FarmVille “Publish this story to your Facebook Wall” Glitch

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FarmVille “Publish this story to your Facebook Wall” Glitch

Posted on August 4, 2010 1:00 pm by FarmVille Freak Dr. Green Thumb

Thank you to FarmVille Freak Ron for bringing this newest glitch to our attention. It seems that several FarmVille Freaks have reported issues that when they try to “Publish this story to your FaceBook Wall and your friends’ home pages?” it does not load properly preventing them from being able to click the publish button.

FarmVille Sharing Story Blank Glitch

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176 Responses to “FarmVille “Publish this story to your Facebook Wall” Glitch” »

  1. bryton Says:

    it will glitch but a quick wave of the mouse or scrolling down fixes this problem almost every time

  2. Kelly Says:

    It’s firefox. Try another browser.

  3. Randy Says:

    When I go to share something or post something while playing FarmVille, and it goes to the “new background screen” with the message post box, I post it and when it goes back to my farm, all my land is white and I cant play, so I have to log off and then back on and usually some of the stuff previos to the posting needs to redone. This is VERY much a problem with myself and Im sure other members. Please can you look into this for us, and let us know or if this was addressed already please inform us of that also. Thank You VERY much for your time in reading this and for being there and helping ALL of us. Randy Leck / Lvl 95.

  4. KATHY Says:

    Sane here

  5. Hangman Says:

    I can publish something the first time after I go to my farm,but afterwards it doesn’t load until I reload my farm…

  6. dabeasumin Says:

    This happened to me this morning. I lost 3 mystery eggs and a pregnant pig due to this. On a positive note, this is the first problem I have experienced since the wandering stallion/oos issues earlier this year, so it is getting better. Hopefully they fix this soon ;)

  7. swanchic Says:

    I’ve had so many problems with it today! I lost a mini white stallion foal this morning and nearly cried. I switched browsers and had some luck but then I didn’t even get the white screen! I have about four blueberry bushels floating around in the ether somewhere.
    I won’t be harvesting any buildings til this is fixed!

  8. adrienne Says:

    am not able to share crafts or anything else when on my farm…

  9. Jessice Says:

    Nope, not for me either…

  10. walle Says:

    im hungry

  11. g hersheey Says:

    why can you not change coins into FV cash? and what is up with having to have an i-phone to buy some of the goods? not everyone has them, but you should be able to buy items , since your playing the game. it’s not right!

  12. zoe gamer Says:

    besides this problem once you qualify to upgrade crafting building from 4 stars to 5 stars with coins – that doesn’t work either!

  13. Maria Says:

    I have not find any post from my neighbors and I have over 200 for a wondering stallion for 4 days now. I never had a problem on getting one. do you know what is going on?. I talked to one of my neighbors and she said the same thing and she has several neighbors as well. Please reply.

  14. amy baney Says:

    when i loaded farmville toolbar i never got my 10 farmville bucks.

  15. margherita Says:

    Since two days, when i click the botton on my crafting cottage (spa) il opens and the window goes on the left site of the monitor so i cant see anything. I cant make receipts as i dont see
    pls can you help me
    thank you

  16. Kara S Says:

    My boxes publish, but I can’t write any text to go with them. For example, when I’m feeding a friend’s chickens and I get a mystery egg, I like to include a little note thanking them for having happy chickens which give me eggs. But since this morning i can’t include that. Not as serious as crashing my farm, but I would like to be able to do it.

  17. Jeanne Says:

    i have only been able to post a few things in the last couple days. very ticked off. was unable to post a silver pony foal, brown pony foal, mini horse foal, several ribbons, bushels, spa items, eggs. just about everything. i was so angry last night i wanted to throw my freakin laptop out the window LOL

  18. Adam Says:

    I have this problem in firefox, but it was working for me in Internet Explorer. Just an FYI.

  19. Marc Says:

    This is specifically a FIREFOX problem. When I use Chrome, it works just fine. Of course I won’t even try IE because it’s painful.

  20. Teresa Says:

    I have the same problem all the time, especially lately. Like today … I logged onto my farm, harvested my dairies, coop, stable, beehive, and nursery, and got the usual notifications for “sharing” – - bonus for eggs, foal being born, calf being born – - and when the box opens for me to publish, I have one of two problems: either the box starts out all white and remains that way for an eternity, or it has the images and words but won’t do a thing when I click “publish”.

    Goodness only knows how many items I have missed out on sending to my neighbors, as this has gone on for quite some time now.

  21. Maggie Says:

    Grrrrrrrrr. . . no, mine aren’t working.

  22. Rogue Robot Says:

    Glitches are so frequent with Farmville, I think we just might want to start considering them game features.

  23. Pascalino Says:

    Same trouble here…
    It’s very frustrating!

  24. susanne Says:

    is not only on farmville. is also on – mein stadtleben, mafia wars, cafe world, super poke pets — . the other games i have not try, but m’ on it…. is making tied that every day some function is going sleep….

  25. katie Says:

    mines doing it too its kinda funny in a ridiculous way

  26. Cort Says:

    Yes I lost one of those horned calves when I tried to post it. I was gonna nab it on my other farm lol

  27. MooMooMoo Says:

    I have had this issue since Sunday, August 1. It appears to me to be a Facebook issue as they have redesigned the post window. I am also seeing session timeouts all the time and am extremely tired of reloading my farm.

  28. fran rupe Says:

    i send my friends gifts and they don’t get them, also takes to long on loading the bites.

  29. Eva Says:

    It just works the first time. If you want to publish a second post you have to reload and start all over again. Two in a row? No way

  30. Derlitz Says:

    Sometimes the post to wall thing doesn’t load correctly (not able to see the “Publish” button), but as long as it loads the parts where you can insert a message with the post, you can still post it. Just click where you’d type a message, and press your “Tab” key (on keyboard, if that really needs to be said) until the Publish button is visible. Hopefully this will help you guys.

  31. kat Says:

    it’s not just farmville or even just zynga games…it’s been doing it on all the games I play on facebook.

  32. Monique Says:

    Cannot publish anything from my Crafts Stall at all. Also having hassles in publishing fuel when fertilising other people’s farms.

  33. Desiree Paahana Says:

    sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt. i find tabbing sometimes helps.

