FarmVille Releases New Farmer Costumes!

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FarmVille Releases New Farmer Costumes!

Posted on October 15, 2010 1:31 am by FarmVille Freak CabbagePatchKid

Note: This feature is not in wide release yet, very few farmers have access!

FarmVille Unique Farmer Notice

Looks like Zynga, along with many other farmers is finally tired of seeing everyone in blue and purple overalls! Tonight brings you a closet full of new clothes for your avatar. With a new ribbon challenge (The Style Maven Ribbon) farmers will surly be filling up their closets!

FarmVille Customize My Farmer

Along with clothing there are quite other ways to make your farmer unique!

FarmVille Customize My Farmer Features

If you could dress your farmer in anything, what would it be?

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47 Responses to “FarmVille Releases New Farmer Costumes!” »

  1. Aaron Says:

    It would be nice if this update didn’t cause us to not be able to get into our farm!

  2. Sayana Says:

    I can get into my farm, and I can edit my avatar, but the clothing option tab isn’t available yet.

  3. june Says:

    another flamin clitch
    unable to load farm
    AGAIN !!!!!!!!!

  4. joe Says:

    just updated the farm, my customize feature is way different but nothing new in there.

  5. Lindsay Says:

    same, no clothing option. and until then, a gay purple/red outfit. Fun!

  6. POOJA Says:

    I AM ABLE 2 LOAD MY Farm and i can edit as well but the clothing option is still not available yet

  7. Aaron Says:

    I’m happy to be without outfits for awhile. I prefer to be able to harvest my Candy Corn when I need to. If they want to ban everyone from the game after that, I can deal. I have other things I can use my free time on.

  8. Jessica Says:

    Same for me, no clothes tab but I can edit my farmer with the new system. Getting sick and tired of all these promises from farmville that all dont update at the same time. >_< not fair!!!

  9. carrie Says:

    Well, unfortunately Aaron, when Zynga adds new games, collections, gifts or whatever program, it does take time to load it in!!! Just how & when are they supposed to add new applications? Gotta get into the program & program them in sometime & it slows down the system!!!
    People need to have some patience! This clothing game looks like fun & we will earn ribbons for our collection! The Halloween costumes are being loaded in right now too &
    I don’t mind waiting!! :)

  10. zaldy.zuniga Says:

    can’t publish my share items, what can i do to share them with my neighbors. tnx.

  11. Yohan Says:

    Lindsay Says:
    Posted on October 15th, 2010 at 1:48 am
    same, no clothing option. and until then, a gay purple/red outfit. Fun!

    @ Lindsay, If you meant to say the new outfits are ‘stupid or lame’ then say it. But calling it gay is just wrong.

    Happy Farming

  12. zaldy.zuniga Says:

    can’t publish my share items, what can i do to share them with my neighbors.

    always got this message:

    An error occurred with FarmVille. Please try again later.


  13. Shawna Says:

    So, I know the game is world wide, but here in America it’s pretty late at night (or early in the morning…depending on how you look at it) and I think Carrie made a great point….they have to load the game at some time! Most people in the States are not playing at this time, so for us it’s a great time to load stuff!

    As for the stuff they’re releasing…it’s not a fashion show so don’t think you’re gonna get amazing clothes. It’s gonna be pretty basic stuff…at least for now. They WILL come out with more stuff. Just give it time. It’s something to look forward to.

  14. BLuTink Says:

    1.Ok Ok Ok….it is “LIMITED RELEASE” or SLOW RELEASE so that it doesn’t clog the servers.
    JUST like with the Farmers Market and with the Halloween Baskets.
    2.Clothing options are just coming out,im sure it is in it’s trial errors are gonna happen,it a game,they WILL fix it,give it time to work out the kinks.
    3.People please,the word “GAY” can mean a few different things.HAPPY,LAME,or Same Sex preference…….

    SO that being said the use of it can mean what it wants to mean for that person or whatever he/she was raised for it to mean.
    Freedom of speech.
    If you don’t like it….don’t read it…skip it…print it out and burning it in the garbage can,whatever floats your boat.
    Unless it is outright bashing,trashing or bullying,get off the soap box and stop flaming something that is so minute.

    BTW:When is FVF gonna adapt “LIKE” buttons on here??

  15. JadeDanielle Says:

    My avatar is wearing the new clothes (which I quite like), and I have the new customization screen, but no clothing tab. :[ Ah well, I’ll be patient! I wasn’t super hyped about this anyway, I just think it’ll be kinda interesting to change my looks.

  16. Alice V Says:

    I agree with Carrie…. we just need to be patient. They have to load things sometime… although maybe frustrating, we know that they are working hard to bring us new features for the game we enjoy. It is a free game afterall.

  17. Sarah Says:

    how do they choose who gets the new updates first and who has to wait an extra week? i have never once gotten the new updates when they first released them but half of my friends always do. like with the haunted house a bunch of my friends were already collecting candy and i still didnt even have the frame for the house! i understand not everyone can get the updates at the same time because it would crash the game but they should give everyone a chance at getting a sneak peek at atleast one thing instead of the same people getting it every time. make it fair for everyone.

