says:

    @ Darla Lovelace:

    By then, it will take 4 hrs to load the farm, if at all, and 5 minutes to trtavel from one farm to another.


  14. Thomas Nilsson Says:

    Who cares any more?

  15. Arthor Says:

    I am, from this point, only to be referred to as Aquaman. Give to me my kingdom land dweller!

  16. Kate Gale Says:

    I do feel that Zynga doesn’t really care whether we voice our opinions or not. If they did, they would see all of the comments about not always using FC instead of coin. Why harvest, plant etc. if we are not really able to use coin?

    I do like the idea of an Underwater Quest/Farm – but I have a feeling it will be quite like the rest of the farms. Not a whole lot of imagination. The Farms could really be so much more. More adventures and more challenges.

    They ask for ideas – and nothing happens. Or they want to know what you want on your farms through a survey – nothing happens.
    Heck, they can’t even “fix” the problems they have already.

    I would however, go for an early release just to see what this farm will do. “Mythos” and “Legends” anyone?


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