  34. felix Says:

    I lose items when this happens as well……I try to share bushels, but when this screen comes up I go back to my stall. The post doesnt show, but the bushel is gone…and this happens with the gems as well. Very sad that I lose things that are hard enough to find…

  35. Robin Says:

    Been happening to me since last night. It’s horribly annoying. Hopefully they will fix this one pronto….many of my neighbors reporting it also. Kind of defeats the purpose if you cannot share.

  36. T Says:

    I’ve been having a problem on my farm for a month in that when people fert my farm, and try to post fuel (and now that they purchased craft item), it will not publish. Pop-up says “cannot post to wall”. FV has NOT been able to fix this yet. I noticed that in my application settings for Farmville there is NO “Additional Permissions” option (just the “Book mark” option.

    On my kid’s farms, we deleted the Crafting Cottages because they were more than half off the screen and Farmville won’t fix them yet. We just deleted them because they were useless.

    On one kid’s farm, posting is hit or miss. Yesterday, nothing would post so he simply quit playing the game when it came to publishing anything.

    The vomit level pop-ups while trying to work your farm are so annoying that we’re about to quit playing. Every time you try to do something, some annoying and non-relevant pop up destroys the fun of the game. FV has way too much stuff going on during game play. Why is it so important to them to have so much hitting the live feed for them? We are at the point that we cancel EVERYTHING. Very annoying.

  37. Mary Sue Says:

    I had problems earlier today (12-1 pm EDT), but it is working now.

  38. Stephen Says:

    In Firefox the message ends up looking like the picture in the post above; nothing appears for most of them. On the rare occasion I can post and then continue playing.

    In Chrome, it works fine and whatever I am posting can be posted, but then the game is frozen and I have to reload it.

  39. mary Says:

    i dont get my mystery eggs and i cant visit farms everything freezes up driving me nuts

  40. Brandy Says:

    I am not having this problem at all. I am having the same problem as poster #9. When I go to my spa, the window opens, but it is so far to the left that I can’t get to any of the tabs (make, buy, use, sell). This sucks. What good is having the spa if I cna’t make anything?

  41. Vito Says:

    I’m having the same problem posting as well. It sounds widespread so I’m sure it will be resolved soon but I

  42. Vito Says:

    I’m having the same problem posting as well. It sounds widespread so I’m sure it will be resolved soon but I’m having a bigger problem:

    I’ve finally made enough goods to upgrade my 3 star winery to a 4 star with coins but when I click on “coin upgrade” nothing happens. Is anyone else having this problem?

  43. Amanda Baby Says:

    Ive Lost Hella Bushels today cuz of this STUPID SHIT!

  44. Red Rebel Says:


  45. ferryboat George Says:

    Seems to be working so far since I’ve downloaded Chrome.

  46. Rebecca Says:

    I get the normal publish box, but can’t select who to publish to – it must be everyone. I think this is FV trying to stop people sharing links eg. foals with only a select few.

    This will alter my FV gaming a lot if it happens as I don’t want to annoy all my Facebook friends with my FV feeds (I know they can hide it, but only if they get annoyed first!). I usually publish only to those on my FV list, but can’t currently select that.

    Between this and the pop-ups… Grrrr.

  47. Marge Says:

    All day when publishing bushels and other items to the feed, FB is showing multiples and triplicates of all post sometimes even more. This is really ridiculous and takes time to figure out what is ok or not.

  48. KateV Says:

    I have this problem in Firefox, but not Chrome.

  49. Gator Says:

    Been having the same problem with posts from my farm as well as several of my neighbors. We have alternated between firefox and chrome, staying clear from IE, as it is a dog to run, and have the problem on both browsers, although firefox seems to be worse. Also, I have not seen a wandering stallion since the wandering buck appeared either. Several of us, use the wandering stallion, as we were not so lucky in obtaining one in the mystery game a few weeks back. Farmville needs to investigate this issue.

    We just want the game to work, if they would slow down and allow time to work out glitches on a few things, rather than A BUNCH OF THINGS, I, and I am sure others, would be a little more understanding.

  50. Kara S Says:

    I haven’t gotten any bushels all day. And I’ve harvested a lot of crops.

  51. john myer Says:

    had 2 mini stallions produce a cream mini foal and FV didnt publish and cheated my friends

  52. manu Says:

    It is curious that everything started with the change of the pop, maybe some program contrast? The pop changed in all games not only Zynga’s ones.

  53. Carlos Says:

    Desde el domingo no puedo publicar nada en el muro. Tratando de averiguar que pasaba me encontré con esta página y aquí dejo mi impresión. Tal vez sea un problema Facebook vs. Zynga; pero los usuarios somos los que pagamos las consecuencias.

  54. FBnote Says:

    Not on topic… but, enough with all the idiotic pop-ups. For example, if I want to check my gifts, first thing that happens is a pop-up to send gifts – my computer starts to slow down and it takes 2-3 minutes before I can finally get back to my gifts. If I want to send gifts, I’ll make the decision myself – I don’t need these stupid pop–up reminders!

    Every time I want to do something in the game, up comes another pop-up, and then another pop-up – they are endless and an extreme aggravation. And they often crash the application. Stop doing this Zynga – I’m fed up with white screens and constant interference from pop-ups and reminders during game play. Should I repeat this again… are you listening!?… not likely!

  55. Shiloh4310 Says:

    @ 26 (Vito)

    Yes, the same thing is happening to me! I completed enough batches of wine to use the coin upgrade from 4 stars to 5 stars… and nothing happens! This isn’t right! I’ve worked hard to get to 5 stars!!!

  56. johanna Says:

    I’m on Vista. At times it hangs without the ‘publish’ button.
    Press a couple of times and it seems to appear each time.
    Sometimes waiting patiently can ‘make’ it appear too

  57. johanna Says:

    * Press TAB a couple of times

  58. Joel Dubois Says:

    90% doesn’t load properly (white screen and no publish button) and 10% does.

  59. Chrysalis Crowe Says:

    Its been frustrating the crap out of me! I tried switching to Google Chrome at the suggestion of several of my neighbors and its working ok now, but i want my old preferred browser back (FireFox)!!!! I do hope that they’ll get this glitch fixed soon. I’m also finding the Spa business more bother than joy and wont be upgrading it any further (3 star). Friends have also told me that their nurseries have been eating the new mini foals…

  60. Tara Says:

    I have been having this problem all day, I was able to get around it by opening my farm in a different browser (I usually use firefox so I switched to chrome) and it seemed to take care of it for a while.

