FarmVille Unreleased Sheep On Motorcycle

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FarmVille Unreleased Sheep On Motorcycle

Posted on May 10, 2011 12:38 pm by FarmVille Freak MaddMadamMim

UPDATE: Now we know that these Sheep are related to Lady Gaga’s invasion of FarmVille with GagaVille!

FarmVille Sheep on Motorcycle FaceBook Post

FarmVille Posted the Following Image on their Fan Page! What could this image mean? Well, maybe a biker theme for FarmVille. It’s hard to say exactly, but this little guy is pretty darn cute, even with the spiked helmet. We will just have to wait and see if they have any news to add with this image.

FarmVille Sheep on Motorcycle

So what would you think of a biker theme on FarmVille? Are you a rider and a FarmVille fan?

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42 Responses to “FarmVille Unreleased Sheep On Motorcycle” »

  1. Bonnie Says:

    I want it!!!!!

  2. Dom Says:

    looks so cool!

  3. jo Says:

    really cute

  4. Rogue Robot Says:

    He looks ready to jump a shark!!!

  5. Brent Bradley Says:

    It looks so GAGA!

  6. MickiUtz Says:

    I so want this sheep… Its mega cool, and our lad D will buy me it :D
    I am sheep mad on FV, and i wonder if you can breed this one? that would be like super duper cool…
    Peace out, from the Utz = BAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh i have over 100 sheep on my farm, and loadsa sexy lil pink trailers, this item would just finish off my sheep shrine :))))
    I WILL BE BUYING THIS ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  7. Debbie Malloch Says:

    Sooo cute !! Will we get it or are they just teasein us ????

  8. Stephanie Says:


  9. Janice Says:

    Yes go for it. So cool

  10. B1atch#1 Says:

    micki sorry i wrote tht message as u, i was just playing :)

  11. dante 007 Says:


  12. janetta Says:

    i would lik it

  13. Captain Obvious Says:


  14. Shelby Says:

    I soo want this sheep!!

  15. jennifer carratala Says:

    Baa Bitch # 2 Wants this first!!!! and micki ur a tree hugger…….and thanks to u and ur farm I have the best trees…but sheep R my thing….BaaaaBaaaaa bitches….xx

  16. 甄茉 Says:

  17. Anita B. Says:

    I bet they will only offer this for at least 20 FV cash, as they do with pretty much anything cool

  18. Frankie Says:

    I really want this…lol

  19. noel19 Says:

    the sheep look so cute and i really want it so badly. :D

  20. Emily Says:

    Too cute!!!

  21. beth Says:

    really dumb….

  22. Justmeherbie Says:

    Finally an outstanding idea… I’m real tired of flowers, cutsie crap and bldgs that I just don’t care to have… Let’s run with this biker theme… I have tats, been riding hogs since I was 14 and I’m thinkin you could have some cool trees-they could grow oil cans or possibly mirrors… you could have a biker bar.. something along the lines of sturgis… just so in one of my farm corners I could enjoy my way of life-bikes, brew, and rock and roll!!!

  23. Carolyn Medina Says:

    I like the Sheep On Motorcycle very, very much. Humor is great for us all. I can’t wait to get one so I can position my Dr. Flamingo the Shrink by the sheep for some potentially needed either congratulations to the Motorcycle- free -spirited and well -dressed- sheep, or counseling to loosen up its’ inner ungulate, or just to talk. We can all use that. I will report my findings, to everyone, hahahah. In all seriousness, Carolyn the well adjusted Papillon on Farmville farm (s). Flamingo does’nt have a plan ticket to England yet. Could some kind Zynga staff send him one? I miss him there….:) Much good could be done with those criters too. Happiness to all…..C.



  25. Carol Says:

    I love it=gotta have it. Hope it is not too much FV$$

  26. Jiggsaw Says:

    Evil Canivl Cow

  27. elian Says:

    That is from the next Lady Gaga farm, is gonna be called GagaVille.

  28. thyler Says:

    it actualy to promote lady gagas new CD born this way on farmville were we will have to do some quest to ge her new songs for free

  29. Cynthia Says:

    LOVE IT!!! I ride and it gives a little something different to Farmville besides flowers..

  30. JMC Says:

    Nice idea. If it is a promotion for whatever and for whom ever reason; if it will be a quest to get it, please, please make sure the quest makes sense to your FV players right from the BEGINNING – where my time or their time is not wasted. Ideas are great, but putting it to action to achieve a profitable end (like YOU), I am sure is the GOAL. EVERYBODY IS HAPPY – YES

  31. marcy Says:

    I think you are getting ready for Sturgis, South Dakota

  32. Anggie Says:

    It’s Lady Gaga inspired!!! May 17 to May 19 it will be GagaVille! So ready for all the looney stuff I bet they’ll have!

  33. Anggie Says:

    Ready for GagVille May 17 to May 19!

  34. Kelly Says:

    I LOVE it!!! What a great idea!! I love Gaga and can’t wait for the Gaga-inspired items. Just think about it guys. We can dress up our little farmers in Alexander McQueen hats and shoes just like Carrie Bradshaw :-D

  35. FarmRuler Says:

    i knew it related to gaga since it is Born This Way cover album

  36. ma paz Says:

    this is ugly,look if you can breed it then you’ll having two sheeps sexing on a motorcycle


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