  18. Maria Says:

    I feel naked… you took away my beautiful lol cloths… and gave me nothing to wear… and its frigging freezing lol… give me some cloths to wear please…. this can not be right…. am stood there in my underwear lmfao

  19. ggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg Says:

    Lol you can buy a red hood for 20000 coins

  20. Pam Says:

    Guess this is why my farm wont load…..why my pumpkins are set to rot away…..jesus….this is growing old fast! Im willing to take a pass on the costumes if i can just load my farm!!! :(

  21. zORZE Says:

    no clothing option

  22. Rob G. Says:

    Well it does say “This feature is not in wide release yet, very few farmers have access!”
    But why release it if we all can’t get it?

  23. Cholora Says:

    Yohan Says:
    Posted on October 15th, 2010 at 2:15 am

    @ Lindsay, If you meant to say the new outfits are ’stupid or lame’ then say it. But calling it gay is just wrong.

    @ Yohan: Are people who have trouble walking inferior to people who prefer to be romantically involved with their own gender? If you’re willing to accept that “lame” has successfully made its way in to the English language as a word that doesn’t insult crippled people, then you should accept “gay” as well. You can’t have one and not the other – how is that any more politically correct?

    Anyways, I don’t have access to the clothing tab yet either, but I basically see this as an easy ribbon. My farmer’s so boxed in that I can’t even see if she’s /wearing/ clothes, let alone what they look like. I don’t particularly care for this update one way or another.

  24. abc Says:

    I Can’t change my clothes’ but I can change hair and all those stuff with the new eddit. I leave in Asia if it is importent. Why I can’t buy clothes?!?!?!?!???? :( (((

  25. Santhosh Thomas Says:

    clothing option not available for me too :(

  26. smartfarmer Says:

    this is gonna cost fv cash again? wouw too expensive… I am saving my cash to buy pegasus or other… only me can see my avatar too lol :-)))

  27. Martin Says:

    Limited Release explains things as normally I would have updates by now when they’re rolled out slowly.

  28. cipto Says:

    i think after this zynga will have another promo from clothing brand.
    give your farmer Prada, LV, Gucci and etc. :D

  29. Farmer Jack Says:

    Lets hope they don’t make them all cost crazy amounts of $FV.

    ~Proud farmer since November 2009.

  30. Gardengirl Says:

    I want the clothes, but they will all be hidden behind our haystacks we use to trap our farmers because we have to to be able to farm!!!!

  31. Amanda Says:

    I am excited about the outfits option. I don’t mind waiting, I have been hoping they would do something like this for a while now. I always have fun messing around with my avatar I thought it was cute that you could even give your avatar a green or purple mohawk. So sweet now I will have clothing to go with my little punk rock farmer! :)

  32. Agnes B. Bullock Says:

    Everything is so slow today- had the icon when I first logged in but id did not work.

  33. MUFFY Says:

    No clothes options here either, just that fugly outfit…the old one was better.

    Isn’t spending money on these things, and the costumes, pointless since isn’t it so that WE are the only ones who see US?

  34. Ruth B. Says:

    i can load my farm but i still dont have the clothing tab. just the gender and facial features :(

  35. Pam Says:

    13 hours and still cant load my farm…..ho hum….no way im buying one of those trouble making costumes….

  36. Manu Says:

    too funny, when I try to change dress the avatar disappears and you can see only the shadow:-)))))) have to reload the farm to see it again,,,,with old dresses on.
    Very slow here too today

  37. Christine Says:

    I dont see the point of changing their shirts when they are stuck with the over-all still on! WHERE ARE THE DARN COSTUMES? They better NOT all cost FV money!

  38. abondz Says:

    hell yeah…why zynga sell best costumes in $???OMG im crazy bout it…why dont zynga give 1000000coins?i`ll buy no matter what…if it in coin TT______TT

  39. Leonardo Says:

    My avatar changed gender ! I can’t change it back ! Not funny at all ! Hope Zynga sort this out soon.

  40. MUFFY Says:

    Christine, they have jeans and a skirt option too…..waaaaaaait for it. haha

  41. zizi Says:

    crazy high prices for costumes!!! 10 fv, 30 fv, 50 fv!! Or some are coin–a princess dress is 100,000 coins!

    I thought they would want people to participate and make it easy. This is nuts. Spoiled FV Halloween for me.

  42. Shawna Says:

    Other farmers can see your outfit if you do work on their farm! And they can see your whole outfit. They actually came out with a lot of stuff for coins. I like the red hoodie :)

  43. Ivy Says:

    Just to let you know all the “okay” looking clothing ARE you guessed it farmcash, and you as okay how much fv cash are we speaking? 5, 10..15…? NO we’re talking $30, $35, $40 EVEN $50 fv for a stupid clothing itemmmmm. I will pass on the clothing..I will not pay $10 for a ugly clothing item. I mean if their gonna charge high prices why dont they put more effort into the clothing……?

  44. Craig Says:

    the neighbor stats are gone I guess so we can see which neighbors dressed up. so far only 5 of 80 of my neighbors are dressing up.

  45. Sergio Says:

    my only problem is that why the costumes came so late with a high price and little time to show them off. me myself is what they say a high roller in the rankings of levels but even with that said 45FV cash is a little too much <=T i guess if this keeps going im just going to have to save up for the christmas decor and extra things that they want to add late like now when its halloween time . [ Like ]

  46. ellen Says:

    I can see the outfits and actally bought one. My freaking avatar disappears though…It’s frustating, but I’ll have to wait like everyone else!

  47. Beth Says:

    I purchased a halloween costume, then purchased a hoodie…It removed the costume and I lost it…did not seem to go in my inventory.