  61. LtDarkstar Says:

    I’m getting sick of Farmville being buggy as hell and won’t buy anymore FV until they get their act together, i’m sick of this garbage. First IE locks up for me completely now when I try to go into either my winery directly or into my bushel stalls. So I switched to the latest version of Firefox and now i’m getting the blank whitescreen crap too. WTF what browser can I find that will actually work with this buggy-ass game!

  62. Kim Says:

    @ # 26 & 36 I had the same problem. Move your cursor around very slowly around it. watch for it to turn bright yellow then click on it. I got it to lite up just a little left of the box and got mine to upgrade. hope this helps.

  63. Joanne Says:

    #26 & 36 – same problem here, sent an email to Zynga, said they will look into it and get back to me. So far nothing.

  64. shoegirl Says:


    Everytime I try to do anything, especially with the new crafting buildings, I end up with the screen freezing and it going to a white screen. Most times, I do a shutdown and for a split second a pop up screen with a reminder screen that comes up briefly.

    I have had to refresh and shut down so many times that I am considering giving up the game. It is one thing that trying to do things take so much time, but when after every 5 minutes I have to refresh and shut down my facebook page I am at my limits.

    I also have the white screen occur with the publishing, the box shows but it has nothing in it.

    A lot of my Farmville friends have moved onto other things…this may happen to me.

    We have several accounts currently playing the game in our household and it may be coming to an end.

    I hope that Zynga will smarten up and let the game take its course or it may come to a end on its own!!!

  65. Mando Says:

    I received 8 batches of 5 bees in my gift box just now…
    Anyone else get them, didnt need them… I guess it was to make up for the the two that flew away?

  66. Aaron Says:

    I get this some of the time (maybe 20%), but most of the time, publishing works just fine.

  67. Faraj Says:

    my mini foals! boohooo

  68. shel whipple Says:

    I never did get my 26 gold chickens returned to my coop after they disappeared into thin air, sometimes it loads and sometimes it doesn’t. It has been a bit better since I upgraded my pc. Occasionally it loses gifts too.

  69. josie Says:

    i wasted many things frm my farm i cnt publish any………rare foals,calves farm hand and specially the xp that i harvested in my stable..i cnt share to my friends and iam very disappointed for this..pls make an action as soon as possible…thanks

  70. wonwon Says:

    I never knew we could submit bugs here.

    This try: the new activity feed is a MAJOR violation of privacy.

    I’ve seen this trend with you people, “oh I’m didn’t get my bee, or my cow or it’s not posting” and only a handful sees that their privacy is being violated.

    Why bother fixing a bug if only a handful cares, right?

  71. wonwon Says:

    Oh and this bug has been there on Chrome since the activity feed rolled out.

  72. Mercedes Says:

    I actually had it publish an egg twice. But since it’s the same egg it really didn’t make a difference.

  73. Doneta Says:

    I am getting a whoops error message every time I try to buy goods in my crafting house.

  74. Erin Says:

    It has to be a browser issue…after reading other posts, I went into my game via Safari and the publishing works just fine.

  75. Rebeca Says:

    NOOOO JUST AFTER I HAD HARVESTED MY 5,000TH TREE!!! I never like to post to the feed and this is the one blue ribbon I had been looking forward to completing and would have been proud to post!!!! :’(

  76. Salman Says:

    Clicking the “x” button in top right corner of dialog helps most of the times. Though I’ve (or should I say my neighbors) have lost quite a few freebies because these dialogs “hang” every now and then.

  77. Andy Says:

    I’m having the same problem with Firefox and Restaurant City as well. When i post the very first item when I load the game everything goes fine, but then on, I cannot post any other thing. I think is a Facebook issue due to the new changes they applied this week, but they haven’t done anything to fix it

  78. Stephen S Says:


  79. Mizu Kagami Says:

    I’ve had this problem since yesterday. I can only publish the first post and all the latter windows are blank. I tried to wait for several minutes but nothing happens. And I wanted to expand my storage :(

  80. Chrysalis Crowe Says:

    The privacy issue does indeed bother many of us! I have removed myself from the ‘friend activity’ feed, as have many of my neighbors & there has been much discussion about this issue (albeit many seem more concerned with the thought that it slows the game down). Just look for the box in the ‘my activity’ tab, where it says:
    Allow my Facebook friends to view my activity in their “Friend Activity” tab
    & uncheck it

  81. SweetGoldMelon Says:

    It happen to me today,but not the sharing feed,i can’t look at mu beehive and the game run very slow with as usual word “saving your farm do not close your browser”AGAIN!
    Please resolve this issue………………..;)

  82. Neil Says:

    I too have the same problem with Firefox. On the first occasion it is successful but on the succeeding posts, I got the same problem as above. But when I reload the game, I can then post again on the first attempt. I used Cometbird and Chrome and they work just fine. But I use Firefox because of the add ons I am using in other applications I play. I lost a lot of mini foals (brown, white and cream alike) last night due to this problem.

    I also have problems with the numerous pop ups that is popping when working in my farms, when I click cancel or X, the pop up froze and I cannot continue on with the game unless I reload it. Or the pop up wont close. So I have to reload the game again.

    I have uncheck my activity below as others says it will slows the game. But it seems that these too many additions and enhancement has made a big mess in my farm. I can’t even make ingredients, shop, use bushels in my crafting cottages for some reasons. :-(

  83. Ale Says:

    It works perfectly with Chrome :)

  84. Tyler Says:

    Crops/plowed land shows up as circles

  85. meghann Says:

    all u do is click the tiny little x on the top right corner of that screen.. whatever ur sharing doesnt get posted (well, i havent followed up to check).. what is irritating me.. is all of the lightning gem pop ups back2back asking me2share w/neighbors.. how do u guys think my friend feels.. he hasnt been able to get on his farm for a few days.. i tried getting on to see if i got the same (out of sync page and the stupid pop up w/the daily gas emails kept popping up..i couldnt even do anything. he wrote zynga/farmville an email.. and they mailed him back saying they apologize, and they fixed the technical issues.. and if they keep happening.. let them know.. ok farmville! quit getting all excited and adding more stuff.. when u havent even fixed the problems u had already.. geez!!

  86. Joyce Says:

    I am just about at the end of my “pop up” rope. People are screaming about the annoying pop ups yet Zynga always finds new and exciting ways to.. ADD MORE.

    Now this!

    I gave Farm Town a try and to be honest, although the graphics aren’t as “cute” as Farmville’s, the other aspects of the game are way more exciting. Once I master a few more crops in Farmville, I’m going to do a final decoration of my farm and abandon it.

    The on line chat and interaction with other people in Farm Town (and they don’t have to be your neighbors) as well as hardly any pop ups is, in a word, EPIC.

  87. tamilkodi Says:

    I’m not able to accept honeybees.
    I’ve 199 bees in my beehive.

    Also I’m unable to request bees.

  88. Kwint Says:

    What’s this I hear about needing FVC to finish receipies now?!?!?! OMG!!!

  89. Shehears Says:

    I use Chrome and when my posts hang up it’s because I have the stupid “Become a dedicated farmer” bar at the top of my farm. I’ve only done this a dozen times since they’ve rolled it out. Anyway I just click on the “bookmark” tab and it instantly changes to a completed bar and then my posts will go through. If I do nothing to the bar my posts turn the whole screen(including the post itself) grey and freezes up. So I guess in my case it’s related to the dedicated farmer bar. If y’all have this bar, try to clear it first and then post. Hope it helps someone. And as far as the annoying pop-ups go, I click cancel on everyone of them… my stats will go into their database of yet another person who won’t fool with it… Remember, this is a BETA game…. meaning everything is trial and error it seems.

    On another note… is anyone having their “locked” posts getting snatched up by an invisible person? I’ve done this successfully a hundred times, but yesterday I tried this w/ several neighbors…. lock it for one person, other neighbors report they can’t see it, but the person who CAN see it reports that the promotion has ended. And NO, I don’t have any GU users on my friends list…

  90. Joni B. Childers Says:

    I can publish but I can’t access the popup for my winery. It pops up so far to the left of my screen that I can only see a tiny edge of it. Is anyone else having this problem?

  91. Jen Says:

    i was so mad yesterday about this…i had gotten my first miniture pony foal and was unable to post it!! ARGH!!! Don’t get me wrong I know everything has it’s problems but farmville just takes it to another level!! No matter what there is something wrong :(

  92. Mike Says:

    ZYNGA is getting worse, Recolt your animals & recieve 0 coins, unable to collect gifts recieve a white page, collectables collected & not in gift box, collectables unable to publish, the list is LONG. Not surprising that Zynga is loosing millions of players.

  93. mikkii Says:

    i think farmville has way too many pop-ups now. for gifts…for fertilizing…for adding neighbours..its just getting too annoying! we can send gifts on our own….we could click a button and spread a word for fertilizing before if we wanted to…and we can add neighbours on our own. we dont need so many pop-ups …its just too annoying and makes the game slow!

  94. Liz Says:

    now the coop I was on and that we finished off this morning has disappeared – no prize (should have been the gold) – no job!!

    Please get rid of the gem pop-ups – driving me crazy!!!

  95. Craig Says:

    So $nyga, whatever happened to “we will have less new releases and try and take the bugs out of the system.”? Wasn’t this a survey question?

    Too busy counting the cash I suppose.

  96. JStande Says:

    All day yesterday nothing worked right. I lost the majority of my gifts, I was barely able to publish anything to the game feed. It was very frustrating. I absolutely do not like having to click on “game feed” constantly to get it to show up. It used to automatically load with the “game feed” readily visible, now it doesn’t, and sometimes it doesn’t even show up at all – just my activity and friend’s activity. I totally don’t understand the whole “behind the scenes” operation of FV, but I have heard all of my life a very simplistic saying which seems to be fitting for Farmville — if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it!

    The majority of my friends which got me started on FV are no longer playing it. I feel I’m about to join them. And the pregnant pig — well, that’s not going to get them back into the game because they never go on there to find it. It would be better if we found lost pregnant pigs of a neighbor that is actually an active player. It’s going to take more than a pregnant pig to get people back to FV – like maybe less glitches and a piggy bank filled with Farm Cash.

  97. Sandy D. Says:

    The first two ….. I can publish sharing gasoline or eggs.

    After visiting more than 2 farms….I get the white screen on my farm and all else freezes on me. FRUSTRATING.

    This is ongoing for the last 2 nights.

    Also, I lost a Mystery Egg from my coop, I wasn’t able to share with my neighbors (post it).

    I hope everything is back to normal for tonight.

  98. Sandy Says:

    Two major problems here!

    1) Farmville keeps locking up! Just sits there, I have to ctrl, alt, delete, just to get out of the mess. Totally locks up my computer URGH. Now when I play Farm Town, there are no problems like this. Not my computer’s issue but rather, FV. Solvable? yes,! When? They have had this on going problem for quite some time.

    2) I am building a Nursery, go to receive the building supplies and off they go to who know where!? Not in my gift box. To date I have lost 3 bottles, two blankets and 2 bricks. So what’s up with that?

    These problems are so frustrating, I have almost given up playing FV. I’m one of those crazies who has actually spent REAL MONEY to play this game. Not any more. If Zynga cannot get these issues taken care of…no more REAL MONEY from me.

    Sorry. Seems these problems can be solved, especially when other games by ZYNGA work as they are supposed to.

    PS Beekeeper person…thanks for stopping my Bees from leaving. And today finally, I got the “bonus” for having an overflowing hive…

  99. Shiloh4310 Says:

    @26 & 46

    Well, this morning I was able to upgrade from a 4 star winery to a 5 star winery… for a mere 1,000,000 coins! I’m not sure why I even did it – perhaps just for closure. What a waste of coins, though. The appearance of the building only changed with the addition of ivy. How lame!

  100. Jess Says:

    This is really easy to fix! All you need to do is right click the publish box and click reload frame, you may need to do this twice but it should reload the publish box and you can successfully publish to your news feed :)

  101. Dark5 Says:

    what about the barn expansion bug? i’ve been trying to expand my storage barn n dairy farm, but the progress keep resetting. just when will Zynga fix this bug???

  102. Rammy Farmer Says:

    Having problems receiving gifts? Getting a blank page?
    Here’s the fix (for now)

    Look at the URL
    Does it say : http (stuff) onthefarmhttp (more stuff)

    ie, does it say “http” twice?

    delete everything before the second “http”

    Now it should be good

    you’re welcome

  103. MT Says:

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  104. Edna Cooper Says:

    The posting problem is also happening in Frontierville.

  105. DerekC Says:

    If you are getting the bug where you can’t see the publish button, just keep pressing TAB and you should see it appear.

  106. [kby] Says:

    @74 (et al):
    Assuming this is general, it is probably the most compelling evidence I’ve seen for the fact that this is probably a Facebook issue or change that Zynga hasn’t caught up with. It’s still a guess, but that’s my gut feeling. I suspect that there’s some kind of session going on between the game and FB, and it is timing out/expiring much more frequently; when it does and Zynga tries to post, you get the blank box.

  107. Bill Says:

    This is day 4 and still no publishing. The 1st one publishes and after that you have to refresh the farm EVERY time to get the publish to work. Frontierville is the same way also

  108. Anneliese Stovall Says:

    Having the same problem and I am more then frustrated!

  109. Ang Says:

    I had this problem for awhile, but i found it was Explorer that was the issue, I installed Firefox and Google Chrome and so far for me Google Chrome has given me the best and fastest results with farmville and i have no more issues, just to test it i went into farmville again with Explorer and was just unable to do anything.. I suggest trying one of these other two web browsers for your farmville

  110. chris Says:

    Cant collect any of my gifts today-so frustrating-go to collect them-a white screen pops up and then they are lost when I have to go back to my homepage

  111. jacobk Says:

    is anyone else having trouble with FV when closing out of a Crafting building? I have the bakery and most of the time when I close the pop-up it has the darken screen and the farmer is visible up saying “hang tight while we load the bits”. It never comes off that screen and I have to reload FV.

  112. elisabeth ciocca Says:

    getting a white screnn when trying to post then losing things—lost gift and harvest ( and I was in the middle of a co-op)

  113. elisabeth ciocca Says:

    getting a white screen when trying to post then losing things—lost gifts and harvest ( and I was in the middle of a co-op) seen to be re-loading more than playing

  114. Dorry Says:

    HERE’S A FIX: Hey all..I had this problem. It started when facebook upgraded their publishing the other day. (Aug 3?) It’s only when I run it on Firefox, and I use 64 bit Windows 7 on my laptop. Flash is 32 bit and doesn’t love the 64 bit and for some reason with FF, it becomes an issue with me quite often where Flash is concerned. So today, I switched to Opera. SUCCESS! I don’t have half the lag I had before and I can publish everything now. Hope this helps. (Google Chrome still works best though)

  115. Samira182 Says:

    Interesting. Read something about Zynga fixing glitches and bugs and instead for two days several more issues appear. Well, it’s a game, right? My issues are, that I can’t accept a lot of gifts due to a white screen. Also had some eggs disappear in cyberspace (good riddance lol) and foresaid white screen with publishing stuff. Also agree to the fact that there are way too many popups for all sorts of stuff, especially the Gems are highly annoying while planting. Right now I try to hold of on the Spa/Bakery/Winery until those bugs are fixed. Working on the mastery crops instead. Noted be, that I received several Mystery Gifts but when I open my giftbox to enjoy them instead I find several honeybees which I didn’t order nor want due to the hive being occupied by 200 others + Queen. Any ideas on how to fix this? Besides, has someone an idea what the limit on the giftbox is right now? Would be nice to know. Oh, at last: Thanks for the upgrade on the Market Stall, it was much needed.

  116. shannon Says:


    That works! Thank you very much! I am soooo tired of losing gifts and this glitchy stuff!

  117. Jack Says:

    I too cannot publish posts after the 1st one posts. Also when I try to buy goods for my winery or use things out of my gift box I get an out of sync error and the game reloads……..

  118. Pat Says:

    I’ve lost every bee I’ve received as a gift today (8/5). When I accept the gift, FV won’t load, but every other gift is received

  119. Ágnes Hirn Says:

    Használhatatlan, idegesítő, több a kellemetlenség vele ,mint az öröm a játékban. 2 napja egyáltalán nem tudom publikálni a történéseimet ,mert az üres ablak jön elő.Ez olyan a szomszédaim felé ,mintha nem is lennék már játékban. Nem lehetne frissíteni vagy megjavítani a servert ,ez így nagyon-nagyon rossz! Csak a méreg van vele,és előbb-utóbb az utálat!!!

  120. winwin Says:

    try it different!
    I use mozilla
    1rst publish via facebook
    2nd FV toolbar
    and the other way round :D
    so you can share eg bushells though it takes a bit longer :D

  121. Sherry Says:

    If that annoying popups that are asking active players to push inactive players back to the game don’t stop a s a p – I am afraid , Zynga will not see me much longer. I am already thinking to block Farmville and stop playing. It is really STUPID, STUPID, STUPID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who on Earth will start again with game just for the reason all his/her friends are posting some idiotic requests on Facebook wall???? For most of people with common sense that is only good reason to cut of all those who are still playing that game, uninstall the game and block FV from posting —>>> forever.

  122. ramgo Says:

    i just opened a mystery egg and got a school house, tried to place it in my barn and got OOS. i did that like three times, i just left it in my gift box.

    Oh. and i just saw that 5 bees x4 were plaaced in my gift box. does anyone know what that is for?

  123. patricia Says:

    The same problem I cannot publish, I lose quite even when I go on the wall of my neighbors to take bonuses or various things, I loses it a lot, I have the farmville page which bug all the time, I lost presents it is not easy on farmville at the moment, thank you for something for us who are faithful players I think

  124. Tomie Yoshinuma Says:

    #9 the same since 6 days ago. Pls help me asap.

  125. Władca Says:

    I have got 4X5 Honeybees in my gift box. Weird becouse I have got 200 honeybees

  126. Farmer Jane Says:

    POPUPS ,POPUPS, POPUPS !! Grrrrrr.
    There is an excess amount of popup windows which is very annoying AND it’s not necessary.
    Popups for ALL the gemstones (avergage about 6 but they often repeat and you can get double); Popup for fuel; Popups for “send a neighbour request”;Popups for “send a grab-bag gift “; You cannot even click on your own gift box without a Popup to let you know to send a mystery gift to someone who’s been “working hard on their farm”; WHY do we need all this ???

    F.Y.I ZYNGA: Most Farmville gamers are organised. We KNOW who we need/want as a neighbour, we know who to gift & what gifts to send them.
    We DON’T need reminding.

    The game screen is just way too busy & overloaded and it interferes with the flow of the job you are doing at that time. I am fedup with popups every few seconds whilst I harvest/plow/seed. It’s just annoying, especially if you are in a hurry and you have to keep clicking to get rid of them.
    One or 2 popups is one thing – but all this junk constantly interrupts the game.

    The other thing that’s a waste of time is the Activity Lists. Does anyone really look at those? If I want to know what my neighbours are doing, I can visit their farm.

  127. Farmer Jane Says:


    “Play Mafia Wars and Get FV Fuel” ( Black colour)
    “Buy Crafting Goods get FV Fuel” (light blue colour)
    “Send a collectible to your friend ”
    “…is building stable , send them a nail”.

    annoooyyyyinnnngggg. PLEASE GO AWAY !!

  128. Phyllis Says:

    I cannot access my winery…the pop up window that allows me to make wines has slowly disappeared over the last 4 days. I am down to 1/2 inch showing. Cannot see the recipes, or anything. Contacted Zynga but have heard nothing back. I guess I will just delete the whole thing. Anyone else having this problem???

  129. shoegirl Says:

    I agree with you Farmer Jane! Just harvested my crops and had every concievable pop up occur. Now Mafia Wars and get FV fuel…how far are they going to take this!!!

  130. manu Says:

    @76 you are right, I think the same, Facebook changed something and Zynga went in trouble, very very strange such pop worked ok in other games and not in Zynga ones.

  131. jessica Says:

    i had a chat with a zynga rep last night and all he had to say was “i feel the same way you do, but there is nothing i can do…” WOW!!!! i asked him why i would wait 7+ minutes just to chat with him if all he could tell me was that it was an isssue they are working on…. ridiculous! everybody boycott buying farmcash until they fix everything! for me there has been issues since the problem with the mustang, and i felt they should give everyone a mustang free, since we had no chance to TRY to wrangle them! it was very disappointing!! it’s not fun when it is frustrating!! everyone…take the time to complain to zynga in a chat!!

  132. Minnie Says:

    I figured out that I can publish one item at a time. When I click on my barn if a calf is born, I publish, refresh and then I am able to publish something else. I can not publish stay in the game and then publish a second time. Does that make sense? So far it is working, but it is very frustrating.

    My personal theory on the pop ups is that they are trying to annoy the crap out of us and then they are going to offer a pop up blocker for FV Cash!! The pop ups are making the game so slow.

    Why are the crafting buildings so slow to open anything?

  133. Bobby Says:

    Is this something that will be fixed or will we be forever refreshing. I am not sure I will continue playing at this rate.

  134. Al Gilson Says:

    People are sending me gifts but the do not appear in my gift box?

  135. Shiloh4310 Says:

    OK – this has been burning me up all day, and I need to vent. I upgraded my stupid winery from 4 stars to 5 stars. The total cost for all upgrades was 1,550,000 coins. This is total BS!!! I didn’t get any XP for spending all that loot! And really… what good is the stupid crafting building, anyway? After all of the time I spent gathering the bushels to make all the wine, I should have received the upgrades for free. But 1.5 million coins? For a relatively ugly building? I am really pissed off! This is the last of these half-baked FarmVille scams that I’m going to fall for ever again! This whole crafting idea is worse than the co-op jobs! Epic FAIL!!!!

  136. Delo Says:

    I am having the same problem with my craft screen slowly disappearing. It is moving to the left bit by bit each day. I can no longer access the upgrade buttons and soon I’ll not be able to make goods anymore on the first table.

  137. D. L. Heyden Says:

    Not only have I lost posts, (AND XP, points, fuel, etc.), Have not received a prompt to post after planting. Plenty of pop-ups for the gems that no one needs. Not getting bushels, Minutes ago, I had to reload farm 5 TIMES. Received 25 MORE bees that I have no need for. Can’t unload/open/hatch gifts, eggs without it out of sync, enhanced and darkened screen. No Wandering Stallion, can’t place animals in the Nursery ( 4 weeks now), etc. This is getting VERY old. Don’t know how much longer I can tolerate it. Support has a “canned” answer, cache, history, etc. etc. AARGH!!

  138. Benjy Says:

    I have all the problems above, I have tried playing thur online notta firefox and IE nothing is working everyonce in great while I will get one thur. I notice lot of my problems is when they pop up so does the pop ups for my friends need something or want send gifts and the market I pretty much gave up nothing will publish . I hope fix soon I am losing so many of my friends playing they tired of the glitches and spams links :(

  139. Melia Says:

    I am also annoyed that when I have several things pop up at once, it seems like every other one don’t post. The window doesn’t even pop up. I to have been having SEVERAL out of sync messages in a row. Mine came for deleting. I am also getting a lot of Saving messages and then it seems to freeze, so I have to refresh to get back in to the game.

    I also agree with Shiloh4310 I think the crafting buildings Fail. I think they are lame, and I honestly don’t get the point of them.

    And where is the Cellar that Lexi mentioned several weeks ago?

  140. Marek Says:

    #115 Samira182 S
    the gift box capacity is 200, although you can put in more, but then opening eggs/mystery boxes don’t work

    i have the same issue, on Firefox i’m unable to post anything more than once, then it goes blank

    it is very frustrating….

  141. Sandy D. Says:

    OK ….. I left a post on Thursday and I don’t see it. Anyway…..continuing problems and more old ones have started.

    The same problem is ongoing. This is day # 3. White pop up screen after I visited 5 farms. I gained two eggs from neighbors, FV wouldn’t allow me to publish them. I Mastered Sunflowers, I also could NOT publish them either.

    And I shouldn’t have to change my web browser for FV to work properly.

    I cannot empty out my gift box. Every time I try to do that (4 times ….. maybe more than that) The game goes “Out Of Sync”.

    I hope I will be able to harvest some of my cotton crops-that the game won’t be going Out Of Sync for that. I sure don’t want those crops to wither.

    Do the people that FV on their I Phones have these same problems we are having?

  142. Ding_Dong Says:

    Same here. Can’t empty gift box, can publish to walls, can’t collect mystery gifts.
    It’s getting harder and harder to DO farmville

  143. John Says:

    I am glad to see so many people posting their problems, so that others know they are not alone.

    But PLEASE, people, don’t just do it here. You should got to the Zynga forums and ALSO post your problem there and it might actually have a better chance of being read by someone at Zynga.

    There is a link at the bottom of the game for the Farmville Forums.

    It is nice to see them here too though, as we can be pretty sure they are not being censored! I just want to remind people –be sure to voice your complaint and problems at the ZYNGA FORUMS. If we all do this, they will pay more attention to the problems. Thanks.

  144. Farmer Jane Says:


    Farmer Jane here again … I am sorry to be a pest here. But AGREED – with everything that everyone has said above ! AAARRGGGHHH. PersonaIly I was looking forward to the crafting cottages but after 2 weeks of it – it’s like having a 2nd bloody job, just to chase up bushels to make one lousy loaf of bread.

    Farmville was fun. We started to play it so we could switch off completely after a long day at work, and chill & have a laugh – point & click – easy. As a family we enjoyed the Co-op as it meant the kids all worked together with other cousins etc to win a prize and get the XP. The kids learned about team work too.
    But the craft cottage is becoming a career option.

    Our frustration lies not only with the popups etc etc etc – its FUEL: Its tough to get fuel now. To get it you have to do the crafting cottages to ‘earn’ it, as it is almost non-existent in the eggs & mystery boxes. I can get about 2 large cans and 3 small cans from wall posts, and thats it. Its rubbish. So we have gone back to the one click per plot to harvest/plow/seed because we CANNOT get enough fuel to do the 26 x 26 farm, and we cannot afford to buy with credit.
    Its not as fun anymore, its become a challenge and not all people want a challenge. My kids dont want that – I dont want that !

    But at the end of the day – if I dont do the crafting cottages I will have ZERO fuel.

    AND by the way – who the hell has time to play bloody Mafia Wars just to get Farmvillle Fuel ??? Because mate I tell you what – I dont. I am too busy cancelling neverending annoying Farmville popups, to find time to play a 2nd game.

    To the person at Zynga who had the bright idea to put all these popups, messages, activity lists plus cut back on the fuel, and god knows what else, you truly must have been very very bored. It certainly does not enhance the game. You just feel like crying /screaming because its so god-damned annoying.

  145. Shawna Says:

    I get an “out of sync” message every time I put a mystery egg on my farm. Mystery boxes work fine tho. When my farm reloads, the mystery eggs are back in my gift box, so at least I’m not losing them. Looks like I’ll have to wait a bit longer to find out what’s inside! Hopefully Zynga is still putting more of their energy into working out the kinks rather than bringing out tons of new items and themes. I personally have enough going on to keep me busy for the time being!

  146. sonali X Says:

    i cant accept gifts SRSLY for weeks …. if they expire im srsly gonna quit

  147. Samira182 Says:

    # 140 @ Marek: Thanks for the info!!! Must have missed the memo.

    Well, tried again today and placing eggs on the farm results in “out of sync”. Accepting gifts sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t, guess the system has pms right now. I’m holding off on the crafting buildings for now and rather work on mastery crops, more fun and less issues. Maybe by the time I have mastered all the crops all the issues will be solved, who knows. Keep going Zynga!

  148. Fatima Says:

    I Can publish in my farm , i acept all the zinga say the bar and i can publish.

  149. Hangman Says:

    Haha,great,now I can’t even open Mytery Boxes and Eggs. Something’s really wrong here.

  150. Jeff Boyne Says:

    For those having these issues, try using the Google Chrome browser. I have not had the problems that are showing up in Firefox. Any one that does web development knows that each browser acts differently. Over the years, IE has always been more strict with its html coding.

  151. Alexander Says:

    I have problems with this the whole week. I can publish the first item, after that the pop up windows stays white. I have to reload the whole farm to be able to publish once again. All my friends have this problem too. We all have lower amounts of fuel, the lighting series almost does not grow (lucky for me I already finished that) etc. Isn’t sharing and co working with you neighbours not where it’s all about in FV? First I hoped it would be just one day, but now it’s already 4 or 5 days I think. Read here a comment about firefox. I will try another browser. My FV toolbar is not working right to by the way, since this problem started. I can only choose a game, but no bonus and I can’t see how long it takes for my crops to be ready to harvest.

  152. amanda Says:

    Soooo frustrated not being able to publish consistently all week. I lost so many things. It is also doing way too many pop ups. It is annoying. A few, I understand. And today, I harvested over 300 plots and did not get one bushel. Arrrgghhh….

    After playing since November and at Level 64, I am tempted to quit…..Farmville needs to be more efficient. Stop the glitches and the “Saving farm” and taking too long to load stuff. FarmVille, you need to fix your problems.

  153. Rudrapriya Says:

    i neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed fv cash any ideas

  154. Maria Says:

    I can publish something the first time after I go to my farm,but afterwards it doesn’t load until I reload my farm…

  155. Kristy Says:

    Same issue here. I wasn’t able to post the Queen Bee feed for my friends, or share fuel or much of anything else (unless I close my page and restart farmville after every story feed… not a cool thing to do).

  156. Shaun The Farmer Says:

    I have had a problem posting multiple news feeds from Firefox (browser) its the best or 2nd best browser in my opinion and yet it doesn’t post please lets fix these problems.

  157. Marty Says:

    Is anyone else NOT getting any bushels from a harvested crop ???? This is happening to a few people I know, and this morning I got none from 450 plots.

  158. Brad Says:

    @ Marty – yep same issue myself.

    “Farmers, you may notice that when using a Vehicle to Plow, Seed or Harvest, you aren’t getting any messages for Collection items, Bushels and the like. Don’t fret, you’re still receiving your stuff, just no notification. This will affect your ability to share with friends, unfortunately. We’re working on fixin’ it soon as we can.”

    I started with 11 Grape Bushels, “USE” 1 for my mastery, and after harvesting 22 x22 still only have 10 bushels.

    So Zynga – you may say “Don’t fret, you’re still receiving your stuff, just no notification.” You are wrong – I did not get my ‘stuff’.

  159. Jack Says:

    Okay………. I’ve tried 3 different browsers (I.E., Firefox, and Chrome)…. I still cannot use the gifts I have collected out of the gift box. I have several 100 value XPs that are just sitting unable to use them. I can still collect gifts from the postings, but that is no good if I can’t use them. I am at level 94 trying I repeat trying to level up. Is Zynga aware of the gift box issue? It is not the browser causing the issues. When I try to use the gifts I get an “Out Of Sync” and the gift returns back to the gift box……….. any feedback on this is appreciated.

  160. Becky Says:

    I’ve been having problems posting collectibles and bushels even when specifically targeted to 1 person it says its gone; nobody is getting anything….don’t think its a snagbar when its blocked to all but one (experimenting).

  161. Becky Says:

    Btw – I’m on Chrome now, swirch back to Firefox :out of sync” on occasions; maybe different issues with different browsers.

  162. Chrystal Buster Says:

    My problem is identical to this persons’! ——————–

    Randy Says:
    Posted on August 4th, 2010 at 2:04 pm
    When I go to share something or post something while playing FarmVille, and it goes to the “new background screen” with the message post box, I post it and when it goes back to my farm, all my land is white and I cant play, so I have to log off and then back on and usually some of the stuff previos to the posting needs to redone. This is VERY much a problem with myself and Im sure other members. Please can you look into this for us, and let us know or if this was addressed already please inform us of that also. Thank You VERY much for your time in reading this and for being there and helping ALL of us. Randy Leck / Lvl 95.


    I wrote almost three weeks ago. I got one letter.It said you all were working on it. I still have it!
    I have tried to be nice, of course the only person I hurt if I quit playing is ME! AND! you people know that!
    WHY can’t you help with this problem?!
    Do you understand the inconvienience, the frustration?!
    Why can’t you do something?!
    It all started when you put that stupid duck background on. I NEVER had any problems before that, well my BARN was taken off my land and you all never helped me with that either.
    Everyone told me you would not help. So, I guess they were right!
    If I knew more addresses I could write at the top of the company,I would and I would CALL!!
    I am so tired of this. I have asked nice, now I am upset, angry, hurt, I NEED help!

  163. Kit Says:

    My problem is identical to this person!!,

    Randy Says:
    Posted on August 4th, 2010 at 2:04 pm
    When I go to share something or post something while playing FarmVille, and it goes to the “new background screen” with the message post box, I post it and when it goes back to my farm, all my land is white and I cant play, so I have to log off and then back on and usually some of the stuff previos to the posting needs to redone. This is VERY much a problem with myself and Im sure other members. Please can you look into this for us, and let us know or if this was addressed already please inform us of that also. Thank You VERY much for your time in reading this and for being there and helping ALL of us. Randy Leck / Lvl 95.

  164. Kit Says:

    It all started when you put that duck background on. I NEVER had any problems before that, Hope you sort it out very frustrating!!!

  165. Farmer Cool Says:

    Same thing.I have this glitch for about three weeks or something.The only way I publish stuff is I go to the Free Gifts page and I have my pop-up there.But to return to my farm I have to go to the bookmarks and start Farmville from over there:(

  166. Steph Says:

    Is there a way to block the “publish to wall” option entirely, as well as the “this animal has wondered into your farm” pop-ups?

  167. aec Says:

    Publish this story to your Facebook Wall and your friends’ home pages?
    An error occurred with FarmVille. Please try again later.

    please help!

  168. Gary Says:

    For the last 3 days, 3 of my family member accounts have had the same problem as Aec.

    When you try to publish your stories, the error is:

    “An error occurred with FarmVille. Please try again later.”

    This has happened across the board with all games, with the exception of a few like Garden Life or Battlestations.

    I’ve tried this across both OS platforms (Win and Mac), all browsers (Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Explorer, Opera) and have tried 2 different Internet access (mobile broadband, fixed home cable).

    4 desktops and 2 laptops later (Macbook Pro included), problem still remains.

    I can conclude logically this has nothing to do with my hardware or software. Its either FB’s gamefeed system is screwing up, or game companies are not modifying their codes to follow FB.

  169. Chris Says:

    For the past few days the “publish” box has not been appearing when I click share. I’ve been cut off from sharing gifts with my friends. I cannot publish when ‘Helping” my neighbours either. I had the problem with Chrome 6 and was forced to use IE8 for a while, which was unbearable, so I downloaded the IE9 beta, now I’m having the same problem.


  170. Sergio Says:

    I have this problem, but it doesn’t happen with every neighbor. It happens always to the same friends (3 of like 20) I am trying to publish a gift for. This happens with every browser I try (explorer, firefox and google chrome). Any way to solve this problem?

  171. Daniel Says:

    So apparently this problem has been ongoing for awhile. Ive had the same issues with Frontierville, Family Feud and various other games on Facebook. Im an internet explorer so apparently its a problem for everyone. Has there still be no official feedback from Zynga or Facebook regarding this issue????

  172. grace salise Says:

    i cant publish the share item in my farm and in other farm so i cannot share what i need to share to my friends feel so bad about it cos they share for me but it looks like i cannot be equally a good neighbor cos i cant share, no more publish page for the share items

  173. olga tomadora Says:

    gifts that i share is not published?????? how do i share gifts and send requests to my friends?

  174. angelica jose Says:

    why can i NOT publish gifts, bushels and stuff is farmville, other family members can publish bushels and gifts ….i am losing hard to find items….please do something about this…ASAP

  175. Carol Conger Says:

    This is extremely annoying. The Publish screen comes up, but it will not let you specify who you want to send items to. I’ve tried to fix it going into Windows, etc. Nothing works! Why is it taking so long. It’s been doing this for a while now.
    Please help us before we go ‘nuts!’
    Thank you,

  176. Tawsha Says:

    I just added neighbors who I am not Facebook friends with. When I send them a free gift I get a message saying “Cannot post to wall” and when I send a help request, none of their names appear. Does this mean that I cannot receive help from neighbors who I am not FB friends with?